It was between my junior and senior years of high school that I discovered that I was gay.  That summer, I was invited to join my two best buds, Tom and Ray, on a week long camping trip.  We would be sleeping in a cabin on property that Tom's dad leased for hunting.

We arrived at the campsite and unloaded our equipment.  Immediately, we unloaded the food that needed refrigeration and got it in the fridge.  Then, after what we called unpacking, we went out and checked out the small clear lake next to the cabin.  With the summer heat, we had already stripped down to just our shorts and shoes.  Standing next to the lake, Tom kicked off his shoes and waded out into the cool clear water. 

"Hey guys, this feels great.  Let's take a swim," he said.

He came out of the water and began laughing,  When we asked what was so funny he said, "Fuck it! We're the only ones here so why not go skinny dipping.  It's not like we haven't seen each other naked before.  We do all the time in the gym after football practice." Ray and I agreed and within seconds all three of us were totally nude, heading for the water.

After clowning around for a while, Ray smiled and said, "Hey guys, I got a surprise for us to share."

He walked out of the water and to his truck and as he removed a blanket from behind the seat, two cases of came into view.

"Where the fuck did you get that," I asked.

"Mark, you remember on Friday when you were over my dad raging about some beer missing from the garage and we decided someone broke in and stole it?  Well, I had already slipped it out and hid it.  That's why I did my best to convince dad that someone broke in." We immediately put a case in the fridge.

We decided to stay nude and enjoy our week 'au natural'.  Once the beer was cold we started drinking and clowning around.  As we wrestled, we all three brushed against each others cocks and before long we were all rock hard.  Tom suggested the relieve our selves and jerk off.   We sat by the fire we had started in the pit and began stroking out cocks.  Then, without warning, Ray moved over and sat so the three of us formed a triangle. 

"I dare you to do a circle jerk," he said.  What he was suggesting was that we form a circle and jerk off the person to our right.   Tom and I looked at each other and smiled and I reached for Tom's hard cock as he reached for Ray's.  Immediately, Ray reached for mine and we began jerking the cock in our hand.  Before long we all three climaxed and shot huge loads out onto the ground and on the hand during the stroking.  We all laughed wildly, saying we had to do it again.  That night, we jerked the person that had jerked us earlier.

The next day we started on the beer early and by noon we were feeling extremely tipsy.  As we moved around we would grab for one of the others cock or ass.  The drunker we got the wilder we got.  Before long, Ray dared Tom and I to do a three was blow job.

Not to be called 'square' or a 'prude', Tom and I agreed after we all admitted that we were curious about what it would be like to be sucked by another guy.  We got into position and began sucking the cock that was in our face.  We had all agreed before starting that whoever spit out the cum had to let the others fuck him in the ass.

Moments later, we were all busy sucking cock.  When we climaxed, we each swallowed the load fed to us.  We all agreed that it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  Then later, without warning, Ray came over to Tom and knelt down and began sucking his cock.  A moment later, Tom motioned for me to come closer to him.  When I did, he began sucking my stiffening cock.  Then after Tom climaxed and fed Ray his load, I had Ray get in position so that I could suck him.

So was the beginning or our lives sucking cock.  We would suck one or the other at any point during the day.  We all admitted that we liked it.  Then, midway through our trip, we decided to take it further, we started fucking each other.  By the time we had to head home, all three of us admitted to each other that we had enjoyed sex with each other better than with our girlfriends.

"Guys," I began after we had loaded the truck for the trip home, "after our conversations about sex with each other, would you agree that we are probably gay?"  They both agreed.

During the rest of the summer we would have sex together as often as possible.  Then after our senior year started, it wasn't easy to avoid a boner in the gym after football practice knowing that we were seeing other cocks we would like to suck.  We played the macho role and no one ever suspected.  They just knew that the three of us were just the best of friends.

I began to notice the way Coach Taylor would look at us guys in the shower, especially me.  He was my dads age, thirty-five and one of dad's best friends since they had graduated high school together.  Some of the other guys noticed coach's stares and made comments.  I was sure that he was straight, although he was still single. I decided to have a tlk with my dad.

I knew I could talk to dad about anything  but there was no way that I could tell him that I liked sucking cock and taking it up my ass.  But I could talk to him about the comments being made about coach.

I told dad what was going on and what was being said, and suggested that since he and Coach were good friends that he could mention what was being said.  He said he would.

A few days later, Coach Taylor called me to his office and once the door was closed, he said, "Mark, I appreciate you talking to your dad so he could tell me what was being said.  But you could have come to me.  Anyway, the reason I'm looking you guys over is just to make sure you are staying in shape and not getting overweight."

The next day, after practice he casually mentioned that he was watching us and why.  It stopped  the comments.

Tom, Ray, and I continued having sex at every chance we got, either two of us or the three of us which we preferred. After the senior prom we took our dates home and went to a local cheap motel and got a room and spent the night having sex.

I started college the next year at the state university three hours away from home.  Tom and Ray were there also but roomed together.  We still got together in their dorm room. 

Since mom had passed away several years, dad spent his time raising me and providing for my needs.  Now, with me being away at school, I worried about him. in the past I had suggested that he start dating but he just laughed about it.  However during the latter part of my senior year, he would go out occasionally on Saturday nights.  When I asked if he had a lady friend he would just smile.

I tried to go home as often as possible on weekends to keep dad company.  Then one weekend, I went home without letting dad know in advance.  I noticed a car I didn't recognize parked in front of the neighbors house when I arrived.  I went in and as I did, I called out, "Hey, dad.  You home?"

"Uh, I'll be out in a minute," I heard him call back.  Then faintly, I heard the sliding door leading to the back patio from dad's bedroom slice closed.  I wondered if his girl friend was sneaking out because she might be married.  Dad came out of his bedroom wearing just his boxers and there was a noticeable slight bulge.  I had seen dad nude many times before and if he would have let me I would have sucked him off in a heart beat.  His cock looked to be at least seven inched long soft.  Maybe more.

This occurred almost every time I came home unannounced on a weekend.  On each occurrence, I would hear the patio door.  Then if I looked back out front, the extra car was always gone.

I devised a plan.  On my last trip home, I left my bedroom window unlocked.  This time, I arrived and there was the strange car.  I slipped around to my bedroom window and silently removed the screen.  Ever so gently , I raised the window and slipped into the house.  I could hear soft moaning coming from dad's bedroom.  I eased into the hall and to his room .  The door was just barely cracked open and as I peeked in I froze.

There on the bed  was my dad and Coach Taylor in a sixty-nine, with Coach Taylor on his back and dad on top, and Mr. Davis, the schools assistant principal, was fucking my dad's ass.  Immediately, my cock stiffened, and as I watched the action in front of me, I eased my cock out and began stroking.  I watched Mr. Davis climax in dad's hole then roll off next to he and Coach Taylor.  Dad kissed Mr. Taylor and after the kiss, Mr. Davis began sucking the coach.  I reached my climax and shot my load out onto the carpet outside the bedroom door.

I eased back out my window and  into my car.  I picked up my cell phone and called dad and after telling him that I was in town and picking up a burger, I asked if he wanted anything.    He nervously said no.  Just moments later, I saw Coach and Mr. Davis come out and get into the strange car.  Coach climbed behind the wheel and I realized that all the times before it was Coach Taylor sneaking out of the house.  I wondered how long dad had been having sex with men.

After they left I waited a moment before pulling into the drive and going in. I could see that dad was obviously nervous and scared.  When I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing, then later, he confessed that something was wrong.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Mark, when you called, I was in the bedroom.  When I came out, I stepped into something thick and wet.  It looked and smelled like semen.  Had you been in the house?  I want an honest answer."

"Yes dad, I was."

"Oh fuck! What did you see?"

"I saw you and coach sucking each others cocks and Mr. Davis fucking your ass. And yes, that was my load in the hall."

"Son, I didn't want you to find out this way. Actually, I didn't want you to find out at all."

Dad, relax.  It's cool," I said.

"You don't think bad of me for enjoying sex with other men?"

"Nope, not at all.  I've been having sex with men since the summer between my junior and senior years of high school."  I sat him down and told him every detail of that summer camp out.  I could see his boxers  begin to form a tent.  Seeing him getting boned, gave me a boner.

He couldn't believe what I told him. So to prove myself, I quickly dropped to the floor in front of him and extracted his cock through the opening. Instantly, I swallowed it balls deep and began sucking the cock that created me.  Dad moaned softly and after a moment he pushed me away and stood up.  After pulling me up, he kissed me and suggested that we retire to his bedroom.

Within seconds, we were passionately making out and soon worked our way into a sixty was the hottest and most erotic experience to have my own dad feed me his thick cum load and to feed him mine.

Dad was still young and viral and only thirty five.  Lots of eighteen year olds like myself enjoy sex with older men. 

Dad and I stayed in his bed throughout the night and the next morning I woke him up by sucking on his beautiful cock.  Once he was fully hard and awake, I climbed on top and sat on his cock.  I loved feeling him buried deep in my hole.  I rode him until he climaxed then he had me fuck him.  We had sex most of the day.

My next trip, when I arrived dad, Coach Taylor and Mr. Davis were all waiting in the front room, and all three were naked. That was one wild night.  They both told me to bring Ray and Tom with me the next time I returned home.

I had never told either of them what I had seen when home or that dad and I were having sex.  On my next trip home, I insisted that they go with me, only telling them that I had a surprise for them.

When we arrived, I stripped and told them to do the same.

"What about your dad?" Tom asked.

"He's gone for the night and I've always wanted to have sex with you two in my own home."

They smiled and began stripping.  Once we were all nude, we lay on the floor and started making out and sucking cock.  Moments later, dad, coach and Mr. Davis entered from the hallway, and all nude and fully boned. Tom and Ray were both shocked as hell but once the men started sucking our cocks they soon got into the action.  The six of us had sex all night.

Throughout my college days I had sex with dad and the others on a regular basis.  I got my degree in history and minored in PE and was employed as senior history teacher and assistant coach at the high school. I lived with dad of course and the sex with dad coach and Mr. Davis continued.

THE END...........




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