When my buds and I hit the club that night, I had no intention of meeting another guy. It had only been a couple of weeks since Robbie and I split and the wounds were still raw. But then I saw those intense brown eyes across the way, trailing my every move on the dance floor.

Our eyes locked together.

My heart skipped several beats.

A jolt of excitement ran up my back.

He was breathtaking and I couldn't help but stare back at him. I soaked up every last bit of his intense gaze, letting it tease and taunt me.

The air was warm, wet and filled with far too much alcohol and cigarette smoke – things that usually bothered me – but with those intense brown eyes upon me, I was the least bit troubled by my surroundings.

His hair was long and tousled, he wore a sexy blue plaid shirt that had a few buttons loose, his sleeves were rolled halfway up his forearms and his legs were snuggly wrapped in a pair of faded blue jeans. What was most striking, however, was his face. He oozed of masculine esthetic and charm. He had an angular jaw, sharp curves and the look and feel of a macho dude. He was absolutely gorgeous.

I continued to dance in order to keep myself busy. It was much easier to seduce him with my eyes and dance moves than it would have been through conversation. He seemed to enjoy my passivity and when he kicked his butt of the stool and began heading my way, I knew just how much he was into me. His eyes were filled with determination and his energy buzzed with lust.

Everything that our eyes communicated back and forth suggested that we were ready to sneak off and have wild sex.

He was into it.

I was into it.

And before I knew it, we were face to face.

"Hi there," he said as he swooped into my personal space, leaving very little room between us. The tone of his voice was a deep, sexy baritone and it left a soft buzz on my ears as soon as he spoke. I could also feel his warm breath, which made me lust for him even more.

"Hi," I replied back and smiled. He made me feel so nervous, and with him standing so close, I had no choice but to lean into him, which intensified my anxiety even more so. I tried to keep up with my dance moves, though with little success, and once he snaked his arms around my waist, I felt as though my knees would give way. With him even closer, I could smell his charming scent. It was woody, fresh and filled with citrus undertones. Just like his voice, the scent was deep and so perfectly matched to the man I sensed that he was.

"You got a name?" he asked, looking me dead in the eye.

"Jake," I said.

Our bodies were as close as possible and my moves had since fallen into sync with his. Our hips gyrated in unison and his hands felt strong on my lower back, serving to express his interest even more so.

"You shouldn't dance like that," he said, his gaze narrowing on mine. "You look so hot, you're likely to turn every guy in here mad."

"Oh yeah?" I challenged with a coy smile. I was feeling charged, once I was all cozied up in his embrace. His infatuation in me had suddenly made me all brazen. "Am I driving you crazy?"

He squeezed my lower back and let his hands briefly slip down to my ass. I took that as a yes.

"What's your name?"

"Cody," he said, his hands still hard on my ass. His grip was firm and I thoroughly enjoyed having him touch my butt.

"Well I'm glad you came over, Cody."

Those sensuous lips of his curled. All I wanted to do was fell them on my own and taste them. I didn't dare reach up and kiss him though. I could tell that he wanted to kiss me and it was only a matter of time before he reached down to lock our lips together. When he pulled away from me instead of kissing me, I was surprised.

"Let's go," he said and took my hand in his.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

He headed towards the back door and I kept up with his brisk space, as my hand was still in his. People checked us out as we made our way to the back door. Cody was one of the hottest guys at the club that night and I was the lucky bitch who got him. I could feel the envy upon me but I didn't care. Cody made me feel so careless and uninhibited and given how sad I still felt about Robbie, running of with Cody was just what I needed!


We ended up in the back alley. It was dark. The air was just as humid outside as it was inside. The asphalt was cracked at our feet and the red-brick wall he had me against was just as damp as the air.

Cody was all over me like a bad rash, with one arm of his resting on the brick and the other on my waist, and his intensity bordered on freaky. If he wasn't so hot, I might have been somewhat creped out. He didn't say much, he used his body language to communicate more than he did his mouth. He had me cornered. I should have been a little frightened, but I wasn't. Instead, I was insanely aroused.

"You're sexy," he whispered. Those dark chocolate brown eyes were still on me. His gaze was hypnotic, his energy arresting and I was completely under his spell. His particular brand of seduction was unlike any other.

"You're incredible," was all I could say before he moved in and kissed me.

Our lips met quickly and he devoured me. It was messy and sloppy and yet, so sexy. Going slow was more my style, but with Cody, all I wanted to do was devour him right back. Perhaps his potent sexuality had rubbed off on me, as if I was feeding off of it, but I was very different with him. Our tongues danced around together for some time and I found the taste of his mouth to be very sweet and inviting.

His hands were all over me and I couldn't get enough. I hungered for his touch. Those sturdy palms of his were up my shirt and his fingers were on my nipples, teasing and pinching away at them. My skin began to tingle, his touch was so seductive, and my body continued to grow evermore numb. I knew nothing about this man except his name and yet, I felt more being in his arms that I'd ever felt with any my past boyfriends. He was so passionate and sexual. I felt as though I were dreaming, like I would wake up and realize that Cody had been nothing but a delicious fantasy. Lucky for me, he wasn't and lust licking at my heart and invading my senses was proof of that.

Shortly after we'd been kissing for a while, he abruptly turned me around and pushed me up against the wall. Once I was firmly secured, he rested his weight onto my back and held me tight.

"You ever been fucked in an alley before."

My body tightened. "No," I gasped.

He reached his hands back down onto my waist and began to unbutton my pants. He had me so aroused that I had little willpower left in me to stop him. I wanted him to fuck me and although it was not like me to give into such promiscuity, I couldn't have been bothered at that point. Cody was unlike anybody I'd met before and I wanted him. I hungered to experience what he had to offer. Once he had my pants loosened, I wanted it even more. I felt the cool air brush up against my cheeks and small goose bumps quickly settled all over my soft skin. The cool air was no match for Cody's touch, however. Once he had his hands all over my cheeks, my skin soon returned to its silky and smooth state. He squeezed my cheeks spread them wide apart, expressing his approval.

"Fuck that's a hot ass," he growled.

I smiled... I loved that he loved my ass. Knowing that my ass did it for him got me even more aroused.

He didn't take long to reach his fingers into my crack. He started by tickling my hole and then progressed rather quickly to sticking his fingers deep inside me. While he ravaged my ass, his tender lips brushed up against the back of my neck. I felt shivers run up and down my spine and his warm breath on my skin only intensified my desire for him. Slowly but surely, he was kneading me into submission and twisting away every last drop of my resolve. Cody wanted to fuck me, in the alley no less, and I was beyond trying to stop him.

"I'm gonna give it to you good, right here and now," he whispered into my ear and then softly bit my ear lobe. His hands left my ass, leaving it naked to the crisp air once again, and resumed their place on my chest. As he kissed my ears and continued to nibble my lobes, he ran his hands firmly all over my chest. He was like a force of nature and very much a man who always got his way.

The cool air was such a contrast to heat I felt bubbling inside me, as well as through the intimate body contact.

Somewhere between all the touching and kissing, Cody had managed to loosen his own pants, and I could feel his thick cock slide up and down my crack. I hadn't even noticed that he'd gotten his pants off. He was so damned smooth. I soon felt the firm head of his cock wobbling around beneath his foreskin against my hole, working to cloak my inhibition and claiming my need.

"Cody... We shouldn't," I moaned.

I knew that we should have stopped, but I couldn't help myself. It felt too good and I wanted Cody more than I did my familiar inhibition. Cody was unearthing my most primitive desires, a primal side of my sexuality that I had never experienced before. Stopping would have been torturous at that point.

The secluded alley remained quiet, except for the distant buzzing sounds that were vibrating out of the club.

I could hardly believe where we were and what I was doing and the thought of being caught continued to haunt me. When Cody pushed into my tight hole, I didn't stop him.

"We should," he whispered into my ear, challenging everything in me that wanted to hold back. "An ass like this must be worshiped... And taken."

He hardly spoke much, but when he did, his words made my stomach flutter.

It didn't take long for me to completely let loose and accept the submission he'd so skillfully crafted out of my inhibition. My ass was bent and spread, fully open and willing to receive him. As he pounded into the thick of my flesh, taking what he obviously felt was all his, his cock sparked potent flames of desire deep inside my sacred place. The warmth of his cock was overwhelming against the cool air around us. Each stab left me hungering for another. His way of fucking left me yearning to be spread further and filled deeper. His strong hands were at my waist and he held me tight as he rode my ass. My back was arched into the sturdy wall of his torso, which allowed him to keep his lips on the nape of my neck so that he could consume me just as surely as his cock was.

It was the best sex I'd ever had.

"Don't stop," I cried.

I'd since forgotten where we were. I was in the moment and all that mattered to me was having Cody be all over me and not stop.

"Tell me how much you like it," he grumbled into my ear as he continued to grind my ass into his waist.

"I love it," I gasped.

He sighed and then turned my head so that he could kiss me again. I found myself lost in another wet, passionate kiss. The passion was so intense, it was consuming us.

"I love this ass," he groaned and then gently spanked my butt cheek with a firm touch.

I raised my knee up against the wall and rested my foot on a crate nearby so that I could spread my ass further. Cody was already deep inside me but I wanted him to fill me even more.

"Yeah, that's it..." he whispered. "So me how much you want me to hit it."

With my ass spread, he began to nail me hard. He thrust his big dick fiercely in and out of my ass and our flesh slapped together in haste. My cock hardened and I could feel the heat burning up within it. I desperately wanted to come and as I continued to get nailed, the tickle inside my cock continued to escalate until finally, I exploded and squirted my come all over the brick wall.

"Yeah, dude..." he whispered. "Blow that load."

Cody pulled out then and he came all over my ass cheeks. My knee remained up against the wall and my ass was bent out, still ready and willing to receive every last drop of what Cody could dish out. Once he was done at last, I pulled my underpants back on, allowing his come to be soaked up onto my briefs. I wanted it all over me.

"You're a hot fuck," he said and smiled at me once we were all dressed again.

"So are you," I countered back with a grin.

We kept our gazes on each other for a few moments. I wondered what to say or do, now that we'd already done the nasty. Were we supposed to walk away or exchange numbers? When Cody reached behind me and grabbed my cell phone, I knew exactly what he had in mind. He didn't even have to ask to use my phone. He just took it and plugged in his digits and then quietly slipped it back into my pocket. And then he grabbed my face again, this time with both hands on my cheeks and he kissed me gently.

"I'll see you," he said.

"Yeah," I mumbled and then watched him turn away and head towards the dim light across the way that marked the entrance of the alley.

Once he was gone and out of sight, it felt as though our encounter had been a fantasy. I tried to keep every second of it in my mind. The feeling of my ass having been taken still very raw made it easy not to forget. I don't know how it all happened – my find was still in a blurry fog – but I was glad that Cody had showed up and swept me off that dance floor that night.

And I definitely planned to call him back.

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