Darin was 24 and one of the horniest guys I knew, he reminded me of myself when I was his age. Anything sexual and I was interested, he was the same way. There is something about loving sex to the point of making it a hobby that I find not only captivating but also rewarding. It is almost like a sport for me, I play to win, I love the challenge and I give it 100% every time. Darin was like a teammate who I would practice with, warm up and trying new moves. He was available for daily practice, all it took was a simple text telling him what time to show up and he always would show up. He loved it. He loved receiving a text from me and he never said no.

I did practice on him. Not only positions but how to fuck harder, or where. Toys, scenes, locations even other guys. I loved having him show up, point to a guy sitting in the living room and tell Darin to suck the guy off. Or to get the guy to fuck him. He managed to fulfill. He was very willing. Once the guy finished with Darin and left it was my turn and it rarely failed to make me very horny to watch Darin take the cock of a man he had never seen before, I fucked hard after watching it.

Finding Darin was luck. Well, maybe more like odds. After fucking a dozen guys one of them will be worth fucking again. Darin was the one in a thousand; you wanted to fuck him over and over. The last two years had been quiet a sexual adventure.

Darin was a hottie when I met him. A twink. But hot. I was buff and it turned him on. After he admitted he would do anything with me or for me in terms of sex I told him I wanted him to beef up. Scrawny guys weren't my thing. So he did. He worked out and put on some muscle and turned into a hot young stud during those first two years. When he said he would do anything he wasn't kidding. He built up his body and pieced his nips. Fuck I loved playing with his nips and teasing him until he would cum.

Now, on with my story. This isn't about Darin, sure he is involved but he isn't the main character. That would be Chaz. Yeah, I know, what a name but the kid can't help it, his mom was barely out of her teens when she was knocked up and thought it was a great name.

When I first saw him I knew I wanted to fuck him. Not just fuck him but release that sexual desire and hunger that was deep within him. I wanted him to beg me to fuck him. I wanted him to ache as he waited for me to text him and tell him where and when to show up so I could feed him my cock. I wanted him to surrender to me just as Darin had done.

Twinks don't really do it for me, but considering I like 'em young, green and closeted gives me two options. The twinks and the young jocks that are terrified of being caught sucking cock. I go for them too but this is about Chaz. Granted I didn't know his stupid name in the beginning and after I found out I didn't use it, at least not to his face. I called them all boy.

Walking from the mobile phone store in a typically dull strip mall I noticed him standing at the side of the long tan building smoking a cigarette. His sloppy haircut, full lips and thin body, standing tall as he smoked a heater. Standing at my car I held my phone to my ear to give the impression I was talking on it. Really I was watching him, seeing what lame store he was going to return to. As he began to return to the storefronts I made my way to toward him. He didn't see me or he did and ignored me. He worked in a show store, one that always has great deals on the lowest quality shoe you can get. Pathetic. He did get credit for having a job, even one selling crap.

Once I entered the store he looked at me, turned and busied himself straightening cheap shoes on flimsy racks. I walked directly toward him. His back was to me giving me the opportunity to check out his ass. He was thin but not bony, his ass had some awesome potential. I was going to be able to fuck this kid deep; he was going to feel it.

He kept busy at his task as I approached and when I was nearly at his side I reached up and laid my hand on his shoulder. It wasn't hard or rough but solid. The kid jumped.

"Sorry! I didn't know you were...I wasn't...you surprised me. Can...can I help you?"

He was shaken. Not sure if it was just the hand on his shoulder or the body that was attached to the hand.

"Yes you can. I am looking for leather shoelaces, long ones. You have any?"

He swallowed and said yes. I followed him to the display of shoelaces. He pointed out the leather laces. "Are you using them for shoes or boots?"

"Neither. Using them to tie up a guys cock and balls." I didn't speak loudly, didn't want the entire store to hear. Instead I leaned in and nearly whispered it into his ear. He didn't respond.

"You ever have your junk tied up? Leather on your balls and cock? It is amazing."

Still silent he stood still. I knew I had him. I could see his breathing change. Deeper breaths. He was turned on. He didn't look at me as I spoke. I reached over and grabbed a couple of each length. "Never know how much you need, depends on the equipment the guy has."

He didn't move. I moved the laces into my other hand and placed it on his shoulder. I was impressed, he didn't move. He was going to be mine, already obeying. Reaching for my wallet with one hand and draping the laces over his shoulder I removed a small piece of paper with just my number on it. Yeah, I am one of those guys. I keep one with me just for instances when I meet a guy I want.

Returning my wallet to my pocket I reached up for the laces, he hadn't moved. Turning into him I leaned closer and whispered as I placed the scrap of paper in his hand, "Call me tonight. Before ten."

He took the paper and looked at me. My gaze locked on his. Smiling I winked and gave a quick pat to his stomach. Turning away I went to pay for the laces, not looking back.

This simple little scheme worked well. I didn't understand it but wasn't going to complain. Sure a lot of guys didn't call. Some called but wouldn't show. But the number of guys who called and showed and got naked for me was pretty decent. One thing I learned was not to wait for them to call. That night wasn't any different. I was finishing up the day and preparing for work when the call came in. An unknown number, it was five minutes to ten. I answered. He didn't say anything.

Betting he was terrified but turned on I gave a moment's pause. "The shoelaces haven't been used yet. Of course I can wait if you aren't ready for that, but I do think you are ready to have your body touched by a man like me. Tomorrow night, eight, we can make that happen. Text me at 7:30, unblock your number, I will text you the address. I promise it won't hurt. I promise you will be brought to a new level of pleasure."

The sound of his breathing was subtle but audible. After nearly a minute of listening to the near silence he spoke in a whisper, "If I say no will you stop?"

"I am not out to harm you, or do anything you don't want to do. Of course I will stop. But you want this, probably more than I do." I was speaking the truth. I didn't get into force or tricking a guy into anything. I wanted them to want it and to struggle with giving in to their desires. Seeing a guy desperate for sex with a man like me, a guy who was built solid, talented and experienced, a man's man, and watching him finally give in and surrender; that was what I loved.

"Tomorrow, seven thirty. Good night." I said and hung up on him. If he had the balls, he would text.

Knowing the no show rate, I had Darin over. I was going to fuck a nice ass before crashing and Darin was a guaranteed fuck. Explaining what I wanted to him we hung out waiting to see if the new boy would text. Surprisingly he did, with one minute to spare. Hook, line and sinker. My reply was simple, my address and thirty minutes.

A car drove up and parked on the street in front of my house a few minutes before eight and at eight on the nose the doorbell rang. Wearing a pair of cargo shorts and nothing else, I answered the door. The poor guy looked terrified, his eyes wide and barely speaking. I thanked him and asked him in. He did notice my body. Just under 5'9", stocky and sporting a body that looked great in clothes and even better without them, I knew he was pleased. There was one thing about me that I used to my advantage. I am a ginger. Thick but trimmed beard and stash, full head of short cut hair and a nice spray of hair on my torso.

While his face was fearful, his cock was betraying him. He wasn't hard, yet, but showing. Damn I was going to enjoy this evening. I offered him a bottle of water and asked him to follow me into the lower level rec room. It was the standard TV room, sofa, leather chairs, and small bar. It also was the way into my playroom. I didn't have a dungeon, but I did have a room just for fucking.

He walked carefully down the steps and relaxed when he saw the normal furnishings. I introduced him to Darin who was sitting in one of the chairs. The kid eased up some more when he saw Darin, as if this other guy his age would prevent things from becoming sexual and wild. After a few questions, name, age, sexual experience, I was getting hard. Chaz was twenty and a complete virgin, not even some experimenting with chicks.

Nodding to Darin, I turned things over to him. Damn he was good at this seduction game. He stood up, removed his shirt and sat down next to Chaz. Putting his arm around Chaz he leaned back and told Chaz to feel his chest, his pierced nipples, his abs. Trying to resist, or at least not reveal how turned on he was, Chaz slowly began to run his hand over Darin's body. My cock was coming to life.

Darin continued to give direction to Chaz. Remove your shirt. Take my hand and run it over your body. Kiss me. Kiss my nipples. Darin upped the activity until he was standing in just his briefs, plenty aroused, and told Chaz to get on his knees and remove the briefs. Of course his hard on bounced out. Chaz let out a quiet gasp and sat back on his legs. Darin told him to stroke it, fondle his balls.

Next Chaz was instructed to stand up and remove his boxers. His own cock was in full hard on stage. He tried to cover it. Darin wouldn't allow it. Slightly shaking as he stood naked in front of a hot guy his age, and a man fifteen years older, he waited. Darin began to torment the kid. "Chaz? Tell me you want to suck my cock. Make me believe it."

If I wasn't such an ass I would have felt bad for Chaz. But I am, at least when it comes to getting inexperienced young guys to give it all up. He had to ask several times, almost plead, before Darin told him he could suck cock. To resist pulling out my own cock and stroke it was not easy, but I wasn't ready to show Chaz how turned on I was, how I enjoyed this performance. After ten minutes of beginner cock-sucking Chaz was told to sit down and Darin made him beg to have his cock sucked. I loved every word as this poor guy, so turned on he was shaking, so terrified of having sex with another guy, not to mention while I watched.

Darin kneeled down and took the kids cock into his mouth in one movement, the entire thing. Darin is an accomplished cocksucker. That was all it took. Darin pulled away and grabbed onto Chaz's cock as a huge load of cum came spraying out. Once Chaz stopped shooting and opened his eyes Darin looked at him and began to like the cum off Chaz's chest and abs. Fuck it was hot.

Next up was a shower. Darin took Chaz into the large shower I had built next to the playroom and helped him clean out. I remained in the main room waiting. Darin knew what he was doing. When they returned a good twenty minutes later I was ready. Darin instructed Chaz to talk me into taking my cock out for him to suck. The mind games this kid was tossing around as he tried to sound like he didn't want to when he was once again rock hard, were amazing. Finally I relented and told him to remove my shorts and without touching my cock with his hands, suck me. Granted his oral skills were shitty, but the innocence and incredible desire were outstanding. I didn't touch him, didn't speak, I just sat back as his tried his best to suck my thick cock.

Darin told him to stop. Chaz wasn't quite ready but he slowly released my cock. Good boy. "Now Chaz, make him fuck you. Talk him into it. If he doesn't think you really want it, he will send you home."

At first he was rather quiet and reserved. I was going crazy with lust for this guy. I reached out and softly took his left nipple between my thumb and finger and gave it a slow but gentle squeeze.

"Oh God! Please fuck me! Please! I want it. I want you in me, I want you so much." He went on and on and I knew I had succeeded. This young man, gay and closeted and terrified of having sex with another guy but so filled with lust and angst, he let go of it all. Smiling at him I stood up and place both of my hands on his shoulders. Turning him around and guiding him into the playroom I laid him on the bed. Taking his ankles I positioned his legs so his tender virgin hole was exposed. Kneeling I began to rim him. Damn. Does a virgin hole really taste sweeter than a used hole?

The rim job removed any residue of fear or hesitation that may have lingered within Chaz. He was ready. Giving a nod to Darin I stopped eating out that tight hole and stood up.

"Chaz? You want him to fuck you don't you." Darin begin to torture him verbally.

"More than anything."

"You want him deep inside you, sliding his amazing cock in and out. Erasing every bit of virgin from you?"

"Please. Yes. Sir. Please."

"He will, however you need to ask for two things."

"Anything. What?" His breathing was heavy.

"Ask him to use a condom and ask me to take pictures." I loved how Darin worked this in.

"What?" Chaz hesitated.

"Or you can get dressed and go home. I love when he fucks me." Darin was smooth as always.

"Please use a condom and please take pictures so I can see." He wasn't sure about either request but he was sure he didn't want to go home at this point.

Smiling I lubed up his hole, slid on a condom and slowly teased his bud with my cock until I was unable to resist it and had to slid on in. It was outstanding. Darin caught it all on camera.



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