In my previous story, a swimming pool encounter, dated: Sun, 28 Jan 2007, I recalled how I used to go swimming aged 18 in a size too small speedos I 'd had since I was 14. This was to show off my body and hopefully get me

noticed. My body was never anything special. I grew up climbing trees and

ropes, so it was defined but never as buff as I would have liked it lol. I didn't grow up in a gay environment and I would have been treated an

outcaste if I had let on I was gay. So I used to tease instead whilst

acting the innocent. I was never camp or feminine, I just hoped other

males would look at me and wish they could have me no matter how straight

or bent they were lol. If anything should happen in my favour and I scored then wow, that was a great bonus! And in this chapter of life that

follows I did score and it was wow!

This was a neighbouring swimming pool. Not as big as the one in my home

town and fairly new. So I went there to try it out for a change. It was

early in the morning about 7:30am and not too crowded. Again at that time

of day it was lane swimming for those out exercising before school or

work. Having changed into my speedos I put my stuff in a locker and made

my way to the pool. Because it was new to me I seemed to feel hornier

than usual, so showed more of a strain than usual with my bulge. The

extra pull this had on my speedo's fabric meant they were less slack to

cover my pubes as comfortably as usual. At best the tops of my pubes are

always exposed. I was aware this time I had more bulge and bush on

display than was comfortable. I wasn't sure if I 'd even get away with it

in my local pool where others might have been getting used to me and my

appearance by now lol. Even so, I quickly made my way to the pool hanging

me towel in front of me for safe measure.

I sensed the water was going to be cold, but once the towel had been cast

aside I knew I had to get in quick to hide my growing embarrassment. Plus

one of the life-guards had noticed me approaching the pool. Eyes sharp

for anything new or different from the norm, as trained eyes are with

those watching out for others' safety. So I had to get in quick before he

decided to deny me entry. Holding my breath and thinking of england I dived in with a splash. The water was very fresh and invigourating. So

much so it snatched my breath away. I almost panicked, but hide my

difficulties as I thought I had, I must have looked in trouble. As my

head broke the surface and I opened my eyes again, I noticed the

life-guard watching me with eyes that showed concern. I tried to ignore

this discomfort as if everything was as it should be and got myself into

a steady rhythm of breath-stroking.

Once I reached the end I stopped to get my breath back and scanned my

eyes around to weigh up any potential teasing targets lol. The average

age range seemed obviously younger than in my local pool and the bodies

certainly fitter looking. I was enjoying this pool already. The

life-guard too caused my eyes to lock. I looked at him mainly to see if I had escaped his decision and whistle to exclude me from the pool.

Fortunately he showed no sign of concern. Instead though I noticed a

little smile aimed at me. I assumed this was because he saw through what

was supposed to be my cool calm macho'd entry into the water throw any

street cred I may have thought I had out the window. Recognising this I hoped he hadn't noticed how red faced I became at my self conscience. I quickly launched myself from the edge to swim another length to hide my


I love swimming and grew up with it, but I 'm no dolphin in the water and

neither am I a struggling worm trying to at least reach the doggy-paddle

stage. If anything I try and swim as hard and as fast and as swiftly as I can in order to feel the effects on my chest and arm muscles. My

comfortable style is breath-stroke, but I have to put power behind it to

make progress, because I 'm too lazy to dither in the water, if that makes

sense lol. But one length at a time is about enough for me before I 'm

panting for air. After all these years I 've still not got the breathing

rhythm right. I tend to hold my breath and go for it. If I 'm aware others

are watching and thinking how silly I look, I tend to try my lengths

under water. I 'm quite good at holding my breath and am probably as quick

under water as on the surface. I noticed the life-guard was still looking

at me and still had the shadow of his previous smile on his face.

I was 18, I guessed him to be in his early 20s. He sat in his

life-guard's chair over-looking the swimmers below him. He looked slim,

well built, around 5' 9 or 10', probably heavier than me too, around 11

to 11 1/2 stone, short fine brown hair and shiney glassy looking eyes. He

wore a red uniformed t-shirt and baggy blue shorts and flip-flops. The

whilstle hanging round his neck seemed to always be in his hand ready to

put to his mouth as and when. In short he was fit and my groin strained

me speedos all the more. And his eyes, those dark glassy eyes, kept

looking at me. It was time to show off.

As I stood on the ledge at the end of the pool, preparing to push myself

out for another length, I noticed his eyes were watching me again. So

instead of pushing myself out I just went under and sank. I let myself

reach the bottom then push myself away from the edge from there. I let my

stomach caress the floor of the pool the whole length to ensure I was

below the surface and deep all the way. When I reached the end I allowed

myself to skim up the tiles to the surface. When my head broke clear and

eyes had focussed I noticed the life-guard staring obviously towards me.

He had a big grin across his face as he readjusted his position in his

high-rise chair. I returned the smile and he winked.

My cock was now rock hard. I had to try and adjust it in my speedos to

make sure it hadn't and wouldn't pop out. I had to position it sideways,

but the sideband on speedos aren't very wide or tight. As I tried to

reposition it I was also aware of precum. This was great as far as I was

concerned. And if anyone noticed then kewl, especially if they were male.

Even more so if it was the life-guard. I wanted to make sure he knew

about it, but not that I was obvioulsy flirting at him. But I was, so it

became harder to try and act all innocent lol. Oh fuck it, I thought,

what's the point?

I started my next length, this time slow calm and relaxed. As I got level

with the life-guard I turned away from him towards the side of the pool

opposite him. An image I love is the physique of the male form lifting

himself out of the water. His skin soaked and lifting the water with it.

The water glistening against his skin as if oiled all over. Then running

back down his body pouring from any protrusions of muscular definition.

And finally the little beads of wet clinging to the skin surface like

condensation round a cool refreshing beer. I raised my hands to the

pool's edge and lifted myself up and out in one smooth action. Perfect,

but more so for one unxepected mishap. As I pulled myself up and out the

weight of the water pulled on my speedos who's cord had loosened in my

fiddling with my cock. So as I prized myself out, bending my knees to

place my feet on the edge below me, my bum slipped out me speedos and was

exposed to all who by chance may have witnessed my watery exit. The one

who certainly witnessed the event was the life-guard.

I kept calm and casually pulled them back up as if no great deal and

turned round. The life-guard was staring hard and had to me what seemed

like glea in his eyes and still that smile. I smiled back which broke

into a laugh. It could have happened to anyone and in such occassions

it's ok to be embarrassed. I automatically reached round to adjust my

front as well. My boner was obviously as hard as it was ever likely to

get and as hidden under the fabric of my speedos as efficiently as a cock

in a condom. I looked down, looked up into the laughing eyes of the

life-guard, and looked down again, pubes on full show. I jumped into the

water again. I held onto the side and quickly looked around. Had I made a

spectacle of myself. Fortunately not. Not that anyone was willingly

letting on anyway lol. Then I looked at the life-guard again. Was he

about to blow his whistle this time?

His look was focussed and direct. He twiddled his whistle in his hand

smiling that cheeky smile I was beginning to melt to. Then his other hand

reached to his cock, probably subconsciencely, and made an adjustment.

Straight or not, in my mind he was aroused lol. I winked at him then

submerged, breathing out every last bit of air to allow myself to gently

sink to the bottom where I just sat legs crossed and waited how long I could stay under. I had no goggles so any images were blurred. I had

noticed that there were far fewer people in the water now. I gathered

time must be nearing the end of lane swimming and supposed the pool would

be clearing up to prepare for school classes as with my local pool.

Still, I was in no hurry. Under the water I was away from everything and

relaxed. I tried to straighten my cock out with the intention that if the

pool was emptying, I 'd try swimming back-stroke with me bulge as raised

as a periscope for the final ultimate tease lol. But my plan was dashed

by a massive splash in front of me. I looked ahead and saw amongst the

swirl of air bubbles a mass of red. From the blur I recognised the shape

of the life-guard swimming towards me.

Fuck! Had he thought I was drowning? As he approached I smiled and held

up my thumbs to indicate I 'm alright. He looked like a male mermaid in

front of me. It's an image I 'll never forget. He held two thumbs up in

reply to mine and smiled. But with that he didnt surface. Instead he

reached down and grabbed my bulge and leaned in to plant a kiss on my

lips. My heart raced and suddenly I needed to surface. I felt his hands

under my pits helping me up. I feared responding all gobbledygooch so as

we surfaced I just said: 'saved!'

He relplied: 'anytime, but it's time to clear the pool now'.

I told him: 'i nearly drowned, you'll have to assist me back to the


'Yeah right,' he said, then squeltched his way flip-flopping in the

direction of what I assumed was the staff quarters.

Dissapointed, I grabbed my towel and headed for the showers alone. I was

alone in there so lathered myself up pretty well, especially inside my

speedos. My cock was raging and still oozing precum by the gallon it


'I've come to assist you,' I heard the life-guard's voice say.

'Kewl, just in time,' I replied, 'i was close to having a wank!'

'I can't allow that,' he said, and began to remove his saturated


I was surprised when he removed his shorts he had nothing beneath. But

then again I gather they must have been swimming shorts.

My eyes bulged like organ stops. I must have stared too long.

'What's up? Don't tell me you ain't seen cock before?'

Course I had, but he was stunning. And like me his cock was cut. He

reached over and began to lather up my shoulders again. I turned round to

face his and got to my knees. His cock was awesome and throbbing on me

face. I took it in, gliding his nob along my tongue. I then closed my

lips around it and sucked deep, moving my head up and down his length. I had no idea what time we had, so I worked at it fast, exploring every

milimeter of it with my tongue. As I sucked I let my fingers reach round

and probe his butt-hole. It was very tight. He groaned and pulled me up

again and we snogged. His mouth tasted great. I love kissing and playing

with tongues. He then pulled away and turned round, pushing his bum into

my groin.

My cock was aching for action and here it was offered before me. I quickly stepped out of my speedos. He bent over pushing his face up

against the tiles. I leaned in on top of him biting gently on the back of

his neck. I rubbed my nob head against his hole, lubing it up with

precum. I thought I would explode before I got round to entering, he was

soooo fit and hot. Eventually I pushed against his entrance. A short

sharp groan escaped his lips and I was in.

His arse felt like a red hot fist had clasped my dick. I felt spasms

running up and down my shaft. I started pumping away between his

vice-like cheeks in long slow motions, savouring every moment. If I went

too fast it would be over in seconds. I had no idea of the likelihood of

being caught, I just took his relaxed attitude as an indication time was

on our side. So slowly and meaningful it was. I pushed him hard up

against the shower tiles so he was straightened and plastered between me

and the walls. His head was turned so our mouths could connect and our

tongues intertwine like mating snails (only faster lol). Eventually I had

to shoot. I couldn't hold back any longer. I told him I 'm goin to cum,

but he gave no indication for me to withdraw so I just filled him and was

more than ready too. I kept pumping till I felt every drop that could be

expelled had been and pulled out exhausted.

'That was awesome!' he exclaimed with that broad dimpled smile he had.

'Now my turn'

I turned round and found myself almost slammed into the wall. Before I had a chance to prepare myself he was thrusting himself into me. I screamed but he was hard in before I knew it. Fuck did it hurt! But

because of my scream he quickly clamped a hand over my mouth and thrust

harder and faster. I wanted him to stop yet at the same time to continue.

It hurt like hell yet at the same time was shoving me into ecstasy. I thought I was going to die, yet I was already in heaven. After a

fantastically scary ride through what risked being an eternity he shot

his load. I felt the heat and soothness of his cream inside me. The

friction died down and the pleasantries increased. He withdrew and turned

me round. His tongue rammed back down my throat. Eventually he stopped to

give me air. 'Are you alright?' he asked. I was exhausted but loved every

bit of it. I just grinned back.


'We've got to go,' he said, 'the next shift will be here soon'.

We dried each other off and he wrapped his towel round him and

disappeared. I got myself dressed going through in my mind all that had

happened. Today was a winner. Why couldn't every morning be as good?

As I entered the refreshment section for a coffee before my cycle home,

then to work, I saw him waiting in the hope he'd catch me. He grinned and

paid for my coffee for me. As we drank we shared the morning again and he

too wanted another go at this. He invited me back to his place after

work. I told him I didn't even know his name, so he introduced himsellf. I can't remember his name but it might have been alan - it rings a bell

after a kewl dude of the same name added me to his msn yesterday.



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