As I have told you previously, I only wear thongs, jockstraps and g-strings. I now have over 90 sets of underwear in all shapes, sizes and colours. The Thai boys go crazy on the beach because they are non-stop sex beasts and love to come to see my latest underwear and feel it and try to take it off! That is one thing they cannot do on the gay beach!

The other day, as it was raining, I decided to go round the various shops selling gay underwear and see if there was anything nice. I usually buy them from China on the internet and they are much cheaper. But I use these Chinese prices to negotiate big discounts!

I went in the first one, which had quite a big selection, but at double the price from China. This underwear section is managed by an oldish Thai Queen, complete with makeup. I told him I wanted to see the latest models, so he insisted on taking my waist size, which took forever, as he gave me about 20 fondles at the same time, saying sorry each time. There was no-one else in the shop, and the other assistants were sitting down drinking coffee, so I didn't mind, although I did not 'rise to the occasion'!

I picked out three thongs and one jockstrap and asked if I could try them on. He said, Of course darling, come this way, and took me to a curtained off area. I was surprised when he closed the curtains and he was INSIDE with me. He explained he could help me in and out of them! I was wearing shorts, tee-shirt and a thong underneath. There was a chair inside, so I slipped off my shorts, and took the first sample from him. He said, you must take off your tee-shirt and thong to get the real effect, and proceeded to come over and start pulling off my tee-shirt!

I said I could slip the new ones over my thong as it was not nice for another customer if I tried them on naked. But he said it was alright and I could see the real picture. I was still a limp dick, so dropped my thong on the floor and put out my hand for the first sample. But he brought it to me and said he wanted to check that I could get everything in. With that, he got hold of my balls and penis in his hand and massaged them all together. I told him to stop and let me try the first one on. I was still limp as he(she) did not excite me at all!

I pulled on this lovely red and black thong but, like many over here, they make them too small at the bottom of the pouch, so that my balls hung outside and my penis came right up to the top elastic without any erection. So I said, no good, pointing to my hanging balls and took them off. The other two thongs were exactly the same, too small at the bottom of the pouch - ideal for Asian boys but not for foreigners. Each time he came and patted everything into place and tried to squeeze my balls in as well.

Then came the jockstrap - very beautiful. It was yellow and dark blue and the assistant made a great play at pulling it up, getting the straps right, making sure everything was inside, which, this time, it was. I asked him the price and he told me something ridiculous and I told him I would buy over the internet where prices were less than half. He discounted a little bit, while turning me round to see all views in the mirror. His hand stayed firmly on my bunch and he was slightly squeezing, which started me to come awake. I said not to do that as I was getting strong, and he said he wanted to do that so he could see me erect in the jock. I was now semi hard with a huge bulge out the front. I asked him for more discount, but he said he couldn't, so I took his hand off, dropped out of the jock, and there I was naked with a quickly growing penis. I quickly slipped on my tee-shirt, retrieved my thong and shorts, put them on in record time and pulled open the curtain. There was still no-one in the shop but the girl assistants were all looking at me and him/her with eyes which said did you have him! Before anyone could say anything, I said to them, no he did not have me, and no, I cannot buy them, they are all too expensive. I left the shop with my virginity in tact!

I drove to shop number 2, where a shy pretty boy asked if he could help me. To make him blush, I said I was looking for thongs, jockstraps or g-strings for me! Sure enough, he turned bright red. But he told me they had just a few, because most of these were for women. He took me over to a counter with mostly boxers, briefs, and shorts. But under the boxers, at the back of the counter, he lifted them up to show me just a few thongs and g-strings but no jockstraps. I checked the sizes but they were all too small except one g-string. I asked him if I could try it on and he said sorry but it must stay in the packet and was non-returnable. So that was the end of that one. As I was leaving and he was showing me politely to the door, I quietly asked him what he was wearing. He blushed again and said white briefs (like 95% Thai boys). I told him he would look good in a g-string or a very brief thong, and he said he would love to but could not buy one as he was living at home! He said he had never seen a foreigner in a g-string and wondered what it looked like. I told him it was a very thin piece of string wound the waist, supporting a pouch to hold the tackle and a string from the bottom of the pouch up the bum crease to tie on the waist string.

He told me he had seen pictures of them but never on a real person standing next to him. He asked if it felt very strange with strings up the bum crease and nothing on the bum cheeks. I said I had many at home and would like him to see me in one, feel it, and then try them on himself. He went bright red again and said he was afraid he might come strong. I told him that was the point and very normal, and if he came, he could cum in them, or pull it aside. I asked him to ask his parents if he could come out one evening for an hour or two. They seemed very strict! I asked him how old he was and he said 19! And when asked, he had never had sex with any Thai person or foreigner ever. I got his mobile number and told him I would ring later that night and we might meet one evening. He smiled a big smile and said this would be very exciting as he had only ever seen his father naked having a shower. I told him not to be frightened, and if he liked the g-string, I would give him one of my many, or buy him one he chose new.

He smiled again and then I left the shop, with a huge erection in my shorts! (and very wet from pre-cum).

Then I went to the last one, a small stall in the Central Shopping Mall. This was just men's underwear and was run by a youngish girl. I asked her to show me thongs, jockstraps and g-strings for me, so I would need L or XL or even XXL if they were from China. She showed me where they were and then said she would fetch her brother to help me!

I picked out several items when the brother turned up. I asked him if I could try them on and he said yes, but to keep my underwear on as well. He pulled a curtain round, and like the first ladyboy, he also came inside the curtained off area. He stood as I slipped off my shorts, to stand there in my tee-shirt and thong. He smiled and said I looked lovely in them. He said he was also wearing a thong, which surprised me. He dropped his trousers and stood with them at his ankles. His thong was a plain black one with a contoured front to push the bulge out and make it look big. He asked me what I thought, so I moved over to him and put my hand over his bulge. He gasped and said he had not had sex for over a week, which is so long for Thai boys who usually cum 2 or 3 time a day. I started to massage him and his penis shot up straight, the end coming over the top of his thong. He immediately started to feel me and could see my wet pre-cum mark on the front. By then, I was also erect.

He quickly pushed his thong down on top of his trousers, and then pushed mine down. He had a good sized penis for a Thai boy and mine shot upright. I am completely shaved down there, so it looks even bigger. He immediately started to wank me quite hard, and put my hand on his. He was quite big with a bush of pubic hair as opposed to my completely clean-shaven balls and penis. I started to wank him, but asked him about his sister. He said she understood and would keep customers away.

He asked me to suck him and then he would suck me, and then we could look at his new underwear outside. It was obvious he was just very horny and wanted to cum. I started to suck him and he bent over my back so he could continue to wank me. But then he stopped and started to feel my arse, rubbing his hand all round the edge of my hole, which made me shake and gasp. Then he pushed one finger in slowly, without any lubrication, and started to finger fuck me. He pulled it out and spat on it a big blob which he used as lube and then pushed it in even further.

At the same time he started to fuck my mouth very quickly and I knew he was going to shoot. He pulled me off his cock as he shot an enormous load into my face and then over the curtains and floor when I moved away. He certainly had a huge load and must have spurted out at least 6-8 times. I wiped my eyes clear of his strongly smelling spunk and licked some of my mouth - very salty and strong and spicy.

He then went down on mine and sucked it all in and then kept pulling to the end and licking al round the head of my prick - so sensitive. He drew it all back into his mouth and moved up and down very quickly but gently. I told him I was going to cum and he just nodded. I could not hold it and shot into his mouth. He just kept on sucking me drawing every last drop of spunk from me and swallowing the lot. He got up and said my spunk was lovely and sweet and he wanted to do it again soon.

We cleared up and then got dressed and went to see his products for sale. I chose a pretty little thong in purple with black patterns on it. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to try it on and he would help me, with a big grin on his face. I said I would not buy it then, but would come back again in a day or so so we could try it on with his help - and no doubt help him to spill another load inside the curtains. He was very happy with this suggestion and said he would wait.

I left the store very happy, with2 new friends to follow up. Undoubtedly, I will be writing to you what happened - firstly with the shy boy who had never had sex with anyone, and then with this 2nd boy who not only gave me a fabulous blow job, but also shot such a super load.



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