I was lying on a couch. I realized, with a kind of detached consciousness. It was my couch. I was shivering, even though I was drenched in sweat. I sat up and groaned, feeling sore all over. My head throbbed like a hard cock. Mmm, cock. Wait, focus. When did I come home from work?

Jeremy walked in from the kitchen and with a big bowl of steamy soup, a mug of tea, and a napkin with something in it. He must have brought me home. I kind of stared at him, like I was expecting him to tell me something.

"How do you feel, Baby?" Jeremy asked. "Here, lie down. You don't need to be up." He pushed me back gently and laid a blanket over me before handing me the napkin. It had two little NyQuil pills in it. I took them dry and he held a spoon up to my lips. I didn't ask any questions yet; I was still half-asleep, and trusted my sweetheart. I sipped slowly; my throat felt constricted and sore, and I didn't feel like I could eat much, but I knew I had to have been starving. I hadn't eaten anything since dinner last night...it was last night, right? It was dark outside, and I didn't know how long I'd been out for.

"Remy, what happened?" I asked. My voice was a rough croak, and my head felt like it was vibrating when I spoke. It wasn't a pleasant experience.

"You passed out at work, Hon. Your boss called me and had me pick you up from the site, and I had Nick come take a look at you." Ah, Nick, the twinky med student that lived next door, unfortunately with his girlfriend. Don't get me wrong, she was a sweetheart, but oh, the things we could teach him if he were willing. "He said your fever wasn't quite bad enough to take you to the hospital; you just overexerted yourself working. I knew you should've called in sick this morning."

The memory of passing out sort of came back to me, after a moment. I was climbing up a ladder, carrying some two-by-fours over my shoulder. I hadn't felt good all day, kind of weak and under the weather, and everything kind of tilted at a weird angle while I was climbing. I felt somebody on the roof of the building catch me as everything went dark.

For whatever reason, the thought of me being carried into our house by my muscular, handsome Jeremy, unconscious and helpless, was a turn-on. I felt myself getting hard, which seemed weird. Was sick horniness a normal thing? I didn't know; I had never gotten sick before, more than an average cold. "I feel like shit," I muttered, running a hand over my face and short, dark hair. I looked at him, realizing for the millionth time how shockingly beautiful he was. His blonde hair fell haphazardly in his face, and his emerald eyes watched me carefully, like I might just up and die at any second. His skin, underneath the faded green T-shirt and old jeans, was as tan and smooth as always, pulled taut over his muscles. He looked like he could be a high school quarterback, not a twenty-two-year-old masseur.

He put his hand on my forehead very, very gently, so that I wouldn't shatter into a million pieces. He frowned at me uncertainly. "You're still pretty hot. Maybe I should take you to the doctor."

"No. We don't have that kind of money and you know it. I'll be fine, Babe, don't worry." I tried to prove it by getting up. My body was really achy and heavy and sluggish though, and I ended up collapsing before I walked a few steps. Remy caught me and made me lie back on the couch again. His hand brushed up against the front of my pants when he set me down and I groaned. I was really hard now, and probably leaking precum a little. Before I could stop myself, I lifted my hips up towards his hand, trying to coax him to stroke me.

He stared at me for a moment, surprised and confused, and I wasn't sure whether he would play with me or not. I wanted him to. I knew if he didn't, I was definitely going to have to play with myself.

Finally, he smiled softly and put his forehead to mine, his fingers stroking my biceps. "Let me rub you down," he said, almost mischievously. "I'll make you feel much better."

Somehow he managed to get me to the bed so we'd have more room and worked on undressing me. My shoes and socks were already gone, so he started on my shirt, peeling it off my sweaty body. He ran his fingers through the dark hair on my chest, giving me goosebumps. He leaned in and kissed my neck, gently nibbling at the base of my throat. I gasped and wrapped my heavy arms around him, clinging to him with what little strength I had. His nimble fingers unbuttoned my jeans and he pushed them down from my hips, his face so close to mine. He kissed me, finally, his tongue probing my mouth hungrily.

"What if I get you sick?" I asked, after I got my breath back.

"I don't care, Gavin. I want you right now, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let the flu stop me."

He kissed me again before I could argue, then leaned back and pulled my pants off while I was too breathless to speak. I wasn't wearing any underwear; I rarely did, so I was completely nude by that point. He gently flipped me over and let me watch as he stripped, teasing me with that awesome body.

Once he was naked, he straddled me and got those magic hands to work on my back, rubbing and kneading. I thought about how sexy it was that I was lying there utterly naked, suffering from weakness and a painfully hard cock as my man serviced me, his huge, hard, gorgeous member resting on my back. It was an effort not to cum yet.

Jeremy quickly worked his way down my back, helping all the muscles unwind and getting me very hot and bothered. I could feel his dick against my ass, but as much as I wished otherwise, he wouldn't fuck me.

"Remy," I moaned. I couldn't say much else, but let the emotion in that one word speak for itself. I wanted him to make me cum. I wanted to make him cum. I wanted us to pleasure each other until we fell asleep, our soft cocks pressed together as we held one another in our arms.

He moved down until he was sitting between my spread thighs. His hands brushed over my ass, finally, caressing and gently massaging. Sweat was pouring off my body in thin, salty rivulets, soaking the thick, burgundy bedspread underneath me. It felt so damn good, his cool hands on my cheeks. I was in a new level of euphoria, superseding anything I had felt when I was healthy. Jeremy spread my cheeks, letting the cold air hit my eager hole. I groaned and buried my face in the pillow, my dick hard enough to cut diamonds. I heard Jeremy chuckle at the torment he was putting me through, the handsome devil. He rubbed his thumbs around my hole gently, up and down my crack. My whole body was trembling and shivering. I tried to tell him that if he didn't give me a break, he would make me cum already, but I couldn't find anything but incoherent grunts and whines.

Before I knew what was happening, his face was buried in between my cheeks. He lapped at my hole once with his slick, velvety tongue then pounded into my hole, flicking up and down inside me, probing, feeling all around.

I howled into the pillow, and I mean HOWLED. I made Jeremy jump back for a second, I was so loud. Not that I kept him away; half a second later, he was tongue-deep inside me again, raping my ass with that hot, moist mouth-tool. I was soaring, overcome with ecstasy, only vaguely realizing that my cock was spraying warm, sticky cum all over the bed underneath me. It just kept pumping and pumping and pumping under me, a never-ending river of sperm flowing out of my cock. I felt tears streaming down my face, it was so intense. Jeremy never quit eating me out, his tongue thrusting in and out of my ass like a cock. My entire body was shaking so bad I could've sworn I was having a seizure.

After what could well have been a decade or two, the orgasm faded, and everything felt so fuzzy and warm and safe. I felt Jeremy pull out of my super-sensitive ass, making me twitch, and carefully turned me over again. His skilled mouth roamed all over my stomach and navel and my cock, making me gasp. He licked up all the cum that had splattered on me before edging up next to me and giving me a deep, passionate kiss. I loved it when we shared the taste of fresh cum in our mouths, our tongues lazily wrestling one another. There was something so hot and intimate about it; I couldn't get enough. He pulled back, a grin on his face. I stared at him through drowsy, heavy-lidded eyes, the after-effects of orgasm and NyQuil kicking in. I realized, absentmindedly, that for the moment, I didn't feel as sick as before. I felt happy, and satisfied.

I reached down and felt Jeremy's still-hard cock. A tiny moan escaped him, and his eyes closed. I stroked him up and down, tenderly squeezing the slick, warm head of his cock. He slid his arms around me and hid his face in the crook of my shoulder, gently nibbling on me. He wanted to cum as bad as I had, and I was happy to oblige.

"Mount my mouth, Remy," I whispered, since I doubted I could move my heavy body if I tried.

He crawled up on top of me and presented his cock. It truly was a thing of beauty-ten and a half inches long, and slightly thicker than a can. From my point of view, it looked even bigger. If I hadn't taken it before, I would've doubted I could fit it all in. I kissed the very tip lightly, a string of precum sticking to my lips. I licked it off and smiled; his juices were always so sweet and salty, better than any dessert.

I licked all up and down his long, thick shaft, running my tongue down to his golden pubes then back up to the rosy head. He shivered, then caressed my cheek. The look in his eyes was hungry, but so affectionate and loving. I rested my hands on his hips and pushed my mouth onto his cock.

He tasted so clean, so delicious with the precum covering his shaft, making his tool slick and wet. I locked my lips around the base of his cockhead, sucking and slurping. He made a helpless, moaning noise and gripped my head.

I pulled back, just for a second. "Fuck my mouth, Remy," I growled, staring into his bright, lustful green eyes.

He looked at me like I had given him the best present in the world, then shoved his huge dick down my welcoming throat. My throat was a little sore from being so sick, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I watched in amazement as my hot man humped my face, his dick moving in and out of my subservient mouth, his balls slapping against my chin. I was never submissive before I met him, but he brought out the cockslut in me with ease. I just thought it was fascinating, how I could let the man I loved own me totally and completely while I brought him such intense pleasure.

I watched his face as he rammed in and out of me, as bliss washed through him. His eyes were almost closed, clouded and dazed with desire and arousal. "Oh, Gavin," he panted, his voice husky. "Oh, oh, OH, I love you. I love shoving my big cock down your throat, I love the thought of you drinking my cum. You're going to drink it all, everything I give you! You're my slut, my whore, all mine!"

I put two of my fingers in his mouth, letting them get all sloppy and wet, then reached around and pushed the up his perfect ass.

"Ah! Gavin! Oooohhhh!!!"

He thrust his dick down my throat to the hilt, then swelled, cumming inside me. He curled up around my head, my face buried in this curly, furry pubes, breathing his musk like a drug. He whined like an animal in pain, every muscle trembling as he rode out the orgasm. I swallowed all the cum I could, the rest overflowing and dripping down my face. I massaged his cock with my throat, eliciting tiny gasps from my stud, my lover.

Finally, after my belly was full and my face was covered with his milky white seed, he pulled his softening dick out of my throat and collapsed on top of me. Somehow, I managed to push him off so he wouldn't suffocate me. I held him close to me, and he pulled the thick, warm blanket over us. He licked the cum off my cheeks as I passed out, our limbs entwined, our bodies pressed tightly together.

I took good care of him when I was well again and he was sick. He doesn't regret a damn thing. Neither do I.




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