I ran every morning, rain or shine, aching muscles or no aching muscles, energy or no energy and I had begun to question my own sanity. I was in good health, reasonably fit and every damn morning I was out thudding up and down the street like some kind of obsessed locomotive, all in search of...something. I no longer knew what. Even the tight-assed young men running past me lost their ability to cheer me. That was scary. That had once been the best part of the run. Now they were an annoyance. I was never going to look like that, and had stopped giving a shit about it. A particularly fine specimen raced past, muscled legs carrying him easily, firm ass filling out his shorts, long hair flowing behind him. He flashed me a perfect smile, and I gave him a half-hearted one in return. I heard a snort from behind me. 'Is it unhealthy how much I want to shoot that fucker?' asked a voice.

I slowed and turned. Behind me, leaning forward with his palms on his knees, gulping air into starved lungs, was a man my age, my general build, and blessings upon us both, my general attitude. I walked around him to cool down and grinned. 'I don't know,' I said. 'I started out wanting to just punch him in his capped teeth. Then it progressed rapidly through running him down with a car, a high-powered rifle, and finally a machete.' He grinned and managed to straighten, wincing slightly. 'Machete,' he said. 'I like your style.' We stood there staring at each other, appreciating each other's style, and there was a 'click' so loud I thought somebody had shot little Mr. Perfect Body.

We ended up back in my kitchen with juice and bran muffins, bitching about how good health was going to be the death of us both. Layers kept peeling off. My first impression of him was intelligent eyes. I later discovered the damn things were green...emeralds full of fire. He looked like a nice person when he smiled, I thought at first. Then I realized his mouth was so sensuous I wanted no more out of life than to kiss him forever. He started out with brown hair. Then I realized it was thick, and soft and laced with gold threads that reflected the light. At first I had thought he was built just like me. Then I realized my body could not possibly be that hot and desirable. But...there was an enormous bulge in his running shorts, so there was something about me he liked. 'Tub or shower?' he asked suddenly. 'Huh?' I said stupidly. He stood up and stripped off his T-shirt and my fingertips went automatically to the hair on his chest. 'Do you want to take a bath together,' he said quietly, 'or a shower?'

The only two rooms in my house that I rained money on are the kitchen, and the bathroom. I have a very large, deep marble tub with all the bells and whistles, plenty big enough for two. Lush carpeting, and matching thick, rich towels. Lots of plants. Candles. A complete assortment of bath products, including a few that had to be kept discretely under the counter. He stood naked, idly stroking his hard cock, admiring the room. 'Hedonist,' he said smiling. I walked up behind him, put my hands on his waist and kissed his shoulders. 'Oh,' I said. 'You have no idea.' He turned in my arms. 'Oh, yes,' he said softly. 'I do.' That incredible mouth came down on mine and he took me with his tongue. It was everything I dreamed it would be, and his hand took my cock, this thumb rubbing my precum over the swollen head. We got into a steamy bath of oily bubbles without unlocking our mouths.

He took a sponge and a cake of soap and began soaping my back, his arms wrapped around me, his tongue flicking over mine. He scrubbed my back with a loofa, then started in on my shoulders and arms. I sat, eyes half closed, and let him service me, feeling like a sultan. My hand slipped under the water, along his thigh and found his hard cock. I stroked him gently, listening to the sounds he made. I stroked him harder, and gradually the movements of his hands stopped. I opened my eyes to look at him. He sat, eyes closed, lips parted, head tossed back, letting the sensations wash over him. I pulled him into my lap, and continued to pump him. 'Look,' I whispered. He looked down at his rosy swollen cockhead peaking out of the creamy bubbles. We stared down together and watched him cum, spurting up stream after stream. He shuddered violently and fell forward against my chest.

I washed him tenderly, letting his arousal build again. Finally, his hands became demanding as they touched me. I sat on the edge of the tub at his command, and his mouth fastened around my cock. He sucked gently at first as I washed his hair. After I had washed and rinsed and conditioned his hair, he wiggled his eyebrows at me and his mouth sucked harder, his fingers massaging bath oil into my balls. I leaned back on my hands and let him work. His mouth was incredible, giving and demanding, his fingers exploring me and somehow letting me know he appreciated what he found. I watched him and let the arousal build, which it did rather rapidly. It had been a longtime for me. I tried to tell him that, but he became distracted by the explosion of cum that filled his mouth. Wow, I thought, when I could think again.

We scrubbed each other, then dried each other, all the while murmuring important, meaningless things. We went to bed, cuddling each other's clean, soft body. He looked up at me and grew serious. 'Have you ever had anal sex?' he asked. I was a little startled by the question, and hoped it didn't show. 'Yes,' I said calmly. 'Giving or receiving?' he asked next. 'Both,' I said. 'How about you?' He stared up at the ceiling. 'I've only been actively gay for about two hours,' he said quietly. 'In my head, just about forever. But I've never been with a man before this.'

Now, there's probably something more powerful than realizing the man in your arms has never touched or been touched by any other man...but damned if I know what it is. I rolled on him, held his wrists down and took his mouth with mine. I felt an incredible swelling of lust and power, and was afraid I'd move too fast. I raised my head and looked at him. His eyes glittered and he smiled. 'Yes,' he breathed. 'Oh, yes. Finally. Please.' I kissed him again, thrusting my tongue deep in his mouth and he took it and sucked it. I gathered both his wrists in one hand, then let my free hand slide down to his chest to pinch his nipples. They were erect and sensitive. I kissed my way down his chest, then fastened my hungry mouth on his nipple and sucked. The more I sucked, the more aroused he became. I put one of his hands down on his chest so that he could pinch the nipple I'd gotten nice and hard while I worked on the other. I put his hand on it finally, and sat and watched him as he lay and pinched his nipples, looking at me with helpless longing.

I rolled him over and kissed down his back, then took my tongue and slid it up the crack of his ass. He gasped and spread his legs. I caressed him with my fingertips as my tongue worked between his cheeks and touched his puckered hole. He let out a sound that was part pleasure, part shock. I pulled his cheeks apart with my fingers and buried my tongue in his ass. He rose up on his knees to let me go deeper with my tongue. I tongued him deep and hard, my fingertips making little circles on his ass. He tried to tell me to stop or he'd cum...but I wanted him to cum. I wanted him to cum just from the feeling of my tongue in his ass. I held his hips still as my mouth worked. Finally, he let out an incredible howl and his cock pumped cum all over the sheets. He went over sideways, pulled his knees up and stared at me. 'Fuck,' he said. I grinned. 'Your wish is my command.'

I had him stand with his palms on the dresser, feet spread and watch himself as I knelt behind him and began the slow, gentle lubrication of his ass. I tickled him with a slick finger, then slid it in, a little at a time, until he took it all. Then I started sliding it in and out of him, slowly, letting him get used to the sensations. He moaned happily, and started lightly stroking his awakening cock. The feeling of lust and power came back, and I put my mouth on his tender ass cheek and bit and sucked until I had left my brand. By the time I had marked his ass as mine, his cock was fully hard and his hole was easily taking two fingers. I stood behind him and oiled my cock as I stared at his eyes in the mirror. I kissed his shoulder. 'You don't have to do this,' I said. He spoke with effort. 'Damn it, I want you to fuck my ass so much. So fucking much.' My cock twitched in my hand and I nearly lost it.

I guided my swollen cockhead to his ass, worked it between his cheeks, and rubbed his hole. As he relaxed, I pushed harder and entered him. He gasped, then pushed back at me. I pushed on the middle of his back to bend him more and he raised his chin to watch his reflection as I started to pump. 'You're fucking my ass,' he said with wonder. 'Damn.' To say that he adjusted rapidly to his new status in life is an understatement. He went from tones of wonder, to hot, nasty, demanding howls in seconds. I pumped his ass hard, my hands locked around his hips. He slammed his ass back each time to take me as deep as possible, both hands braced on the dresser for leverage. I gave it to him for as long as I could, but that tight ring sliding up and down my throbbing cock was so damn intense. What finally drove me over the edge (and nearly killed me!) was the sight of his cum spurting out to splatter against its own reflection on the mirror. My cock swelled, my balls tightened, and I flooded his ass. All I could do was hold onto him and convulse. I was dimly aware of sliding out of his ass as he turned in my arms, and then floating down to the carpet. He put a pillow under my head, dragged a blanket over us and cuddled against me.

We run every morning, but more slowly and with a better attitude. All we're doing is working up a nice sweat so we can get in either tub or shower and fuck our brains out.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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