By: J. "Butch" Raymond

As I walk, three roller-bladers whiz by me from behind. Moving fast, limbs blurred in motion. Sexy bodies. Muscular. Skin-tight shorts. Shiny high-tech fabric accenting incredible butts. Man, it's great to be back on Ventura Boulevard!

I'm a private dick. I'm here because a noted, popular author and lesbian activist, who wants her name kept out of the scandal sheets, had called. Said her son was in trouble. Started the conversation by telling me who'd given her my name: a world-famous actress, a closeted lesbian I'd once helped out of a jam. Told me she knew I worked with the gay community and kept my mouth shut about it.

I reminded her that I'm also known as a rodless dick, I don't carry a gun. If she wanted to back out get a dick with some firepower I'd understand. She said she was more interested in solving the problem quietly than in starting World War Three. I felt she had a good point.

She was afraid her son, her only child, was somehow involved with a bad group here in the Ventura area. It was unlike him. Said she was worried. Said advance payment of my fee was arriving by messenger along with details and addresses and would I please help her son. I took the case. I liked the way she did business. And I had always liked her writing. But I didn't embarrass her by saying so.

Here, now, was the apartment complex he lived in. All singles. I kept walking as I studied the place. I wondered how best to contact him. It wasn't like I could just knock on his door and say, 'Hi! Your mommy send me!'

His name is Richard but he's called Rick. He'd finished college and now has a good job with an up-scale advertising firm. At 24, he's doing all right for himself. I'd been given a photo of him when he was 18. It was fuzzy and his long hair was mussed, blowing in the wind, but handsome features couldn't be hidden. Like the thick neck of a wrestler, those piercing eyes, or that basket I first thought was a bubble on the photo-paper. The kid looked hung!

I heard a 'Whoa! Ohh-Ohh-Oh shiiiit!' in front of me, turned my head from looking at the apartments to seeing what was ahead and what was making that noise as it came closer and closer, louder and louder, and - OOMPH - got knocked on my ass. A roller-blader, inexperienced or careless, and unable to stop, had crashed into me. I saw a naked pair of strong calves, some of that sexy fabric these guys wear, and a pair of roller-blades flying in the air in front of me as the big guy crashed to the ground. I controlled myself to keep from laughing aloud, but the slapstick-like tumble did look funny.

My ass hurt. I got up, rubbing it. My assailant just laid there. I looked him over. Big basket! Wrestler's neck. Very handsome, but now with short-cropped, stylish hair. Damn! It didn't matter how he wore his hair, I'd just been knocked down by the very guy I was wondering how to meet. I hate coincidence, but, what the fuck, sometimes that's just the way things go.

'You okay?' I asked, trying not to stare at that flashy basket.

He grimaced. 'Think I hurt somethin', man,' he said, hissing through clenched teeth, obviously in pain.


'No, I guess not. But it fuckin' hurts, I'll tell ya that.' He tried to grin and bear it, take it like a man, but those eyes told me he was hurting.

'Shall we call for help, or can I help you up?' I felt weak in the knees. Not from the fall, but from the effect this guy was having on me. I thought someone so handsome should be locked up and put on display. Or at least locked up and put in my bedroom!

I squatted down, next to him, at his side, and put a hand on his chest. It was solid! Firmly muscled. The texture of the skin-tight shirt was silky-smooth. He felt great!

'What hurts?' I asked gently.

'My back,' he said immediately. 'And my shoulder,' he added after a moments hesitation. I thought I caught him taking a peek up the leg of the shorts I was wearing.

'I'll call an ambulance,' I offered.

'No!' He was insistent. Then he tried to grin, but it came off as a grimace. 'I'll be all right,' he told me. Then, as he tried to roll and rise up, he reached out, grabbed my shoulder with a strong grip, and whispered, through pain, 'Man, maybe you can help get me up, after all.'

'Sure,' I agreed, 'Hang onto me. Here, give me your other hand. Now, pull!' I called as I leaned back, pulling, using a shoe to hold his blades from sliding. Slowly his big frame erected itself to a standing position. But he held his back, half-bending, and I could see he was hurting. His whole body was unsteady on these damn roller-blades.

'Wait!' I insisted. 'We've got to get these blades off you, man. If you go down, again, you could really get hurt.'

'Oh, shit, I forgot about them, but, fuck, I don't think I'll be able to get up, again, if I have to sit down here.' We were so close we were almost kissing.

'You just hang on to me and I'll get 'em off for you, okay?' I slowly returned to the squat, lowering my body against his as he held onto my shoulder and my head. Trying to maintain balance, he was pressing his body erotically against me. I couldn't help it, I was getting turned on.

Even more surprisingly, it was turning him on! He wore a modern jock beneath those high-tech, tight shorts, but nothing less than medieval armor plate could withstand the expansion taking place. Or disguise it.

Quickly, I unlaced one blade. Then, working together, taking care not to strain his back further, we removed it and got his foot on solid ground. He looked relieved. Then we got the other one off. He stood, stocking-footed, a fraction shorter than me, but basically we were looking at each other eye-to-eye as I straightened up.

'Oh, shit. That's better,' he sighed. 'I can handle it, now,' he said bravely and reached for the roller-blades. He winced. His breath caught in his throat.

'Com'on,' I said lightly, 'lemme give you a hand. Where do you live?'

'I'm right there, behind you, in that building.'

I looked over my shoulder to the apartment complex I'd been looking at when we crashed into one another.

'You were looking at it when we...' he stopped.

Ignoring the implication that if I'd been looking where I was going this wouldn't have happened, I bent down, hooked my head under his arm, and carrying the blades, started him hobbling towards the entrance.

'Which apartment?' I asked quietly. I couldn't let him know I knew which one.

'Third floor. 302. Elevator's to the left.'

'Com'on. We'll get ya there in one piece.'

* * * * *

'D'ya live alone?' I asked as we entered the nice apartment.

'Yeah,' he said briefly.

'Nice place.'

'Thanks,' he said as we walked to the center of the large living room.

'Where should we park you, d'ya think?' I asked. 'In bed?'

'Oh! Fuck, I stink too bad to go to bed. I need to shower.'

'Well, com'on then. Where's the shower?' The idea of him showering in front of me was a genuine turn on. My bulge grew larger.'

'Man, I don't think I can handle a shower.'

'Ah, don't be a sissy. I'll help you. It's the least I can do.' I used the word 'sissy' purposely. All males react to words like that. I was willing to bet he was no different.

'Fuck, I'm no sissy! It's just that, well, I'd need some help, and, well, I've always been...' he hesitated.


'...sort of embarrassed about getting undressed in front of guys, to be honest about it.'

'Oh? Really?' I asked solicitously. 'Why is that?' Actually, I was delighted. I knew for certain that he was embarrassed about his large cock size. He was shy! What a delight it was for me to be with him. Shyness, modesty, humility are all such pleasant characteristics. They make falling in love with a man possible, to my way of thinking.

'I get comments.' He said it simply, leaving it to my imagination to decide what comments they might be.

'Hey! Com'on,' I said half dragging him towards what I figured might be a bathroom. 'I ain't no commentator. I don't get paid enough.' I laughed.

He chuckled. I had said the right thing. Then he asked, 'How much do you get paid?' He looked at me, his face almost touching mine, blushed, and said immediately, 'I'm mean, what do you do for a living?'

The question was unexpected. But I knew the truth was the only response. 'I'm a private dick,' I answered without hesitation.

'Oh? No kidding. Hey! The bathroom's over there,' and he pointed to a door other than the one I was heading for and seemed to forget about everything but showering. I told myself I had done the right thing by telling him the truth.

* * * * *

Stripping off his tight shirt was the most difficult maneuver. Raising his arms caused his back and shoulder to hurt, so the process was slow. But, man, it was worth the price of admission. Heat, sweat, pain had combined to create an aura of magnificent odors around him. His hair, his pits, his whole body was a wild game preserve of wonderful masculine smells.

I knelt and removed his socks, dirty from walking outside. Then, still kneeling, I tugged down those tight, shiny blader's shorts he wore. It was a tremendous moment for me. Beneath was a jock/brief combo that hugged his body even tighter than the shorts. The white, sheer, stretch-fabric was multicolored with the hues of hair- and skin-tones gleaming through. A huge, rounded mass of coiled cock stared me in the face, headed by a mammoth, red, dickcap that might as well have been uncovered, it was so clearly visible through the over-stretched fabric. Massive balls, bigger than any I'd seen before were captured with that huge cock. The odors emanating from that pouch were the best aphrodisiacs on Earth!

I reached for the waistband of the snug garment, my heart in my throat.

'What's your name,' he asked huskily. Shyly.

I felt the hot, moist skin of his trim waist as my fingers slipped under the garment.

'Butch,' I whispered, out of breath, pausing with my fingers against his skin, enjoying the touch, wondering why he asked.

'I'm Rick,' he said, softly. He wanted an introduction before exposing himself. Before fucking around. That was nice. Because we were going to fuck around, there was no doubt about it! Magnetism was at work here with its most powerful forces. I felt his flesh quiver under my every touch, and he saw the lust in my expressions and the obvious reactions in my groin.

Looking up into those piercing eyes, I inched down the jock/brief. I exposed the most magnificent set of truly huge tools I've ever seen. The massive balls seemed to heft the large cock, holding it outwards, towards me. Its dimensions, in partial erection, were spectacular. Odors from sweat and heat were there, and the rich, musky odors of an active male who leaks lube fluids from partial arousal during the day, of course, but something else, too. The hint of a masculine cologne. The slight hint of used latex, with its stimulating suggestion of frequent, even prodigious, sexual activity. And, too, an unmistakable but subtle, faint, mere suggestion of another male's body odors mixed with his. I'm no wine connoisseur, but I got a damn good nose for men, and this one gave me an erection. A hard one.

'Man!' I said fervently, awed by his beauty, sliding a hand across his hip onto his firm buttocks, 'I'm overwhelmed!' I admitted. As I stared at his mammoth cock, it fluffed further, obviously. Going on the bone. Putting on a fantastic show of masculine power and male beauty. I glanced up at him. He wore the expression of a man who was very pleased. He also gave me the impression that he had looked down on other men crouched adoringly at his feet. I was honored to be one of them.

My face slowly pressed into his hip, nose in cock hair, as my tongue darted out and licked at that crevice between thigh and balls, tasting hearty flavors of scrotum and sweat.

He groaned with arousal. His cock drew in several quarts of blood, I imagine, from the rest of his strong body and elongated before my eyes. Widened. Lengthened. Lifted. Stiffened. Hardened! Throbbed! Pulsated! Before my very eyes! It was awesome! It vibrated as I sucked on his balls. I licked my way up the long shaft, and, with some difficulty, managed to encompass the mighty meaty head with my mouth, as I rose up into a squat to get at it. It filled me, throbbing. It hardened to even greater firmness in me. It felt wonderful! I sucked. He jabbed upwards. It hit my throat. I relaxed, but sucked harder. He jabbed. It entered my throat!

'Oh!' he exclaimed, surprised.

I opened up to him, rising to stand bent over to position my head correctly for such a giant weapon. He withdrew slightly and jabbed again, ramming that big thing into me. Forcing it down my throat as I sucked. The entire cockhead entered my throat. It was mammoth! It was wonderful!

'Oh!' he cried, again, even more surprised. I figured it either felt amazingly good to him, or he'd never met a real cocksucker before - a real, deep-throating, no-holds-barred cocksucker. I sucked for more, conscious of the enjoyment I was taking from the taste of him. Tastes even better than his smells.

He humped several times, going in deeper and deeper. He withdrew almost halfway, and then, using both hands, oblivious to pain, shoved my face down on that gigantic dick, while humping his hips, and plunged me slowly down to the bottom, to the very base, where all I could see was cockhair as my forehead flattened against hard muscle and hot, hairy flesh! It was terrific! Bigger than any I can remember, and better than all of them.

I stripped in a flash as we worked together, wanting to relieve the constricting pressures of clothing on my erection. He hummed with contentment as he saw my naked body revealed, crouched, strong, head bent to welcome the cock into me, hardon poking my solar plexus.

'Fuck, you've got a big one, too, Butch,' he whispered down to me, apparently seeing my body in a mirror. It was not said as a boast, like, 'Mine is big. Oh, so is yours, sort of.' No, it was said in recognition by one big-cocked man to another, with pride, surprise, and delight. Knowing that the days of being teased about large size were over. Knowing he was with a big-cocked man, now. I could hear it in his voice.

But I was busy. Working hard. Having the best time of my life! As he got harder, my task got easier. The combination of my saliva and his abundant production of precum worked to lubricate his giant organ perfectly. I slid up and down the entire hot column, now holding and sucking the cockhead in my mouth, and then, sliding all the long way back down to the enormous base. Up and down its entire length. Up and down. His hands guiding my progress. His hips pumping away, counter-pointing my efforts.

I wanted it to last forever. It was magnificent!

'I didn't know it could be this good,' he sighed, hardly able to speak, overcome with emotion. 'This is fuckin' great!' he added with enthusiasm. 'Oh! God! It feels so good! It's in so deep, for the first time! I'm gonna shoot my wad, man. Ya better watch out!' And his hips jabbed me, raising my head, as he started to come.

My throat was plugged by the monster cock as his jism was pumped directly down my gullet without any backwash. I swallowed and he trembled from head to toe with the ecstasy of it. I tried to rise up, so I could taste his cum on my tongue, but he kept jabbing, humping, pumping cum into me. It was fantastic!

It was only after he had unloaded what seemed like quarts of jism that he relented. I rose up the shaft. I realized I was holding his giant balls in one fist. I relaxed my grip. A weak oozing of viscous fluid bathed my tongue. Its taste was heavenly. Exactly what I had been hoping for!

But my sucking became more than he could bear. His stomach and abdominal muscles flexed and reflexed with spasms of delight. He put hand on my forehead and gently pushed me back, releasing his cock from my unrelenting suction. I straightened up.

'Oh! Man!' he signed, backing away from me with those piercing eyes flashing. 'I never thought...' his voice trailed off.

'Com'on,' I whispered, 'let's get you into that shower.' I grinned. The spell was broken. Like a little boy, he allowed himself to be guided under the spray I started by reaching in and turning the handle. I followed him into the big shower stall. It was large enough for four of us. He made no effort to protest. I scrubbed him down, carefully, from head to toe, taking tremendous pleasure in the feel of him. Then, I rinsed him off, turned his back to the spray, and set the showerhead on hard massage, raised the temperature of the water, and let the hot water soothe his aching back and shoulder. My fingers plied the firm muscles, too. The combination had him purring in only a few moments. I washed off, too.

My attention got focused on that amazing buttocks. Twin orbs gleamed. Their perfection was breathtaking. I wanted to push my face into them but held back, letting him recover, both from the injury and from the orgasm. But it took all of my self-control, as my cock throbbed in strained rigidity. I couldn't remember the last time it was so solidly erect, so ready for the attack.

'Hmm,' he moaned, finally, head resting against the wall, 'You've made the pain disappear. You're a miracle worker.'

I wanted to say, 'No. Just a good cocksucker,' but I kept still.

Slowly, I adjusted the spray to normal, lowered the water temperature, rinsed off and rinsed him off, turning him. I turned off the water and led him out of the shower. I grabbed a clean towel and dried him off like I was a Roman slave, kneeling at his feet, at one point, drying every part of him. He took it docilely, enjoying the attention. Reveling in my intimate touch.

'Come,' he said, taking my hand. He led me, rapidly drying myself off, to his bedroom. It was sparsely furnished but had a giant sized waterbed. 'Mom sent me this bed,' he whispered, drawing us onto it, riding the waves we created with blissful contentment. 'She said it's a great way to fuck.'

He reached into the headboard cabinet and withdrew a foil-wrapped condom. It was my extra-large-sized brand. As he opened it, I thought, 'Oooh, I'm gonna get fucked by that giant cock.' But he leaned over and started to roll it onto my excruciatingly stiff boner.

'Yours is the first one I've ever seen that needs a condom my size,' he reported as he rolled it down my shaft. His head followed his fingers and he nuzzled my balls and licked at them sending waves of carnal pleasures throughout my body. I thought I'd come right then and there.

'Fuck me, man,' he pleaded, turning over on his stomach and thrusting up those beautiful buns. The sight was heart stopping. I had to taste him. I had to kiss that ass and lick it and poke it with my tongue. He writhed with delight as I went wild. But his ass told my tongue he wanted more. Much more. So I gave it to him. I fucked him. Sliding my big meat into him slowly. He was tight but not without experience. He complained about pain, but I ignored him. Finally, we were fully connected.

'Oh, man, that feels so good! Now, fuck me!' he demanded, as the waves in the waterbed helped raise our pleasure. He began to use his body to pleasure me, tightening sphincter muscles, gyrating his ass, lifting his hips, flexing and fucking. I fucked right back. It was monumental! Inspirational! The two of us were made to fuck and we both did it perfectly. And life seldom allows perfection. So I noted its perfection and enjoyed every second of it. I know he did, too.

My orgasm was almost anticlimactic. Mentally, I had already reached a state of nirvana. My body proved it can produce prodigious elation and make me love it. He accepted the orgasm with vigor.

The moment I withdrew, he squirmed under me onto his back. The size of his reinvigorated erection was awesome. I crawled off of him and towards his shoulder, as he held a puzzled look, but then I leaned in, from the proper direction, and engulfed that prize cock, sinking slowly until my nose was snuggled between those magnificent nuts of his. He whooped and hollered as I worked my magic, rising and descending on that stiff cock, and he began telling me how terrific this felt. In no time, he unloaded gallons of jism into me. This time, I caught much of it in my mouth. It was phenomenal!

* * * * *

We were lying there, next to one another, grinning happily, damn near speechless, reveling in the afterglow of great sex, knowing we'd revive for more soon enough. We simply knew we were great together in bed. There was no question of that.

'My mom's a great gal,' he said, out of the blue. It was the second time he'd mentioned her. My antennae went up. My instinct as a private dick took over.

'Yeah? Why is that? 'Cuz she gave you this terrific waterbed?'

'She seems to know, better than I do, what I need.'

'Hmmm,' I hummed. What was he trying to say, I wondered.

'She asked me to give you this,' he added, reaching into the headboard and handling me a white envelope.

I was dumbfounded!

As he watched, eyes flashing, I tore open the letter and read:

Dear Butch,

If you are reading this, my plan has succeeded. You are a great guy, a steady influence, and a hung stud, my gay friends tell me. Just what my son needs...

My jaw dropped and I looked at Rick. His face was alert but expressionless. He was waiting for my reaction.

...He is a terrific boy, as by now you surely know, but untutored in manly ways, having lacked the steady influence during his life of a father. I want you to help him. Befriend him. Love him. Make love to him. Be with him, and allow him to be with you. You will know what to do I am convinced. I know you will do your best. For this, you will have my eternal gratitude, and his undying love.


She signed her full name. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. All my scheming and I'm the one who gets plotted against. Or is it plotted for? It's very confusing. I don't know how should I react.

I glance at Rick. He's lying there, next to me, on his back, floating gently on the waterbed, playing with this giant, revitalized big one, wagging it at me invitingly. I want to ask him if he knew it was me when we collided, or was it really just coincidence, but I know it makes no difference. What can I say? That cock is calling me.

I go for it!


Jack Sofelot


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