"Jesus Christ Sam you ask me to meet you here since you have something soooo important to spill yet you're fucking late, I mean honestly I've been here for half a bloody hour"

"Okay calm your tits Jade, I had class and it's not like I live just a minute away and I said show up around four. Are you on your fucking period?"

"Whatever! Just start talking, I hope it's some hot gossip.. Swear to God Sam if it's not don't EVER ask me for notes."

"Jade this is something really really serious, something happened between Ram and I yesterday.."

"Holy shit! Do we need drinks for what you are about to tell me?"

"Of course we do! This is some heavy shit"

"Wait aren't you hung over?"

"That doesn't fucking matter Jade, it's Friday we are going out later on anyways"

"Okay! No need to get your panties in a twist jeez. We are too broke for wine, beer doesn't seem right for the situation so that leaves us with vodka..."

"Smirnoff will do, it's the only thing we can afford.. Okay so I'm going to go order a bottle"


"Did you remember to bring the chase?"

"Yeah I got some tonic"

"Dude I don't even know where to begin"

"How about the beginning dumbass"

"Jade you're a shit person but anyways remember when I told you I started noticing something different between Ram and I?"

"Yeah you said it was like he was hitting on you subtly or some shit like that"

"Yeah well he was, I never really noticed it because he is so bro-like plus he was fucking what's her name again? Vanessa , yeah Vanessa. I actually thought he was kinda homophobic with the things he would say sometimes, boy was I wrong"

"So what exactly happened?"

"Well yesterday when class was over I went back to our apartment, this was like around five ish. By the way, where did you sleep last night?"

"You know where I was Sam, don't ask me such stupid questions and just continue"

"Jeez you really are on your period.. Okay fine so this was when you guys had left the place and Ram was the only one there when I got back. He was just on his laptop watching a movie I guess, so we talked a bit about that fucking business paper and he asked me if I was going out. I told him I wasn't because I was really exhausted and well he said he wasn't planning on it either and that it was going to be just the two of us that night"

"Uh huh"

"So anyways I took a nap and woke up like two hours later. I walked back into the living room and I found him getting ready to smoke a joint. He was oddly sitting on the dining table, of course I wasn't gonna pass a session up so I went and sat with him. We played bob for a while and just talked about some random shit. He started playing some jams and said we could have our own party, a boys night"

"Hold up, my mother just texted me some random bullshit, let me just tell her that I'm in class ... okay continue"

"So he brought out the Henney and poured us some. At this point I began to roll another j because one joint just wasn't cutting it. We planned on getting cross faded. So when I was done we began to smoke it, he started getting deep yo. Talking about his life back in Dubai and his family's expectations of him and how much pressure he had. I could relate with him you know, since I'm basically here on scholarship I don't wanna fuck anything up. It was the realest conversation we ever had.

At this point I was hella stoned, he got up and started to play with the lights. He switched off the main lights and switched on the neon ones. It's actually kinda cool looking Jade, it gives our apartment some edge. The red, blue, purple hues really fucked with my visuals though it just made the settings and atmosphere change"

"I knowwwww Jeff should em to me, our apartment looks like a club now"

"Right? So back to the story, not only did the lights change but the music changed too. He wasn't playing jams anymore, he was playing some slow dark shit. He also started looking at me different, like I could see his eyes they became darker and his expression changed. So we sat opposite each other, stoned outta our minds and starting to get tipsy just starring at each other. I didn't realize it but I zoned out on him, like literally looking at him. I got a better look at his face Jade, no lie that motherfucker is really good looking"

"He is! I've seen him naked too and boy does he have a big cawk"


"What? It's the truth and something tells me you know it as well"


"Ha see you're blushing!"

"Oh shut up! Can I continue?"

"Yeah go ahead"

"Okay so guess what started playing?"

"Opps I did it again? I don't know jackass just tell me!!!"

"No you cunt, wicked games started playing"

"Oh shit, he went The Weeknd on you.. shit"

"Precisely, and it didn't stop there. The music began to fill the room and suddenly there was like this intense suffocating sexual aura that filled the room. We weren't even talking but it was heavy man, I couldn't look him in the eyes but he was staring at me. I was so high, so gone. He licked his lips a couple of times and I got braver, we had a staring contest. All these thoughts started coming into my mind like all about him. It then made sense, I realized that earlier he WAS hitting on me, it wasn't accidental.

But I was as confused as I am now, like he hadn't said anything the whole time but I could see it in his eyes. I stood up cause my feet were falling asleep and unbuttoned my shirt, it was literally hot. I felt his eyes take me in man, he looked me up and down and shifted in his seat to like watch me properly. It was intense."

"This is beginning to get hot Sam, what happened?"

"I started to do what I do best when I'm tweaked; dance"

"I swear you're the only person I know who can like really dance, that's your only redeeming quality"

" Bitch! Anyways, the only reason why I started dancing was because the next song was Life of the Party and also because it felt right, like he wanted me to dance so he could watch me. It felt like the room turned into some nightmarish neon club and Ram and I were the only ones there. Again he hadn't said a word up to this point, but anyways I began to slowly move to the beat. I remember closing my eyes and just letting the music take control. It felt fucking amazing Jade, my senses were so heightened that it felt like he was singing directly to me. The lyrics began to pop.

I was so lost in my own world that I hadn't noticed he got up from his seat and was standing just a few spaces behind me. When I opened them, I saw he removed his shirt and was standing there with his drink watching me like a hawk. The climax of the song was approaching as I remember and I closed my eyes again, I swear his moves like a cat! So quiet! I felt his warm breath on my neck, I remember the distinct smell of alcohol."

"WOW! He made a move?"

"Yup! He also finally broke his silence and whispered 'listen carefully' and put his hand on my chest slightly rubbing me before he cut off the contact"

"Wait what does that mean?"

"I'll get to it, trust me it will make sense at the end. I was as confused as you are cause like he whispered it so sexily that it almost sounded like he didn't say anything at all, I felt like my mind was playing tricks on me. The alcohol, the weed and his touch all made my mind hazey. For Christ sakes Jade I've never even looked at another guy like that, but this time it was different. My body wanted him it was clear as day cause I got a hard on. He was playing the full mixtape by the way because Thursday started to play."

"So what was he trying to say? Oh my God, he was playing these songs intentionally right?"


"Wait so if he was playing Thursday, that means he only wants you on Thursday? HOLY SHIT! YESTERDAY WAS THURSDAY! Gotta hand it to Ram though, he is one smart cookie"

"No he is an idiot! Why couldn't he just be frank with me? But anyways let me finish the story! He then actually made a real move, cause now his hands were all over my body, I still had my back to him. We started to sway to the beat, I could feel his anaconda behind me. It was awkward as fuck at first, because I've never been in such a situation but my mind wasn't working on trying to reason; the drugs had taken over. He then embraced me, softly leaving a trail of kisses on my neck. It felt wrong but it felt right. I turned my face a bit and felt his breath on my jaw, he pulled me in towards him and shit we made out"

"This is so fucking hot"

"We started making out for a while I even turned around, he peeled off my shirt and started caressing my back. Things went from 0 to a 100 real fucking quick like shit. I didn't know what to do and I think I even fumbled an apology but I remember he took my face into his hands still looking at me the way he was. It hit me, this guy wanted me all along. He grabbed my hand and led me to his room. The music was still loud and clear. We continued making out and somehow he wound up on top of me. He held my hand above my head in place, while his other hand started travelling down my chest to my treasure tail. He teasingly rubbed his fingers up and down my crotch. Against my own control and trust me I was trying, I moaned. I fucking moaned as loud as I could."

"Ram is one sly cat, of course you would like it. You are addicted to sex, you slut"

"Yeah well this is a boy not a girl were talking about here"

"So what's your point? You were experimenting.. You know I've had pussy too, it's like not even a big deal that you had dick last night.. we are in uni hello EVERYONE is experimenting be it drugs, dick, pussy, chinese food we are all trying to find ourselves so just cut the bullshit because I know you liked it Sam"

"I really, really hate it when you are right Jade"

"Then kill yourself I'm always right"

"I wonder why we are even friends sometimes"

"I love you too Sam now continue the fucking story"

"Right. So 'The Zone' started to play and as you can imagine I was lost in it all"

"Oh my gosh I Love that song ' I'll be making love to her through you so let me keep my eyes closed '. Oh damn Ram is seriously a mad genius. He was communicating with you through songs, this is starting to make sense now."

"Yes I'm sure that's exactly what was going through his mind, he failed though."

"At what?"

"Keeping his eyes closed"

"Wait so did you guys actually fuck?"

"Let me finish Jesus"


"I remember looking into his eyes when he started stripping his underwear and pants, he placed his hands on my hips and stuck his numbs into my boxers but he looked up at me, like he was asking for permission. I decided I'd be quiet too since I realized he was finding it difficult to be up front with me, it's like he didn't know how or he was ashamed at what he wanted. It was like some dreadful silent erotica.

I lifted up my hips and in a swift motion he managed to remove my sweats and underwear off. He dove back onto me, kissing me and my body. He was forceful and determined. He then started playing with my dick, I grabbed hold of his too. He began stroking me while I stroked him.

His free hand then dropped down to my ass, and he started stroking me there as well. Rubbing me. I remember freezing cause this was exactly what I feared would happen. I just couldn't do it like emotionally and physically that dick is big fam. He sensed my tension and eased off from there, I was thankful."

"Sam I'm starting to feel kinda tipsy"

"Yeah me too. I'm almost at the end and happy hour is starting in like thirty minutes"


"So anyways, he grabbed some lube and splashed it on our dicks. He pressed his muscular frame on me like literally crushing me and our dicks. He then began this rubbing motion. The lube was making our dicks slide against our skin, the friction felt amazing. He held out my hands above my head like earlier and I won't lie I wanted to kiss him so bad at that moment, and I did.

I also started to rub against him as well, it's indescribable what we were feeling, I know he felt it too cause he was also moaning like a little bitch. The pleasure went on seemingly forever, the drugs made every motion feel exquisite like seriously I've never felt like that before. We stopped kissing and were only breathing heavily onto each other. He placed a finger in my mouth and I just licked it, it was really erotic. The same finger he brought down to my ass again, and like fingered me. I was so lost in the sexual high that I didn't mind what he was doing down there. In fact I think it made the feeling more intense"

"Apparently for guys it is"

"Yeah so I let him finger me, and his breathing got harsh. He turned us around so now I was on top, it felt natural like I knew what to do. So I still had my dick rubbing on his and his finger was still inside me fucking me slowly, that is until he took hold of our dicks and started stroking with such vigour. We didn't last long and as we cummed together he got up and kissed me again. The experience exhausted us and so we crashed and passed out."

"That is until the morning when I got up from his bed, he was already up and sitting at the edge of the bed staring into space. He didn't even say anything, can you fucking imagine he acted like nothing happened? I haven't even spoken to him since, so that's what has been eating at me this whole day. I just need answers."

"Sam it's not that hard, Ram can't express how he feels towards you with just words so he sent you a message with the songs"

"I know that Jade, and I think he is a coward for not just saying it like it is."

"It's weird for him too I'm sure, but lets piece the puzzle together. He played 'wicked games' and 'life of the party' to get you in the mood, made you dance since that's what you love to do, it made you vulnerable. Then he played 'Thursday' which means he can't have you any other day beside Thursday because he is with his girl friend and that's the day she has evening classes.And finally he ended it with 'The Zone' which just confirms that he isn't looking for a deep relationship but rather he is looking to fulfill his fantasies with you, fucking smart if you ask me."

"Jade we are looking too far into this, it could seriously just have been our horniness and the drugs"

"Nah he definitely planned this whole thing out, one thing is for sure this isn't over between you two. ..Holy shit, He just walked in and is heading our way."

"Fuck act natural, quick change the topic.."


"Hey guys, what's up? I see you have already started the night"

"Yeah we have, stressful week A LOT going on.. I plan on getting smashed tonight guys"

"Well I'll catch you guys later, I just came to drop off Jeff. Oh and Sam, we're still on for Thursday right"?

"Uhhh... Yeah we are"

"Aight deuces"


"I fucking told you Sam! I'm always right"



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