Tails of Rump Rangers

The lean mean ex Army Ranger rolled off his partner onto his back, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. The former Army officer had just experienced the most explosive climax of his life from a couple three hours of mind-blowing man sex. Once he caught his breath he bellowed, “Hooah!”

Lying on his back trying to catch his breath and cool down the six foot one inch 185 pound ex Ranger asked in between short breaths, “How was that Baby?”

Chase tried to answer in staccato rhythm, “Awesome, just fucking awesome... Never had such an intense fuck, especially from a beginner... And that orgasm... Wow... Just fuckin wow!” Chase exclaimed.

Derrick's size 11 feet hit the floor. While still sitting nude on the side ofthe bed the 30 year old looked down upon his younger male partner and said, “So cool the way you fuck me back. I mean, like you were really into it all the way you didn't just lay there like a dead fish.”

“No other way to be,” Chase said.

Smiling, Derrick reached over to grasp his partner's member and said, “That's just about the coolest thing I ever done in my life.” Before he finished his statement he began to fondle his partner's semi erect member while he lowered his head towards Chase's abdomen where he began lapping and slurping the splooge off his creamy tummy.

After licking Chase's firm flat stomach clean Derrick took his partner's creamy white penis into his mouth. He intended to get Chase off again before they took a break and returned to the casino. The smell of cum still fresh on Chase's pubic area permeated Derrick's nostrils while the sweet taste of cum filled his mouth.

“Oh yeah,” Chase gasped. “Suck my cock,” he demanded.

Derrick lowered his mouth onto Chase's cockhead. His moist lips pushed down the shaft to the little tuft of hair at the base of Chase's cockshaft. The hair began to tickle his nose.

The small clump of curly orange hair about the size of a silver dollar was the only hair that remained on Chase's trimmed pubic area. Derrick drew his moist lips back about halfway on the penis shaft where he began breathing life back into the burgeoning cock while his mouth moved up and down the fist couple inches. Derrick's freehand roamed below playing with Chase's balls, rolling them around inside the scrotum, and then he began fingering his partner's previously fucked asshole. Chased moaned.

Chase's cock had expanded inside Derrick's mouth filling it to capacity. The ex Ranger's tongue began to bathe the knob with saliva. With each pass his tongue caressed the crimson cockhead like a child doing a cherry Tootsie Pop. Each time Derrick's tongue swirled over the crown and around the corona Chase moaned and said, “Lick it... Lick it...Work the head.”

Then Derrick changed tactics. His tongue began to circle the purplish coronal ring before finding that sensitive spot just below the urethral opening where his tongue titillated the piss slit. His tongue licked on the beautiful cockhead until he'd cleaned every bit of cum from it. Then as quick as he'd grabbed his partner's cock to begin sucking on it Derrick released the hard member moving up to suck on Chase's erect nipples.

With tenderness Derrick's tongue flicked and titillated both hard pink nipples, one and then the other, each bud about the the size of pink erasers on a standard pencil. Chase's nipples had always been sensitive to touch something he'd discovered early in life. During his youth Chase's nipples would become hard when cold or shirt fabric rubbed against the little buds, bringing them to attention.

“Bite on them,” Chase said. "Not to hard."

Yes, nipple play aroused Chase McMaster since he was a boy, arousing him to the point that he could sometimes orgasm from nipple play alone. He enjoyed having his nipples played with, sucked on, tweaked, and even lightly bitten before and during anal intercourse, but not after orgasm.

Derrick bit down on one hard nipple with gentle tenderness and then let his tongue brush across the tip, causing more moans. While Derrick concentrated on titillating the hard sensitive nipples Chase begged, “Fuck me again. I mean you're still hard... Fuck me again.”

The ex Ranger released his grip on the hard nipple, stood and then smiled at his partner. He asked, “You sure you're ready... I mean can your ass take another fuckin this soon?”

“Oh yeah, fuck me while I'm still hot... Fuck me and make me cum again.”

Derrick reached over to grab a new rubber from the nightstand. Once in hand he tore open the packet and then rolled the condom the length of his hard cock. With Chase's ass now in the air waiting to be lubricated Derrick grabbed the lube and began filling Chase's anal cavity. The ex Ranger began pushing the lubricant inside with his finger tips watching Chase's asshole wink while opening and closing. Derrick then began drilling him with his middle finger. Each time his digit entered Chase's asshole the simulating sensation caused him to jump and cry out, “Oh yeah, finger fuck me... Get that fuckin finger all up in there.”

Chase had found pleasure fingering his asshole as a young boy while masturbating. Derrick continued to diddle Chase's warm receptive asshole, making sure he rubbed the remainder of the lube all around his partner's rusty bullet hole for smooth as silk entrance. Of course Chase would tighten his sphincter muscle around the invading middle finger when it penetrated.

Once well-lubed Chase rolled over on his back, so Derrick could move into position between his legs. Derrick prepared to penetrated his partner missionary style. Most times Chase preferred being fucked face to face. He enjoyed watching the reaction on the face of the guy fucking him; plus, the position made for better penetration, and then once inside, Derrick's large cockhead with prominent coronal ring made contact with Chase's sweet button.

The ex Ranger also enjoyed the missionary position because he could lookinto Chase's alluring green eyes. Derrick guided his hard member towards the target. He began to penetrate, slipping his spongycockhead inside the anal cavity. Derrick noticed a slight grimace on Chase's face, so he hesitated a few seconds before pushing the entire seven inches all the way inside. All the while Chase smiling up at him said, “That's it... Ease that big fuckstick inside me and fuckme... Fuck me full and slow.”

Derrick a multitasker could fuck his partner while he stimulated Chase's nipples with his forefingers and thumbs. During the ordeal Chase's nipples had become hard as diamonds and sensitive to every touch of Derricks fingers. With Chase's legs locked around Derrick's waist he moaned, bucking up into Derrick's entry trust. Chase said, “Oh yeah fuck me and make me cum again... Fuck me and make me cum.”

“WILCO,” the ex Ranger said. “You got one fine ass for fuckin.”

“Damn, you gotta genuine gift for fuckin a guy in the ass,” Chase said to the novice fucker.

Ten minutes into the mission Derrick pulled his throbbing member out of Chase's ass with a plop and began maneuvering his partner onto all fours, so he could fuck him doggy style. Once he got Chase into position Derrick began to plow his partner's ass with vigor; however, Chase's hole felt a little dry, so Derrick pulled out to put more lube in his partner's asshole to ease penetration friction.

Again, he began banging Chase with a rhythmic pace listening to him moan and wail, “Oh yeah, fuck me... Fuck me hard... Fuck me and make mecum.”

In between strokes the ex Ranger would smack Chase on the buttock and each time Derrick hit Chase's ass he would yell, “Fuck me... Fuckme!”

Derrick's response, “Hooah... Hooah!”

Chase's firm buttock had begun to turn bright with scarlet handprints. Allthe while he continued wailing with pleasure. Both men knew it would be a while before they climaxed because they'd experienced explosive orgasms about an hour prior.

Chase wanted to ride his partner cowboy style to get better prostate contact, so the two men moved into the new position for Chase to mount Derrick and begin riding him with the virility of a rodeo star. With more lube in his ass Chase rode Derrick's cock with reckless abandon. He refused to let the bucking bronc throw him. The rider would conquer the horse.

The men grappled and thrust into each other with grunts and groans Chase yelling for Derrick to fuck him. Finally, both men pale with exhaustion climaxed almost simultaneously.

Wearyfrom nonstop fucking the two ex Rangers collapsed on the bed hearts racing, breathing rapidly and sweat pouring off their bodies. After afew seconds Chase exclaimed, “Man, that was an incredible fuck!”

Speakingin more subdued tone Derrick said, “Fuck yeah.”

“You'resupposed to be the beginner how the hell did you learn so quick?” Chase asked.

“Many nights online reading and watching gay porn... Also bought a couple dildos online for practice.” A couple minutes later Derrick got upand said, “I gotta go grab a shower Baby.”

“Sure...I'm gonna lay here for a few,” Chase said.

AsvDerrick walked towards the bathroom he said, “I sure dig the fuck outta fuckin you, but next time it's your turn to do me.”

“Uh-huh.” A soft reply came from Chase, now lying face down on the king bed in the casino hotel room, drifting off. Chase McMaster had wanted to hear those words from his former Ranger buddy for years. Over come by an electrifying euphoria after being well-fucked Chase lay on the bed basking in the afterglow from one of the most blissful sessions of anal intercourse in his young life.

Disclaimer: The story Tails of Rump Rangers a sexually explicit work of fiction is written for the purpose of adult entertainment. If sexually explicit adult stories offend refrain from reading any further, this story contains sexually explicit behavior and strong language among consenting adult males. If you are not of legal age to read adult stories do not read anyfurther. This story is protected under applicable copyright statutes. Readers, you may have seen this story on another site. This is arevised edition.

The story Tails of Rump Rangers is in no way meant to disrespect or demean the elite warriors who make up and serve in the United States Army's Ranger Battalions, or bring any type of discredit or dishonor to the fine dedicated young warriors who make up the Ranger Battalions of the United States Army's 75th Ranger Regiment. The author, contrary to popular belief, feels that warriors who follow the bisexual/homosexual lifestyle can, should, and someday will beallowed to serve their country honorably protecting and defending our nation and the world from oppression and tyranny. What two people do in the confines of their bedrooms does not define who or what they are in life. Rangers lead the way, death to all who threaten our freedom –Sua Sponte!

What United States Army Rangers do is so physically and psychologically demanding that few can pass muster or do the job. The Ranger program is the Army's most rigorous leadership training school. Fewer than half the soldiers that start the grueling course finish and half of those who do graduate are forced to repeat at least one of the course's segments before they are allowed to wear the black and gold Ranger Tab along with the tan beret. Thosewarriors who complete the United States Army Ranger program wear the Ranger Tab, 75th Ranger Regiment scroll and tan beret as a badge of honor. To all those brave warriors who have served or are serving with the United States Army's 75th Ranger Regiment the author extends heartfelt thanks and job well done – Sua Sponte!

Sua Sponte, Latin for “Of their own accord” is the 75th Ranger Regiment's regimental motto. Modern Rangers are four-time volunteers: U.S. Army, Airborne School, Ranger School, and service in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

If you care to contact the author, Randall Rumster, to express appreciation, disdain or any concerns do so at the following e-mail address: bn2rumpranger “at” yahoo “dot” com   Subject line: Tails of Rump Rangers


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