From Part 1........

He looked at me and smiled his beautiful smile.  "Mark, I love you just as if you were my own flesh and blood." he said.  "I'll always be here for you." He began to lean down to hug me but I instantly sat up and placed my hands on his face and kissed him straight on the lips.

"I love you too, more than you can imagine."

He froze, with a stunned look on his face.  It was then that I noticed a bulge began to grow in his suit pants.  My own bulge started.


Part 2....

I returned my eyes to his face and wondered if he knew exactly what I meant. The kiss wasn't just a quick 'peck' on the lips.  It lasted a couple of seconds. The one thing I refrained  from doing was offering my tongue.  The time just wasn't right for that now.

I left the room and a moment later he followed.  Nothing was said, but I could tell he was confused and curious.

For the next few weeks, we adjusted to it being just me and him at home. Weekends we often had dinner with grandfather.  Still, nothing was mentioned about the kiss.  However, very casually, after Steve got home from work, he began to gradually wear less around the house. Before long, he was wearing just his boxers, revealing his muscular hairy chest and legs.

Then one evening after he got home and was down to his boxers, I heard him in his bedroom, crying softly.  I went in and sat next to him to comfort him.  I wrapped my arms around him and he turned toward me and lay his head on my shoulder.  I gently kissed his forehead and as I pulled back he raised his head to look into my face and gently pressed his lips to mine.

He held the kiss longer than I had held mine.  However, no tongues emerged.  "I miss your mother so much," he said.

"I know dad.  So do I, but we still have each other."

Then a short time later, he began to change and emerge from his depression.  He would greet me with a cheerful hello when he got home from work and ask me how my day at school went.  Then he would give me a quick kiss, always on the lips.

Things were getting more and more sexual between us.  He had started patting my ass when he had the chance and I would do the same to him.  And if he needed something from the kitchen or laundry room after a shower, he would  walk out of his room totally naked.

One Friday evening as he walked out nude, he passed near me and after I had swatted his ass he smiled and what he said caught me totally off guard. Smiling, he said, If you want it, ask for it like a man.  Don't scratch for it like a dog."

I made up my mind that things were going to change that night, either for the better or worse.

We went to bed and a short while later, I got up and went to his bedroom and slipped in bed with him, thinking he was asleep.  As I settled in, he said softly, "It's nice to feel someone else in bed with me again."

With that, he turned to face me and lay an arm over me and pulled me closer. We went to sleep in that position.  During the night, I woke up  and found his hand down on my lower stomach just barely touching my rock hard cock. I could feel his against my hip.

The next morning he asked if I had slept okay and when I said yes he asked if I would like to start sharing his bed with him every night.  I hesitated for effect before saying that I would like that.  That night as we prepared for bed, he came out of the bathroom totally nude and slipped into bed.  "Join me if you want to," he said.  I raised my hips and removed my briefs, tossing them across the room, causing him to laugh.

That night we again cuddled as we fell asleep but I awoke later to realize that the covers were thrown back and Steve was on his knees next to my hips and had my hard cock in his mouth, expertly sucking it.  I moaned softly and said, "I've been hoping for this." 

I watched in the dim light as he sucked my hard cock to a roaring climax before hungrily swallowing every drop of my teen cum.  As he pulled off, he said, "I've been wanting it also and figured our first kiss was a signal that you did also." We kissed passionately this time exchanging tongues and spit.  After the kiss, I pushed him onto his back and quickly swallowed his cock.  It didn't take long to bring him to his climax .  After swallowing, he looked at me and said, "That damn sure wasn't your first time sucking cock.  When did you start?"

"About five years ago with some school buds of mine.  What about you?"

"My freshman year in college with my room mate.  We had talked and revealed that we were both curious and one thing led to another.  It went from there."

That weekend we spent most of it in bed kissing and making out and sucking.  Late Saturday afternoon, he looked at me and asked, "Would you like to fuck me?"

"I'd love to but you have to fuck me in return," I replied.  He quickly agreed and moments later he was on his back with his legs pulled up to his chest.  After I had buried my cock balls deep in his ass, he pulled me to him and we kissed as I fucked his ass.  soon, I climaxed and filled his ass with my hot thick load.  After I pulled out, he looked at me and said, "Son, you can fuck my ass any time you want top.  Just tell me and I'll eagerly give it to you."

"Thanks dad, now it's your turn to fuck me."

We traded positions and moments later Steve had his entire eight inch cock buried in my hole and I was in heaven. We kissed passionately as he plowed my hot hole, soon filling it with his load.  However, after pulling out he quickly held my legs up in the air and buried his face in my hole hungrily sucking his own load out of my draining hole. I knew that I had to try it the next time I fucked him.

Steve and I had sex daily from that day forward. I was in my third year of college, majoring in business administration and finance when Steve showed up on campus and informed me that my grandfather had passed away.

We made arrangements for his funeral and his lawyer said that in the time between his death and the reading of his will the CEO of the company would be in charge.

Time came to process the will and as his only living relative, everything he owned came to me.  I was stunned beyond belief, however there was one catch.  I had to complete college and get my degree before assuming control of the company full time.

After the reading, I finally realized that I not only had over a million in cash and available, but several million in stocks and bonds, plus I was the sole owner of a multi-million dollar company that was still growing and expanding.

I completed my college and received my degree.  While getting my degree, I had started going to what had been grandfather's office and getting more familiar with the company.  By graduation, I was ready to take complete control.

All during this time, Steve stood by me giving me the encouragement dad's always do.  We sold the house we had been living in and moved into the estate.  Of course, Dad and I continued to share the same bedroom and bed. 

 I had added staff to the estate, since the regular maid  was getting up in age and found the stairs hard to manage.  I put her in charge of the downstairs  and hired a masculine gay man to handle the upstairs duties.  It didn't matter to him that dad and I shared a bed at night. He knew to keep his mouth shut.  Lucy stayed in the quarters next to the kitchen and had weekends off unless we were entertaining, and Luke  stayed in a small apt above the garage. Lucy would usually go and spend her time off with her daughter across town.

When Lucy was off, Luke was in charge of all the household chores. he was totally caught off guard when on a Saturday morning dad and I came into the kitchen both totally nude and asked what was for breakfast.

Luke gained his composure and said, "What would you like, sir?"

"You," Steve and I said at the same time.  Luke was speechless as we walked up to him and began undressing him. Once he was totally nude, I looked at him and said, "This will be your uniform from Friday afternoon as soon as Lucy leaves until time for her to return on Sunday evening.  Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," he replied as his cock slowly stiffened.  Steve and I took turns sucking his hard cock , bringing him to a huge and vocal climax.  After taking his load in my mouth, I kissed Dad and shared it with him. 

Luke knew that Steve was my stepdad and said that he thought it was hot that we had each other for companionship. 

Luke was told that at any point if he wanted to suck us or get us to fuck him he just had to ask.  and ask he did.  Every weekend he would suck us both as soon as Lucy left and on Saturday we would both fuck him.  And on most Wednesdays he would come into our master suite for sex.

About six months later, Lucy passed and Luke took over the duties for the entire house. Of course, his uniform consisted only of skin.  That is unless we had a dinner party.  Then he wore his formal uniform.

It's been six years since I took over control of the company.  Steve and I are still deeply in love and Luke met  stud that took over the upstairs duties and Luke took over just the downstairs.   Of course, the both work nude most of the time

Life couldn't be better!!

THE END.....                                    



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