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Murphy struck me as an odd sort of soldier. He leaned way forward as he walked, rolling his whole foot almost as if trying to end up on his tiptoes. I assumed he wanted to look taller. I wondered how he had managed to make it through basic training but figured he corrected this strange mannerism when marching in a column of soldiers. We all try to blend in, don't we. He was also not particularly good looking, so I didn't feel attracted to him. I did become intrigued about him, however, when I overheard Josh, one of his buddies, boasting that Murphy was so exceptionally well hung that women, including prostitutes off post, didn't want anything to do with him. That was certainly food for thought.

One afternoon, I returned early to the barracks at the advanced training camp where we were temporarily stationed. Usually, no one was in the barracks at this time of day, so, taking advantage of privacy whenever possible, I figured I might have time to jack off. I stripped to my boxer shorts and headed to the latrine to take a leak and wash up. I wasn't making much noise wearing my shower slippers, so I caught sight of Murphy, who was unaware of my presence, at the sinks.

He was nude. His back was to me and he was leaning, slightly, over a wash basin brushing his teeth. He had a nice, firm, rounded ass, which he was moving, swinging his hips, causing his dick to thwack noisily back and forth against his thighs. I wondered if this was some sort of jack off technique I was unfamiliar with.

I cleared my throat.

He straightened up, looking at me through the mirror and, with a mouthful of toothpaste foam, smiled and said, 'Hi, Jack.' He seemed not at all embarrassed. None of us was embarrassed by nudity, but I reckoned he wasn't engaged in some unusual jack off practice or he would have been flustered to be caught at it.

'Er... Um... Murphy,' I sputtered hesitantly, moving towards him, 'what were you doing, just now?'

'Wadda ya mean?' he asked innocently.

'You know. Swinging your hips, like that,' I explained, moving to stand next to him at the sinks.

'Oh, you caught me,' he admitted with a blush.

'Huh?' was my clever response.

'Rumor has it that I'm hung like a bull, Jack,' he announced candidly, 'but the truth is I've got one of those accordion-type dicks - it can get real tiny. I discovered that if I swing my hips, like this,' he explained, turning towards me, demonstrating the motion for my benefit, 'my cock fluffs up and looks nicer, larger.' He was quite casual about the very erotic performance.

I watched in fascination as his long cock thwacked against one thigh and then the other, back and forth, getting larger with each thwack. Thwack! Thwack! And larger, and the sound of each thwack getting louder! Thwack! Thwack! Back and forth! Thwack! Thwack! Larger and louder! Thwack! Thwack! It was mesmerizing.

'But I don't want the guys thinking I'm trying to impress 'em...' he whispered conspiratorially, '...so don't tell no one, okay?'

'My lips are sealed,' I whispered back, unable to take my eyes off of the hypnotically swinging cock.

'Oh, too bad,' he whispered back.

'Huh?' I exclaimed, again, dumbly, looking up at his face.

He flashed me a cute grin, eyes sparkling, looking particularly sexy, saying, 'I'm always in the mood for a good blowjob, but how could you give me one if your lips are sealed?'

I blushed noticeably.

'Hey! I'm only kidding around. I didn't mean to embarrass you, man.' He shifted his body back to face the sink. In profile, his cock looked even bigger, and I saw how it flowed over very large balls, which were up tight in their sac, indicating, to me, that he was more than horny. He was ready!

'Talking about blowjobs makes me very nervous,' I admitted, whispering. After all we were soldiers.

'Well, don't worry, it's all just so much talk, anyway. Around here all anyone ever does is just talk, talk, talk, talk. I sure wish I was back in California.'

It was my turn to ask, 'Wadda ya mean?'

'Seems horny guys like us can always find a good cocksucker in California,' he explained. (I liked the way he was apparently including me in this group of 'horny guys.') 'They must train cocksuckers out there, or something. Here,' he said with a grimace, 'these fuckers just talk about how they'd like to get a blowjob. No one ever actually gives a guy one.'

'Oh, I don't know about that,' I said cryptically, moving over to the old-fashioned urinal trough, fishing my dick out of my boxer shorts, and letting loose a bright, strong stream. Suddenly, Murphy was standing naked right beside me, large cock in hand, posing as if to take a leak, too. But nothing happened; except his dick kept getting bigger, and bigger. And much bigger!

As my flow finished, my dick began to thicken, too. I looked Murphy in the eye. 'Better be careful with that thing,' I said, plainly indicating what I was referring to by glancing down at his now obviously inflating erection.

'Why?' he asked.

'Someone could get choked with a weapon like that.'

'No one's ever choked on it, yet,' he said with a smile. But then his tone changed and with a serious expression on his arousal flushed face, he added, 'Don't play games, Jack.' He had a pleading look in his eyes. 'If you're interested in fucking around, say so. Don't let the chance pass us by!'

So there we were, standing at the trough in our latrine, both getting hard. It was a memorable moment for me. I had thought I wasn't attracted to this guy, yet here he is, offering himself to me, flaunting an amazingly large and still enlarging erection in my direction, and I'm seriously contemplating going down on him right then and there, damn the consequences.

'I'm not playing games,' I finally admitted quietly, 'but I'm not going to do anything about it right out in the open, like this. It's just too risky.'

'No one will come in,' he pleaded, realizing that my admission was not rejection. 'Look! Look what you're doing to me, man. Just look how hard I've become. Look how big it is. See how great it looks? If you're willing, just let me slip it in between those sexy, thick lips of yours. I'll come in a flash. It'll be over in a moment. You'll love it! We both will!

There was no doubt that his cock had already reached an extremely remarkable size. The plum shaped glans penis seemed, through the haze of my own arousal, the size of an orange! The shaft was broad and thick, with perfect coloration and amazing length. As I looked down at the huge cock, seriously contemplating sucking the big thing, realizing that any cocksucker worth the calling wouldn't hesitate when offered this grand prize, he added, huskily, 'You're hard as a rock, too. You want this cock, man. I can tell. You really do. Take it! Do me...' he paused for effect, '...and I'll do you!' he added emphatically, shifting his body to face me squarely and humping his hips upwards, offering the gigantic cock to me boldly.

'Do me!' he begged, again.

I licked my lips.

'Do me, and I'll do you,' he said repeating his promise. 'It'll be our little secret. No one will ever have to know. Look how good it looks!'

I turned to face him. I felt that my military career would be over sooner than anticipated if I went down on him and got caught, or he blabbed about it. But I also felt overwhelming surges of carnal hunger for this nice big cock being offered so openly for me to suck! And with a promise of returning the favor! It seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

'Geez, you've got a big one, too,' he exclaimed, reaching out and running a palm erotically between my thighs under my boxer covered balls. The touch triggered a reaction in me, dissolving any thoughts about consequences and flushing my entire body in a wave of passionate desire so strong I couldn't fight it, while my cock stiffened to complete rigidity. 'It's as big as mine!' he sighed with lust, obviously impressed with the comparison. He fondled my balls through the cloth with an experienced touch, which convinced me that he was exactly what I thought he was - horny, hot, ready, and reciprocal!

'That's it,' he sighed as I lowered my head. He put a hand lightly on my shoulder as if to encourage me further. But he was resourceful enough not to try to rough handle me or keep on talking. This was one time when a mutually desired sexual encounter seemed, just as he had implied, simply too good to pass up. As I was drawn to the astonishingly large crown of his giant cock, he stayed poised; hips thrust upward, erection standing proud, and let me go at it on my own.

The sight of the big cockhead, with its shiny slit slowly filling with clear oozing fluids, and its manly odors, clean but enticing, overpowered me and I opened my lips to take it into my mouth. He didn't punch it home, letting me adjust in comfort to its awesome size and heady tastes. But as my enthusiasm for sucking such a wonderfully meaty cock overtook me, and as my instinctively strong yet well practiced suctioning really began to penetrate his awareness, his hips quite naturally reacted with counter-jabs to my sucking parries. Very quickly, it became obvious to both of us that I was indeed a good cocksucker, and he was indeed a man who loved having his cock sucked.

'Man, you can suck!' he sighed quietly but sincerely. 'Look at you go down on my big thing! It's gotta be in your throat, man! Ooh, it's goin' even deeper! You're gonna take it all, aren't you? Oh! Man! You are good! This is great!'

He was becoming so excited as I engulfed the long, thick tube that I wondered if he had really met many cocksuckers in California or if that had just been macho boasting. But regardless of his experiences, I was having the time of my life! His was a cock of extraordinary proportions, rigid but not so hard as to be un-suckable, shaped for perfect fit down my throat, while straining all my tissues to the maximum degree with its incredible size. It was a cocksucker's dream cock! I was able swallow the entire length of it by forcing my face down the shaft inch by inch in a two-steps-forward one-step-back kind of approach. Then I began a truly remarkable deep-throated effort to raise him to his finest orgasmic levels, slowly lifting and lowering myself on that giant cock while sucking diligently.

Unlike his claim that he'd come in a flash when my lips touched his cock, he was striving to enjoy this contact fully, no doubt realizing what an amazingly unique pleasure he was receiving and not allowing himself to be so overwhelmed he would shoot his load quickly. It was great! I loved it!

I continued to lift and lower myself on that giant cock, staying in sort of a half-squat, now palming his big balls, tugging on them gently, and using my free hand to pull his muscular ass to me so that every millimeter of that big cock got into me. He cooperated with enthusiasm.

'Oh, shit, man,' he suddenly hissed through clenched teeth, 'this is too good, I'm gonna shoot my load! I just can't hold it back any more. Oh! Uhh! It's shooting, man! Here, take it! That's it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take it!"

With each grunted 'Take it!' he humped his hips energetically, exploding a powerful jet of hot thick cum into my mouth, in which I held his cockhead as he came. I swallowed and swallowed his thick, syrupy, delicious nectar! As his orgasm wound down, I re-engulfed the entire massive organ and waited for him to want to withdraw.

It was at that very moment, while we were in front of the urinal trough with Murphy's cock fully down my throat, my forehead pressed tightly against his abs, and my erection standing tall out of my boxer shorts, both of us profiled to the door, that someone entered the latrine! And was stopped in his tracks!

We hadn't heard him coming down the hallway or entering into the room. We were both too caught up in the euphoria of sex to hear much of anything other than my sucking sounds and Murphy's excitedly grunted Take it!s.  Only when Murphy suddenly blurted out 'Oh, Shit!' did I notice, out of the corner of my eye, a pair of military boots planted not ten feet from us.

The strangest feeling passed through me. The pleasure I was taking from sucking this exceptional cock and receiving such a huge load was undiminished. Concern about repercussions, disgrace, and dismissal from the military slipped through my thoughts and vanished with a feeling of not needing to hide my desires any longer. It was a feeling of euphoria blended with relief.

Then Murphy said, very casually, 'Hey, Josh, take a look at this!' And, with that, he slowly, very slowly, eased his cock up out of my throat with tantalizing effect. I was able to glance over, now, and see Josh, Murphy's buddy, staring in wide-eyed wonder as the long tube was slowly withdrawn. The hand Josh slid erotically down his fly, cupping his crotch, spoke to me in volumes! Josh was on our side!

Josh came over to us, closing the gap quickly. 'Geez,' he exclaimed, 'I heard you had a big one, Murph, but, man, this is incredible. No wonder they say the girls in town can't handle it. No wonder you told me you'd rather have it sucked by someone with talent.' He paused, and then asked the obvious question. 'Does Jack have talent?' His tone was one of incredulity. I could tell he had never suspected that I might like to suck cock.

'I'll tell you, Josh,' Murphy said with an obvious sincerity, 'I've never come across a better cocksucker than Jack, here. Believe me!'

'Geez!' Josh sighed, staring at both my face and Murphy's semen/spit-shined erection. By this point, I assumed that Murphy's erection would subside, but he seemed to take pride in showing it off, throbbing so near my face, to his buddy, and it showed no signs of deflation. Josh obviously noticed the same thing and asked in awe, 'I heard you saying 'Take it,' man. Does that mean you came already? It doesn't look like you did.'

'It was one of the best orgasms of my life, man. You should try it,' Murphy enthused. I wasn't offended by his suggestion that Josh should let me suck his cock, too. It wasn't as though Murphy and I had become inseparable lovers. After all, it was just a blowjob. But my concerns for being caught re-emerged and I started to rise.

'Wait a sec,' Murphy whispered, resting a hand on my shoulder. 'It's still too early for most guys to be coming back to the barracks. Let's just see what Josh, here, is carrying around in his briefs. Let's see what he's playing with, there.'

Josh had been fisting the front of his fly as they talked, and the bulge being displayed was impressive, while he continued staring at his buddy's mammoth erection.

'Wadda ya mean?' I whispered.

'He's always asking me about the size of my dick,' Murphy explained to me. 'And he wants to know why I like getting it sucked. So now that he's seen it, let's see what he's got hanging. Okay, Jack? Haul it out, man, and let's see if it's worth sucking!' Murphy instructed.

I hesitated.

'Yeah, please,' Josh pleaded, speaking right up. 'Do it. I'll never tell anyone.' He sounded like a teen-ager. Then is struck me that, at nineteen, all three of us were teen-agers. I smiled to myself, realizing the inevitability of my situation, and reached out to unbuckle his belt. 'Oh, man,' he hissed as I opened his fly and let the pants drop, 'I've always wondered what at blowjob would be like. Will it hurt, Murph?'

'Is this your first time?' Murphy asked with an air of disbelief.

As I looked up from my task of fishing his almost completely erect cock out though his boxer shorts' fly, I saw him nod his head in self-conscious affirmation. But the tool I found in my hand was nothing to be embarrassed about. It was something to be proud of, and in my knowing grip it blossomed to full rigidity.

'Hmm, look at this!' I sighed.

'Oh, geez,' Murphy sighed, almost at the same time, sounding impressed. 'That's a man-sized dick, all right. The head looks even bigger than my own. Fuck, that's a nice looking cock, Jack. Think you could oblige him with a good blow-job?'

'Please,' Josh whispered passionately.

What could I say? I'm a cocksucker. I don't have to be begged to suck cock. I'll admit that, up to that point in my life, most of my cocksucking experience came from discovering glory holes for impersonal, limited-contact, sex, or from the occasional, brief encounter with other active males. But I was thoroughly enjoying this double treat, today, and decided to give him more than he expected.

I opened his shorts, slid them down, and nuzzled his big balls, licking them till they were wet and shiny. He hissed with pleasure. Then I slid my mouth up the solid tube of flesh and enveloped the entire cockhead with a moist swoop. Josh reacted by humping his hips at me, so I allowed the cockhead, which immediately had become slippery with a saliva/sperm coating, to slide slowly to the back of my mouth and down into my throat, sucking all the while with great effort and effect.

'Look at it slip in,' Murphy sighed huskily.

That seemed to break Josh from a trance. 'Oh, man!' he enthused, 'he's really sucking my cock! I feel him on every part of my meat! I'm really fucking it down into his throat! When I saw you pulling out of him, I couldn't imagine you had really fucked his throat, but now I'm feeling my cock sink into him, and I fucking love it!'

'It's great, isn't it,' Murphy sighed in agreement.

'Yeah, and I love the thought of fucking the same mouth you just came in. It's a real turn on for me.' He was humping into me energetically.

'Me, too.' Murphy agreed.

I was too busy sucking cock to be able to look up at them, but I imagined them looking into each other's eyes with renewed affection, stimulated by the shared sexual experience they were both enjoying.

'He's one hot dude,' Murphy announced.

'Yeah,' Josh agreed, 'and he's got a cock almost as big as yours, Murph. Did you notice?'

'Notice? Hell, man, I even promised him I'd suck it!' Murphy admitted.

'You? You'd...' Josh sputtered, '...suck it!?' he almost shouted, his voiced filled with amazement. Instantaneously, as he spoke, I felt his hardon surge to iron-stiff rigidity in my mouth and throat, and I knew he was about to fire off.

'Fuck, why not?' Murphy rejoined, not realizing his friend was reaching orgasm. 'If getting it sucked feels so good, why shouldn't sucking cock feel good, too? Jack, here, sure seems to like sucking cock. Doesn't he?'

'Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!' Josh began grunting.

'Oh, god, you're cumming, aren't you?' Murphy demanded.

'Uhh! Damn right!' Josh grunted. 'Uhh!'

He seemed to pump a larger load into me than Murphy had. It was spectacular! But immediately after jetting out a final blast, he withdrew, and demanded of Murphy, 'Now, let's see you suck his cock!'

My thoughts exactly! I was more than ready. Sucking them both had really turned me on, big time! I straightened up, popped my boxer snaps, dropped my shorts, and stood there with my blazing erection.

There was a pause.

'Geez!' Josh whispered. 'It really is a big one!'

After a brief hesitation, during which I wondered if Murphy was just what he himself had condemned - all talk - he suddenly blurted out something like 'the bigger the better,' and leaned down and slurped in my entire cockhead, which filled his mouth.

'Wow!' Josh whispered, squatting next to us to get a real close look at the action. As he watched Murphy's hand encircle my shaft and begin a pumping action, we both knew that deep-throating was not going to be Murphy's style. But neither of us was disappointed. What he lacked in skill or experience he more than made up for with enthusiasm! The earnest beat on my meat and the energetic sucking, coupled with my already over-stimulated lust, caused me to draw in my breath, tighten my abdominal muscles, hump my hips, and shoot off into him with rapid fire jets of hot cum. It was terrific!

'Man, he's pumpin' home a load already, ain't he, Murph,' Josh sighed. Murphy just gurgled as he swallowed my jism.

When I finished and pulled away, I whispered, 'We'd better clean up and get the fuck out of here, you guys.'

'No, wait, Jack,' Murphy whispered excitedly. I knew immediately, instinctively, what he wanted and why. He had had a great blowjob, had then watched his friend get a great blowjob, and had then given me a blowjob right in front of his friend. That made him ready for another orgasm, I was certain. I heard it in the intensity of emotion in his voice. But I wanted him to verbalize it, as much for my own enjoyment as for Josh's edification.

'What is it?' I asked, playing dumb.

'Look at this!' he commanded as he straightened up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He grinned, while proudly displaying a completely reinvigorated looking erection.

'Oh! Man! What a cock!' Josh sighed, sounding envious. 'It's leakin' juice and looks ready to pop!'

'Suckin' cock got me all hot, again, man,' Murphy admitted cockily. 'Do me, again, Jack, and I'll come in a flash.'

'That's what you said last time,' I countered, 'and, anyhow, maybe Josh, here, wants to take a taste of this prime meat of yours. Wadda ya say, Josh?'

'Oh, lemme watch, please. I wanna watch you suck it, man. This time I want to watch from beginning to end,' Josh said to me, announcing it with such sincerity that both Murphy and I knew he was on the level. He wasn't saying he didn't want to suck cock. He was saying that he really wanted to watch his buddy feed it to me. We could both accept that.

So we both went for it! Murphy's cock slipped right in me with an almost pleasant familiarity, despite it great size. And his hip-humping pressures didn't diminish until the entire length of that long weapon was firmly lodged down my throat. It was marvelous!

Josh was squatted down next to us to watch the cocksucking at eye level. He emitted strange little whelps of intense pleasure as he saw Murphy's balls thud dramatically against my chin as my face got fucked. And good and fucked! Murphy humped and jarred me more energetically than the first time, while putting extra effort into it to impress his voyeuristic buddy, I figured. I took my time, working with him for his load, really sucking cock, really having a great time. But it didn't last too long.

'Man, I don't know how you can let him get his cock into you so deep, but it looks spectacular! Oh! He's shooting his load, isn't he? You're swallowing it, aren't you,' Josh stated. It wasn't a question. 'He's cumming!'

Murphy's second orgasm seemed even more vigorous than the first, and seemed to last much longer. Most of it I took deep, as much for Josh's pleasure as for Murphy's. But I got some of it onto my tongue and into my mouth, where I really love receiving jism. But mostly, I just let them both enjoy themselves.

Murphy pulled out slowly and, when liberated, allowed his cock to ooze a final weak spurt of white, viscous liquid. I recognized this as a tribute to me, to show Josh that I had, indeed, swallowed Murphy's hot load.

'Man! What a fuckin' stud!' Josh sighed.

'I'm gonna take a shower, now,' the naked Murphy announced. 'Wanna join me?'

'I'll get my towel,' Josh said, pulling up his pants, holding the fly together, and rushing out of the latrine.

'Sure,' I said. 'I like a nice shower after I cum.'

He grinned, wrapping an arm around my waist, and we went into the shower room together, fast friends.

I guess I was relieved that someone who would have been outraged had not caught us. But I had the feeling, in the back of my mind, that in a barracks where two guys know I suck cock, future encounters might not be concluded so smoothly. I had to admit that getting caught had suddenly becoming even more likely. But with an awareness that might have come from developing maturity, I no longer gave a damn. The encounter with these two seductive guys had been simply too pleasurable to forget about or to resist repeating. As often as possible!


Jack Sofelot


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