Kyle stared at his father in disbelief, was he really saying that Kyle had to work this summer? Kyle had intended to spend his time at their country club like he had last summer. It had been the summer between high school and college and he had had a great time. Not only did he work on his tan but he had gotten loads of cum from most of the life guards and some of the other members including some of his father's friends. It had been awesome and now his father was fucking up his plans for this summer.

"Why Dad?"

"As I've already said, it's time for you to take on some responsibility. I didn't make it to where I am by sitting at pool. It's time for you to pitch in on your college costs."

"Why, we've got more money than we can spend. This is bullshit."

"Watch you language. Here's the deal, you have to work or I'm not going to pay for your tuition and other expenses this fall including your car insurance." Damn, he couldn't give up his Audi convertible.

"Okay, I got it, but I don't know how to find a job."

"I've got that covered, a business acquaintance of mine owns a string of shoe stores and he agreed to take you on. He's got an opening at his store at Fashion Square. You start on Monday."

"You had this all planned, didn't you?" His Dad just smiled.

On Monday morning Kyle showed up at the store. It was a pretty upscale store and mall so Kyle had worn a nice pair of slacks, shirt and tie. He had even worn a pair of shoes that he had actually bought at this store. The manager, a woman in her 40's who obviously had had some work done, had him fill out all the needed paperwork and gave him a tour of the store including the huge back room where the shoes were stored. She introduced him to the rest of the staff. Obviously only gook looking young people were hired. The two girls who were working that day were both blonde, fit and well-dressed. There was only one other guy working, Tony, who was also handsome with a great body. Kyle caught himself staring. Kyle fit right in. At 5'10" and 165 pounds his body was perfectly proportioned and toned. With his dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes he actually was quite striking.

Over the next couple of days he learned what designers the store carried and where they were all stored in the backroom. He also began to notice that the girls that worked at the store, and he had met several more, tended to like serving other women. Which made sense since they knew more about women's shoes than men's'. Both Kyle and Tyler took care of both men and women. Tyler seemed more successful at getting women to buy up or buy more due to his charm. Kyle hating serving women. They would hit on him and when he rebuffed them they usually left without a purchase Kyle knew much more about men's shoes than anyone and enjoyed the male customers.

Kyle hit on Tyler a couple of times in the backroom but Tyler was either oblivious to what he was doing or just wasn't interested. Kyle was disappointed and was getting hornier by the day. Unlike the previous summer, Kyle didn't have the same amount of free time to chase cock. He hadn't been to the country club since he had started his job and was too young to get into any of the gay clubs. Unlike the clubs near his college, who would let anyone in, these clubs really made sure not to let anyone in who was under 21.

The hornier that Kyle got the more he would look at the crotches of men that he was assisting as he wondered what was underneath their pants or shorts. One day, when the manager was going over sale figures, it became apparent that Kyle was making more sales to men than he was to women and the reverse was true for Tyler. The next day in the backroom, after another failed attempt to hook up with Tyler, Kyle proposed that whenever they were working together that he whould take care of all the men and Tyler should take care of the women. Tyler thought about for a moment, realized it made sense, and agreed to the plan. With this new approach Kyle was seeing twice as many men and sales for both of them were up which pleased the manager.

One morning Kyle overslept and didn't have the time to beat off like he usually did every morning so when he arrived at work he was even hornier than usual. Whether it was his horniness or just a stroke of luck, Kyle started changing how he worked with customers. After he had brought out several pairs of shoes to a man he was assisting, he would place one hand on the man's inner thigh while he raised his foot with the other hand. After keeping his hand on the man's thigh just a beat too long he would pull his hand away to remove the shoe from the man's foot. He would do this with each pair he brought out. When he could tell which way the man dressed he would be sure to use that leg.

When it was a particularly hot man, Kyle would sort of slide his hand down the thigh. So far, no one seemed unhappy with Kyle's technique, in fact sometimes it was apparent that it was having the desired effect when he saw some definite movement. Most of the time the man would become embarrassed and took several of the pairs that they had tried on so they could pay and get out. Other times the men would give Kyle a knowing look and would keep trying on shoes.

One Saturday a smoking hot guy came into the store. He looked to be in his late 20's to early 30's. Taller than Kyle and in great shape. He came in the store with an equally hot woman. They spoke for a moment and then she left the store. Kyle went up to the man to ask him what he was looking for. Kyle had to hold back from touching the man's bicep, which was a weakness of Kyle's. The man listed off several different designers that he wanted to try. He also told Kyle he was interested in both business and casual shoes.

"That's quite a lot of shoes sir."

"Don't worry, I've got the time, my girlfriend is off to buy some new clothes and it will take her forever. By the way I wear a 12."

Kyle went into the backroom and gathered up several pairs of different styles to show the man. When he met the man at one of the chairs the man sat down and spread his legs. It was obvious to Kyle that the man dressed to the right and that the myth about shoe size was correct for this man.

Kyle used his new technique with the man. With each pair of shoes, Kyle got more brazen. He would put his hand farther up the man's inner thigh until his was just about an inch from the end of the man's cock. Once, when Kyle could take his eyes off of the outline of the man's cock and looked up, that man was smiling at him.

The man picked out several pairs of shoes and Kyle led him to the register to check out. After signing the receipt the man said "meet me at the food court". It wasn't a question. Instead of taking his shoes with him the man said he would be back to pick them up later. Kyle watched the man leave the store and saw the man look back at him. Kyle went up to the manager, "do you mind if I take my break now?" She said sure and Kyle left heading for the food court. When he got there he saw that the man was waiting by the hallway that led to the bathrooms. The man looked Kyle in the eyes and then turned, went down the hall, and entered the men's room. Kyle followed. The man was at a urinal with his cock out. Kyle took the urinal next to the man who took a step back so that Kyle had a good view of what he was holding. It was an impressive sight, the man could be in porn.

When they were the only two in the john the man turned, cock still hanging out, and went to the handicapped stall. As an upscale mall, these stalls had doors that went all the way to the floor. Kyle followed the man in and was pleased to see that the man was stroking his cock making it larger.

The man reached for Kyle's throat and undid his tie, pulling it from around his neck. He then took the tie and wrapped it around his cock and balls, knotting it and pulling it tight, creating a make shift cock ring. The man looked down at his cock and then up into Kyle's eyes and then back down. Kyle took the hint, he got down on his knees in front of the man. Kyle lifted the mans' rigid, blood filled, cock like he was inspecting it, leaned in and started to lick the man's hairless balls. Slowly, Kyle moved his tongue to the base of the man's cock and licked several times. With slow deliberation Kyle worked his way up the shaft until he was licking the head of the man's dick. He moved his tongue all around the crown before taking it in his mouth. It had been so long, Kyle savored the flavor of the man. With each movement of his lips and lap of his tongue, more and more of the man's cock entered Kyle's mouth until his lips reached the base. Kyle held it there feeling the man's heartbeat through his cock.

As Kyle continued to worship his favorite thing, both men could hear the comings and goings of men through the bathroom. Toilets flushing and sinks being turned on and off became the background for Kyle's work. Now this was the way to service a customer.

After a few minutes of cock worship, the man undid the tie letting lose with a load of spunk that filled Kyle's mouth. It had been so long since Kyle had tasted any cum he sipped it like a fine wine before swallowing every last drop. The man pulled his cock free of Kyle's mouth, wiped it with some toilet paper and then pulled his pants back up.

"I have to meet my girlfriend. I'll be back to pick up my shoes later, just before closing. Try to make yourself available when I get back, I'd like to have a little more time to enjoy all that you have to offer. Kyle affirmed he would still be around and then waited to leave the stall until after the man had left.

Later that evening, just before closing, the man reappeared with another equally hot man in tow. They wandered around looking at shoes until the manager said they were closing. The man said to the manager that he had come back to pick up the shoes he had purchased earlier in the day and asked if he could get some help taking them out to his car. Kyle volunteered. After putting the shoes in the trunk of the car, the three men went to a darkened corner of the parking structure where Kyle serviced his customer once again as well as the friend.

Kyle didn't know if it was because of the customer he had serviced or if it was just his technique but over the next several weeks, almost daily, he would service new customers in the handicapped stall. Instead of beating off in the morning, he would beat off when he got home thinking about his excellent customer service.

One day the manager said the owner of the shoe store had done a couple of undercover visits to the store recently to check on what they had been doing to have had such an increase in sales particularly both Kyle and Tony. She also told them that he would be stopping by at closing time to speak with the entire staff.

The owner, who looked vaguely familiar, showed up just as we were closing the doors to the store. He briefly talked to the entire staff congratulating us on our outstanding sales numbers. He then asked to speak to me and Tony alone.

"Gentlemen, it's obvious to me, based on the numbers I have been shown, that the increase in sales is directly related to you two. It's apparent you've both done what it takes to make sales." Kyle and Tony looked at each other. "Tony, from the gossip I've been hearing around the country club, it seems you've been providing special services to some of your customers after working hours." Kyle realized that Tony was fucking some of the women who shopped at the store. He also remembered where he had seen the owner, at the country club talking to his father.

"For your extra efforts there will be a bonus in your next pay check. Keep making the customers happy. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to speak to Kyle alone please." Tony thanked the owner and left the store.

"Now you young man, a couple of times when I've stopped by the store I've noticed that after you've helped some of our male customers you go on your break. I followed you one time and saw you go into the men's room right after your customer went in. I followed and saw that the only door that was closed was the handicapped stall. Just like Tony has done, it seems you've really gone the extra mile for our customers."

The owner stepped closer to Kyle. "While I appreciate the effort, I would hate to let something slip the next time I run into your father at the club." As he said this as he was rubbing the front of his slacks. "What do you think we can do to make sure I don't do that?"

Kyle moved closer to the owner and dropped to his knees. Using both hands he opened up the zipper of the owner's slacks and put his fingers in the opening finding the man's cock. It was already hardening so it took some work to get it out. The owner had a hefty piece of man meat, both long and thick. The owner put his hand on the back of Kyle's head and roughly pulled it toward his cock. "Suck it!"

Holding the base, Kyle wrapped his lips around the head of the owner's cock. "You can do better than that son." The owner pulled Kyle's mouth down his shaft, slowing only enough to allow Kyle to get used to the size of his cock. The owner made small movements with his hips continually pushing the tip of his cock against the back of Kyle's throat. Kyle tried to moan in pleasure but his mouth was too full of cock to elicit a sound.

The owner removed his hand from the back of Kyle's head but was happy to see that Kyle didn't try to move off of his cock. As the owner continued to make small movements he took off his suit jacket and threw it over some nearby cartons filled with shoe boxes. After removing his jacket, the owner put his hands on either side of Kyle's face, holding his head in place and began making longer thrusts, pulling his cock almost all the way out and then driving it back in. "You're getting me close son, but I'll be ready for another round quickly."

Kyle grabbed on to the owner's ass to keep from losing his balance as the thrusts got more intense and he could feel the man clenching and unclenching his ass muscles, like he was trying to hold off spilling his seed for as long as he could. Soon he couldn't and Kyle felt several shots of cum hit the back of his throat. The owner held Kyle's face in place as he kept his cock deep in Kyle's mouth enjoying the sensation and then he pulled back slowly allowing Kyle to taste the cum that was still dripping from the owner's cock. Finally the man pulled his cock free.

"Get up. Take your clothes off." Looking into the owner's face, Kyle removed his tie, unbuttoned and took off his shirt, kicked off his shows and lowered his pants before stepping out of them. "I bet your customers would like to see you like this sometime." Kyle stood there, naked, with his cock sticking straight out. "Turn around, let me see that ass."

Kyle turned and the man stepped forward and cupped one of his ass cheeks in his hand. "So young." The owner steered Kyle toward a table where they sorted the shoes as they were delivered. "Get up on the table, on your back."

As Kyle raised himself on the table, the owner slide his slacks down so that they were around his ankles. "It's a good thing my cock is slick from your spit and my cum. Pull your legs back." Kyle grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled them toward his chest. "You know, I did here a rumor last summer that you used to spread your legs for some of the lifeguards at the club. They probably got so excited over a piece of your ass that they probably came in a few minutes. This is going to be a different experience for you."

Holding on to his cock, the owner spread his cum and Kyle's spit all around Kyle's asshole. He removed his hand and placed the tip of his cock against the now slick hole and just using his hips pushed the head of his cock through Kyle's ass ring and held it there.

"How does that feel son?"

"Good, sir."

Instead of grabbing hold of Kyle's hips, the owner grabbed the sides of the table and pulled himself forward driving more of his long, thick cock into Kyle. This time when Kyle moaned there was nothing in his mouth to stop the sound.

"Sounds like you like that." Not waiting for a response, the owner drove his cock in as far as it would go. Kyle arched his back and then pushed back. "It's nice to see that you know what you want."

Over the next 15 minutes the man continued to drill Kyle's ass. Sometimes slow and sometimes hard but always to the hilt. Toward the end Kyle started to beat his own dick faster and faster. Again, Kyle arched his back and let fly with a load of his young seed and as he did, he clenched down on the owner's cock causing his to cum a second time that evening.

Just as the owner was pulling his cock out of Kyle's ravaged hole the back door of the store opened and Tony walked in saying he had forgotten something. He just stood there staring at the owner with his pants down around his ankles and Kyle laying naked on the table.

"Tony, my boy, why don't you come over here and have some of your colleague's sweet ass. Just consider it another part of your bonus."

Tony hesitated for a minute and then walked closer. Even though Tony couldn't see his face, Kyle smiled.

Be Well,





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