I have always read stories or watched videos of guys wanking, sucking and fucking each other in some public toilets somewhere. I have often been watched and approached while going for a pee, but have never done anything myself.

There are loos on every floor of the cinema mall and also the shopping malls.

I walked into the men's toilet and saw two Thai men standing next to each other, hands fondling each other. They quickly jumped apart, but I said "Mai ben rai" - no problem for me. I went to have a pee but I was now strong from walking into this. I went up to the stall and got out my raging stiff. But I could not pee, so just stood there. But this gave the two Thai men a signal and they came and stood in the stalls either side of me and looked over at me.

Immediately they both got out their penises. They were both quite thick but not too long. The one on my left turned to me, holding his prick in his left hand and holding out his right hand for mine. As I was watching this, I suddenly felt a hand go down the back of my trousers and massage my bum. It was the guy on my right. At that point, 2 kids ran in, had a quick pee, didn't stop to look at us, and ran out. I moved to my left a bit and that man got hold of my penis and spit on his hand and started to wank it quickly. I moved over to hold him but he nodded no, and kept on wanking himself and me. The other man walked round behind me and started to massage both of our bums. He had put his penis away. He groped me underneath and got hold of my balls, and then he spat on his hand and finger to find my ring and anus.

The man on my left suddenly grunted and shot his load into the stall, keeping wanking me at the same time. The man standing behind us took his hand away from his friend, pulled my trousers down to my knees and then saw my jockstrap. Now he understood why he had felt flesh when he put his hand down my trousers. He massaged my cheek with his left hand and massaged my balls with his other hand. Then the other man wiped some cum off his stall and rubbed his fingers into it. He leaned across and used the cum as lube to push his finger into my arse, leaving the other man to massage my bum and balls. The spunk made it easy for him to finger fuck me, and then he got more cum from his stall and used it to lube my prick. It was very thick and white, but it was all too much for me. The man behind me rammed his finger right inside my arse, the other man wanked me so fast, and I shot my load into my stall. The man on my left used his left hand he had used in my arse to collect my cum in it, as I was shooting. He licked this off and said I was sweet not spicy.

He let the other man eat some as well, but this second man did not start anything himself. He said I should go down 2 floors and go in the men's loo there. He would wait for me !! I said I could not cum again as I was not a Thai man who could cum many times. He said OK I will see you there in 1 hour time.!!

We all dressed and I went and had a wash, and left them there, all of us smiling !!

I did some more window shopping, and found myself keep looking at the time. About an hour later, I made my way to the new men's loo, and the two men were both in there, just standing and chatting.

The second man who had only massaged me said he wanted to go into a closed cubicle and fuck me, and then I could fuck him. Then his friend would come in and fuck me, and again I could fuck him. Each time, the other one would stand outside on guard, but there was little traffic here.

I asked him if he had condoms and lube and he said no, he would use spit, no problem. I said sorry, only with condoms. He was very upset. Then he asked me if he could suck me off and I suck him. I was very scared someone would come in but he said his friend would stand there and warn us. I turned to go into a cubicle, but the second man said no, we would do it there near the urinals. What ???? He said it was far more exciting and his friend would make sure no-one could see.

As if to prove it, he undid his belt and dropped his trousers to his ankles. He was wearing boxers but already had an erection which was showing through the front hole. His prick was black, as his skin was dark. He moved across to me and undid my trousers and pushed them to my ankles. He said he wanted me to keep my jockstrap on while he sucked me as he had never done that before. By then I was rigid again, and he pulled it out of the side, leaving me still in my jock. He went down on it and wanked himself at the same time. His friend stood near the door, rubbing himself through is trousers, obviously also erect.

The man sucking me was very experienced with his mouth and his tongue and it felt like the best blow job I had ever had. He slowly sucked up and down, tongued me round the end and sucked my pre-cum, and then went right down on me. I was surprised because I am big but he took it all in, down his throat.

He stopped wanking himself and put his hand under my legs and up into my arsehole. He spat on his fingers and then continued to suck as he finger-fucked me. He plunged another finger inside me and rammed them together as far as they would go at the same time as taking my cock right in too. That was too much for me and I screamed as I shot load after load into his mouth. He swallowed it all and kept on sucking me till he had every drop. He wanted to continue finger-fucking me but I was a bit sore from 2 fingers pushed in hard, as he had done. I removed his hand, and put my semi-hard penis back into the jockstrap. As I was starting to pull up my trousers, he said no, please can I suck him while he leans over me in my jockstrap? I did not realize, but when I bent down to start to suck him, he leant over me and pushed one finger back into my arse. On a jockstrap, that is easy to do, finding my hole between the straps. I told him OK but only one finger.

His penis was musky smelling, and he had pubic hair, which I do not. So I had to be careful of hairs in my mouth. But almost as soon as I started, his finger-fucking made him very horny, and he had been wanking himself while I shot my load in his mouth. So I knew he would not last long. I felt his cock getting harder and harder and swelling and throbbing, so I knew it was cumming shortly. Then he really surprised me. He shouted out, stood up, took his cock out of his mouth and wanked it all over my jockstrap.....cum after cum after cum...thick white. He came an enormous amount and then wiped it all over the rest of my jock, and then all over both cheeks of my exposed bum. He was very excited, although panting a lot. Now I was covered in his spunk both all over the front of my jock and all over my bum cheeks.

I turned round to see his friend still on guard. But now, he had his cock out as well, but trousers still up. He was wanking furiously, moaned and then shot a load over 1 metre, and then a few more smaller and smaller loads. It was in a straight line along the floor to us. I started to move it with my shoes but they both said not to, as this loo was mostly gay and they would love to see and smell it.

They then asked me how much longer I was staying in the Mall because there was another very quiet and discrete loo in the basement near the store rooms and we could all meet up there and maybe mix with some of the store room boys who were always in there looking for fun. I said I could not stay an longer and would not be able to shoot another load then. They said if I could wait for an hour, they were sure they would be able to make me cum again, and we would do something all 3 of us, (or more), together !!

I washed myself and my bottom with their help, thanked them and said goodbye. They asked me when I was coming to the Mall again......................................!!!!!!!



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