Charlie was just sitting all alone in his apartment. He wondered if going out would make him feel better. It had only been 2 weeks since Mark had left him. He could still remember how good it felt to have Mark's cock up his ass. He thought about the nights when they stayed awake just fooling around all night. Between his mouth and his ass he could make Mark and himself cum 6 times in one night. He couldn't figure out why Mark would have left that.

Instead of staying home yet one more night he decided to try out a new bar, the Door, a place that a couple of friends said they heard had opened. None of them had been there yet but Charlie thought going to the same old dance club with the same group of people that he had gone with him and Mark would just make him feel worse.

He punched the address into his car's GPS and headed out. He hadn't told any of his friends where he was going, he didn't want to spend any time with them, they would just remind him of Mark.

His GPS told him that he was arriving but he didn't see any sign for the bar. There was nothing that said The Door that he could see. He ended up parking about a block from where it was supposed to be, locked up his car and walked back to where his GPS said it was located, still nothing. Then he saw some guys dressed in blue jeans and t-shirts turn into an alley not far from where he stood. He waited and then some guys came up behind him, passed him, and then turned into the alley. As they turned they both looked back at him with a grin. These guys had also been dressed in jeans and t-shirts. Had he overdressed? He had gone out with his usual bar clothes, a pair of black skinny jeans and a silver tank top.

He turned into the alley and saw one single light above a black door. When he reached the door he saw the sign that said "Beware All Those Who Come Through this Door". He thought that was an unusual sign for a gay bar but went ahead and opened the door.

There was a guy by the door that told him he didn't have to pay the $10 cover. From Charlie's vantage point it looked like the room was a big rectangle with a rectangular bar in the middle. It left about 8 feet between the bar and the wall all the way around. There were an army of shirtless bartenders serving drinks to men that were lined up around the bar. There were video screens spread out along the walls. Some were showing sports while other were showing porn. Charlie decided he was definitely not dressed correctly for the bar and turned around to leave when someone but their arm around him. "Hey there, what's your name cutie?"


"Well Charlie, why don't you let me buy you a drink. What can I get you?"

"How about a vodka and cranberry?"

"Kid, they don't serve drinks like that here. How about a vodka rocks?"

"Sure, I guess."

"By the way, name's Russ." He stuck out a beefy hand and shook Charlie's hand.

Russ guided Charlie to the bar. "Get my friend Charlie a vodka rocks, make it a double, and I'll take another Jack and Coke."

"I probably shouldn't, I'm driving."

"Don't worry about it, we'll call you a cab if you get drunk. We do that for our friends around here."

One of the shirtless bartenders brought over both drinks but seemed to only ask Russ for enough for only just one their drinks.

Russ guided Charlie around the bar introducing him to some of the men along the way. Most of the men were really built guys wearing jeans and t-shirts. Some of the guys had tats around their biceps or running down their arms. He did notice a couple of other guys that looked more like him, tight pants and bright shirts, but not many.

At the back of the bar were a couple of pool tables surrounded by men in the same outfit of jeans and t-shirts. Charlie was amazed how buff all these guys looked and it seemed like they were all checking him out. It made Charlie feel better, see Mark really didn't know what he had given up if these hot guys were all checking him out.

Russ continued to move Charlie around the bar. Russ kept his hand on the small of Charlie's back. "Drink up kid, have some fun." Charlie took a couple more sips of his drink. "Come on kid, that's not how we drink around here." Russ raised his Jack and Coke to his mouth and knocked it back. "That's how you do it at the Door." Charlie took his drink and knocked it back but ended up coughing and sputtering. Russ slapped him on his back. "Give my friend here a shot of tequila."

"No, that's alright I'm fine."

"You can't turn down a drink from a friend can ya?" Charlie was handed the tequila and shot it. No salt or lemon, just straight tequila. Charlie was starting to feel warm.

As Russ kept guiding Charlie around the bar he noticed that Russ was taking $20 bills from some of the men in the bar while handing them something back. Suddenly Russ had another double vodka and handed it to Charlie. "Drink up kid, the night is young."

Charlie had too much to drink too fast, he was feeling very happy. He put a hand on Russ' arm. His hand looked so small compared to Russ' biceps. Charlie gave them a feel. "You like those muscles kid? There's more where that came from." Russ gave Charlie a smile.

"Can you point me to the men's room?"

"Sure can, in fact I'll take you, I need to take a piss too."

As they were headed to the john Charlie noticed a door with a black curtain over it. "What's back there?"

"Another part of the bar that hasn't opened yet."

They reached the bathroom. There was a line but when Charlie and Russ showed up the line parted letting them in first. There was no door, in fact it was pretty open to the bar itself; a couple of urinals; two sinks; and some stalls without doors. Charlie went up to a urinal and Russ took the one next to him. Russ stood far enough back that Charlie could see that he had a cock that matched the rest of his body, big and thick like the rest of his muscles. While Charlie peed he felt a hand on his ass, he looked to Russ but it wasn't his, it was somebody behind him. Charlie also saw a dick coming through a hole in the stall wall next to him. Russ put his hand back on Charlie's back and gently guided him down toward the cock. "Go ahead kid, give it a taste." Charlie's head was fuzzy and he tried to step back but Russ was insistent as was the unseen guy with his hand on Charlie's ass.

Charlie finally thought, "what the fuck, I haven't had any cock in two weeks I deserve some." He bent over and put his mouth over the dick sticking through the hole. Like Russ' it was long and thick and it felt so good. While he was sucking the nice cock Charlie felt more hands on his ass and his pecs. He even felt someone playing with his dick that he hadn't put back in his pants.

From the other side of the stall he heard someone say "that's good kid, you're a good cocksucker." That made Charlie feel better than he had been. Charlie felt what he thought was Russ' hand move up to his neck and start to guide him up and down the cock sticking through the hole. Without warning Charlie's mouth was filled with a load of cream from the unseen man. When he had swallowed it all he stood up. Russ spoke to the stall wall, "how'd he do bud?"

"He's not bad."

"Not bad? What the fuck does that mean?"

"Maybe someone else should try him out."

Russ helped Charlie stand straight up. "Let's go get another drink kid." Russ guided Charlie back out to the bar. By the service area he flipped up a part of the bar and took Charlie through into the interior of the serving space. "Charlie, I'd like to introduce you to Frank, the owner of the bar." Russ leaned over to one of the bartenders and got Charlie another vodka. As he was handing it to Charlie, Russ said "Frank is a great guy but he's always working, he hardly has anytime for fun. Charlie would you do me a favor? Why don't you get down on your knees and give Frank a blow job, he deserves one." Charlie wasn't quite sure what to do, his mind was so foggy. He had had the equivalent of 7 drinks in less than an hour. "I know what might help." Russ took out a small bottle from his back pocket and put it under Charlie's nose. "Breath, that's right, now do it again." Charlie woke up quick. "Come on Charlie, help a friend out."

Frank had already taken his cock out of his jeans. Just like the guy in the stall Frank's cock was pretty impressive. Big head that tapered down to an even wider base. Russ pushed down on Charlie's shoulder until he was on his knees in front of Frank's cock. Russ leaned down next to Charlie's ear, "go ahead kid, you know you want to." For the next 5 minutes Charlie worked Frank's cock over, taking it almost all the way to the base. Charlie heard some of the patrons really getting into the scene so Charlie put on a real show of eating Frank's cock. He'd turn his head right and left so that the head of Frank's cock pushed out his cheeks. He then lifted his mouth off of Frank's cock and started licking and sucking his balls while Frank's cock bounced off his face and head. When he took Frank's cock back into his mouth it was only a brief moment before Frank filled Charlie's mouth to overflowing. When the crowd could see the cum leaking out of Charlie's mouth they gave a big cheer. Frank announced, "He'll do." As Frank helped Charlie up he saw Russ going around and grabbing more $20 bills from men's hands and handing them what looked like a ticket.

"Sorry boys, but there's no more room, maybe next time. Everyone with a ticket go through the door and drop your ticket in the fish bowl."

Turning back to Charlie, "I think there's time for one more drink kid." Russ had another double vodka in his hand.

"I'm good."

"No kid, you want one more drink, take it and drink it."

As Russ guided Charlie toward the door at the back of the bar he could see that a lot of men were also going through. The guys that were still at the bar were bitching and moaning but took the time to slap Charlie on the ass and saying things like "enjoy it kid", "have fun", "got get 'em tiger."

After the last man had gone through the door Russ and Charlie followed. In front of Charlie was another door. Off to the side were a small group of men standing in obvious anticipation. When Charlie looked up he could see that there was a balcony that ran around the room filled with spectators.

Russ turned Charlie toward him, "here's what's going to happen kid, you're going to walk through this door that will take you into a room shaped like a stop sign. Besides this door there will be seven more doors. One of the doors leads out to another alley, if you open that door you can decide to leave or stay. Another other door that you open you have to do whatever is waiting for you. All these men you see above you paid good money for a show and we know you can give them a good show. These men you see standing over here all won tonight's lottery, they get to be the men on the other side of each door. Are you ready?"

Charlie's head was still spinning. Russ took out the small bottle again and placed it under Charlie's nostrils and told him to breathe again. Russ guided Charlie to the door and opened it for him, he then gently pushed him through and closed the door behind him. A cheer rose from the gallery above Charlie. Charlie looked around, there was a bed that had some restraints on it, there was a chair, and there were some restraints also hanging from the wall.

Charlie took a minute and looked at each door, which one should he open first? He went to the other side of the room and opened the door. A bull of a man walked through the door. He was at least 6'3" or 6'4" with a solid body of at least 275 pounds. His cock hung halfway to his knees. The crowd above started chanting "off with your clothes, off with clothes, off with your clothes." When Charlie pulled off his shiny tank top and cheer rose from the crowd. He kicked off his slip-ons and then lowered his skinny jeans. Another cheer rose from the crowd. Charlie hadn't worn any underwear so he stood beneath the crowd naked and with a boner.

The big man took Charlie's arm and brought him over to the bed. The big man laid down on the bed and reached under the mattress and pulled out a bottle of lube. With Charlie watching the big man started lubing up his huge cock. He made sure to give the audience a show of slowly making his cock grow to its true majesty. When he was ready he grabbed Charlie and like a bunch of firewood he picked him up and had him straddle him. When he was in place he again picked Charlie up and put his asshole at the top of his cock. At that point the big guy let gravity take over and Charlie impaled himself on the big guy's cock. When the head finally pushed through and Charlie had stopped moaning the big man started to pull Charlie down on his cock, Charlie threw his head back and screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. The crowd roared. Charlie had never felt so full in his life, not even Mark could make him feel like this. Slowly Charlie slide down the rest of the big man's cock until his butt was resting on the guy's nuts. The big man grabbed Charlie's waist and started raising and lowering him on his immense appendage. Charlie's head was spinning. The big man picked up the pace and started moving Charlie faster and faster. It was too much for Charlie, he couldn't hold back, he shot a load of cum out and over the big man's head, however some did land on the man's face and chest. When that happened the big man shot his load up into Charlie's ass. You could see it sliding out of Charlie's ass and back down the big cock. The big man lifted Charlie off his dick and set him back down on the floor. Charlie wanted to scream, he never felt so empty before. The big man told Charlie to lick up the cum that had leaked out of Charlie's ass onto his cock and to lick his own off the big man's face and chest. Charlie did it and as he did another cheer came from the crowd.

The big man left and the cheer from above became "open another door, open another door." Charlie looked at all the doors and went to one. He opened a door and there was a smaller guy with no clothes on. He walked over and lubed up Charlie's cock and started stroking it until it was filled with blood then he attached a cock ring around Charlie's dick and balls. The smaller guy then got on the bed and pulled his knees back toward his head. The crowd roared "fuck him, fuck him". Charlie climbed on the bed and got on his knees and aimed his cock toward the guys waiting hole. Just before he was ready to start Russ came into what only could be called an arena and stuck the small bottle under Charlie's nostrils again. "Go get him kid."

Charlie slid his cock into the guys' ass and it felt good. He leaned over and put a hand on either side of the guy's chest. He started using his legs to give him some momentum to keep driving his dick into the man's pussy. He felt like he could fuck the world and started telling the man what a pussy he was. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The crowd was roaring. Charlie's cock felt like it was going to explode the cock ring and gotten so tight. The small guy said "pull out when you're ready so they can see you cum." After about a dozen more thrusts Charlie pulled out and started stroking this cock. The small guy reached forward and released the cock ring and Charlie shot at least 5 feet into the sky which than landed on the little guy who rubbed the sperm all over his body. The guy got up and went back out the door.

"Open another door" started again. Charlie walked over and pulled open a door. Two of the bigger guys came in wearing shirts but nothing below. They took Charlie over to the wall with the restraints and had him get on his knees. They attached his hands against the wall so tight that all Charlie could do was lean his head against it. Both guys started beating their cocks until they were almost hard then they put the heads of their cocks against Charlie's lips. Charlie knew what he was supposed to do. He started to lick both heads and took turns rubbing his tongue up and down each of the shafts. When they appeared to be fully engorged Charlie started alternating between the two cocks sucking them in as far as he could. Both cocks were big enough to hit the back of his throat. After working their cocks for a few minutes both men pulled back. One of the guys put his hand around both of the cocks and brought them to Charlie's lips, one of them said "open up kid." Charlie opened his jaw as much as he could and was surprised to find out that he could take both heads in his mouth. They rubbed their heads over his tongue while the one guy was stroking both. They both pulled their cocks back and one of the guys whispered, "keep your mouth open" and then both cocks fired off with most of the cum going into Charlie's mouth but some covered his face. While he used his tongue to get some of it the crowd cheered again. The guys walked out.

Charlie knew it was time to pick another door, he walked to one and opened it. Again it was two guys but both were fully dressed. One of the men was holding a black dildo that looked to be about 12 inches with lots of ridges and bumps. The other man took Charlie and had him lay on the bed again. He made Charlie bring his knees back close to his head and had him hold them there with the crook of his elbows. When he had, the man attached the restraints so that Charlie couldn't move his arms therefore keeping his ass exposed. He has also slide Charlie back enough that his head was hanging over the end of the bed. As the one man started to push the dildo against Charlie's ass the other man was opening his zipper and pulling out yet another large cock. After the head of the dildo was through the opening of Charlie's ass the man started twisting it which rubbed the ridges against the walls of Charlie's ass. The other guy was rubbing his cock against Charlie's inverted lips. Charlie couldn't resist, he took the head of the cock into his mouth and sucked it like he was baby on a bottle, the guy groaned. The guy with the dildo pushed it in a little farther which made Charlie's body spasm. With each inch pushed in the guy would rotate the dildo rubbing the ridges and bumps even more into Charlie. Charlie was screaming in pleasure but nobody heard because the cock was now farther into his mouth. Inch by inch the dildo went in and there was turn each time. At some point it hit Charlie's prostate and he flinched again. Each time that happened the dick went further down his throat, Charlie could hardly breathe. At some point the dildo couldn't go into Charlie's ass any farther, he could feel the start of the handle against his hole. Because of the position he was in, Charlie's cock was aimed at his chin. With one last twist of the dildo the other guy pulled his cock out of Charlie's throat and he lifted up his head enough so that when Charlie shot it went into his own mouth while the other guy pointed his cock down and added his spunk that that of Charlie's which he swallowed eagerly. The dildo was pulled out of ass and Charlie whimpered with desire. Another cheer from the gallery. Before they left the two man released Charlie from the restraints.

After catching his breath, Charlie went to another door and swung open the door. This time it was a man holding a feather and a lite candle. He directed Charlie to the wall restraints again. The man put both the candle and the feather down and started to attach the restraints. When he pulled the restraints at his ankles and his wrists Charlie found he could not move at all. The man picked up both the candle and the feather from the floor. He started running the feather along the shaft of Charlie's cock which unbelievably started to grow yet again. The man tickled his balls and the spot between his balls and his asshole. Charlie struggled against the restraints, it was almost too much. Then the man raised the candle and let some wax fall on Charlie's chest, while it burned slightly it felt incredible. The man continued to tease Charlie's cock with the feather. Charlie's cock was painfully hard again. Another drop of wax hit Charlie's arm which he tried to move, then the other arm, then his chest again. When Charlie didn't think he could take it anymore the man let just one drop of wax fall on the shaft of Charlie's cock. That was all it took for Charlie to shoot yet again. The crowd roared. The man released him and left the space. Only two doors remained and Charlie picked one. When he opened it Russ was standing there.

Russ was completely naked. Charlie admired his chiseled body. His muscles were huge as was what hung between his legs. The only thing that Russ had with him was the little bottle. This time he didn't need to say anything when he put it under Charlie's nose.

"Kid, you know that you were never going to find the door to leave until you did all that just happened, but you do have a choice now. I'm going to fuck you, I can do it nice and easy or I can do it rough and hard. Which is it going to be?"

"Rough and hard."

Within a second Russ had me up against the wall and was spreading my legs. I could feel his hard cock against my skin, it felt like it was burning me. Then I felt the tip of his cock against my asshole. He pushed it in with one quick, hard thrust. Even though my ass had been filled with the big man's cock and the dildo, mine felt tight against Russ'. In my ear Russ asked, "how does that feel kid?"

"It feels incredible, give me some more."

Russ pulled back and then shoved it in again. Trying to make him feel good I squeezed my ass as hard as I could around his thick cock. Russ moaned. I guess that gave Russ the permission to fuck me the way he wanted which was hard and fast. He was slamming me against the wall with such force there were times I was off my feet. In addition Russ was sucking my neck and stroking my cock. After a few more hard thrusts I felt yet another load of spunk fill my pussy. When that happened I came all over Russ' hand and the wall. Russ raised his hand to my mouth and I licked off my cum. The crowd gave its loudest cheer. I leaned against the wall exhausted with Russ' chest pressed against my back. It felt right.

The crowd started to return to the bar. As I leaned back into Russ' chest I realized I had cum 5 times. Even though Mark had made me cum 6 times in one night these 5 were much better. With my body against Russ' we walked out the final door.

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