For those who haven't read some of my other diary entries, I'm Chad. Currently I am 30, but at the time of this entry I was 23 and it was 2008. Just like then I'm 5'10", 165 pounds of well-defined muscles from my years playing baseball and regular workouts, blue/green eyes and dirty blonde hair that I like to make look fashionably messy. When I was taking classes at a local community college, I found out that I liked, I mean really liked, cock and cum. Some people call me a cum whore, a label that I wear with pride.

After community college, I transferred to State and graduated in 2007 with a degree in business. I didn't have much luck finding a job after graduation so I took a job at a customer call center just to make some money so I could move out of my parents' house and buy a car to replace my piece of shit Chevy. That didn't work out to well, I blew the owner's son and his friend in my cubicle and got fired, sometimes I just can't help myself.

After being fired, I started doing temp work. My first temp position was at a garage to help the owner get organized for an IRS audit. What actually happened was I ended up helping a hunky FBI agent take down some bad guys that worked at the garage who were into drugs, money laundering and when I showed up, prostitution. I wasn't too forthcoming with the FBI on some of the money that I made with my ass and mouth that week. I ended up walking away with just a little less than $20,000.

My plan had been to use the money for an apartment and a car but as fate would have it, my father was laid off, so I decided to stay with my parents and help them with their mortgage and other bills while my father looked for work. I just let them think I was making more at the temp jobs than I actually was. The one good benefit of living at home was that my Mom still did most of my laundry (some things I had to take care of myself because of the cum stains) and made me good meals, when I wanted to eat something other than cock. Those benefits allowed me to spend more time out looking for cock and cum since I didn't have to worry about those activities if I had my own place.

After almost a year of temp work and interviewing for jobs, I was offered a position at a national bank in their human resources division. As an entry level job it didn't pay that great but it was a hell of a lot more than I had been earning. Luckily my Dad found a job at the same time. The time had finally come for me to move out. Without too much looking I found a nice one-bedroom apartment in North Central Phoenix. It was just a few blocks from a station for the new light rail that was going to open by the end of the year. When that happened I could ride the train to work and not have to worry about parking.

My parents had let me take my bedroom furniture and with some of the money I still had, I went to IKEA and bought some living room furniture and a dining room table and chairs. I will never, ever, buy anything from IKEA again, the stuff was a bitch to put together. My mother had co-signed so I could get a VISA credit card. While it was supposed to be for emergencies, I used it to buy a 42" TV and an Xbox. After signing up for cable and internet, it was time to take my remaining money and use it for a down payment on a car.

One of the benefits of working at a bank was the ability to get a car loan easier than it would have been at other banks a dealership, they knew where to find me. Based on my salary and my lack of much credit history, I only got preapproved for up to $16,000. I still had $2,000 for a down payment and my piece of shit Chevy had to be worth something, so I thought I would be able to get something for $17,000 or $18,000 plus all the various fees. When I did my research I found out that I was not going to be able to buy anything new with that amount of money that I would want to be seen in. I had standards to uphold, well, at least as they were about cars.

My options were to find a good used car at a dealership or find a private seller. I even considered buying a used rental car but I thought that they probably had too many different drivers, which kind of freaked me out, even though I had probably be driven by more men than the rental car had. According to some of the used car listings in the newspaper or on-line, I realized my car was only worth about $500 at best. So I was sure that a dealership wasn't going to give me much, or anything, for the car as a trade-in.

I had heard people at work talking about an on-line thing called Craigslist where people sold all sorts of stuff so I decided to give it a try both to find a car but also to sell the piece of shit Chevy. When I pulled up the site, I was amazed at the amount of stuff that was for sale by people. There was even a section about men wanting to meet other men for a variety of things, I'd have to check that out sometime.

There were close to 2,000 car listings in the Phoenix area, so I used some search parameters to narrow it down. It had to be automatic and of course it had to be a nice color, something that went with my eyes. I also wanted something with low mileage. I was happy to see that there were quite a few choices in blue and green. I found an ad for a Honda and replied to the seller saying I would like to take a look at the car. The owner lived in one of the suburbs of Phoenix. I arranged to meet him after work the next day.

The next day I pulled up in front of a nice suburban house, embarrassed to be in my piece of crap. It was summer in Phoenix, so I hurried from my car to the front door and rang the bell. The door was opened by a man younger than me but several inches taller and maybe 30 pound heavier. All he was wearing was a pair of cutoffs and some flip flops. It took me a second to raise my eyes from his well-defined torso to his face.


"I'm here about the car."

"Fuck! Dad, Dad, it's for you."

A good looking man, that I guessed to be in his early 40s, came to the door. The son stood eye to eye with his father, "You're seriously going to sell my car?"

"We told you, if we ever found out that you drank and then drove the car again that we were going to take it away."

"Come on, it was only a couple of beers with my friends, I only drove a couple of blocks."

"You have to learn there are consequences for your actions."

"But I'm leaving for college in a few weeks, I need a car."

"You should have thought about that."

The son stomped away with a "Fuck you Dad."


I had to say that watching the son walk away was a nice view. The cutoffs looked like they had been painted on. I regretted not getting a good look down when he answered the door. I would have liked to see what they did for his package.

"Sorry about Brett, he's not too happy as you can see. Let me show you the car." This was one of those homes that my parents wished they could buy. A large house on a large lot with a three car garage. We walked through the foyer and into the kitchen to get to the garage. The kitchen had all the stuff my Mom dreamed about, stainless appliances and granite counter tops. When I looked out of the window, I could see Brett skimming the pool. His father must have seen me look, "Yeah, we also are making him do all the pool work until he leaves for college." I could see the sun reflect off the sheen of sweat covering his upper body.

We entered the 3 car garage and I saw a Mercedes, a BMW and the blue Honda. I walked around it, running my hand across the metal like I was expecting to feel something. "It's funny, he's pissed that we're talking the car away from him but when we got it for him on his 16th birthday, he didn't like it, said it wasn't 'man' enough for him." I didn't respond. I opened the driver's door and slid into the seat. Even though it looked like the car had been recently detailed, it smelled like the locker room of the baseball team I managed in community college.

"Would you mind if I took it for a test drive?"

"Not at all, but I've got a call I've got to jump on and my wife isn't home yet. I'll have Brett go with you."

As I waited by the car, I could hearing what sounded like arguing from inside the house. The door to the garage opened and Brett came out. I heard his father say, "At least put a shirt on for Christ's sake." When the door to the garage closed, Brett gave his father the finger and then hit the button to open the garage door.

I got in the driver's side while Brett got in the passenger side. The keys were in the ignition, I turned it on and the engine started right up and sounded good. I backed out of the garage and Brett reached over to the visor above my head and pushed a remote that closed the garage door. He smelled of sun and masculine musk. As we pulled on the street, he saw my piece of shit Chevy and laughed. "Is that your car, dude? No wonder you're looking for a new car."

While I was silently driving, trying to get a feel for the car, Brett went off on his parents: how they were being mean; how they were punishing him for the same shit they probably did when they were his age; how he was going to be the laughing stock when he showed up at college without a car; how he probably wouldn't get into a fraternity since he didn't have a car; and worst of all, how he'd never get laid. He just went on and on. Even though I was trying to keep my eyes on the road, out of the corner I couldn't help but admire the kid's body. Not once did he ever ask about me. When I would ask him about the car, he would always give me some dismissive response, mostly, "How the hell should I know, my parents take care of all the car shit."

We sat in silence while I took the car onto the highway. The car did have pretty good acceleration and the alignment seemed good (at this point you are probably thinking, how the hell would I know about that stuff, but I do). As we pulled off the highway, Brett asked, "You're a fag, right?"

Taken totally off guard, "What?"

"You're a fag, you're just like those band and theater nerds that would follow me and my friends around like fucking puppies." I couldn't decide if I was offended or turned on. "You get into dick, right? You like having some guy shot their wad in your mouth or ass. From the moment I opened the door, I could tell you were a cocksucker from the way that you looked at me." His cock must have started to get hard, because when he started to grab his crotch and I glanced over, the tip of his dick was sticking out of the leg of his cutoffs. "You probably want to suck my big dick right now, don't ya fag?"

Part of my mind was screaming NO but the other part was screaming YES. "How old are you?"

"Don't worry fag, I turned 18 last month." No 18 year old should have the body this kid had. "Turn into this park up ahead and go to the far corner of the parking lot."

By the time I had put the car in park, Brett had his cutoffs pushed down to his knees and his cock was sticking straight up. There was no conversation, there was just Brett grabbing my head and pulling me down to his cock, all I could do was open my mouth and let him pull me down until his cock head pressed the back of my throat. Brett had a lot to learn about feeding a man his cock. "Come on faggot, you've got a couple more inches to take." He just kept pushing my head down.

I kept trying to pull my head back up. If he really wanted a blow job, I intended to show him how good it could be but he had his own ideas, he just kept holding me in place. Brett was the perfect example of 'young, hung and ready to cum', his cock barely moved in my mouth and he shot his load. Because of the angle my head was at, some of Brett's cum dripped out of my mouth, so the least I could do was lick it off of his balls and thighs. I had to admit, Brett did have pretty tasty cum. When I had finished licking, Brett pushed my head away, "You liked that, didn't you, and it was probably the best cock you've ever had, right?" I was sort of glad that his parents had taken his car away, the guy was a tool.

Once the very unsatisfying blow job, at least for me, was done, I started the car and we drove back to Brett's house while he pulled up his cutoffs. When I pulled the car into the garage, Brett jumped out without a word. He didn't even say anything to his father as they passed each other at the door to the kitchen.

"Well, what did you think?"

There were so many ways I could have answered that question but I went with the easiest, "I think I'm looking for something bigger with a better ride."

"Wait, I'm sure we could working something out."

"Let your son have his car, he's going to need it." I walked back to my piece of shit and drove back to my new apartment.

The next day at work I searched Craigslist again, which I probably shouldn't have done on company time and a company computer, but I found another possibility. It was a green Hyundai with only 10,000 miles. Since it was a couple of years old, the low mileage was either a good sign or a really bad sign. I made arrangements to see the car.

The next day, when I finished work I had enough time to go back to my apartment and get out of work clothes before I went to see the car. I put on one of my non-work outfits, a tight t-shirt, that was just a Iittle bit short, and a pair of jeans that weren't in too bad of shape. They were well worn, and fit my ass great, but they did have a couple of rips on one of the knees and another on my thigh. I slipped into the common summer footwear for Phoenix, flip flops, which matched the color of my t-shirt.

I went to a house in a new gated community that was on the farther southern edge of the City. The green Hyundai was sitting in the driveway of the house at the address I had been given. While I hoped that another hot, shirtless, man would open the door instead it was a middle-aged woman. Looking at my outfit, she asked if I could afford what she was asking. I showed her my preapproval letter which seemed to make her more comfortable. When I asked why she was selling, she was pretty vague. When I asked to do a test drive, she just handed me the keys. She did want to see my license and proof of insurance. She also asked for the keys to my piece of shit Chevy. "Just have it back before it gets too dark. You know what I mean", I didn't, "the neighborhood north of here isn't safe after dark, I always here police sirens." It made me wonder why she moved to her community if she felt that way or was it just racism making her say it.

"I don't think I'll be that long."

I walked around the car and I couldn't find a single scratch or dent. When I got into the driver's seat, I was pleased with the interior, it looked like she really took care of the car. When I pulled out of the gated community and turned onto Baseline, it felt like the car was pulling to the right. Even though my piece of shit Chevy pulled to the right, I didn't expect it from a car that was relatively new. The car also felt like the automatic transmission had some problems. I decided that I needed to have someone look at the car. My father had mentioned that I should do that anyway.

I had driven to the southern edge of the city on Central Avenue and had seen both national and locally owned auto repair places. There was no way I was going back to the garage where I had the temp job, even though the thought of it made my mouth water and ass twitch.

I went to one of the local places since I thought the national chains would charge me an arm and a leg for checking the car out. This part of town was what the car owner had been talking about, the area was mostly Latino and African-American but didn't have any more problems than other parts of the city.

Even though it was close to 7 pm, I did spot a garage that looked well-kept and still open. I pulled in their lot and parked the Hyundai. The name on the building was Mateo Motors, it was then that I noticed a line of used cars with prices written on their windshields. Thinking that it actually wasn't a garage, I started to put the car in gear to pull away when there was a rap on my window. I jumped and turned to look at who it was. I was looking at a very attractive man, his skin was the color of milk chocolate and he had straight black hair pulled back into a small pony tail. He was wearing a white, short sleeved, camp shirt. The material was so fine I could see his muscle definition perfectly. It was prefect for a summer day in Phoenix. As I rolled down the window, I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his black jeans that was almost at my eye level.

"Hey, what can we help you with?" A lot of thoughts went through my mind that had nothing to do with cars.

"I'm thinking about buying this car and I wanted to get it inspected to find out if there are any problems."

"We're just getting ready to close."

"Please. I only have the car for a little while."

The man glanced toward the open garage door and I saw that he was looking at who must be the mechanic. He too was wearing black jeans but had a white, wife beater instead of a camp shirt. There was a couple of grease stains on the shirt that highlighted how tight it was over his chest. "Hey, AJ, you got enough time to inspect this car?"

"Sure, Sophia is expecting me but I'll just give her a call." There was something about the man that looked familiar to me.

"We can do it for $100, does that work for you?"


"Leave the keys in the car and AJ or my brother will pull it in. Come into the office and get out of the heat." I followed the man into an office area that wasn't small but it wasn't that large either. I enjoyed walking behind him because of the way his ass looked in his jeans.

"Nick, go pull this guy's car into the bay." A man that had been sitting behind a desk stood up, he looked like a duplicate of the guy I had been talking to. Same size and coloring, the only difference was that his straight, black hair was hanging loose around his face and he kept pushing it off his forehead. Instead of a camp shirt, he was wearing a white shirt with sleeves rolled up beyond his biceps. The shirt hung loose since it was open. His smooth pecs and six pack showing for all to see. His dark wash jeans rode low on his hips. I could see the brand name of his underwear.

The man who had come to my car told me to have a seat. "We were just going to have a beer before we went home, do you want one?"

"Sure, thanks." After he handed me a beer and opened one for himself, I glanced around the office. There was a picture of an older Hispanic man with an attractive African-American woman. Standing with them was the guy who had handed me the beer and the man he had called Nick. Seeing them side by side in the picture it was obvious that they were brothers. There was an attractive young woman in the picture also. "Nice picture."

"Thanks, that's our parents, me and my brother Nick and my sister Sophia. This place is named for our father, Mateo. He doesn't come around much anymore, he lets the three of us take care of things." The brothers' skin tone made sense now, part Latino and part African-American. It made for a nice look.

Just making conversation, "You mean, you, your brother and your sister."

"No, Alejandro or AJ, the guy in the garage is married to our sister."

"Oh, and your name is?"

"Sorry, I'm Miguel. And you are?"


Nick, Miguel's brother, had come back to the office and grabbed a beer. He sat back down at the desk and put his feet up. I didn't know where to let my eyes come to rest, the brothers were so hot. Just then AJ came into the office. Directed at me, "Come on out here." He seemed a bit nervous. All of a sudden it dawned on me where I had seen him before. A couple times when I had been at one of the adult bookstores in town, AJ had been there. He was just the kind of guy I was drawn to, a man that is built and has that rough trade thing going on. Sometimes I think that some of the men try to act like that when they were hanging around the bookstore but AJ was the real deal. I had to admit that there were several times that I had stalked him in the bookstore but we never hooked up, at least that I knew about, I may have sucked his cock a time or two through a glory hole.

"How long ago was the accident?"

"Huh, what accident?"

"This is your car, right?"

As we continued to talk, we kept getting farther and farther from the office. "No, I'm thinking about buying it."

When we got to the rear of the car, the trunk was open and completely blocked the view from the office. AJ whispered, "I know you, you're one of the cocksuckers at the bookstore downtown. You say anything to my brother-in-laws and I'll kick the shit out of you. They say anything to their Dad and Sophia than I'm going to lose a share in this place." AJ was so close to me that I could feel the heat emanating from his body. He smelled like hard work and Irish Spring.

"Why would I say anything?"

"I hear what you queers guys say to each other, 'how big this guy is and how much cum that guy shoots', shit like that. I don't need you saying anything about my cock." While he said all of this his hand was on his crotch and he was kneading it.

"Don't worry about it, I'm just here about the car."

He calmed down a bit and then pointed to something in the trunk. "See that bend in the metal right there?"

"Yeah." He had moved so that he was standing right behind me.

"That indicates to me that the car was in an accident, I'm guessing it was read ended." I could sense that he was even closer and then knew it when he pushed his crotch into my ass and added, "I bet you like to get rear ended." I'm so bad that I pushed my ass back. "Follow me." I was hoping he was going to take me somewhere to rear end me, but instead we went to the front of the car where the hood was up. "By what I see up here, I'm pretty sure that this car was in a chain reaction pile-up." That actually happened quite often in Phoenix because of the monsoons and the dust storms. He did something and the car rose from the ground. AJ pointed out that there was some damage to the front axle.

"Thanks, I won't be buying this car."

After he lowered the car and closed the hood and the trunk, he gripped my shoulder and walked me back to the office. "Guys, you're not going to believe this, this maricon just asked if I wanted a blow job instead of paying us. He even grabbed my junk." I was confused, he didn't want me to say anything and yet he was telling them that I had propositioned him, not that it was a bad idea or anything. Miguel just stared at me and AJ while Nick got an evil grin on his face. "I bet this faggot hasn't ever seen a real man's dick only other little fag dicks." Nick agreed with AJ but Miguel just looked uncomfortable.

It was Nick that said, "Maybe we should show him." The way he was slurring his words, he obviously had started on the beers earlier that day. He got up from the desk and began rubbing the prominent bulge in his jeans. I could see that AJ's bulge was growing.

Miguel spoke, "Come on guys, I don't feel right about this."

"Why not Bro? From what you've told me, you've been having a dry spell lately, you probably have a case of blue balls. If this little puta wants our cocks why not make him happy, right AJ?" I finally got it, if AJ got the brothers to go along with this, they would have nothing to use against him if they found out sometime in the future about him getting blow jobs from someone other than his wife. "Come on Miguel, whip it out." Nick was saying that while he was opening the front of his jeans and pushing down the front of his underwear revealing a nice, fat cock.

"Wait a minute." I thought Miguel was going to stop what I was now starting to look forward to, but instead he went to the office door and closed the blinds. He then went to the door to the garage and I heard the bay doors close.

It was Nick that took the lead, he came over to me and grabbed my hand and brought it to his dick, "You like that? This is man's cock. Think you can handle it?" By now AJ had pulled his cock out and was stroking it while the bulge in Miguel's jeans was obviously growing. "Get down on your knees."

Watching all three men, I got down on my knees. Nick turned to Miguel, "We'll give you the honors little brother." Nick directed the next comment to me, "I'm not talking about his dick size, it's as big as mine, I just meant that he was born a minute after I was." Twins! "Help him get it out, cocksucker."

I scooted over to Miguel and put my hand on his bulge, leaned in and nuzzled it. Then I leaned back on my heels and undid the front of Miguel's jeans. He hadn't moved but when I struggled to get his cock out of his boxer briefs, he helped. They were definitely twins, if I didn't see which cock was attached to which man, I wouldn't know one from the other. I reached over to Nick, grabbed his cock and pulled him toward his brother. I started alternating between the two cock heads, moving my tongue all around both, getting them slick with my spit. Then I started taking the heads of their cocks between my lips, first Nick and then Miguel. Nick was getting into it but Miguel still seemed uncomfortable. When my lips were wrapped around Miguel's dick, Nick said, "Let me help you hermano." Nick put his hand on the back of my head and applied pressure, pushing me farther onto his brother's cock.

AJ asked, "What's it feel like, Miguel?" He really was building his story.

"It....feels....fucking nice."

"See I told you little brother." Nick then pulled me from Miguel's dick and brought my face to his and I gobbled it down. Twins had always been one of my fantasies. At one point I pulled both cocks together and worked to get both heads into my hungry mouth but they were too big. I started to lick the precum that was oozing from both men. AJ came into view, he was stroking his dick. While neither of the twins had anything to worry regarding their cock sizes, AJ's was even more impressive, just as I imagined it would be all the times I'd seen him at the bookstore.

"Let me see what a fag's mouth feels like." I just rolled my eyes but it was while I turned my attention to AJ's meat. "Shit, that feels nice. I wish Sophia would blow me once in a while."

Nick punched AJ in the arm, "Fucker, don't talk about our sister like that." Well, that explained the visits to the bookstore. In my mind I was imagining the next time that I ran across AJ, I was going to make sure I got his cock between my lips again.

I started moving from cock to cock. When one was in my mouth the other two would be stroking. Miguel was the first to feed me his load. His brother was correct, he must have had a bad case of blue balls because he almost drowned me with his load, but I didn't waste a drop. Nick was next, his load tasted just like his brother but there wasn't the same quantity. The last was AJ, when I could tell he was close, I opened my mouth and held the head of his cock to my tongue so that he could watch the strings of his cum enter my mouth. I closed my lips and swirled his cum all over his dick and then pulled my mouth free. I opened my mouth again, showing him his load and made a show of swallowing. I wanted to make sure he knew what he had been missing all those times at the bookstore.

They all high fived each other while I rested on my heels again. AJ spoke first, "I already called Sophia and told her I was going to be late. Why don't you two head home and I'll get the fag's car out of the bay."

"You don't mind?", Miguel asked.

"Nah, just make sure Nick gets home, he's had too much to drink."

The twins headed out the door but Miguel turned back to me, "Forget the $100 Chad, on the house." I decided I liked Miguel.

When we heard a car leave the lot, AJ gripped my shoulder again and took me out to the garage but didn't raise the bay door. He pulled me toward the back of the car and pushed me forward on to the trunk. "Open your jeans." When I had, AJ pulled them down. He pushed my cheeks apart and spat on my hole. I also heard him spit again which I assumed was on his hand at that he spread it on his cock before he drove it in my ass to his balls. Since he had already cum, AJ was able to pound my ass for about 15 minutes. AJ had a filthy mouth and kept calling me a pussy for letting a guy fuck me. He could call me whatever he wanted as long as he kept doing what he was doing, it didn't affect my self-esteem. As soon as I felt his warm spunk fill my ass, he pulled out and wiped his cock on my ass. As I was struggling to pull my jeans back up he was opening the bay door. He didn't say a word as I got into the car and backed out of the garage and then the door came down. I wondered if he would say anything to me the next time I saw him at the bookstore.

I made it back to the car owner's house just before the sun went. She said she was starting to worry that something bad might have happened. I told her nothing bad had happened, that actually something good had happened, but that I wasn't going to buy the car. When she asked why, I told her it was because I had the car inspected and that I knew it had been rear ended. I neglected to tell her that if her car hadn't been rear ended, I wouldn't have gotten rear ended either.

As I drove back to my apartment in my piece of shit Chevy, I decided that as much fun as I was having looking for cars, I just needed to bite the bullet. The next day, I searched dealers on line and found a 2005 bluish green Sebring convertible. If I had to buy a used car, I at least was going to buy one that would make me look good.



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