The section of the city I found myself in was unfamiliar. Tony had asked me to help him move into his new apartment. We had a couple of beers while we got his things arranged. I'll admit to getting pretty horny looking in some of the boxes of male magazines and sex toys he had, but I got the feeling he wanted to be alone to sort those particular boxes out by himself, so I left when everything was else was done. Sometimes, you just know when a guy needs to be alone.

But, now, I had to take a leak. I hadn't thought about it before I left. As I walked I didn't see any bars in the area. Just about the time I was getting desperate, and berating myself for not taking a pee at Tony's place before leaving, I spotted a quaint, old-fashioned public toilet. I knew what it was because a sign, chiseled in the concrete at the top of the small building, said 'Public Restrooms.' The redbrick fa├žade had a small sign at each end, one saying 'Men' and the other 'Women.' Behind the building was a one-block square, run-down city park.

Although I've always been eager to find action in public toilets, I figured this old place, in this part of the city, would be either inactive or dangerous. So I entered the toilet eager to piss but not particularly hopeful of any excitement.

The room was small, clean, and very well lit by two lines of small windows at the top of two outer walls. A washbasin and mirror were on one wall, opposite one urinal and one closed booth. What hit me as I entered, and surprised me, was that unmistakable scent of recent man-sex permeating the place. I unzipped and had my cock in my hand by the time I got to the urinal. A bright yellow stream splashed loudly into the bowl. You know how relieved I felt. The long leak gave me time to look around and I was delighted to find a very large glory hole in the wooden wall of the booth, and I saw the naked thighs of a man sitting on the commode. Two large, handwritten signs immediately caught my attention. One was the classic SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB, while the other made me smile, saying, I SUCK COCK GOOD! Both had arrows pointing to the glory hole. I wondered if the writer of the latter sign was actually in the booth.

As my urine stream slowed to a trickle and a few final squirts, I felt myself getting aroused as the exhilarating odors in the place got me light-headed and as I read the sexy graffiti covering the walls. Now, I'm a big guy, so when I get aroused, it's noticeable.

Suddenly, I saw a finger sliding along the bottom edge of the glory hole - the traditional invitation. My puffy arousal turned to extreme erection in record time. A low voice growled, 'Wow! Put it through, man!'

I leaned a bit to look through the large glory hole and saw a muscular hand fisting a large, bright red cock. This guy meant business; was advertising his own arousal like any good cocksucker should; wanted to suck cock; and, most importantly, eagerly wanted to suck my cock! This slight hesitation caused him to add, 'I suck cock good!' just like the sign said. I wondered if he wrote the sign or was simply clever enough to use it as advertising. But I love it when guys are verbal in their desires, even if it's just a few grunted, sexy phrases.

'God, that's a big one,' he sighed softly, his lips coming to the hole. 'Com'on, shove it to me, man! I want it! Lemme have it! I'll suck it good!' He was one hungry, excited cocksucker! I figured I had been right thinking that this place was inactive. I must have been the only guy to show up that day because this guy was so eager. Of course, I can admit without false modesty that my cock does make guys eager!

I pushed my now steely hard cock down, pointed it at the hole and at the moist lips now making sucking sounds in the glory hole, and pressed forward. My entire cockhead slipped right in without effort. Warmth and wetness engulfed the glans, a rough tongue swirled around the corona knowingly, and suddenly exquisite suction hit the head of my cock and caused it to expand to its maximum dimensions, filling the cocksucker's mouth completely. He groaned with pleasure, vibrating my cockhead.

I humped forward, driving cock into his face. He didn't back away and I felt my cock slip past his tonsils and dive into his throat, all while he sucked diligently. The thought struck me that, yes, he does suck cock good!

I tugged back and rammed forward, thinking maybe he couldn't really handle big cock, but again he didn't back off, taking my hardness without a whimper. I tugged and rammed, tugged and rammed, tugged and rammed, slamming my meat into him forcibly, while he sucked with such counterforce that I realized I had met my match - an honest-to-goodness, no-holds-barred, deep-throating, vacuum-sucking, cum-swallowing, champion cocksucker! After so many blowjobs from guys who sort of jack you off while hardly holding your cockhead in their mouths, it was great to be back in the throat of a cocksucker who really knew how to do it right!

I got so hard that I had to think about not blowing my wad too quickly. We both needed the right amount of time to enjoy this contact completely. But I felt heat and pressures all the way down the cockshaft right to my balls as they thudded against his chin, and I knew withholding orgasm for long was not in the cards.

Suddenly, he raised his efforts to an even higher level yet, while making grunting noises that sounded like a man reaching orgasm. The sounds of his excitement coupled with his full suction raised me to that mindless pinnacle of orgasm we all love, causing spasms of pleasure to course throughout my body and down into my balls, and I fired off into him! Spurt after heavy spurt of rich, hot jism jetted into him. I felt him lift his head to get my cockhead into his mouth, and, like the great cocksucker he was, he savored and swallowed my load as I continued ejaculating into him. Then, he took me back in to my balls and waited for my reaction. I shuddered and, finally, withdrew.

I went over to the sink and started washing off my cock and balls. Suddenly, he was standing next to me, up close, watching me. I looked at him and grinned.

'That was spectacular!' he announced in a friendly voice. His breath held the heavy scent of cum - my cum.

'Yeah,' I agreed, still washing my equipment, 'you are good!'

'You are so good, I came as I sucked you,' he told me, breathlessly.

'I figured you were coming, there, at the end. You really sucked with enthusiasm.'

'I wish you'd come here, everyday,' he sighed, emphasizing the word 'come' in a particularly sexy, yet amusing, way.

'Guess there's not much action, here,' I ventured to say.

'Are you kidding?!' he said in an obviously surprised voice.

My eyebrows shot up and he realized I was serious.

'With the satellite city college campus around the corner,' he told me excitedly, 'this place has probably the busiest little glory hole in town. Yours is the best cock I've sucked in, maybe, three days, but it's the sixth I've sucked in the last hour!' He appeared triumphant! He was a nice looking guy, probably five or ten years older than I, seemingly in great shape, and without a doubt a great cocksucker. I liked him and was delighted to be learning about an apparently very active head.

'I'm Jack,' I said, holding out my still somewhat wet hand by way of introduction. He grasped my hand firmly, shook it warmly, and announced, 'I'm Paul, the cocksucker!'

'Well, er.... Paul,' I stammered, feeling flustered, 'I'm a great cocksucker, too!'

'I figured that,' he said simply.


'Yeah, when a guy with a great cock, like yours, takes head like you do, roughly but not in a rush, strongly but not hurrying past mutual pleasure, willingly but not without consideration for the guy who's giving him head, I figure the guy knows how to give head, too. Good head!'

I smiled.

He returned the smile. 'Stick around. Have some fun. I'm leaving. That's why I came out of the booth, although I also wanted to see what kind of guy you are. Spend some time in the booth. Suck some cock! You'll be delighted.'

'Why are you leaving?' I asked. I was curious. 'After six cocks, why give it up?'

'To tell you the truth,' he explained, an expression of honesty on his face, 'sometimes I spend hours in here sucking one cock after another, but once I am lifted to orgasm by sucking a great, responsive cock, like yours, or by a really vocal, sexy dude who's really enjoying getting his rocks off, man, I lose interest and have to stop for a while. Know what I mean?'

'I sure do,' I agreed with enthusiasm, but added, 'although you look like a dude, like me, who can come several times in a session of cocksucking.' I looked at him quizzically. I was enjoying this truthful banter.

He grinned, sheepishly. I knew what he'd say before he said it. 'I came twice this afternoon,' he admitted.

'How'd it happen?' I wanted to know. By now I had dried off, put my equipment away, and straighten up my clothes. He had washed and dried his face, rinsed his mouth, and checked himself in the mirror. He looked like, I'd say, a sport's coach, well built and self-assured.

'The second guy, today, was a talker. He asked me if I 'suck cock' and wanted to know if I liked doing it. He got hot while we talked through the glory hole, liked my responses, and pulled out a nice stiff one. Then, as I gave him good head, he kept up a line of commentary that I found really exciting.' Paul looked excited as he talked.

I nodded, not wanting to interrupt him.

'The guy really took his time,' Paul continued, 'making me realize that this would probably not be his first orgasm of the day.'

I nodded, again. 'Balls hanging loose?' I asked, agreeably.

'Exactly!' he enthused, obviously pleased that I was right with him. 'But he got more and more excited, telling me how much he was enjoying the contact, how tight my throat felt, how hot and sexy this was. I was beating off as I sucked him and by the time he shot off, so did I!'

'Wow!' I sighed, enviously.

'Yeah!' he sighed right back, 'jacking off while sucking cock is the best! You're gonna love this place!'

'Thanks,' I said sincerely.

'Have a good time,' he said with a smile, heading towards the exit.

'Did you write that sign?' I called after him. I had to know.

'You mean the I SUCK COCK GOOD sign?' he asked with a laugh.

I nodded with a smile.

'Naw, I just use it when I talk to guys; it turns 'em on!' He smiled.

I smiled back, and then he left the room.

As I walked over to and entered the booth, I wondered if this place really was busy, or if Paul had just been giving me a good line, but the lingering, intense smell of his freshly pumped semen in the booth was a genuine aphrodisiac for me and I felt my boner redeveloping.

As I was sliding my pants down, preparing to sit down on the commode, someone wearing jeans and sneakers quietly came in to stand at the urinal! He didn't unzip, but just stood there, waiting expectantly. My heart started to beat a little faster!

I slid a finger along the lower edge of the glory hole as I sat down.

He hesitated.

'I suck cock good!' I growled through the glory hole.

That's all it took! He unzipped and tugged at a large, rapidly growing erection. He was having difficulty getting the big thing through his fly. He had not unbuttoned the metal button at his waist, which was causing him the problem, but I guess he didn't want his jeans to slide down and expose his ass to anyone who might come into the small room. Then, a meaty cockhead popped into view, still expanding, and he held it, momentarily, pointed at the glory hole.

'Wow! That's a big one, man. Poke it though to me. I want it! I wanna suck it! Lemme have it! I'll suck it good!' I grunted, surprising myself by how much I sounded like Paul. But that's just what this guy wanted to hear - a little flattery, some instruction, and a sign from me of my desire to suck his cock.

'Take it, cocksucker!' he whispered, sounding turned on. He plunged the almost completely hard cock through the glory hole and directly into my eager mouth! I loved it! The cock was hot, hard, cut, clean and tasty. It slipped into my mouth easily and I sucked strongly, twirling my tongue around the thick flanges of the meaty cockhead.

'Mmm,' he hummed, 'that feels good, cocksucker.'

I hummed back, acknowledging his pleasure and vibrating his cock. He took this as permission of press forward and shoved three or four more inches of cock into me, which I handled without a whimper. He tugged back and, this time, really humped cock into me hard. I loved it! He was eager and fresh and I knew he'd shoot his wad in a hurry.

Slowly, more and more cock was shoved, humped, driven down my throat. The suction I applied was my maximum. He drove in, pulled back, drove in, pulled back, really lengthening the strokes, really getting extreme mileage out of my throat, finally fucking the cock into me to the hilt, his fly's zipper pricking rhythmically against my chin as he humped away. This was awesome cocksucking - I was ecstatic!

Suddenly, the guy said, in a husky voice, 'Man, this is great. You gotta try it, Dave. He's suckin' so good I'm gonna blast off, right now!' He was recommending the service and discussing his oncoming orgasm with a friend named Dave. I would have smiled if I hadn't had my mouth and throat filled by such a big cock!

'Give it to him good, Brad,' I heard his friend say huskily, sounding turned on, too.

I worked even harder for his load and almost immediately felt a spasming of the long shaft begin. He was coming. I rose up, getting the cockhead into my mouth and was rewarded with a delicious, hot, viscous, rapid-shooting jet of man-juice, which filled my mouth. I swallowed and instantly was refilled by a generous spurt of his savory spunk. Over and over he filled my mouth, causing me to swallow rather rapidly. I loved it. I love sucking cock! I love hot sperm spurting into my mouth! I love swallowing hot cum!

As his thrusting orgasmic convulsions lessened, then stopped, I slid my face back down the long shaft until I felt his jeans' zipper at my lips again and stopped, waiting, just as Paul had done to me. After a fine, long pause, the guy shuddered and slowly pulled his slightly deflating cock out. I sucked lightly as it withdrew, keeping it rather dry.

'Man, that was terrific!' he said enthusiastically. I couldn't tell if he was talking to me or to his buddy. I watched him move away, and heard him beginning to wash up at the sink.

Suddenly, another large erection was thrust in at me, no howdy-do or if-you-please, just a hot cock ready for action coming at me. My mouth was so semen-lined that the big thing just slid in all the way without stopping.

'Jesus!' the guy I assumed was Dave whispered in awe, 'he just took my cock in all the way to my balls!'

'Man, he's good, ain't he?' his buddy replied quietly from the sink. 'I told you so!' he added excitedly.

'Oh, god, Brad! This is starting to feel fantastic!' Dave exclaimed. 'He's sucking better than my Penis Enlarger! He's going all the way up and all the way down the entire cock-length. This is awesome!'

'Lemme see,' Brad whispered, sounding like his head was right next to Dave's cock. Dave pulled back, allowing a viewing space of an inch or so. I saw a pair of eyes looking at me. They grew larger as I rode the length of that long cock from tip to base and back again, and again, and again, and again, really putting on a show for him and really delighting Dave, whose cock was getting harder and harder!

'I'm gonna shoot, man!' Dave announced huskily.

'Oh, lemme see!' his buddy insisted

I hooked a couple fingers over the shaft and held it pointed at my mouth as I backed off, holding my mouth open. Two huge spurts of jism shot forcibly into the back of my mouth. I closed my mouth over the cockhead and took the rest of his voluminous load, savoring it completely, swallowing often. Again, I slid the slightly deflating cock in back down to his balls and waited.

Dave immediately pulled his slippery cock out of me and sort of aimed it at his still kneeling friend. The cock pointed almost straight out, rather than upwards, and I had a perfect view through the glory hole of Brad as he eyed, with what I took to be a lustful gaze, Dave's large shaft and giant knob which were shiny with semen and spit.

The kneeling figure looked at me and announced to both of us, 'Gee, I'm all hot and horny, again! Watchin' you shoot a load, man, has really revved up my engines.'

'Mine, too,' I told him quietly. Then, I rose slightly and displayed my own big erection in front of the glory hole. His eyes really widened with keen interest.

'Oh, Geez,' he sighed, 'do me again, please,' he pleaded. He stood and seemingly gruffly displaced Dave from in front of the glory hole. He unzipped immediately and replayed for me the delightful picture of his trying to tug an already stiff hardon out through the small fly. He stood there, his giant cock pointed at the ceiling, and let both Dave and I get a good look at it.

'Wow! You've got a great piece of hot man-meat!' I whispered huskily, sounding turned on. Of course, I was turned on, and I wanted to flatter him in front of his friend. I saw him sort of preen for the two of us, shifting his hips back of forth to display his impressive cock from several angles. It was very arousing to watch. I wondered what Dave was thinking. It seemed to me that these two friends were only a blowjob or two away from trying cocksucking for themselves.

'I'm gonna put it through to him,' he whispered to Dave.

'Yeah, do it, man,' I heard Dave say, sounding sort of reluctant - like he wanted to suck it himself. Then, in a more lighthearted vein, he added, excitedly, 'This time, I wanna watch you get your cock sucked!' And I watched him kneel down next to the glory hole and next to his friend's huge cock. As he stared, his eyes getting bigger and bigger, I did what I do best and took that giant cock back in right down to that zipper.

The first orgasm had curbed his need for quick release so I was able to enjoy a lengthy, full-throated session of great cocksucking. Both of them were grunting with pleasure while Dave stared wide-eyed at the big cock being sucked inches from his face.

'You two havin' fun?' I suddenly heard. It was a deep, masculine voice asking in such a pleasant tone of voice that I knew immediately we had been joined by another hot number who, no doubt, would await his turn at the glory hole. Paul, indeed, had been right. This place was busy!

'Like the view?' he asked, directing his question to Dave.

'It's amazing,' Dave responded, sounding impressed.

'Gonna stay and watch me doin' it?' the newcomer asked, sounding really turned on.

'Yeah, sure, I'd like that!' Dave answered enthusiastically.

'Me, too,' Brad added, and his cock grew steely hard as he announced, 'I'm gonna shoot, now!'

As before, I hooked a couple fingers over his hardon and opened my mouth to let them see the first spurts of his hardy orgasm fly into me. I heard hums of approval as I drank down his excellent man-juice.

The new guy was standing there with his hard cock in his hand when Brad withdrew and backed away from the glory hole. Interestingly, Dave stayed right there, kneeling next to the hole and watching me. His face with alit with keen interest. Pointing his big cock straight out at the glory hole, the new man slowly, tantalizingly, eased the big thing passed Dave's face. Dave's big eyes grew even bigger.

'Looks good, doesn't it?' I whispered to Dave. The cock stopped moving forward as the man realized I wanted Dave to get a really good look at the excellent erection.

Dave nodded silently.

'Smells good, too, doesn't it?' I asked.

He continued to nod.

'You should give it a taste,' I instructed quietly, adding, 'you'll be amazed at the sexy taste and be delighted at how great it feels in your mouth.' It was a bold proposal.

Agreeably, the man shifted slightly, allowing the huge cockhead to move towards Dave's face.

Brad sighed and announced, 'Man, you should give it a try! I'd really like to see that!'

'You would?' Dave asked in surprise.

'Hell, we both enjoy getting blowjobs so much,' Brad explained, 'why can't we try to see if we'd enjoy giving 'em for a change?'

'You, too?' Dave asked.

'I'm willing' to try if you are!' was the honest reply.

Now, I'm on the taking side of the glory hole with a fine-looking erection inches from my mouth, but millimeters from Dave's mouth, right under his nose, so I might have said something like, 'Hey, I'm the cocksucker, here, put it through.' But the truth is that the little vignette being played out in front of me was exceptionally sexy and was truly turning me on. I wanted to see Dave suck a cock for, apparently, the first time, just as much as the other two guys wanted to see it, too.

'Man, if you'd suck my big cock, it would really be exciting for me,' the new man exclaimed, slowly rubbing the tip of the fat cock against Dave's closed lips. Dave did not back away. 'It's the first time for you, isn't it?' he added huskily.

Dave tried to nod and the big cock pressed against his nostrils.

'Do it!' all three of us quietly demanded in unison, surprising me with our mutual turned-on interest in watching a novice suck cock.

'Oh!' Dave sighed, opening his mouth slightly.

The man took quick, but gentle, advantage and pressed the meaty cockhead into the lips. I watched Dave's ovalled lips tighten around the tip. He seemed to suck at the slit.

'He's tastin' it!' the man sighed excitedly. Mentally, I congratulated him for not getting carried away and thrusting his big cock home. He knew what he was doing and we were all enjoying it!

'Pump it!' the man requested quietly.

Dave reached up, automatically, and began a knowing pumping action - after all, we all jack off, so doing it to someone else's cock comes naturally. But it was extremely sensual to watch it happening. I began stroking my own cock, and looked around to see that Brad was stroking his, too.

Now the man said something very sexual. 'Suck it!' he implored, sounding really turned on.

As Dave's fist moved upward from the base of the big cock towards the head, his lips relaxed and his mouth opened enough to allow the fat cockhead entry. I felt a pang of envy. Yet, it was unusually exciting to watch a handsome, sexy young man being initiated into cocksucking. And with such an exceptional erection for the initiation!

'He's sucking!' the man sighed with great feeling.

'Wow!' Brad sighed earnestly.

Wow, indeed, I thought, delighted by the scene I was witnessing through the glory hole. I watched as the large cock was being pumped and the head was being sucked - the classic cocksucking technique. The man allowed Dave to accommodate himself to the effort, obviously enjoying himself, but after a rather surprisingly short period of time he started groaning, and then, suddenly, stiffened and announced, 'I'm gonna shoot my load, now!'

To my surprise, Dave kept right on pumping and sucking! The man quivered in obvious orgasm and Dave gulped and gulped, obviously swallowing a good load. Then, Dave released the cock and backed his head away. The man let his still straight-pointing, cum-dripping, cock stand there between all of us, as Brad sighed, 'He did it! He sucked a cock and drank down the load!' I love the obvious. But then he added, 'Now, do me, Dave!' The cock in his hand looked ready to explode again.

'No!' Dave responded. 'That got me so hot, I'm about to shoot my own load all over the place.' ('Give it to me,' I wanted to shout.) 'And I want you to take, man!' directing his urgency at Brad.

'Well....' his friend temporized.

'You said you'd be willing to try,' the man with the still exposed, spent cock told him.

'Yeah, you did,' Dave said. He was standing, now. His cock looked fiery red and framed for me in profile right in front of the glory hole - it looked spectacular. Again, I felt a pang of envy, lessened only by the hope of watching yet another novice go at it and become a cocksucker right in front of my eyes. This was truly exciting.

'I know you'll like it,' the man told Brad. Brad must have looked puzzled because the man added, 'I know because I love sucking cock, too. Men who like getting sucked often like sucking cock just as much. It's a normal give and take. You have to give it a try. Go on! Besides, you may love it!' He sounded very sincere. 'Like I do!' he added.

I held my breath.

Suddenly, a handsome face appeared over Dave's cock, a mouth opened, and Dave's entire cockhead disappeared. Dave groaned and humped his hips upward in a natural reaction. To my surprise, several inches of his large cock slid into the mouth without protest. The two of them began a humping and slurping action until, suddenly, Dave's body tensed, his balls tightened in the sac right in front of my eyes, and I knew he was being lifted into orgasm. I heard him say, 'Ugh,' several times as he humped his jism into his friend. It was remarkable. They stayed connected for an impressive length of time.

'Let's see if that guy really does suck cock,' I suggested, standing and thrusting my fully aroused erection out through the glory hole to stand, expectantly, in the room.

To no one's surprise, but to my own delight, a mouth quickly slipped over the crown of my cockhead, sucked, opened further, and took a good portion of cock into itself. This guy was a great cocksucker! With such an exciting scene having been played out right in front of me, I was ready to explode, and this guy sucked my load right out of me, as soon as he confirmed he could take me down to the root! It was my most forceful orgasm of the day, brought on without doubt by the excitement of the carnal display I had been witnessing!

When I finished, and as soon as he was willing to release me, I went out of the booth. I wanted to get a good look at these sexy guys. The new guy was handsome and friendly. We all washed our cocks and balls at the sink together, talking excitedly about how great this had been, and hoping we'd all get together again real soon. But I knew this was probably a once in a lifetime conjoining of the stars and unlikely to happen again. But it had been great!

Afterwards, the three of them headed for the door, waving goodbye as I feigned the need to stay behind and comb my hair. But I'm no dummy. As soon as they were gone, I was back in the booth awaiting new meat! I couldn't wait to tell Tony about this place. I was sure he'd be surprised to learn about such a terrific, close-by, tearoom. But before I could dwell too long about when to tell him, someone came to stand in front of the glory hole while palming the front of his crotch. He required my immediate attention.

And, oh yes, I beat Paul's total of six by five! Just think about it. Eleven cocks in a couple of hours in an afternoon. It was glorious (to coin a phrase.) That glory hole became my favorite while I stayed in the city. And Tony's, too!

Eventually I had to move on. Which led to even greater opportunities to suck cock! Lots of cock! But sometimes at night I get to remembering that busy hole in the wall and I have to slip a hand down and pump out a big load envisioning in my mind's eye the cock-after-cock sucking that went on in that wonderful place. That glory hole - that veritable cum fountain! Also, don't doubt it, I shot a number of loads as I wrote, edited and reedited this memory. If I don't get off on my own writing, what's the point of writing it? If I don't get off on it, you'll never read it. That's a promise! And my hope is that as you do read my writings, you'll - well, you know what you'll do!


Jack Sofelot


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