In my years in middle school and first couple of years of high school, I was one of the crowd that made fun openly about the gay students in school. Yes, in middle school there were a couple of guys that were gay, and we made fun of them frequently.

Then, in high school, it as the same thing. Several others and I would tease and make fun of the gay kids, especially in gym.

However, in my junior year, things changed. The two guys that were primarily the ring leaders were twin brothers and real bullies. They had moved to another state and weren't there to instigate the bullying.

It turned out that two of the seniors on the football team were gay and it shocked us all. They were both extremely masculine and never acted 'gay' in any way.

And also by that time, I had matured some and felt that each individual was entitled to be themselves, regardless of what form that may be. Being on the football team also, I was good friends with both the gay players. They never made suggestive remarks toward me but were at ease knowing that I accepted them for who they were, not what they were.

I graduated high school and went on to college out of town. Living in a dorm was a whole new experience for me. Being on the football team and showering together with the others after a game, made me loose some of my inhibitions about being nude around other guys. In the dorm, there was just one big common shower room on each floor and all us guys showered together with no privacy.

It got to the point that when we went to shower, we'd even walk down the hall naked with our towel thrown over our shoulder. There was absolutely no modesty in the dorm.

Then one afternoon, I returned from class and when I got to my room, I found the door locked. I knew my room mate should be there since he didn't have a class that afternoon.

I found my key and managed to unlock the door. As I stepped into the room, I saw my room mate shoving something under his mattress. He was in his briefs and it was obvious that he had a boner.

It happens to all of us at one time or another so I said nothing about it. He said he had the door locked because he was taking a nap.

Later that evening we went to the cafeteria together for dinner and afterwards he said he was going to a local club and asked if I wanted to join him. The club allowed under twenty-one in but made them wear wrist bands showing that they were under the legal drinking age. I declined and returned to the room.

I remembered him shoving something under his mattress and became curious. I lifted the edge of his mattress and found several gay hardcore magazines. My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look through them.

I saw extremely masculine guys, some hairy and muscular, kissing, sucking each others cocks, licking each others ass, and getting fucked in the ass. As I flipped through the pages of the magazines, I suddenly realized that my own cock had become as hard as stone. I had to have some relief. Looking through them again, I lay in my bed and jerked off, wondering if Brad was gay. Hell, since they were turning me on I wondered if I might be gay.

After climaxing onto my stomach and cleaning up, I replaced he magazines just as I had found them.

Of course, I didn't tell Brad that I had seen them. However, the next weekend as we were laying around in the room on Saturday morning, I began to casually tell him about picking on the guys in middle school and how by high school I changed and accepted the two team mates for who they were and were great friends with them.

Brad listened and afterward asked, "Being around gays doesn't bother you?"

"No, not at all. Jack and Dave were my closest friends. The three of us went everywhere together."

"Mark, really?"

"Sure," I replied.

"What if I was gay? Would that bother you, living in such close quarters together?"

"No, why do you ask? Are you gay?"

"Yes, I am."

"You're shitting me. Are you really into guys?"

"Yes, I am. I have been since my sophomore year of high school."

"Damn! How did you get started or find out or what ever you call it?"

He proceeded to tell me about being on the baseball team in high school. He said that one afternoon, he stayed late, working on his batting skills. He said that he thought everyone except the coach was gone but when he went back into the locker room he heard voices in the showers.

"I peeked in and found Coach Davis and Ben Sims, a junior, both in the showers, kissing and fondling each other. I watched and soon Ben knelt down and began sucking Coach Davis. Coach Davis climaxed and Ben took it in his mouth and swallowed. Then Coach Davis knelt down and sucked Ben off and swallowed. They kissed some more and started out of the showers. I hurried to my locker and they were shocked to see me there."

"Did either say anything?"

"At first they just looked at each other, then Coach asked how long i had been there. I said just a few minutes. He headed for his office and Ben started dressing. As I headed for the showers, Ben came right out and asked if I had seen anything in the showers. Before I could answer, he said 'You did, didn't you?' I said yes and he asked if we could talk."

Brad said that Ben begged him not to say anything because it would mean that coach would lose his job and probably go to jail and he would have to quit school in disgrace. Ben said he wouldn't say anything and then Brad said he asked what it was like to get sucked. He said Ben offered to show him and sucked him off right there in front of his locker.

Brad said that the next day Ben asked if he wanted to shower with he and coach. He said he asked if Ben had told coach that they had been watched and he said yes.

"Anyway, I joined them and the three of us started playing with each others cocks. I learned to tongue kiss and sucked Ben off and swallowed. I found it to e a turn on so I sucked coach off also and he sucked me. It became a regular thing for the three of us to stay late and have sex in the showers. Before long we started fucking each other. I've been at it with guys ever since."

"Brad," I began, "I saw you shoving something under your mattress the other day. I got nosey and checked it out. I looked through you magazines and they got me boned and I had to jerk off. Now I'm curious to see what it's like to get sucked. Would you suck me?"

"Hell yea if you really want me to," he replied.

"I do. Just tell me what to do."

"Get naked and lay on your bed,"he told me.

I did and he got naked also and was soon between my legs. When I felt his hot wet mouth on my semi-hard cock I gasped and moaned. The feeling was awesome. I soon climaxed and after he collected it all in his mouth, he pulled off then swallowed.

Looking at me he said, "That was fantastic. How was it for you?"

"I loved it. Hell, I think it was better that pussy."

He laughed and said, "Only another can satisfy a man orally the right way."

I reached down and began to fondle his cock. thinking I was going to jerk him ff he lay back, spreading his legs.

Instead, I went down on him and began sucking my first cock. I was surprised to find that I truly enjoyed it. I sucked and soon brought him to his climax. He warned me but I figured if he could take it in his mouth so could I. I did and found that I enjoyed the taste. Once I had it all I also swallowed.

Brad then gave me my first man to man kiss, our tongues exploring each others mouth. Almost daily, we would have a sixty-nine and a week later we began having anal sex. I knew then that I was gay.

Brad told me where I could find other men, most of them married, that enjoyed getting sucked and I began sucking others. I also found a few others on campus to have sex with, meeting them in the bathroom of the science building, sucking them through a glory hole.

After that, when I went home for a weekend or holiday, I would find guys in my home town to have sex with. And for some sick reason, I found my own dad hot as hell. Dad was only eighteen years older than me, and well built.

After my mom died when I was twelve, dad and I had become exceptionally close. He was my best friend. When I'd call him from school, and asked what he had planned for the weekend he would say he had a date. If I asked when i would get to meet her, he would just say "Someday, when the time is right."

On weekend when I was home, he didn't go out. he spent the weekend with me. His room as right next to mine, and after going to bed, I would frequently hear him jerking off in his room. It would get me boned and I would jerk off at the same time.

I wanted to tell him I was gay but was afraid to, not knowing how he would take it. I couldn't take it if he rejected me for being gay.

Then, in my sophomore year, as the Christmas holidays approached, a sudden snow storm was approaching and classes were dismissed three day early so we could get home before it hit.

Brad and I had managed to get fake ID's showing we were twenty-one. We both looked it and had no problem using them.

As I drove home, I decided to try them out at the local adult video store. I pulled into the parking lot and went in. I was allowed in and paid the admission to the arcade.

Inside, the light was very dim and several men stood in the hallway. I found a booth, and began watching a gay movie. As I did, I noticed a note on the wall next to the screen that read: "Unlock door to get sucked."

I reached over and quietly unlocked the door to my booth. Seconds later, the door opened and I saw a man in his late twenties smiling at me.

"May I join you?" he asked softly.


He came in and locked the door behind him. We stood side by side watching the movie and soon I felt his hand against my leg. I turned slightly toward him and he took the hint. Seconds later, we were gropping each other, then tongue kissing. Dropping our pants, we soon took turns sucking each other. After receiving and swallowing each others load, he said, "You must be new around here. I've never seen you here before."

"Yea, it's my first time here," I replied.

"Well, just so you know, the last booth on the right has a nice glory hole. Lots of married guys go into the booth next to it to get sucked."

"Thanks for the info," I replied.

He eased out and left and I went down to the last booth and went in. Within a couple minutes, a guy went into the booth next to me. Soon, I was sucking his cock.

After sucking him off, when I stood, I noticed a very small hole at eye level. It was just big enough to see who was in the other booth. When another man entered, I peeked through the hole. From his attire, it was obvious that he did construction work. Soon, I was sucking his nice thick eight inch cock. I wondered if he got sucked because his wife thought it was too big.

Since dad had no idea that I was coming home early, I decided to spend the afternoon there.

It was just before noon and during the lunch hours, I sucked seven cocks, and all the men appeared to be in their late twenties and early thirties. During the afternoon, some were into their late forties, but still had nice cocks.

It was just after five that afternoon when another man entered the booth next to me. I peeked through the hole and froze in shock.

There in the booth next to me was my dad. I bent over and looked through the glory hole as he opened and dropped his slacks and briefs. he began stroking his beautiful cock and as he did my quickly became rock hard.

I couldn't believe that my own dad was there probably wanting to get sucked. He turned toward the hole and stepped closer, easing the head of his tool through the hole.

I leaned forward and took it in my mouth. When I did, he slid the rest of his cock through the hole. I began sucking it hungrily. I couldn't believe that I had my own dad's cock in my mouth.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled back and suddenly his hand was at the hole motioning for me to put mine through. Could it be possible that my own dad sucked cock also?

I eased mine through the hole and almost immediately, I felt his hot wet mouth close around my cock. He sucked my hard tool and I knew it definitely wasn't his first time. I soon climaxed and he took my entire load and swallowed. Then he stood and slid his cock back through the hole. I knelt back down and sucked him off, hungrily swallowing the seed that had created me.

I pulled off and as I stood I saw a note slip through the hole. It read: "That was awesome. Meet me here again tomorrow at five. We can go to my place if you want. I'd love to have you fuck me." I grabbed a pen from my pocket and wrote 'Okay" on the note and slipped it back to him. Seconds later it came back with 'Great' written on it.

I couldn't believe that I had just made a date to fuck my own dad.

I stayed another couple of hours sucking several guys on their way home from work. I left and got a room at a small motel a block down the road, paying for two nights.

I went out for a bite to eat then returned to the video store. After sucking several guys that left their booth doors unlocked, I went to one booth and found a hot guy in jeans, boots, and a tank top. Soon we were kissing and fondling each other.

I found out that he was a trucker that was waiting for his trailer to be loaded for him to pick up the next morning. I asked if he'd like to go to my motel room and he quickly said yes.

He followed me and once in the room he asked, "How old are you?"

"My license says I'm twenty-one," I replied.

"What does your birth certificate say?"

"Nineteen," I answered, smiling.

"Hot," he said smiling back.

We kissed and striped each other, soon getting in bed in a hot sixty-nine. Before going to sleep, we had sucked each other, rimmed each other fucked each other. The next morning we had another sixty-nine.

As we cuddled, I told him about me being in the booth with the glory hole and my dad coming in and us sucking each other, and my dad saying he wanted to meet and get fucked.

"Did he have any idea it was you in the other booth?" the driver asked.

"No. If he had he would never have done anything, much less asked to meet again and fuck him."

"Man, I'd love to see his reaction when he finds out that it was his own son," the driver said.

He left and i returned to the video arcade, sucking cock most of the day. At just after five, dad entered the booth next to me. A note came through the hole.

'Are you the guy that was here yesterday and agreed to meet today?'

'Yes,' I wrote back. 'Meet me at the Sunrise Motel up the street in fifteen minutes. Room 4. The door will be cracked open. Come on in and get undressed. I'll be in the shower.'

After sipping the note back to him, I quickly left and hurried to the motel, parking on the opposite side so he wouldn't see my car. I went in and stripped and turned on the shower, quickly showering. Once done, I left the shower on and waited.

Peeking out the door, I saw dad enter and begin stripping. Once he was naked, he came toward the door and said "I'm here."

"Okay," I replied, disguising my voice.

I watched as dad went to the bed and lay down, his cock rock hard. Mine was hard also and after turning off the water, I took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom.

Seeing me dad's eyes grew wide in a stunned stare.

"Hi dad," I said. "Did you really enjoy yesterday?"

"Uh, Mark, what?"

"Did you enjoy yesterday at the arcade and do you really want to get fucked?"

"Damn! I didn't want this to happen."

"You must have. You even said we could go to your place. I know I sure enjoyed yesterday."

"Mark, I didn't want you to find out about me. At least not this way. Besides, how did you manage to get in there?"

"Fake ID," I said smiling.

"Oh shit," he said sitting up on the side of the bed.

"Dad, it's cool with me if you're gay. So am I. It gives us one more thing in common," I said walking over and sitting on the bed next to him, putting my arm around him.

He turned to look at me and when he did I quickly leaned over toward him and tongue kissed him. After the kiss, I said, "And I see nothing wrong with us having sex. We're both consenting and I'm of legal age. Beside, i want you to fuck me also."

We kissed again and as we did, I lay him back and began fondling his cock. I broke the kiss and quickly began sucking him. after a moment he stopped me and began sucking me. After a moment, he turned in bed and raised his legs.

Looking at me he said, "How about fucking your old man?"

"Only if that old man will fuck me afterwards."

He smiled and seconds later my cock was up his ass. I fucked him, depositing my load deep in him and he did the same to me.

Afterward, we talked and he said that he had been bi since high school and after moms death he went strictly gay.

"Well, dad,Now neither of us has to hide it. If you're willing we can both bring home guys for sex and still have sex between us when we want to."

"Sounds good to me," he said. "But for now, lets get out of here and go home."

We did and once home we had our first sixty-nine and afterward, I told him how I got started.

"Why don't you bring him home one weekend," dad said.

"That would be hot. I'd love to watch you with another guy."

He smiled then looked at me and asked, "What the fuck are you doing home early?"

I told him and he said, "Well, I guess we can blame the weather on outing me."

"Whatever the reason, I'm glad," I said. "Now, what about these dates you have said you were going on?"

Smiling, he said, "Actually, I've been seeing someone and you now him."


"Frank. Frank McCoy."

"The guy you work with? He's gay?"

"Yes, he is."

Frank was a gym rat. He was a couple years younger than dad and worked out regularly. He was extremely muscular and masculine and hairy. I had gone to the gym with he and dad in the past and seen his body. He was indeed hot.

Looking at dad, I said, "I'll bring Brad home and you can have sex with him if you invite Frank over and let me have sex with him."

"I'll see what I can work out but not right away. This holiday is just me and you and I'm hoping you will agree to share my bed while your home."

"Just try to keep me out of it," I told him.

Very soon, dad and I were totally comfortable going nude at home in front of each other. Spontaneous sex was frequent and wild. It was the best holiday ever.

I returned to campus and Brad was already back. He greeted me with a hot kiss saying he missed me and asked how my holiday was.

As I told him about everything, his mouth dropped open in disbelief.

"You had sex with your dad?"

"Yes, the entire time and it was awesome. And he knows about you and wants you to come home with me soon."

"I'd love that. Besides having sex with him I'd love to watch the two of you go at it."

"Sure," I said. "How about two weekends from now?"


I called dad and told him and he said he had told Frank everything and Frank was game also. He said he'd plan for a four way that weekend.

The weekend arrived and Brad and I drove home on Friday after class arriving just after five. Dad and Frank greeted us at the door, both clothed.

After introductions, I said, "I don't know about the rest of you but Brad and I are getting comfortable."

I took Brad to my room and we stripped and returned to the den. Seeing us nude, dad looked at Frank and said "If you can't beat them, i guess you join them."

With that they both stood and stripped right there. Seeing each other nude, all our cocks began to stiffen. Frank said he wanted to see dad and I have sex and Brad immediately agreed.

Dad and I gave them a show and later Frank and I watched dad and Brad have sex. Afterward they watched Frank and I suck and fuck each other.

The entire weekend was basically an orgy with sex whanever we wanted and with whimever we wanted.

Since everything was now out in the open, Frank soon moved in with dad and Brad and I would go home at least every three weeks.

By the end of the year, Brad and I were lovers and dad paid for us to have an apartment.

We have since graduated and moved back to town and obtained jobs there. Weekends are spent with dad and Frank and are nothing but orgies. The four of us spend a lot of time together.




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