Chapter 4

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Fairy-tale Bliss

Richard is sitting in a corner rock; he is sharpening a wood, shaping it into a long stake. He walked far away from the cries of the soldier… What the hell is Lucas planning he thought. He made an oath that he will remain a slave and he can’t break his oaths. He walked up past the trees and at the end of the tracks is a river. He scans the surface and the reflection of the moon shine brightly, with a quick throw of the wooden stake he skewered a fish, he made another wooden stake and again he captured another fish. He collected the fishes and made his way back to his wicked master.

Richard glanced over to the naked soldier chained to the tree. His ass was plugged with a wooden block and his cock is throbbing and leaking so much precum, his cries are muffled by a cloth. Richard knelt down and cooked the fish with the bonfire.

Richard: How long will you torture him like that?

Lucas: As long as it takes do you want to trade places with him?

Richard with a scared look shouted


Lucas: Then let’s eat I am starving.

Simon’s eyes widened with surprise; a Tybalt soldier was standing a few inches away from Leo and him. With Leo on top of him and still moving his hips, Simon tried to stand up but Leo pushed him down on the bed.  Leo pointed at the soldier.

Leo: Stay there! And watch us!

Simon: Hell no!!

Leo with a strong push shoves his entire cock inside Simon. Simon screamed with pain… He couldn’t break free of Leo’s body on top of him. He squirmed while Leo inches his cock inside him.

Simon: Aaahhh! Aaaahh! Stop please!

Leo: Too late sorry!

Simon is so embarrassed he was being watched while a prince fucks him.

Leo then leans in and sucks Simon’s nipples adding another source of pleasure.

Simon gasped and his cock started to harden again. Leo found Simon’s hardening cock and started rubbing it slowly. Simon couldn’t think anymore his body was on fire, so much was happening and Leo is still abusing his manhood.  Leo’s cock was plunging deep inside Simon only to be pulled back and then rammed back again, the sound of their bodies colliding was clearly heard and the soldier was still in shock… two of royal blood and equally great warriors are fucking in front of him.

The opening of Simon’s orifice tightens as Leo continues to penetrate him over and over again. Simon was so mortified by the presence of the soldier. His eyes were closed and his cheeks are red with shyness. Leo was grinning the whole time and he was really enjoying fucking a young prince with an audience.

Leo: Your cock is really enjoying this!

Simon looks down and his cock is twitching and releasing slimy precum all over his abs and pubic hair. Simon began to form a tear in his eyes; Leo was beginning to be harsh on his fucking apparently turned on upon seeing Simon’s hardon. Leo looking at Simon got turned on and he lifted the leg of the prince and placed it on his shoulder exposing Simon to the soldier. Simon was shocked his eyes became worried but he quickly felt Leo’s tool deep inside him probing much further as his position made him vulnerable and more open to penetration.

Ahhh! Aaahhh!

Simon covered his face but Leo slaps his hands away.

Leo: Wow! You are so cute! You should show your face so he knows who I am fucking!

Simon looked away while his eyes were wet with tears. Leo then kept his rhythm, it was a magnificent sight. Leo’s sweaty body pushing inwards onto Simon’s…Leo’s hard tone abs contracting and relaxing as his butt moves in and out motion. Simon touch Leo’s chest it was so firm like a rock as expected from the commander of the Tybalts. Simon felt his cock reaching its limit. The continuous humping of Leo is making his body burn like fire, his back arcs toward the prince and he closed his eyes and gasped. His cock suddenly released string of thick cum…

Leo watching the reaction of Simon clearly, He cups Simon’s cock as it orgasms catching all the cum in his hands. Simon covered his mouth with his hands trying to silence his moans of pleasure. Leo then turns Simon around making Simon’s body lay down and posturing for a doggy style. Simon was now facing the solider that was still stationary at his place.  Simon could see the reaction of the petrified soldier, he was horrified of what Prince Leo was doing. Simon again felt Leo’s hard cock piercing through his ass and again Leo began plowing the young prince’s ass, with a huge grin on his face Leo was enjoying the humiliation Simon was getting. Making his soldier to watch as he rapes the Marth boy’s ass.

Richard lay down on his makeshift bed made out of hay and then covered in cloth; he wasn’t used to sleeping in that condition but dismissed his thoughts. He was thinking how cruel Lucas was, making the soldier so horny and then jamming a wooden phallus inside the orifice... a hand then suddenly reach out at his groin and suddenly he pulled his sword and pointed the edge of the sword to the throat of his assailant… it was Lucas.

Richard lowered his sword and Lucas still grabbing the prince’s crotch continued to feel up the cock.

Richard: What are you going to do with me?

Lucas: Since you are my slave now I want you to fuck me!

Richard: What!!!! Why?!

Lucas blushed his eyes darted away from the prince’s gaze…

Lucas: It’s kinda hot when a prince fucks. I mean with this meat right here I know I will enjoy it.

Richard blushed. He started to undress… now comfortable with Lucas being able to see his full glory naked body. Upon Richard exposing his soft cock, Lucas eagerly took the cock and licks the foreskin covering the entire glans. Richard looks away he was after all a slave now, he swore under his family name.

Lucas kept teasing Richard’s now semi hard tool, Richard heavily breathes as he concentrates on what Lucas wants from him. He never really knew how to fuck someone, especially a guy.  Right now Lucas was hitting him in all the right spots and in no time he sprang a full erect cock with his cock head fully exposed and his cock slit moistening.

Lucas kept rubbing the pink head circling it with his fingers while licking Richard’s frenulum. Richard was now squirming with pleasure much like what he experienced the first time his cock was milked.

Lucas moved on top of Richard while he undresses himself, Lucas has a slender pale body, he also has markings on his body starting from his groin going up to his stomach and circling to his sides it was written with an unfamiliar language.

Richard: What are those?

Lucas feeling ashamed of his markings.

Lucas: This is a mark of having a bad blood…

Lucas partially stood up to take off his pants, while Richard traces the markings all over Lucas’s body which sends Lucas waves of pleasure.  Lucas moaned and then Richard pushes Lucas and pinned him on the ground.

Lucas: What the!

Richard: You ordered me to fuck you right? Then I will!

Richard grabbed his shaft and pointed it into Lucas’ ass. Richard with a hard push penetrated the hole with such force Lucas gasped and his face was in shocked…

Richard kept his eyes on Lucas while he fucks his master hard. Richard was surprised, this was different than Lucas’s mouth it was very narrow which makes his cock feel more pressure.

Lucas: Aaaah! Aaahh! I thought I was the monster

Richard chuckled You know princes don’t have much ahem sex so we get off by ourselves but since you presented yourself and I already submit to you then I will make the most of it.

Lucas was surprise on how Richard was taking things out of the worst situation that he is in. Lucas was being pounded like two hungry animals just tearing each other. Lucas reaches out to tease Richard’s nipples while Richard was pushing all his monster cock into the tight hole.

Fuck! This feels great!

Lucas look over at his cock and he was already leaking so much precum, Richard notice where Lucas was looking at and with his right hand he reached for his master’s cock and started to stroke it making his fucking and stroking into a nice rhythmic movements.

Lucas foreskin was rubbing against his frenulum while his precum makes it easier and slicker.

Lucas was moaning so hard now louder than the soldier he bounded just by the tree. 

Leo began to pound Simon in a doggy style position, with Simon’s body facing down and his butt raised enough to be fucked. Simon couldn’t handle the humiliation as he buried his face around the blankets. Leo slaps Simon’s ass while drilling his meat down the tight hole.

I love tight holes! Hahaha!

With the semen that got out of Simon’s cock slit, Leo used it to lubricate his cock. Simon couldn’t believe that Leo was perverted as hell. Leo began to moan harshly and his cock was throbbing extremely hard which Simon felt. He grab Simon’s ass firmly and let loose a loud moan which sounded  like a lion’s roar, his cock bursted with hot fluid which instantly filled Simon, Leo pulled out his cock midway of his orgasm and squeeze the rest of his spunk at Simon’s back, Simon’s hole quickly releases out Leo’s load like a stream which spilled onto Leo’s abs.

The faith of the two brothers was nearly intertwined as one got fucked and the other was the latter.

Leo feeling weak with his orgasm fell down on top of Simon. Simon was still too ashamed so he fell down trying to calm himself down at the bed of his captor.  

Leo: Why did you enter my bed chambers! What is so urgent that you have to defy me?!

Simon was so surprised of Leo’s booming voice almost like a mad man.

Soldier: Sire my apologies, but we have spotted the weapon! The half breed!

Leo stood up and threw a dagger which sent straight to the soldier’s throat.

Leo: And now you told a military secret in the presence of a Marth!!!!

Simon in a confused face stood and faced Leo…

Simon: What!?

Leo: I guess there is no point in hiding it… There is a reason why the two Kings wanted the marsh. It is not some crappy great military territorial advantage bullshit.  Your King doesn’t believe it but he wanted to play it safe I guess that’s why he didn’t bother to tell it to you or your brother.

Richard kept on pounding Lucas while Lucas’ right leg was now resting onto Richard’s shoulders. Richard face was now all sweaty as the air was now hotter with the two of their bodies was now one.

I am sorry I beginning to sweat.

Lucas: It’s okay just keep on fucking me! I knew it that’s why I chose you!

Richard was wierded out by Lucas’s response but his dick feels great and he was not a virgin anymore! He fucks Lucas some more but his virgin cock was of course failing him on the endurance level…

I am about to cum!

Lucas smiled he immediately releases Richards cock from his ass and then opened his mouth to receive Richard’s load. Richard moaned and squirted all his spunk inside his master’s mouth after a minute Lucas then stood up and his hands pushed Richard’s face towards his cock which was covered with precum. Richard was retched at the idea but he knew what his master wants him to do he opened his mouth too and began his journey of pleasuring Lucas’s cock. Carefully cleaning the precum and washing it with his saliva. Lucas moaned so much at how Richard moves his tongue touching the corners of his cock.

Leo: The myth of the marsh, you heard of it?

Simon: That’s rubbish! That’s not true!

Leo: Tsk! You Marth’s brothers and your King lack creativity and imagination which will someday lead to your destruction…

Simon: Fuck you! don’t talk about how…

Leo: Shut up! So by the end of the Great War and most of the Kingdoms was left in ruins. Many tried battling it out for the control the dark practitioners found their sanctuary at the marshes and there they enslave a thing which kept a lot of the olden kings scared which on turn kept them away from this forsaken lands. That thing was now rumoured to be free since a lot of the dark mages was probably dead by now.

Simon: So you are going to use that thing to defeat us? How do you know if that is the thing you are talking about?

Leo: Way ahead of you boy! Also it’s not a thing it’s a “He”

Lucas began to squirm, he grasped Richard at the back of his head and Richard knew that his master is close. With a final licks and suck onto Lucas’s dick, Lucas began to spill his load into Richard’s mouth. Richard was really disgusted by the ordeal but he already tasted his cum and was puzzled by Lucas’s load it was hotter than normal. Lucas then tapped Richard’s head and made him stand up. Lucas swoops in and went in for a kiss which caught Richard by surprised, He hasn’t even eaten the spunk yet… Richard felt something familiar entering his mouth it wasn’t saliva it was his CUM! Apparently Lucas didn’t swallow his cum yet too. They were now exchanging and mixing their cums, and Richard could have sworn at that moment that Lucas’s eyes glowed red…and then Lucas force fed all of the cum to Richard.

End of Part 4

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