Rich had had a long day. He had gotten into the office about 7:30 am and now it was after 10 pm. All he wanted to do was to go home, kiss his kids and go to bed. If he was lucky his wife would already be asleep. They had been talking about divorce but hadn't really decided anything yet, he just knew he wasn't satisfied with his life except for his kids, they were the greatest.

Since he didn't think he would need his car today he had taken the Purple line from the north side of Evanston to Howard and changed to the Red line which took him all the way to Jackson where he got off to get to his office. Now he had to do the reverse except at this time of night the EL would be stopping at every stop so it was going to be a long ride. If he was lucky he's be home about 11 or 11:30. On his way to the subway station he had stopped and had a couple of glasses of scotch and he wished he had one with him right now as he walked down the steps to the subway station. He heard a train just pulling away from the platform. He now had to wait 8 minutes for the next train. While he was standing there, really wishing he had another scotch, he saw a man a little bit farther down platform. He had dark coloring like he was Greek or Italian. He was wearing a leather duster over jeans and a tight t-shirt. The jeans were over a pair of cowboy boots. The man kept looking his way. Rich knew that if you didn't want trouble you didn't make eye contact so he turned away. There was something about the man though, he didn't know quite what, but he took another look and the man was looking back at him. The man actually turned so that he was facing Rich directly. The man smiled. Rich turned his eyes away again but then he felt a need to look back. The guy had moved closer. At this distance Rich could tell that the man had a very nice body that was accentuated by his jeans and t-shirt. It was obvious that the man had a nice chest and firm abs. He also looked like he was packing a pretty hefty dick.

Rich looked down at his own outfit, the corporate uniform, blue suit, white shirt, red power tie with a pair of wing tips. When he looked back up the man was still staring at him but had gotten closer. Rich turned away and began reading some of the posters that were on the other side of the tracks but again his eyes were drawn back to the man who was now moving in his direction. Their eyes remained locked as the man swaggered by. He held back the side of the coat that was closest to Rich just to make sure Rich had a view of the outline of his cock. The man walked by Rich and rounded the corner where the stairs met the platform. Rich wasn't sure why but he felt the need to follow. When you are on that part of the platform during rush hour there may be a few people who want to sit in the last car of the train but at this time of night no one was there. When he reached that section of the platform the man was leaning up against one of the pillars rubbing the front of his pants. Rich started to wonder if the guy was a hustler but Rich didn't think he'd know a hustler if he saw one. The man tipped his head beckoning Rich to come closer. Rich couldn't resist. Just as Rich got close the train pulled into the station. Both of them got in the back car with only a few other people.

Rich sat down in the middle or the train but the man nudged his shoulder and tipped his head toward the back of the train. Rich felt compelled to follow. As the train left the station the man tipped his head toward the last row of seats facing forward. Rich sat down on the aisle. The man stepped close enough in front of Rich that anyone in the train's view of Rich would be blocked. The man held the right side of his duster back again revealing the outline of his cock which had gotten bigger. Rich felt compelled to touch the outline, he had never touched another man's penis before but he felt like he needed to feel this one. He raised his hand and placed it on the man's cock. Rich could feel it's warmth through the denim.

The man took hold of Rich's hand and made him rub the growing mound of flesh. Then he brought Rich's hand up to the top of his jeans. Rich looked up with a question in his eye. The man just nodded his head. Rich popped open the button on the top of the man's jeans and then button my button opened up his fly. The man was wearing nothing under his jeans so Rich could see the base and some of the shaft of the man's dick. From the outline the head of the man's cock was still inches down his right leg. Rich looked up again and the man just nodded his head. Rich reached into the jeans and slowly released the stalk of flesh that was the man's cock. As much as Rich could tell the man was starting to get hard but wasn't there yet. Rich couldn't believe that he was doing this.

The man took ahold of his cock and slowly started stroking it. Rich watched as it continued to grow in both length and girth. The man pointed the head of his cock toward Rich's mouth. There was no way that Rich was going to take another man's dick into his mouth but he did reach up to feel the man's cock. He wanted to know if it felt like his. Actually this man's cock seemed to be a lot harder than Rich's and covered in veins that Rich could feel the man's heartbeat. Rich started to slowly beat the man's cock like he would do himself whenever he had a few minutes alone at home. Rich was amazed that the man's dick kept getting bigger. The man stepped back and removed Rich's fingers from his cock and again he aimed it toward Rich's mouth. Rich was conflicted, he knew he shouldn't suck another man's dick but at the same time he was curious. He tentatively put his lips on the tip of the man's cock. The man made a low moan of approval. The man then pushed his cock forward and Rich opened his lips. From his own experiences getting is cock sucked by past girlfriends and his wife he knew to make sure that his teeth did not scrape against the man's cock. He also knew that he liked to have the head of his cock caressed by the tongue and then follow that with taking the whole cock into the mouth. He also liked to have his balls licked and sucked. Those were all the moves that Rich did on the man's dick. The more he sucked the more he got into it. He wanted to give a blow job that was better than any blow job he had ever had. He must have done a good job because soon his mouth was filled with a load of warm, salty cum. At first Rich didn't know what to do. His wife always spit it out but some of his ex-girlfriends used to swallow his cum and he liked that so he did the same, he swallowed the load of cum that the man had just given him.

Time had flown by because Rich had been sucking the man's cock so long that they were pulling into the Howard Street station where Rich had to change to the Purple line from the Red line. As the doors opened he looked up at the man who gave him a smile and then Rich left the train. He had to walk down some stairs and then up some other stairs to get to the right track to catch his train. At this time of night the train was usually just two cars and very few people. All of a sudden he felt eyes on the back of his head, turned, and the man was on the same platform looking at him. The man smiled and tipped his head. The doors to the train opened and both he and the man got on. Again the man tipped his head toward the back of the car. Rich felt compelled to do so. They got in the same position as before. Rich wondered if the man wanted to get another blow job but it soon became apparent that he had other ideas. The man glanced around and then jiggered the lock into the operators booth. There are operator's booths in all of the cars but only the one at the front of the train was used by the engineer. Again the man tipped his head toward the compartment. Rich stood up and went in followed by the man.

The man closed the door and roughly this time pushed Rich against the glass facing out of the train. The man reached around and undid Rich's belt and pants and shoved them down. The man then ripped Rich's boxers off, wadded them up and stuck them in Rich's mouth. While Rich tried to resist he was torn between escaping and having the inevitable happen? What would it feel like? Would he like it?

The man spit on his hand and spread his saliva around Rich's asshole. He also stuck a slick finger in Rich's ass. He then spit on his hand again and Rich sensed that he was lubing up his cock. Then he felt it, the heat of the man's cock against his asshole. It felt intriguing. Then the man pushed and Rich screamed into the wadded up boxers in his mouth, he felt like his ass was on fire and the man just kept pushing more and more of his cock into Rich's ass. About this time they were pulling into the Davis street station and someone on the platform saw what was going on just before the train pulled out again. Slowly the man kept pushing more and more of his cock into Rich's ass. Rich felt like he was going to split open.

When the man's cock was all the way in the man became very still, he was letting Rich get used to the feel of something as large as the man's cock up his ass. When Rich's breathing got under control the man started to slowly, almost painfully slowly, slide his cock back. Just as the head was ready to pop out of Rich's asshole the man started sliding it forward again. When it was all the way in Rich felt something he didn't feel the last time. He wasn't sure what it was but it made his cock start to get hard. It felt good. The man started to slowly pick up the pace of his movements. The man also reached around to grab hold of Rich's cock. The man softly started to stroke Rich's cock. Between the feeling in his ass and the feeling on his dick he once more screamed into the boxers in his mouth but with pleasure instead of pain.

For what seemed like hours the man just kept sliding his cock almost all the way out and then all the way back in. Suddenly the man started to pick up the pace of his thrusts. At the same time he started to beat Rich's dick with more energy and roughness. Rich felt, he assumed, the man's second load of cum for the night cream the inside of his ass. When that happened Rich shot all over the window of the operator's booth. Rich leaned his head against the window barely able to breathe. The man's cock slipped from Rich's ass. The man gently took the boxers out of Rich's mouth and cleaned both his and Rich's cocks. With the same gentleness the man pulled up Rich's pants, snapped and zippered them and then redid Rich's belt. As the man opened the door to the operator's booth he handed Rich a card that said -

Call me


When the man left Rich realized that he had missed his stop, he would need to take a taxi. Tomorrow morning he and his wife were going to have a serious talk about the divorce.




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