Take your clothes off -- Chapter 1

 "Take your clothes off," he ordered me. "Everything!"

 I hesitated a moment, but the look in his eyes warned me that I shouldn't resist, I couldn't resist. So I pulled my shirt off over my head, exposing my furry chest and erect nipples. A flicker of approval crossed his eyes but his face remained inscrutable.

 I lowered my eyes, ostensibly to see what I was doing but it was really because I couldn't stand the directness of his eyes that seemed to see inside me; to see all the way to my submissive core. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down over my muscular thighs. I inserted my thumbs into the waistband of my white cotton briefs and they followed my jeans down to my ankles. Then I pulled my jeans and shorts off over my shoes and stood before him, my hands covering my genitals, glancing up at him to see if I could read his expression. Did he approve? Was I acceptable? Did he want me? Would he use me until he used me up? My cock was pressing against the palms of my hands in an urgent need to rise and salute him whom I hoped would take me. My heavy balls swung against the tips of my concealing fingers and a slight tingle ran through them and up into my abdomen at my own touch, eagerly awaiting his touch. His eyes narrowed and I instinctively moved my hands behind my back, realizing that I shouldn't be covering myself in front of this man to whom I'd just submitted myself. His look called up long-dormant memories and I instinctively spread my legs and stood at parade rest, hands behind my back, head down.

 "I said everything", he growled. "What didn't you understand? Why do you still have your shoes on boy?"

 I pulled in a sharp breath. It was one thing to strip in front of a man and stand before him with no clothes on. But my shoes too? My mind flashed back to those old westerns I'd seen on television when I was a kid. Sometimes, the bandits forced the hero to take his boots off and left him there in the wilderness. I realized that meant the cowboy hero was now truly helpless because you couldn't get far with bare feet: you had absolutely no covering. You were completely naked without shoes, even when you were clothed. Of course, if the bandits stripped the cowboy's shirt off him, as they frequently did in my favorite western about the post-Civil War era secret agent, it was even better. Especially when the hero had a well-furred chest. How I'd wished they'd take his pants too. But that wasn't done in those days. My cock surged and bounced off my belly. 

"Yes Sir," I mumbled. "My shoes... I'm sorry Sir."

 "Sorry? I don't give a shit for sorry. Especially for a sorry shit like you! Get 'em off or you're gone!" 

"Yes Sir," I said, hurrying to comply with his orders, hoping he wouldn't think I was being obstinate; hoping he wouldn't send me away.

 How had I gotten into this? What was I doing here? Was I nuts? I didn't even know his name. I'd gone into the bar looking for a little recreation; just wanting to get my rocks off and let off a little steam. I work the everyday nine-to-five job in a suit-and-tie grunt factory that used to be called an office. I'm a mid-level manager and considered pretty competent. I guess I've done alright for a guy in his early 40s. But the pressure takes its toll and I went to the bar looking for a little relief from the boredom; for something that might get me interested in sex again. I sat on a stool, nursing a wheat beer, checking out what was going on around me. I'd never been in this bar before and was surprised to find that it was a bit rougher than I'd expected. But the other patrons interested me and really interested my cock. Still, I couldn't bring myself to get off the stool and circulate. There was a hollow well of fear in the pit of my stomach that held me in place.

 I was doing my casing, checking out the possibilities when my wandering eyes were drawn to him like light to a black hole. How had I missed him before? I couldn't take my eyes off him. He wasn't particularly tall; maybe five-ten and not particularly built. But I could see the taut muscles and sinews beneath his shirt, which had the first few buttons open. His clothes weren't "just so"; it was more like he just hadn't bothered because he didn't give a shit. He'd dressed and as his clothes went on, so they stayed. They fit his body like the pelt on a wolf. He was entirely self-possessed. His eyes were black and bottomless, giving no hint of what he was thinking. But they scanned my body like an MRI and, even though I was still clothed at that point, I felt as though he were looking at my body layer by layer, starting with my clothes, then my skin and working his way in.

 I was mesmerized by him and, as he looked me over, I suddenly felt like a rabbit in the crosshairs. If he pulled the trigger, I knew I was dead meat. When his eyes finished their inventory and came back to my face and met mine, I dropped my gaze to the floor. I was embarrassed and too ashamed to look directly at him. And I was scared shitless. Something made me want him but I was too intimidated to let him know it. In a moment he made a move that called my attention back to his rugged face. My breathing became shallow and I began to feel the damp trickles of sweat in my armpits. I saw him set his jaw with its day's growth of beard and cock his head. Using his foot, he pushed off of the wall against which he was leaning. As he turned and walked toward the back room, my eyes were on his back and I marveled at the way his gluteals flexed beneath his jeans as he walked. Then he stopped, turned his head and looked at me, giving me the slightest motion with his head, ordering me to follow. I couldn't have stopped myself if I'd wanted to. I climbed off my stool and went after him, following him down the dark hall lined with private rooms.

 I saw a partially opened door and stepped through it. Once I was in the room, the door closed decisively behind me. I felt his hand on my shoulder, pushing me to the floor. As I went down on my knees, I had the strangest feeling in my stomach that this was where I belonged. I'd never done this before and had no idea where this would go. But my cock told me I belonged on my knees before this man. As I knelt there, he circled me. He brushed his hands over my short hair and felt my ears with his fingers. I raised my head to get a better look at him as he came around in front of me and cried out, more out of surprise than pain, when his belt lashed across my butt. I hadn't realized he'd taken it off and looped it around his hand.

 "Head down!" he ordered. "You keep your head bowed when you're in my presence unless I give your orders otherwise. Is that clear?"

 "Yes," I gasped with surprise. My butt was stinging slightly but I didn't realize then how much I had to learn about pain.

 Suddenly the whoosh of the belt and another blow to my butt. 

"Yes what?" he demanded. "You will call me Sir. Understand?"

 "Yes Sir," I said. 

It was all beginning to make sense to me and part of me was taken aback at my acquiescence to someone I didn't even know. But I understood: he would give the orders; I would obey. Pretty simple; pretty straightforward. I'd done my stint in the service so I understood the dynamics. He was the sergeant; I was the grunt. What he said went. And my hard dick and the flutter in my gut told me that I liked this. A picture of me and the other grunts, doing push-ups on the hot parade ground flashed through my mind. He lifted my shirt, exposing my chest and felt my nipples with the pads of his fingers. Then he grabbed my nubs and pinched them hard, making me cry out. 

"Aahhh! Please Sir. Please stop!" I cried.

 "I'll stop when I'm good and ready," he said, twisting my tits and pulling a distressed groan from me as I clamped my teeth together.

 He grabbed the hair on my chest, pulling and twisting it, making me groan and squeak. Then he bent to feel my cock and balls, squeezing them and rubbing them through my jeans. He put a hand on my ass and felt my glutes. As he bent over me, inspecting my body, I could see the fur on his chest where his shirt opened and I could smell his sweat and sex. My mouth began to water. I needed for him to want me because I wanted him so badly. It had been far too long since I'd been with a man. What I needed was some fucking and sucking and I needed it tonight. Had I only known that I'd get just what I wanted but not the way I thought I wanted it.

 "You're new to this aren't you boy?" he asked me. 

"Yes Sir. I'm sorry. Does it show Sir?" I ventured. 

He just snorted. "If you weren't, I wouldn't have to keep telling you what to do and you wouldn't be crying and whining like a baby," he said, an edge of disdain in his voice.

 That disdain made me nervous. What if he decided he didn't want me after all? I really needed to get off and he had a thrilling air of authority that called to something deep inside me.

 "Do you live alone?" he asked.

 "Yes Sir," I answered hopefully.

 "What do you do?" he asked and I told him.

 He asked just enough questions to ascertain what he wanted to know. Then he tilted my head back and pushed my jaw open, inserting his fingers into my mouth. I gagged and started to choke and he pulled back.

 "Easy," he said. "Just take it easy. You can do it," he urged and moved his hand in again. I willed my throat to relax and he was able to get his fingers in up to the palm of his hand, feeling my tongue and teeth.

 "Good boy," he said, pulling his hand out and wiping it on my tee- shirt.

 He put his hands on my face and manipulated it, pushing my jaw this way and that, turning my head left and right, tilting it to the back and to the front. Then he pulled me against his crotch and I mouthed his jeans, chewing his denim-covered treasures. How I wanted him! 

"I think you'll do," he said as he held me against him. 

His voice was quiet but deep and resonant, sending vibrations through my body and soul.

 "I'm satisfied I can train you to be the boy you were born to be. But maybe you're afraid of that. I'm going to leave now. You will follow me, staying four feet behind me the entire way. Or you can stay here. It's your choice. If you stay here, I'll never speak to you again. It's up to you."

 And with that, he turned and walked out the door, leaving me with my mouth agape, saliva smearing my face. I thought about it for about two seconds and scrambled to my feet, wiping my forearm across my mouth. No man had ever made me feel this way before. God knows if I let him leave without me, I might never have another chance. I wanted to know where he would take me. I was also deeply afraid of where he would take me. But I had to know. I had a wet patch on the front of my jeans and I had to know how and why he'd awakened this hunger inside of me. I quickly dressed, as best I could and walked through the bar, my tee-shirt hanging out of my pants, the wet smears from where he wiped his hand across the front. The wet spot on my jeans was gradually growing larger, my midriff was exposed where my shirt hadn't fallen back in place after his inspection. I looked a mess and I knew men were looking at me, but I didn't care. I had to catch him before he could leave me behind. When I got to the street, I quickly looked around, trying to spot him and saw him striding down the street, a half block away. I raced after him and slowed to match his pace when I was four feet behind him and continued on, drawn by an invisible, irresistible leash.

 When we got to his apartment, he went through, leaving the door open. I breathed deeply and stepped over that threshold, quietly closing the door behind me; closing the door on the life I'd known to that point.

 Take your clothes off -- Chapter 2

 "Shoes off! Now boy!" he said sharply.

 i swallowed hard and lifted each foot to untie and remove my boots and then my socks. i'd been a new, barely aware submissive just a moment before; now i was a slave boy; i had no status before him.

 He picked up my clothes, my shoes and socks and carried them to the trash drop in the kitchen. He opened the door and dropped the only belongings i'd brought with me down the hatch. i drew a quick breath. Now i had no escape. i couldn't leave here naked, could i? Why had he done that? Would he provide me new clothes? i began to sweat and feel a bit queasy, the realization dawning that this was much more real than i'd planned it to be. He circled me, running his hands over my naked body, pinching and twisting my nipples, kneading my balls, squeezing my cock. He held my cock up and examined it critically. i'm about six inches when fully erect and not cut, although i've become accustomed to having my skin pulled back, leaving my cock head exposed. i figured it that makes my little man look bigger and it just seemed to fit in better in the shower room at the gym. He pinched my foreskin and held my dick up. Then he pulled the skin down, covering my helmet so only the very tip was visible beneath its hood. 

"A boy doesn't need to have his foreskin skinned back," he said. "Only I will be seeing your cock from now on and your little dickie needs to be humble and submissive to its Master. I expect you to keep it clean and covered at all times. Clear?" 

"Yes Sir," i answered, my cheeks flushing with shame.

 i felt embarrassed to be found out in my vanity, as though he'd caught me masturbating. By now my breathing grew heavier and my dick was beginning to dribble. He stood behind me and grasped me around the waist. Then he lifted me and bucked against my ass, shaking me like a doll. He was much stronger than he appeared and i felt his power overwhelming me. i'd never been fucked before; i was always the top. But i knew i wanted to have him in me; i wanted to serve him. i whimpered and grunted as he shook me. 

"Please," i whispered. "Please Sir." 

He lowered me to the floor and, grabbing my oozing stem, pulled me down the hall to the bathroom.

 "Get in the tub," he ordered and i obeyed with a "Yes Sir".

 "Grab the curtain rod," he commanded and i complied, wondering what he was going to do. 

He went to the vanity and pulled out electric clippers, which he held up in front of me. 

"This is the beginning of your training," he said. "You've submitted to me and I'm taking you as my slave. Consider it an honor. I'm taking your hair because it's mine and I want you to never forget that. You are mine. Your tits, your ass, your mouth, your cock, your balls are mine. You agreed to that when you followed me home. Tomorrow I'll take you down to have your tits and cock pierced. I'll also have you tattooed. You'll like that, won't you boy?"

 "Yes Sir," i answered, swallowing hard. Inside, my mind was protesting. "You work in an office. You're a manager! What are you thinking? Are you crazy? How can you go to the gym with a shaved body and piercings?" 

i heard the voice but i closed my eyes in an effort to shut it out. i didn't care what he did to me; i wanted to give him whatever he wanted, as long as he'd fuck me. i wanted him to fuck my mind. i wanted him to take me and make me his own. All those stirrings i'd felt seeing movies and pictures of men restrained when i was a boy; the pictures i came across on the web of men in bondage, suddenly fit. This is who i was and this was what i wanted; what i'd always wanted. i exhaled and shut my eyes.

 "Yes Sir," I repeated, yielding myself to him.

 With that, he flipped on the clippers, pressing them to the base of my neck where the fur started and drew them down, shaving a clean stripe from my throat to my cock. The soft hair rolled down my body and floated to the bottom of the tub, resting at my feet. Again i closed my eyes and lowered my head. This was mortifying. i was proud of my body hair and he was stripping me of it. But my cock responded vigorously to the humiliation i felt and surged against my belly, smacking the now smooth flesh that had, until a second before, been coated with soft, dark hair.

 He continued his work, trimming away the hair from my chest and belly. He carefully trimmed around the double bow of my pecs and gently removed the fur surrounding my tits. Then he sheared the hair from under my arms. He took one of my arms in his hand and ran the clippers over my forearm, stripping away the coating of hair that men with hairy chests like me frequently have, repeating the process with my other arm after he placed my hand back on the shower curtain rod. i stood there, accepting his hands on my body, clearing away the signs of my manhood, reducing me to something less than that. Although i was trembling in humiliation and excitement, i worked to keep my body still so that he could complete his transformation of my body into whatever he wanted it to be. 

He trimmed the thick hair that covered my pubes and taking my hard cock between his fingers, lifted it so he could denude it. The warmth and vibration of the clippers was bringing me close to orgasm and i moaned and grunted in warning.

 "I'm glad you're so small," he said. "Who wants a dog with a dick like a horse?"

 i flushed in deep shame. On the one hand, i was glad he was pleased at my small size but it was humiliating to be reminded of it. Then he stretched my balls and, working carefully, stripped them of their dark covering. There was a pool of hair forming in the tub around my feet and, as i looked at it, i realized my life was falling away just as my manhood was. 

He ran the clippers over my furred legs and then told me to turn and bend and spread my buttocks. i felt the shears shaving away the hair between my legs and when he switched them off, i knew he was finished. i began to straighten up and turn around but he slapped my butt hard making me yelp in pain and surprise. i could feel the print of his hand flaming on my white ass.

 "Stay!" he ordered. "You don't move unless I tell you to. How long will it take you to learn that?"

 "i'm sorry Sir," i mumbled, pressing my face against the tiled wall.

 "Sorry? you're sorry? I'm going to get tired of hearing how sorry you are pig!"

 "Yes Sir. i'm.." i stopped, realizing he didn't want to hear another "sorry". He wanted only my obedience.

 i heard him getting some things from the cupboard and then heard the sound of shaving foam being dispensed.

 "Spread your ass," he ordered and i reached back to grab my butt cheeks and pull them open for him.

 In a moment, i felt his hand on my ass crack, spreading foam over my exposed hole and perineum. 

"Keep 'em spread!" he ordered, and i felt the blade of a safety razor on my tender skin. He worked carefully, constantly feeling where he'd just shaved, making sure the skin was smooth. He fingered my hole and i groaned and clenched my sphincter, trying to draw him in. He slapped my ass again.

 "Behave," he said sharply. "Act like a slut and you're out. You're going to be my dog, not my bitch slut! Is that clear?"

 "Yes Sir," i rapped out, trembling from want and fear.

 When would he fuck me? Didn't he know how much i wanted him?

 "Definitely in need of discipline," he muttered. "I'll have to spank him at least twice a day to get him trained adequately."

 He shaved the back of my ball sack, pulling down hard on it to stretch it taut and drawing a groan from my throat. i could feel the pain extending from my compressed testicles up the suspensory tendons and into my abdomen. Then he released my eggs and cupped them in his hand.

 "Nice big balls," he said but i realized it wasn't a compliment, just an observation. "I know they'll prove useful in your training."

 His hands on my most tender parts and his observation about their utility made me shiver; i had an idea what he had in mind and it made me afraid. Nevertheless, my body felt a thrill of need. He spread foam on the patch of hair at the base of my spine and made short work of stripping it away. He seemed to be satisfied with the nakedness of my ass and back and ordered me to stand up, turn around and grab the bar again. i did so quickly, displaying my stubbly body to him. i had to remind myself to lower my head and not look at him. i decided to focus on his fully-packed crotch and imagine what lay beneath the concealing denim. Hopefully, i would get to know it intimately and be granted the privilege of having it in my holes.

 Once again, he picked up the clippers and turned them on, applying the buzzer to my bowed head. i saw the brown hair with bits of grey cascading into the pool of hair at my feet. Of course he would take the hair on my head as well. He was reducing me to a non-human; he was reducing me to a piece of property. He was claiming me completely as his own. This was what i'd never known i wanted. The realization made my legs weak and i started to shiver. i stood there submissively, feeling the buzz of the clippers as he ran them over my scalp, stripping from me what little remained of my individuality. i was nothing; he was everything. He was Master; i was slave. Yes, He was Master. He held my life in His hands. Like the God of the Old Testament, He was shaping me. i was the clay; He was the potter. i yielded my body and soul to Him.

 "Master," i whispered, almost afraid to hear myself say the word.

 He stopped his clipping and lifted my chin. i looked into His glittering, bottomless black eyes and searched for my future. Not sure of what i was seeing, i lowered my eyes, looking down at His hand holding my face. Then He pulled me to Himself and kissed me. Not a tender, loving kiss, no. It was a kiss of possession, like a vampire's kiss. He sucked the breath out of me. He ravaged my mouth with His tongue, shoving it into the depths of my wet orifice. i stood there, welcoming His possession. my mouth was His. i belonged to Him. Whatever He wanted, i would do my best to give Him.

 "Good dog!" He said and slapped my face. my cheek stung and burned: the sting from the slap; the burn from the humiliation.

 i was His dog; He'd called me good dog. i was humiliated; i was thrilled. i whimpered slightly, hungry to worship my Master with all i had, which really was His. He finished with the clippers on my head, leaving only a bit of stubble. Then He lathered my entire body, from head to foot and began the laborious process of shaving me. The globs of shaving cream fell to mix with the hair in which i stood. As the foam cooled, i continued to shiver. Tremors coursed through me like waves and my knees kept threatening to buckle. But again, i forced myself to stand still while my Master shaved His dog. i thought only of him and how He would use me and bring me to the place i wanted and needed to be. 

Take your clothes off -- Chapter 3

 Finally He was finished. He ran his hands over every millimeter of my body, checking for stray stubble and pronounced His work completed. He ordered me to take the mess out of the tub and put it in the wastebasket. i stepped out, taking care to shake loose the globs of foam that hung onto my legs and feet. Then, using the paper towels He handed me, i gathered up the remnants of my manhood.

 "This is your former life boy. Throw it away. Now you're mine," He said.

 I looked down at the shorn hair and shaving foam, held it up and dropped it into the wastebasket.

 "Thank You Sir," i said.

 "Back in the shower," He ordered. "Time to get you rinsed off." 

I climbed back into the tub and He pulled the curtain closed. Then He reached in and turned on the tap. i shouted as the cold water hit me and renewed my bout of shivering. 

"Get the foam off and you can turn off the water," He said. "The faster you're done, the sooner you'll be dry."

 Immediately seeing the logic of His instructions, i gritted my teeth and moved beneath the full force of the cold stream to rinse off the foam and stubble. When i was clean, i quickly turned off the water and climbed out of the tub. Master had a coarse towel and used it to roughly dry me, rubbing the stiff nap over my newly denuded skin, turning my body a warm pink. When He'd finished, i looked in the full-length mirror that was mounted to the door and gasped. It was my first view of myself and i was stunned. my cock and balls looked larger with their covering of fur gone, but very exposed. my tits stood out hard and brown.

 It was incredibly arousing because it declared that i was not a man, but a boy or a dog. i had lost my manhood; i had given it over to my Master. my cock rose in response to my degradation.

 "Come boy," Master ordered and used my hard dick to lead me down the hall to another room.

 He flipped on the light and i caught my breath: there were implements of bondage and S/M work whose purpose i had no concept of at that point. Master took four leather cuffs from hooks on the wall and buckled them on me; one on each wrist and each ankle. Then He led me to a raised bench and pulled me up onto it, placing me on all fours and attaching the ankle cuffs to the bench with snap-hooks. He took what looked to be a pair of mittens and, lifting each of my hands, buckled them on, after which He hooked my wrist cuffs to the bench as He had my ankle cuffs. As He did, i realized the mittens had neither fingers nor thumbs. my hands were effectively useless. Then He wrapped a wide leather collar around my neck and buckled it on. i heard the click of a padlock and knew that i was here to stay. I gave a sigh and whimper of contentment. 

He took a leather harness and put it over my head, pulling my mouth open as He did. The harness had a round "bit" fixed in it that He pushed into my open jaws and seated behind my teeth. When He released my jaw and snapped the harness closed in back of my head, i found i could no longer close my mouth. Naturally, i couldn't speak intelligibly either.

 "One last thing to entirely turn you into my pup," He said.

 He went to a cupboard and got out an object with a slight clinking sound, like something metalic. Because of the collar around my neck and the harness over my head, i couldn't turn to see what He had, but in a moment, i felt His hand on my cock. He slid something over my hard dick which squeezed it but did fit if only barely, even if i'm not very big. Then i heard the ratchet of a handcuff. He'd put a chastity device on my penis and locked it on. He'd taken possession of my cock; as long as i was his dog, i'd never again have free access to my pleasure. 

He stood back to survey His handiwork. i could imagine what He was seeing: a naked, hairless dog slave; collared, shackled, gagged, its dick enclosed in a tube, awaiting His pleasure, whatever that might be.

 "Good," He said to Himself and went to the counter. i heard water running and then a bottle being filled. That made me glad because iI was thirsty. My anxiety had made my mouth a bit dry. In a few moments, He came back and i whimpered, hoping for a drink. But He went behind me and soon i felt his fingers touching my soft anus. In the fingers went and i squealed in pain at the invasion. It didn't take long for the lube He was applying to slick up my sphincter and the pain went away, replaced by a wonderful feeling of fullness. i grasped at His fingers, hoping for more and when i did, the fingers were withdrawn, replaced by a smaller, harder object.

 Then the water began to flow in. As my guts filled with the warm fluid, He stood next to me, rubbing my belly to "help spread it around and clean you up completely" He said.

 At first it felt only slightly uncomfortable and strangely satisfying. i was, after all, completely in His power. Then my bowels began to cramp. i started to sweat and moan and tried to shift on the bench to relieve my distress. A powerful cramp hit me and i cried out incoherently.

 "Easy boy," He said, stroking my belly. "Just a little more and you'll be through. But I don't want you to lose a drop until I give you permission. Do you understand? Give me a high bark if you do."

 i did understand and did my best to make a high-pitched bark to let him know. It sounded more like a squeak and it was tricky because i had a nozzle up my ass, but it must've worked because he patted my rump and told me i was a good boy, which made me happy. If i hadn't had that damned enema nozzle in me, i would have wiggled my rear end to express my delight that He was pleased. i heard Him squeeze the bag and He warned me again not to dribble or i'd be severely punished. Then He pulled the nozzle out.

 As the nozzle passed my sphincters, the body's reaction was to let fly and empty out whatever's filling the bowel. i moaned as i struggled to prevent my guts from spilling the water out and somehow managed. Master was rubbing my ass cheeks and murmuring what a good boy His new doggy was. He was happy; i was happy and whined with pleasure. my thought was that He must be preparing me for the completion of His takeover. Soon He would give me the gift of His cock and His cum. my cock surged against its tiny locked dungeon. A few moments after He withdrew the nozzle, a wave of cramps swept through me making me groan deeply. Then another wave and another groan. i dropped my head to the bench, hoping to ease the cramps. 

Master urged me to remain calm and to trust Him. i did trust Him and i tried to remain calm. But my bowels were objecting vigorously. After what seemed an eternity, He held a receptacle beneath and behind my hole and gave me permission to release the enema. i groaned and ejected a stream of water into the pan when i relaxed my sphincters. The initial torrent was followed by several spurts and smelly wet farts as my intestines rid themselves of the liquid, each expulsion accompanied by a deep grunt from my throat. 

"Good doggy, good puppy," Master said. "Let's do another one to get your insides completely clean. From the looks of this one, one more should do it."

 i groaned in distress. Not again! i thought, my back sagging wearily. Master filled the bag again and come back to where i waited on my hands and knees, completely under His control. 

"Up! Belly up!" He said, slapping my sagging belly "My dog must be proud to serve his Master. he should be honored to be chosen as his Master's whelp." 

i loved the way my Master worked, administering this challenging cleansing while stroking my body and comforting me. i loved the feel of his hands on me, even when He punished me with a swat on my rump. He administered the second enema and helped me through the process of absorbing it, holding it and finally expelling it. When the spurting and farting stopped, He took a paper towel and wiped my ass dry.

 "The last thing," He said. "In the future, you might have to do this to yourself because this is what I expect of my dog and there may be times when I'll need you to take care of these things. After you're clean, your butt needs to be lubricated so that you're always ready for your Master." 

He took a tube of KY with a nozzle on the end and inserted the tip into my ass. He squeezed a dollop of lube inside and pulled the nozzle out, wiping away any residue that leaked out with the paper towel he'd wiped me with before. When He'd finished wiping my ass, he unsnapped the hooks holding me to the bench, clicked a leash onto the D ring in my collar and slapped my butt. 

"Come on boy, let's go. Time to mark you as my pup," He said, guiding me off the bench and out of the room, 

He on two feet, me on all fours, scrambling behind Him. He led me down the hall and into His bedroom where He patted the bed. 

"Up boy. Come on. Get up on the bed. Stay on all fours." i eagerly complied, yelping in my excitement, telling Him how much i wanted Him.

 He positioned me on the bed and i turned my head to look back at Him, the Master i was giving my life to. Here i was: completely changed from what i'd been several hours earlier. i'd been a mid- level manager who worked in an office with a number of people reporting to me. i wore a suit and tie every day. i ate in good restaurants and lived a good life. Now, all that was gone. i was stripped, denuded of my body hair, harnessed, collared, my cock locked into a chastity device, a bit in my mouth, my ass lubed and exposed to this man, eagerly awaiting His final possession of my body and my soul. God, how i wanted that! At last, He began to strip.

 Finally, i'd get to see Him! He removed His shirt and exposed His furred chest with thick, protruding nipples. There was a heavy gold ring in His left tit. His muscles weren't large but had the look of a man who was used to hard physical work. His chest hair was dark and thick on the planes of His chest and followed the curves of His pecs. There was a swirling trail of hair that ran down His hard abs, skirted His navel and fanned out just above His belt-line.

 As He bent to remove His boots, i watched His muscles ripple and flex beneath His tanned skin. Once He'd taken His boots off, He unbuttoned His jeans, pulled down His zipper and pushed them off revealing a pair of white briefs that held a considerable package. i could see His balls distending the pouch of His shorts and saw His partially erect cock waiting to be freed. He looked up at me and, seeing that i was watching with eager expectation, smiled at me. my heart leapt and i whimpered with pleasure: pleasure at His smile and pleasure at the thought that He'd soon take me and use me. my butthole twitched in expectation. 

He put His thumbs in the waistband of His briefs and pushed them down over His hard thighs, allowing His potency the freedom it demanded. Soon, soon, it would be buried in my needy body. It was the most imposing cock i'd ever seen. As He stroked it, it rose to its fullness. It was about nine inches long and three inches in diameter. It was dark, with blue veins snaking around it and a red helmeted head; i couldn't take my eyes off it. my mouth watered and i began to whimper and whine, so great was my need to be possessed by Him. i tried to beg but the bit holding my mouth open reduced my attempts to plead to incoherent mewling and squeaks.

 He went to the nightstand and took a condom, opened the package and rolled it over his cock. Then He pulled out a pair of plastic- tipped tit clamps joined by a chain. He pinched my nipples and applied the clamps to them. i yelped, never having had my tits clamped. Now i'm amazed at what a wimpy pup i was then. i have a ring through my right tit, as well as one through my piss slit. Now my Master uses alligator clamps that bite fiercely into my flesh and i just thank Him. But that first time, i knew nothing of all this and i thought the pain was unbearable. 

"Quiet boy," He barked, giving me a hard swat on my asscheek.

 i tried breathing deeply to relieve the pain and found that that worked, especially if i concentrated on breathing rhythmically because it took my mind off my tortured chest. He reached under me and hooked the chain joining the clamps to my chastity tube, pulling my dick and my tits toward each other and centering my pain and arousal. Then He walked around and knelt on the bed behind me, Grasping my hips, He pulled me toward Him and i finally felt Him at the threshold that would mark the completion of my descent into dog-slavery.

 "Breathe deeply boy. I'm going to take you now. It's going to hurt at first, but if you breathe and push down like you're taking a shit, it'll be easier. Breathe and push!"

 As i inhaled, i felt Him split my virgin hole. i drew a sharp breath as the fire erupted in my ass and i began to moan. 

"Push down," He ordered and i obeyed.

 Sure enough, i felt the tight ring open. i continued to push and He continued to move into me. Then i felt my circle of muscle close around the large head of His cock.

 "Good boy," He said. "Good puppy." 

i whined with pleasure and pain. It hurt so bad but it felt so good to have Him in me at last. Once i'd stretched enough to permit Him easier access, He fucked me like the dog i'd become. His fucking stroked my pleasure button over and over, taking me to a place i'd never been before. When He came, He grabbed my harness and pulled my head back while i howled as my own orgasm rose from the depths of my ass chute, my back legs jerking like a dog's; like the dog i had become. i was His dog! i turned my head back and licked His face. Yes, He was my Master; i was His dog. i'd found my purpose; i was home. 




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