My wife had been going to the same hairdresser for maybe 2 years.

He often kept his shop open in the evenings for late appointments if someone needed it.

I went along with her one evening and went shopping around a bit while she had her hair done; and when I got back to the shop she was ready to go. But, the hairdresser (Bill) asked if I needed him to give me a trim. He said if she wanted to go on home, he would drop me off afterwards since he would go home then too. Neither of us thought anything about it - she adored him and he said he would do it free as a customer's husband.

Long story short: He locked the door (I was his "last customer", he said.)We went behind the screens to the shampoo sink.

He laid the chair back and said he would give me a shampoo first. No charge. Anyway, he put a sheet thing over me and, as he fluffed it, he let his hand run down my outer thigh. I just figured he had just gotten too close, so I dismissed it. Did not want to embarrass us both.

Then, when he had washed my hair and sat me up again in the chair, he ran his hand along the inside of my thigh when he pulled the sheet off. I felt odd, but let it go.

I got in the barber chair and he laid it back and I told him I did not want to shave my beard at all. He put his hand on my chest -- then he pushed his thigh into my arm so I could feel the warm thickness of his unmistakably near-rigid cock and smiled down at me. He said "You don't remember me, do you?"

I admitted I didn't and he said, "hold on a second" and he disappeared into a side room.

When he came back, he had on a black leather jacket, no shirt, dark sunglasses and a leather motorcyclist's hat - and he had on very neat beard! I could not believe it.

He stood beside the chair to my right and had his already semi-erect cock in a gloved hand. He rubbed the thick spongey head against my cheek as he stood above me, smiling down.

"Now, you remember me?"

Oh my yes, I did. That explained why I was getting aroused.

We had "met" in a men's room in town maybe six months earlier and he was dressed in that gear (at the time I just thought it was HIM, did not know he was in disguise!!!) It had been a glory hole scene in an upstairs hospital men's room.

He had that leather jacket on and no shirt then either. His chest was covered with dark (almost black) curls spiraling down a treasure trail that made my mouth water. I had taken his cock through the glory hole, but, with no one around, he decided to come around and present himself full length, so to speak.

When he appeared in front of me, he pulled that jacket open and let me run my hands up and down and all over his hairy chest. I remember I toyed with his large nipples and tongued that hairy navel until he was almost begging me to take his load.

He slid that big prodder of his (an easy 9 inches of amazing thickness) between my lips and into my throat and he rode my face like a cowboy rides a bull! All the way to his enormous balls!

He acted every bit the part of a tough motorcycle gang member, but was never really rough...just a bit macho.

When he shot off, he had both hands behind my head and was pumping those hard inches home. His powerful thighs danced the lustful dance and his heaving hairy chest made him look almost Greek godlike.

So, yes, I remembered him well.

He said, "When I saw you come in to leave your wife off, I remembered you and thought about you giving me more of that deepthroat action that very few can."

And, of course, he took great pleasure (as did I) in getting re-acquainted.

He let the chair all the way back again, straddled my chest and once again offered the head of his cock -- and pushed those inches deep into my throat. Then, though, he got around front of the chair (above my head) and stuffed it all back in that way - easier to deep throat, he said.

He was right.

He leaned forward over me and, while still giving me his now very rigid cock all the way to his furry nuts, unzipped my pants and filled his mouth with my rock-hard cock.

I remember it felt so good - he was a pro if there is such a thing and before we wanted to, I suppose, we both exploded as we 69'd in that barber chair.

Yes, he did give me a haircut and drove me home - with me again impaled orally on his already well-sucked cock all the way to my driveway.




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