When I was eighteen and horny I went to the local swimming pool. There was this guy who was usualy there and he had a huge bulge in his speedo. I always fantasized about being on my knees in front of him and pulling his swimsuit down so that his cock plopped right into my mouth. This particular time I walked into the mens changing room and he was just pulling his speedo up. I missed it! Two seconds before and I would have seen his cock. He said 'hey, hows it goin' and I think I said 'fine'. He looked at me kind of funny and said 'what are you looking at?'. I could not take my eyes off of the thin layer of material seperating me from his cock. I looked up and said 'I want you in my mouth'. He was momentarily startled but said 'lets go to my house'. I couldnt fucking beleive it! I was prepared to have my ass kicked. He just walked out and I followed him to his house. Two blocks never seemed so far. As soon as the front door shut he turned around and I was on my knees. Here it was, the moment I had been waiting for. I reached out and pulled the top of the speedo down slowly. His cock was beautiful and starting to get hard. I kissed the tip and began to swirl the shaft as the head of his gigantic cock stuck in my throat. It wouldnt go any further it was too big. I pumped my mouth up and down and could feel his cock head swelling in my throat. I pulled the speedo all the way down and he kicked it away. I put my hands on his balls and began to fondle them while sucking his cock. The head had swelled to the point that it was only able to tickle the roof of my mouth. His hips thrusted and I felt the first stream of warm ejaculate spurt into my mouth. I had tasted my own but this was so much better. The feel of his cock in my hand and mouth. His cock spraying cum and me trying to swallow and savor the sweet cummy taste as he just kept on cumming and cumming. He must have shot nine or ten ropes of cum in my mouth. I could not stop sucking his cock even after he was finished. The sperm was all over my mouth and lips. I loved the taste and feel of his cum. Warm and sweet. His cock was starting to get smaller in my mouth and I was still suckling and savoring the taste. He pulled away and said something I did not hear. I looked over and saw another boy about our age standing in the entry way naked and stroking his cock. This is my friend from down the street. He stepped over and put his cock in my mouth. His cock was normal size and slipped down my throat perfectly. I hardly got started sucking his dick when he ejaculated in my mouth. Warm cum spurting and bursting across my taste buds, mixing with the cum that was already in my mouth. These two guys started kissing and I realised how hard my cock was so I stood up and stripped off my clothes. I stuck my cum covered face right into there kiss. We were savoring the cummy kisses when I heard the garage door opening and reached for my clothes. Before I could get my feet in my underwear the door opened and pool boys older brother walked in....... with six other guys! Nobody said a word. They just took off there clothes and started stroking there cocks. One guy put his cock in my mouth while his friend grabbed some cooking oil from the kitchen.

The next thing I know I feel the tip of a cock slipping into my ass. I was back on my knees with a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth. Another guy knelt down and put his cock in my face, now I am sucking two cocks and getting fucked in the ass. The other guys were watching us and stroking their cocks. One of them grabbed a wine glass and came in the glass. He handed it to the next guy and he came in the glass as well. I am watching this and sucking two cocks while a guy is fucking my ass. Both of the guys pull away from my mouth and ejaculate in the wine glass. I am so turned on watching their sperm spray out of their cocks into the glass, I cant stand it. My ass fucker starts moaning and cums in and on my asshole. I can feel sperm dripping out of my ass and down my balls. I stand up and am handed a wine glass half full of sperm. Warm, fresh, beautiful sperm. I put the glass to my lips and can taste the drops that have sprayed on the side. I tip the glass and warm sperm is flowing into my mouth. I dont swallow it at first but let the cum sit in my mouth then swallow sip after sip of warm cum. I then drain the glass. I get down on all fours and one guy puts his cock in my ass from underneath and another guy sticks his cock in my ass from behind. Two guys fucking my ass. Double penetration style. These guys are seriously slamming in and out of my ass.... HARD FUCKING SLAMMING. I open my mouth to moan and a cock is jammed in. It takes maybe two minutes of hard fucking and both guys cum in my ass and the guy in my mouth ejaculates warm sperm in my mouth. My ass and mouth are drenched in cum and I feel my pool boy slip his huge cock into my ass. I roll onto my back and begin to stroke my cock as pool boy slowly fucks my asshole and licks the cum from outside my mouth. As our tounges are swirling cum I stroke myself to a beautiful ejaculation while feeling a huge cock thrusting in and out of my ass. Shooting sperm from my own dick all the way up to my mouth. Pool boy catches some of my sperm in his lips and pulls his cock out of my ass and sprays his sperm all over my mouth and face. As I am licking my lips and fingers four other guys stroke their cocks toward my face and I am rewarded with four cocks cumming in my mouth. FOUR COCKS! Spraying spermy goodness in my face and mouth. The feeling of four cocks spraying sperm in my mouth and face and eyes is incredible. Most of the guys went home and I left with a sore asshole and enough cum in my hair and underwear to tide me over until the next time. Just thinking about it I have to flip my legs over my head and stroke my cock in to my mouth.....




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