As I approached adulthood, I had always wanted to live where I could see the sea from my windows.  Unfortunately, I never had the chance to live near the coast.  At least, not until my company decided to open a branch office on the east coast and promoted me to manager.

With a nice pay increase, I knew I would probably be able to afford something overlooking the water.  It wasn't long before I found a nice large condo on the fifth floor.  It wasn't overlooking the beach but it did overlook the bay  and the barrier island could be seen off in the distance.  My condo was on Bayshore Drive which had a seawall to prevent erosion.  Often, I would walk across the street and sit on one of the benches and watch the waves from the bay roll in and read a book.

It was on one of these occasions that I first noticed him.  Darkness had approached and I had lay the book I was reading next to me when he casually walked by.  He appeared to be in his very early twenties, about six-one to six-three, a hundred ninety to two hundred pounds and was extremely well built.  He had dark hair and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache.

As he passed, he smiled and nodded. I responded the same way.  He took a few more steps and paused,  as he casually rubbed his crotch.  I knew then that it was for sale.  I had never paid for sex in my life and didn't intend to start now.

After a moment, he continued on his way.  I couldn't help but wonder what started him in this profession.

Over the next few months, I saw him almost every evening at different hours.  Weekdays, he was out earlier and weekends he was out much later.  If I didn't see him when I was on the seawall reading, I would see him walking casually from my balcony, occasionally pausing to talk with someone in a car and often get in the car and leave with them.  I finally decided to start conversation with him the next time I saw him in person.

A few days later, as I sat reading, I saw him approaching.  I closed my book and lay it beside me. As in the past, when we made eye contact and nodded.  "Good evening," I said.

"Hello," he replied, as he stopped near my bench.

"Have a seat," I said.  "I'm Mark. I extended my hand to him.  He grasped it strongly and as we shook hands he said, "I'm Troy."

"I've seen you quite often, either here or from my balcony, and it's nice to finally meet you."

"Same here," he replied.

I asked his age and found that he was twenty-one.  At least he was of legal age.

"Troy, just so we understand each other, I never pay for sex, so don't think that's what I'm interested in."

"That's cool," he replied.

"What got you started selling your body, if you don't mind me asking?"

"You get right to the point, don't you, but I don't mind," he began. "It was just me and my dad living together and just before I turned eighteen, we got into a big argument.  He told me to get out and fend for myself.  I tried to get a job, but nothing paid a kid with no experience enough to live on.  I was out here one night, hungry and cold, when a man from out of town stopped and offered me cash money to spend the night with him.  I knew what was up but I agreed.  I needed some cash.  It just went from there."

"Is this how you make a living now?" I asked.

"Not completely.  I have a job about twenty-five miles up the coast.  The pay is okay but hustling supplements that income.  Together I make a nice living.  I come down here for my second job, hoping no one from where I live will recognize me."

"What is your other job?"

"I work receiving and stock shelves for an auto parts store.  It's minimum wage."

We talked more and I found that I really liked Troy and if he would go for free, I'd love to get him in bed, but now was not the time to bring it up.

For the next several weeks, we met and talked there on the seawall.  We started to become friends. After having driven up to where he lived and stopped by the auto parts store.  He was totally shocked to see me and it was obvious that he was afraid I was there to report his second job to his employers.

I walked up to him and asked casually where I could find a certain item I definitely did not need. He took me straight to it and stayed close as I went to the register to pay for it.  Seeing an older man with a tag that said 'Manager', I walked up to him and asked, "Is that young man a salesman?"

"No sir.  He's our stocker."

"Well, he knew exactly what I needed and took me straight to it.  He should be promoted and given a nice raise.  He's great with customers."

I could see Troy relax as his manager smiled and thanked me for the compliment.

Suddenly a supply truck pulled in to unload and Troy headed to the receiving door.  As I left I managed to say, "Saturday, meet me on the seawall about five."

Before he could reply, I turned and left.

That Saturday, I was on my usual bench waiting when he walked up.  I glanced at my watch and seeing that it was five o'clock straight up I smiled and said, "Right on time. Come with me."


""My place.  I feel I know you well enough to be able to trust you."

We walked back across the street and took the elevator up to my condo. As we walked in and he saw the view, all he could say was 'Mother Fuck! What a view!"

"Make yourself at home.  Dinner will be ready soon."

He looked at me in disbelief.  "Why are you doing this?"

"All I'm doing is having a friend over for dinner."

As I finished preparing dinner, I asked, "Troy, did you tell me the truth about what happened with your dad?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"I just find it hard to believe a dad would kick his son out just over an  argument."

"Mark, you're right.  There was more to it," he said. "The truth is, I'm really gay and have been since my freshman year in high school.  I was home with a fellow classmate when dad came home from work a couple of hours early and caught us in a sixty-nine. That's what the argument was about.  He said that he wouldn't have a 'queer son' living under his roof and told me to get out and never come back. I haven't seen him since.  I came down to the seawall and right off some guy stopped and offered me money for sex.  That's how I started selling my body.  I never told the guys I was gay.  I tended to resist things that they wanted me to do but in reality, I enjoyed it all."

"The bastard kicked out his own son?"

"Yep, but I've survived," he said.

"Unbelievable," I said.

"Mark, knowing that I'm really totally gay change the way you feel toward me as a friend?"

"Not in the least," I replied.  "And for your information, I'm gay also."

"What! No way!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, I am."

I put dinner on the table and as we ate, we compared notes of our gay life.  I could tell that he was hesitant to leave and go out and cruise.

When he did finally leave, I gave him a hug and said, "If at any time something happens and you need something, don't hesitate to come up.  You are always welcome."

"Thanks," he said before giving me a kiss on the cheek.  I so wanted to feel his lips against mine and our tongues exploring each others mouth, but I didn't want to rush it.

We continued to meet on the seawall and he returned for dinner a few more times.

As we had dinner one Saturday night, a storm blew in with torrential rains and wind. The evening got later and later and the storms got worse.

My condo was a two bedroom unit but the second bedroom was my home office and didn't have sleeping facilities.  I knew that if I invited him to stay, that he would have to share my bed.

Near midnight, I looked at him and said, "Troy, it looks like you are going to have to stay the night here."

"It looks that way.  Your sofa is small but I can manage."

"I have a king bed and you're welcome to share it," I replied.

"Awesome,' he replied with a smile.

TO BE CONTINUED....................................



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