That ad on Craigslist in the Casual Encounters section had caught Bobby's eye. It was Sunday morning and he hadn't had any luck hooking up with anyone at the bar the previous night and Bobby was so horny he decided to look at the ads for some possible "fun". Bobby clicked on 'pic' and up popped a group of 6 guys, with their heads blurred, in rugby uniforms. All appeared to be tall and well-muscled causing Bobby's ass to tingle.

Bobby replied to the ad saying he was available. He attached a selfie he had taken against a mirror so that it showed not only his front side but also his back and ass. Bobby kept checking his computer every half hour to see if he got a response. About 2 hours later he got a response.

Here's the deal. One of our group is marrying his boyfriend next week and we want to give him a night to remember. Are you down with taking care of all six of us? No S/M, just want a guy who likes to suck and fuck for a couple of hours. When we were in college we'd all top the same guy when we had the chance and want to relive that. You in?

Bobby didn't have to think twice, this was one of his fantasies, to be taken by a group of men. Sure he'd done some threesomes but never a whole group of men. He replied that he was in.

Give me your cell number and I'll text you the address.

Bobby immediately responded with his number. Not a minute later an address appeared arrived in a text along with a time that he should be there. The text also said he should dress like he would have in college.

As the time got closer, Bobby got more and more excited. After cleaning up, Bobby picked out a pair of jeans that his friends always told him showed of his ass. He got out an old t-shirt that was one size too small and pulled that on, it hugged his skin. Bobby checked himself out in the mirror and liked the way he looked, 5"10", 165 pounds with dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. He grabbed his car keys and headed out.

As his car got closer to the address he was given, Bobby's cock was so hard that it actually hurt in his tight jeans. He tried to get it to go down but he just couldn't do it.

Bobby pulled up in front of a house on a tree lined street. As he got out of his car he could hear music coming from the house, not too loud but the neighbors could probably figure out a party was going on. Bobby knocked on the door and rang the bell but didn't get any response. He slowly opened the door and peered in. No one was in the living room. The music was obviously coming from the basement so he decided to check it out. As he came down the stairs, someone saw him and said "Bobby, right? Come on down here."

Bobby eyes move from one man to the next, each as handsome as the other. They obviously had been playing rugby by the clothes they had on, the grass stains, the scratches and dried blood. They were all taller than Bobby and looked like they must work out every day. They looked to be about ten years older than Bobby.

"Hey you idiots, shut up for a minute." The talking ceased. "This here is Bobby, the guy I told you about." Four of the men cheered with the fifth man who just looked confused. "Dude, this is our farewell to single life surprise. I don't think your soon to be husband will let you hang around with us as much as you have been. We thought we could relive our college years one last time."

The man who had introduced him put a muscled arm around Bobby and told him it was time for a beer. He brought him over to the bar that had been set up in the basement and handed a bottle of beer to Bobby.

"Just so you know what's going on, when we were on the rugby team in college, after every game we would go to one of the bars by campus, shoot some pool and drink some beer and bullshit with each other. A lot of the rugby groupies would show up, both men and women. Unlike our straight friends, the six of us made a pact that if anyone of us picked up a guy that we'd all share him. It was our tradition. Now we are losing one of the group and we just want to have the same fun one more time. By the way, nice ass."

While they all kept drinking, Bobby walked around the room introducing himself to each of the players. As he moved on to the next guy someone always seemed to be grabbing or slapping his ass. A second beer appeared in his hand and the guys made a toast to the fun that lay ahead.

Over the next hour, more beers were consumed as the group got rowdier. They were sharing stories about the rugby groupies that they had gang banged during their college years. It sounded like it had been a bonding experience for these guys. The more they talked, the hornier Bobby became. He wanted these men to use him as they had used those guys in college. When he couldn't take it anymore, Bobby stood in front of the man who had met him at the stairs and lowered himself to his knees. "No way kid, the groom-to-be gets first crack at that mouth of yours." He pulled his friend over so that he was standing in front of Bobby.

Bobby stared at the bulge in the rugby shorts in front of him. He was surprised to see that when he pulled down the shorts that the man's cock was stuffed in to a jock. Even contained the cock and balls appeared to be huge. Bobby nuzzled against the jock and then began to lick it. Using his teeth he pulled at the jock releasing the player's cock and then his balls. Bobby rubbed his face against the expanding shaft of the man's dick. As he rubbed his face against it he inhaled a scent that was all man. It was a combination of sweat and musk that was enticing. As he continued to rub the cock with his face he began to flick his tongue against the man's balls. After licking the balls he took one and then the other in his mouth. Continuing giving attention to the balls, Bobby glanced around and saw that all the players had their dicks out and were fingering them while they watched intently. Bobby reached up under the groom-to-be's Rugby shirt and felt the hard abs and granite pecs.

When Bobby couldn't stand it anymore he used his fingers to move the beautiful cock down toward his mouth. Before taking it in, he bathed the head with his tongue and then brought the head between his lips. The groom-to-be tried to push more of his dick into Bobby's mouth but Bobby wouldn't let him. He wanted to enjoy this as long as possible.

One of the other players must have felt sorry for his friend and stood behind Bobby using a hand to push Bobby's head forward. Even though Bobby tried to push back against the friend's hand, he was too strong and Bobby ended up taking more and more of the cock in his mouth. Since he couldn't pull his mouth back, Bobby used his tongue to bring the guy to the edge delivering a load of cream, Bobby couldn't wait to get his reward but instead the groom-to-be pulled out of his mouth. "I'm not ready to cum yet, I think it's the man-of-honor's turn."

The player that had met Bobby at the bottom of the stairs came over and slide his cock into Bobby's open mouth. When he did, Bobby tightened his lips and let the player decide what he wanted to do. Bobby didn't know if the man-of-honor was just being gentle or was enjoying the sensation of Bobby's lips, tongue and mouth but he just gently slip his cock back and forth through Bobby's lips.

At some point, one of the players pulled out their cell phone and began videoing the cock and Bobby's mouth. "Shit, this is fucking hot." Someone else pulled out a phone and started getting the same shots but from a different angle. Bobby heard someone else say "Are you planning on posting this on one of those porn sites?" The idea of that sent a tingle through Bobby's body, how hot would that be. The other two players moved closer so Bobby could better see their rigid members as they stroked them. One of the guys videoing the scene made sure to get shots of their cocks.

Before cumming the man of honor pulled his dick from Bobby's mouth and another player stepped forward and rammed his cock in. This guy had a much different idea of how to feed a cocksucker, he held tight to Bobby's head and pulled it up and down his impressive piece of man meat. "You like that big cock, don't you?" Bobby nodded as best he could. Bobby savored the precum that was leaking from the man's cock but he too pulled out before coming. The next three men filled Bobby's hungry mouth but all pulled out before unloading and the phones caught all the action.

After all six men had tried Bobby's mouth, the man-of-honor called out "time for a lap dance." The groom sat down on the couch and slide slightly forward. Bobby straddled his lap and started to grind against the man's still hard cock. "Where's the lube." Someone handed the bottle to the groom who put some in his hand, reached around Bobby and slicked himself up. After handing the bottle to one of the other players, the groom positioned the head of his cock against Bobby's hole. Placing his hands on the groom's pecs Bobby started to lower himself sensually on the groom's dick. Bobby closed his eyes and tilted his head back as inch after inch of the cock entered him. This is what he had been waiting for. Using his leg muscles he rode the groom's dick like it was the last one he would ever have. The phones caught ever slide.

The groom turned Bobby's head to the right were a stiffened dick waited for his mouth. All the players that stood around rubbing their cocks were saying things like "ride that cock" or "suck that dick".

One of the players lubed himself up and stood between the groom's legs and rubbed his cock along Bobby's ass crack before pushing his cock down and touching the head to the top of Bobby's asshole. Bobby was just too tight to take a second dick up his ass but he wondered what it would feel like.

Cock after cock entered Bobby's mouth as he continued to ride the groom's dick. All of them had great self-control because no one gave what Bobby craved to swallow.

After a while all the men stopped using Bobby and drank some more beer and talked about the boys they had fucked in college and how with their friend getting married that it probably would never happen again as a group.

After a while one of the players told Bobby to get on his hands and knees, which he did. One by one they each filled his ass again with their cocks while at the same time they rotated through Bobby's mouth again. While none of them came in his mouth, they each pulled their cocks out of Bobby's ass just as they were ready to blow. The cell phones caught each load as it the hit Bobby's hole. The phones also made sure to catch the cum as it dripped from his ass on to the floor making a large puddle. This was again followed by a break in the action while more beers and stories were shared.

When the break was done, Bobby was told to lie on the floor on his back. The six men gathered around Bobby's head and began to stroke their dicks as Bobby watched. Bobby knew what was coming. He opened his mouth wide hoping to catch most of the cum as they prepared to spray his face with their seed, which they did one after another. As each man came the others cheered. Bobby tried to get as much as he could making him look like a hungry child.

When Bobby realized they were done with their fun, Bobby picked up his clothes and got dressed. The man-of-honor took Bobby back upstairs and said he hoped that Bobby had had as much fun as he and his friends had had. Bobby told him that he had and then left to return to his apartment.

The next morning when Bobby woke, he had a text from the man-of-honor that was only a URL. Bobby clicked on the address and saw that the group had uploaded the videos from the previous night. Bobby watched it several times while shooting two loads of his own cum.

The next weekend, Bobby posted his own ad on Craigslist.


Be Well,


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