Evan Parker lived in the town of Rock Creek he was always a bit if a loner even as a child.

He never had any friends and just turned 18.   One day he received a package in it was a letter as well as a set of keys.

  His favorite uncle had left him his home which was on the other side of the lake.  The next day Evan went to his uncles home he used the set of keys to unlock and open the door.   

Evan entered the home inside the package was a map of the house explained all about each room. Evan used all of the keys he was left with to explore the house.

 He knew his uncle was eccentric and when he went into his uncle bedroom and looked into his closet he found out why he was eccentric.  

When he open the closets inside was all kinds of rubber clothing and gear so his uncle was a rubberiest   Evan was always curious about the rubber fetish especially after they opened a rubberiest club outside of town.

 He know that there must have been many in this town who were into rubber gear and play as it was always busy every night.   When Evan looked at the map there was a room he hadn't discovered yet. 

 He followed the map to where the room was supposed to be.  Evan then found a secret panel he pressed and a door opened when he entered he could smell a strong smell of rubber. Inside was a room of rubber from the walls to the floor it was all rubber and along the walls were row and rows of rubber gear. Next to it was a kind of dungeon with every kind of torture items you could see.  

Next to the dungeon was a kind of lab with 2 metal operating tables and restraints. Evan could not believe all of what he saw and on a table there was what looked like a dvd.

Evan found a dvd player and put in the disk and played it. His uncle appeared in some rubber gear explaining all about what Evan found. He was told never tell anyone in your family about this it will be our little secret.

 You will find plenty of rubber gear that will fit nephew and you will love it as much as I did .  Evan found a wood box and when he opened it inside was a pair of black rubber gloves he took them out of the box and slipped them on all of a sudden he could hear a voice inside his head speaking to him. 

 Welcome my slave I am Kronos I am Scrill your uncle helped us when we arrived on this planet our ship is located in the caves by the lake.

  He was a loyal rubber slave who helped us grow and increase on this planet he was unfortunately old and did not last long. He told us that he would bring to us a successor so that we can carry out our invasion plans of earth.

 Then Evan felt sleepy as he slept  the alien mind took him over when he woke his eyes now glowed an evil red glow as the alien and he were now one.  He was now in the black rubber alien spacesuit covered from head to toe with his glowing red eyes of the alien inside him.  

He knew what he must do go to the club called the demons lair and find new rubber drones to serve the hive mind,  So that night  Evan went to the Demons lair to find suitable rubber earthmen to become drones.

 When he entered the place there were about a dozen suitable rubber specimens to chose from. Evan selected one rubber man and approached him he sat next to him and introduce himself to him the rubber man was named Dan and took a liking to Evan right away.

 So never saw you here before said Dan   yes I am new to the area Evan looked at Dan with his red glowing eyes so lets have some fun.

  So Evan and Dan went to one of the playrooms in the back Evan placed Dan on a table to have kinky play with him.

 First they started to kiss and then Dan got on his knees  as Evan pull out his cock and Dan sucked Evan hard until Evan shot a large load of his alien seed Dan swallowed a large load of the green alien sperm.

 Then  Dan looked at Evan's rubbery body and said fuck me master and Evan placed Dan on a fucking bench and forced his cock deep into Dan's ass hard and fucked him nonstop for hours.

  When Evan was done Dan stood up now with red glowing eyes Evan looked at Dan and spoke to his mind we must find others to also become one of us the hive mind must grow and feed. 

 Yes Dan said to Evan there are plenty of earthlings here we can convert so both went back to the other rubber men and each selected one to be converted.  When it was about 4am there were now 4 rubberized aliens who left the demons lair. Evan the leader told the others to meet him at his home the next day.   

The next day the others went to Evans place Evan told them that the hive mind must grow and increase more human minds must feed us.

So Evan showed them the lab in the rubber room This is where we will bring the humans to harvest them Evan told them that each shall bring a human specimen for the feeding ritual Yes we understand leader to night we will all feed.

 Good the club Demon lair will be soon ours every member there must become like us. We will create an rubber event to lure all those humans into rubber play they must all be absorbed. Once we have control of the Demons lair we will create breeding chambers to increase our kind on this planet.


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