Neil was pissed, he couldn't believe that he was taking a fucking bus to get to his sister's wedding. She had surprised them all by announcing she was engaged and that they were getting married this coming weekend. He couldn't book a flight back home without paying through the nose, so he decided to take a few days off work and take a bus. It was going to take two days to get back to his parents' house. He wouldn't have gone but his sister wanted Neil to stand up for her as 'man of honor" while her fiancé was going to have his sister stand up for him.

The bus station smelled and it seemed to be filled with the dregs of the earth. After Neil had bought his ticket he found a corner of the station to sit. Over the speaker he heard that his bus was running late and that it should arrive in about 30 minutes. If he had been at an airport he could have gotten a beer and something to eat. All that was in the bus station was vending machines. His mood just kept getting worse.

Out of the corner of his eye, Neil saw a guy sit down on the bench across the way and a little way down. When Neil turned to look at him he saw that the guy had a sort of bad boy look to him. Grungy jeans with a leather jacket and a pair of black motorcycle boots. Neil could tell that he was wearing a white t-shirt under the jacket and it looked like it stretched across his pecs. He looked to be about 6'1" or 2". It was hard to tell how much he weighed because it looked like he was pretty muscled up, like a guy who juiced. He was bigger than Neil's 165 pounds and 5'10" height. The guy was dark haired and skinned, like a Latino or someone from the Mediterranean, in stark contrast to Neil's blonde hair and white skin. When Neil looked up to his face the guy was staring back at him. Neil lowered his eyes.

Neil couldn't resist looking again and noticed that the outline of the guy's cock was obvious. The denim that covered it had been well worn. While Neil was looking the man spread his legs slightly. Looking at the hot guy was getting Neil horny. Neil hadn't been with his boyfriend in a couple of days and was jonesing for some cock and cum.

The next time Neil looked over the guy was rubbing the outline of his cock and glaring back at Neil. This time Neil didn't turn his head away, instead he licked his lips. The guy got up, walked passed Neil and headed to the Men's room that was located across the station. The guy looked back over his shoulder before entering the john. Neil had heard that you could find some action in bus station bathrooms but he had never experienced it. He looked around the station and saw that the few people that were waiting for buses were either dozing or reading.

Neil got up, gathered his stuff, and headed toward the john. Went he went it there were 2 guys at urinals, neither of them was the bad boy. Two of the three stalls were occupied. Neil could make out the biker boots in the first stall and a pair of gym shoes in the last stall. Neil entered the middle stall. The stall had two glory holes, one to each adjacent stall. In addition the walls were covered with years of graffiti. Hoping that the bad boy would let him service his cock, Neil lowered his pants, sat down on the toilet and started to stroke his cock. Neil lowered his head and looked through the glory hole to see that the guy with the biker boots had pulled out his cock and was slowly stroking 7 or 8" of thick, cut cock. Neil looked through the other hole and saw that the occupant of that stall was also stroking an impressive piece of meat.

Neil put his mouth close to the hole leading to the stall with the guy with the biker boots, hoping that the guy would let Neil taste his dick. Neil got his wish. The man slowly turned toward the hole still stroking his hardening cock. He pushed just the tip of his cock through the hole and Neil leaned in and flicked his tongue along the piss slit and felt the heat emanating from the mushroom head and enjoyed the taste. The man pushed a little more through the hole so that Neil could take the whole head into his mouth. Neil ran his tongue along the underside, he could hear the man quietly moan. While this was going on Neil could hear that one of the men who must have been at the urinals flushed and must have gone to one of the sinks because he heard the water running and then heard what must have been the tearing of the paper towels. Footsteps left the john. The man with biker boots pushed a bit more of his cock through the hole and Neil gobbled it up not wanting to waste any of the hard, hot cock.

The guy in the other stall must have been watching because Neil heard him whisper "it's so fucking hot watching you eat his meat. I hope I get a chance at that mouth of yours."

The other urinal flushed and Neil heard water and paper towel being torn again but this time the man didn't leave the john instead, the footsteps were coming toward the stalls. The man must have looked over the stall door because he heard him say to the man with the biker books "how's his mouth dude?"

"He sure knows what to do with it. He's doing a nice job taking care of my dick."

Neil was glad when boot man pushed some more of his cock into his mouth. As Neil started to suck with more enthusiasm he worked his tongue back and forth along the underside of the piece of meat he was servicing. "Fuck man, your mouth is incredible, I'm getting close." Neil worked his mouth harder wanting the load of cum this guy was getting ready to shoot. Neil put his hand around the shaft of the man's cock and started to stroke it in unison with the movement of his mouth. The man had grabbed the top of the stall partition and was ramming as much of his cock through the hole as he could. His breathing was getting labored. "Here it comes".

The guy peering over the stall door asked "let me see him shoot in your mouth man". Neil leaned back and opened his mouth wider keeping the tip of the boot man's dick on his tongue while he continued to stroke it. Neil was hunger for the man's load and continued to move his tongue back and forth on the underside of the cock head and was rewarded with several shots of hot and salty cum. After the final shot Neil swallowed and then pursed his lips over the tip and sucked the last few drops of cum from the now softening cock. "Jesus Christ man, you really know how to suck cock."

The guy in the other stall spoke up "I came too from just watching you". After boot man had pulled his cock back through the hole, Neil heard him zip up and leave the stall and the john. The guy who had been watching over the stall door went into the now empty stall. He must have been beating his meat because it took no time for him to stick his rigid, deep red dick through the hole. As Neil put his lips around the engorged head the man began shooting strings of cum into his mouth as he groaned. The cock quickly pulled back and the man left the stall.

Neil wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and found that he had some cum on his lips. He brought his hand back to his mouth and he licked off the cum he had wiped. Just then Neil heard the announcement for his bus and pulled up his jeans, picked up his stuff, left the stall and went to wash his hands. The guy with the gym shoes was at the sinks as well. He looked to be about 18 or 19 with a swimmer's build and red hair. "Man, that was incredible to watch, I wish I had had the chance to have you blow me." They both left the john. Neil realized he had never seen the face of the man who had given him the second load because he had just seen his back while he had been at the urinal. That made Neil smile, he looked around the now more crowded station wondering whose cock he had drained.

The guy with the biker boots was once again sitting on one of the benches, leaning back with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.

Neil headed out to where the bus was and handed his larger bag to the driver who was shoving luggage in the under carriage of the bus. The driver was an older man, maybe 40 or 45, who obviously made sure to keep in shape. His uniform pants and shirt fit like they were tailored for the man. He had the seamed part of the short sleeves on the shirt rolled up a bit so they accentuated his biceps. A couple of the female passengers were talking the driver up as he loaded the luggage. The way he puffed out his chest indicated that he enjoyed the flattery.

Neil kept his back pack and walked up the short flight of stairs into the interior of the bus. As he went down the aisle he noticed that the kid with the red hair was on the bus. They smiled at each other as Neil went toward the middle of the bus and took a window seat. The bus was about half full when it pulled away from the station and no one had taken the aisle seat. The driver announced that they would be reaching their next stop in about an hour.

Lost in memories of the loads he had just gotten, Neil put his head against the window and closed his eyes. He must have fallen asleep because he was startled to realize that someone was sitting next to him when he opened his eyes. It was the red headed kid. When he turned his head toward the kid, the kid said "hey".


The kid had his jacket in his lap. After looking around, the kid lifted the jacket enough that Neil could see that he had his cock out of his pants and was lightly stroking it. The kid smiled at Neil and lifted an eyebrow as if asking a question. Neil looked around and then moved his hand under the jacket and brushed it against the kid's meat. The kid removed his own hand and Neil wrapped his fingers around the shaft. His fingers barely touched as he started to stroke the kid's cock. The kid leaned back against the seat and closed his eyes while Neil continued to move his hand up and down. This went on for about ten minutes before the kid moved Neil's hand away. The kid grabbed hold of his cock again and aimed it down. With his other hand he grabbed Neil's hand and brought it to the tip of his cock and formed it into a cup. With a few more strokes the kid let loose with several large spurts of cum. Some of the cum was leaking through Neil's fingers and landing on the floor of the bus in front of the kid's seat. The kid whispered, "I want to see you drink it." The kid moved his jacket to the side and Neil raised his cupped hand to his lips. Turning his face toward the kid, he began using both his tongue and his lips to sip and lap up the thick and creamy cum until his mouth was full. Making sure the kid could see he made a show of swallowing the load that was in his mouth. After swallowing he licked his lips. Neil then raised his hand back up to his mouth and licked his palm and his fingers as if he had just finished a dinner of fried chicken. With barely a whisper the kid thanked Neil and then put his head back against the seat and appeared to fall asleep.

It wasn't long after that the bus pulled up to a convenience store that must have been the drop off for this stop. The kid got up and pulled his bag from the overhead rack and said good-bye. The driver announced that there would be a 15 minute break for anyone that wanted to buy something to eat or drink. Everyone but one other passenger got off the bus. The remaining passenger, a male, was about 2 rows behind Neil and across the aisle. After the last person had exited the bus the man said "I know what you just did."

Neil turned his head around and saw that the man looked to be in his 30s with wavy brown hair and a goatee. It was hard to tell since he was sitting down but he looked to be a little taller and heavier than Neil but not by much. He wasn't scruffy like most of the other passengers, in fact he was wearing a dress shirt and tie. The dress shirt looked like it was tailored to fit his upper body. There must have been a questioning look in Neil's eyes because the business man said "I'm afraid of flying and the company I work for thought for this trip it would be less costly taking the bus than renting a car. Why don't you come back here and we can get to know each other better."

Neil decided that since the business man had seen what he had done with the kid that he probably wanted the same, a hand job on a boring bus ride. Neil stood up and went back the two rows. The business man stood up so that Neil had to take the window seat. When he was seated he turned to the man and said "hi, I'm Neil".

"I don't fucking care." The business man grabbed Neil's hand and placed it on the bulge that was in the man's dress slacks. Similar to the kid, he put his coat jacket over his lap and began to move Neil's hand across the bulge. "You like?"


"I thought you would." The business man pushed Neil's hand away, unzipped his slacks and struggled to get his growing cock out of his pants. When had had, he looked around the bus again seeing that it was still empty, put a hand on Neil's neck and pushed his head toward his now exposed cock. Neil wasted no time in taking the head of the man's dick into his mouth. He brought his hand back to the cock to stroke it as he lapped the head and shaft of the large cock. The business man pushed Neil's hand away again and said, somewhat forcefully, "just your mouth".

Neil wrapped his lips around the head of the business man's cock and began to gently suck it. The business man put more pressure on the back of Neil's head pushing him farther down the rigid piece of man meat. Even though Neil began to gag the business man did not let up on the pressure keeping the head of his cock against the back of Neil's throat.

Even though he was gagging, Neil could hear people reboarding the bus. It didn't sound like anyone had made it back as far as he and the business man were sitting. The man whispered "quiet". Neil tried his best to stop making a gagging sound while the business man pushed the last bit of his cock into Neil's mouth. The business man barely started moving his ass but the result was the head of his cock rubbing against Neil's palate. "Swallow it all and don't let any drip out on my pants."

Not long after that Neil felt a rush of cum hit the back of his throat. Neil started to swallow but also tightened his lips around the shaft of the business man's dick.

Neil heard the bus driver call out, "we are one person short, can any of you tell me who hasn't gotten back on?" The business man gripped the back of Neil's neck and pulled him off his cock. Neil tightly locked his lips keeping all the remaining cum in his mouth. As his head rose he swallowed as fast as he could.

When he was fully up, Neil called out "I'm here, I'm sorry I was sleeping." The bus driver gave him a strange look and Neil knew that even if he had been sleeping the bus driver would have seen him when he was counting heads. The bus driver gave Neil a tight smile and then got back behind the wheel.

After the bus started to roll along the highway, Neil squirmed his way past the business man and went back to his seat. The business man had not said another thing. Neil leaned his head back against the seat and must have fallen asleep. He awoke when he felt the bus start to slow down.

Over the speaker the driver told the passengers that they were stopping at a truck stop so that they all could get some dinner and that there was going to be a change of drivers. Neil realized he must have been asleep for quite a while since enough hours had passed that the driver had to be switched out.

The bus pulled in to one of those large truck stops that along fuel had a large diner and a gift shop. Neil exited the bus along with the other passengers. Neil noticed that the business man wasn't in the crowd, he must have gotten off at one of the stops that Neil had slept through.

Neil wasn't that hungry so he milled around the gift shop to kill some time. When he went into the john he noticed that this truck stop advertised having showers for the truckers. Neil was feeling a bit grungy, it had been about 10 hours on the road and he had worked a full day before going to the bus station. When he left the john he went up to the woman working behind the gift shop counter and asked if he would be able to use the showers. She said he could for $10 which included not only the shower and towels but a locker as well. Since there was still about 45 minutes before the bus would leave he paid his $10 dollars and got a key to a locker. He went out to get his back pack which had his toiletries and came back in and went to the men's john which had an entrance to the shower area.

The shower area was clean with lockers along two walls. Along a third wall were a line of sinks. On the fourth wall was a doorway leading into a shower area. Neil was surprised, he thought that there would be individual showers with changing rooms but instead this was just one large shower area.

There was no one in the locker area or at a sink but he could hear water running in the shower area. Neil went to the locker he had been assigned and took off his clothes and stuffed them and his toiletries bag into the locker. The towels were by the shower area so he had to walk naked across the room. As he was walking, a couple of truckers entered the locker room.

As he stepped into the shower area he saw that there was a man under one of the shower heads. Neil realized it was the bus driver. He had been right, the man clearly kept himself in good shape even though he did look like he was in his mid-40s. His ass looked tight and his back and shoulder muscles were well defined. After washing his chest and abs he turned and looked at Neil.

"You're a faggot aren't you?"

"What makes you say that?" Neil turned on the water and stepped under the spray.

"You think I'm stupid, I know you were giving that guy a blow job. It's the only way I would have missed you when I did the head count."

Neil could tell his face was turning red so he turned to face the wall as he started to lather up his body.

"You got a nice ass, buddy."

Neil didn't respond.

"Why don't you bring it over here and let me get a closer look."

Neil neither responded nor moved.

"That wasn't an invitation."

Neil turned to look at the driver again and saw that he was soaping up an impressive cock and set of balls.


Even though Neil knew that the two truckers that were in the locker room would be coming in any moment, he moved over to the shower head next to the driver. "Good boy."

The driver reached over and ran his hand over Neil's ass then began rubbing his fingers along his ass crack. "Yeah, as nice as it looks. Lean forward and put your hands on the wall."

Neil glanced over his shoulder and then leaned into the wall. The water from the shower ran down Neil's back as the driver got behind him.

"What if someone comes in?"

"Who the fuck cares."

The driver started to rub his hardening cock along Neil's ass crack. "Ya like how that feels?" The driver used a foot to spread Neil's legs farther apart. He pushed Neil's back so that Neil had to lower his arms and his ass raised and opened. The driver grabbed his cock and put the head against Neil's hole. Neil's hole twitched at the touch of the hot tip. "Just as I thought, your ass is dying for a piece of me."

Even with the water it took the driver some effort to break through the ring of Neil's ass. Neil grunted in pain. "Shut up." The driver pushed a bit further.

From the doorway to the shower area came "what do we have here?" Neil turned his head and saw the two truck drivers, naked, standing watching the driver shove his cock deeper into his ass. "Looks like we are ain't just getting a shower but some entertainment as well". The other trucker laughed. Neil looked at the two men. Both were a bit on the heavy side but obviously had some muscles under their layer of fat. The two truckers had both grabbed their cocks and began stroking them. "Stick it to him buddy."

The driver gave a strong push and the rest of his cock entered Neil's ass. "Man, you got one hot pussy." The bus driver started moving his cock slowly back and forth. "Ha, your ass is squeezing my dick kid." Neil could feel each vein of the man's dick as it moved.

The two truckers stepped closer stroking their respective cocks. "Shit, he really does have a hot ass, look at it sucking in this dude's dick."

The bus driver roughly moved Neil to the side so that his mouth was even with one of the trucker's cocks. "Feed him your cock buddy, he was blowing a guy on the bus I'm driving so I know he'd like it." The trucker that was closer slapped his cock on Neil's face. The other trucker moved so that the head of his cock was next to his buddy's.

The bus driver moved his hands from Neil's back and grabbed his hips. He started ramming his dick into Neil's hole while the trucker continued slapping his cock across his face. Unconsciously, Neil tried to grab the cock with his mouth. When he caught it the trucker grabbed Neil's face thrust his cock deep into his mouth. The cock felt velvety in Neil's mouth, more so than the business man's. The second trucker started to rub his cock on Neil's face as he stroked it.

The bus driver told Neil to grab the second trucker's dick. "You're going to make us all come kid." Neil stroked it as the two cocks impaled him at each end. After a few minutes the three men were grunting and gasping. The bus driver was the first to blow his load. He pulled Neil's ass all the way down his cock and pumped several loads into Neil's ass. It felt like someone had poured hot liquid into Neil. A few seconds later the trucker in Neil's mouth let loose with several strong shots of cum that Neil sucked down. Neil let the cock in the mouth slide out and then stuffed the second driver's dick into his mouth catching it just as it started to spout it's milky cum. With the final load, Neil shot all over the tile of the shower room.

One of the truckers spoke "man, that was awesome, thanks for sharing."

"I knew the kid would be good the minute I saw him."

Moments after all four men had cum, over the speaker Neil heard that his bus would be departing in five minutes. He pulled away from the three men and finished his shower while cum leaked from his ass. He turned off the water and went to grab a towel to finish cleaning his ass and drying off. He ran to his locker and put his clothes on. As he was leaving the locker room he heard one of the men in the shower yell out "thanks kid, safe travels."

Neil jumped on the bus just as the new driver was closing the door. As Neil walked down the aisle he couldn't help but notice that a few new passengers had gotten on at this stop. As he reached his row the man on the other side of the aisle, who looked to be about the same age as Neil, caught his eye and asked "did you have a good shower dude?", then the man smiled.

Neil sat his sore ass down in his seat and glanced over at the man. At least the bus ride wasn't as boring as Neil thought it was going to be.

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