Roger and I had been partners for a lot of years. We knew everything about each other. We were friends and lovers, as well as companion hunters for nubile young men with silky, firm asses. We kept each other out of trouble, for the most part.

There is probably something worse than a car trip through Kentucky in the summer in a car with no air conditioning, but fuck if I know what it would be. It was our turn, though, so off we went, suffering like hell during the day, and fucking our brains out at the air-conditioned motel at night. This particular afternoon, when the temperature was hitting 100 and the humidity was, too, he pulled the car over under a stand of trees and ripped off his tie. 'That's fucking it,' he snarled. 'I've got to get out of this car. I have to piss, and I think I'm melting.' I agreed and followed him into the cool of the shade. It was like a drug, so at first we didn't realize what we heard. It was water. Rushing water. We followed the sound deeper into the trees ad found a stream rushing down to form a deep pool before it reemerged as a stream and went on it's way. The air was almost cold in comparison to what we felt in the car. The air smelled clean. And swimming in the clear water were two of the most luscious boytoys I'd ever seen. Solid, muscular bodies, long blonde hair, big innocent eyes. Open faces with wide smiles. And...bare-assed naked.

'Shut up,' I said through my teeth to Roger, who needed to be put on a leash at these moments. He put on his best salesman's smile, while I explained our business trip, the broken air-conditioner, the terrible heat, and the temptation of that lovely pool. And...why weren't they in school? One of the boytoys grinned proudly. They had graduated from high school. 'Touchdown,' Roger murmured. Luscious #1 extended an invitation to join them, and Luscious #2 echoed him. I did my 'just us guys down to the old swimmin' hole' number, and started to take off my clothes. Roger had a hardon already. I should stop here and explain about Roger's body. He's 6'3, 180 pounds of solid muscle. Not the mutant muscle of the body builder, just one hell of a strong guy. Skin like velvet. And, between his fine legs is the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen. A mutant cock. The cock that destroyed a city. I measured it hard at 11 3/4 inches. I measured it five times because I couldn't believe it. The last two times I got 12 inches. It's almost as thick as my wrist. Rosy pink, circumcised, with a huge head. I was always proud of my 8 inches, but next to Roger, I look 10 years old, but then, so does everybody else.

He walked to the edge of the pond, his huge cock leading the way, and both beautiful, somewhat empty faces swiveled to him. They stared wide-eyed, then smiled slowly and licked their lips. 'Two point conversion,' Roger muttered at me. 'We're scoring.' We dubbed them 'Tom' and 'Huck'....and they had no idea why. They just gave us the pretty smiles. We swam and splashed, and swung out over the pool on the rope. We drifted into two couples. Roger got Tom, and I got Huck. Huck looked at me with big, adoring eyes, touching me 'accidentally,' making certain I saw his hard cock, climbing on my back to rub his hardon against me. I lay back and let him work. I saw Roger take Tom's mouth with his tongue, and poor Huck looked lost and hurt. I pulled him close, kissed him gently...and the horny little bastard nearly drowned us both. He leaped at me, sucking my tongue out of my mouth, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my head.

I dragged him toward shallow water, then lay back as he dove under to suck my cock. I was drop-jawed, staring through the clear water at the perfect body suctioned to my cock like some kind of mermaid whore. 'Hey, Roger,' I said, gasping. 'Are you seeing this?' Roger saw, and so did Tom, who dove under to suck that monster cock. Roger nodded thoughtfully. 'Now this is fucking impressive,' he said. Periodically, both little suckfish would pop up for air, grin like idiots and dive back under. Roger and I just lay back and grooved on the cool air, the sunshine and those hungry, tight mouths. When I started to swell suddenly, Huck switched to his hand so that I could watch my cum bubble up like my cock was an underwater volcano. Huck moved his finger in circles so that the white streams swirled. 'Damn,' I said reverently, watching this. Judging from the expression on Roger's face, Tom knew the bit and was performing well.

My cock stayed hard and happy, and I hauled my little suckfish above water. I kissed him, lifted him in my arms, and carried him to the bank. I laid him down, still sucking his tongue, then moved on to his nipples. He writhed like a mad thing, whimpering 'suck me!' over and over...and over. I rolled him to his side and spanked his wiggly ass, causing him to howl 'yes! yes! yes!' and shoot his cum all over me. I made him lick it all off.

Tom had watched the spanking with lust, and Roger, always kind, flipped him over and wailed his tight, perfect ass. Tom had a speech, too, screaming 'I'm a bad boy!' repeatedly. The 'bad boy' clenched his sweet cheeks together and held on for as long as he could, then shot his load into the pond. His ass was rosy pink, his swollen cock never lost its hardon, and his face looked drunk with pleasure. Roger flipped him onto his back, held his arms down, and told the 'bad boy' of the fucking and sucking he was going to get as punishment. I swear the kid's eyes nearly rolled back in his head.

Huck started to wiggle against me, ready for more. I made him stand , put his hands behind his back and beg me to suck his cock and make him cum. He begged, he pleaded, he promised to be my slave for life, he told me he'd do anything I wanted, anything at all if I'd take the ache and swallow it. He whipped himself into a precum leaking frenzy. Finally, I bent forward, called him my cuntwhore, and sucked his cock hard. Three sucks later, he was firing cum into my mouth like he had a pump in his balls. His knees buckled and his cute little ass made a depression in the mud. The explosion had blown some circuits, so I cuddled him close and watched Roger play with his toy.

Roger was on his back, with Tom's cock in his mouth. The kid did his damnedest to suck that huge cock. Tom at one point paused and looked under himself at his cock in Roger's mouth. Way in Roger's mouth. 'It's fine,' I said. 'He can take it all the way down his throat. He likes it. Just use his mouth for a fuckhole. Really pump it in.' Tom's eyes glazed at that, but he obeyed and fucked the hell out of Roger's hungry mouth. He got Roger's cockhead in his own mouth, and used both hands to pump the shaft. Roger brought his strong hands up and applied them to Tom's ass, massaging, squeezing and pulling the cheeks apart. Tom hung on to Roger's big cock with both hands and started to howl 'I'm a bad boy!' again. Then Roger's throat started to move as he swallowed Tom's cum. The kid throbbed and howled and gave Roger all the cum he could want.

We put Tom and Huck down for a little nap on the grass, while we slipped into our pants and went back to the car for some supplies. We sat around for a while, talking, until signs of life returned to our fucktoys. They both wanted kisses, and we obliged. Then I put Huck on his hands and knees. Tom curled up with Roger to watch.

Huck's little pink hole was tight. I used plenty of lubrication, and slid my finger in gently. He opened gradually, relaxing, and eventually taking two fingers. I finger fucked his happy ass, as he began to moan 'shit, do it!' over and over. I spread gel all over my cock and placed the head against his hole. I rubbed it around, then thrust it in suddenly, pushing it deep. Somehow, that fist stab caused me to grow a new personality, and I raped my little fucktoy hard. Huck howled, instinctively switching on his helpless virgin number, and I saw Roger grinning out of the corner of my eye. 'You love it, you fucking whorecunt!' I yelled. 'Your little ass loves a big, hard cock slamming in it! Tell me you're my bitch! Tell me you're my bitch!' Huck said something that might have been 'No, no, stop, I'm not like that, THIS IS FUCKING GREAT, I'm your bitch, I'm your bitch, I'M YOUR BITCH, shit, this is good, no, stop, help, HELP, NO, fuck me, fuck me, cum in my ass, cum all the way up my fucking ass, pound it deep, shit, THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!!!!' It was probably the longest speech of his life, and I had probably the longest orgasm of my life during it. I couldn't believe the amount of cum I poured up his sweet, tight ass. He overflowed, and that was the sensation that ripped the lid off for Huck. He howled 'I'M FUCKING CUMMING ALL OVER!!!' Tom shot forward and got a hand under him and caught the hard pulses as they shot from Huck's throbbing cock. He got himself a nice handful, which he immediately rubbed all over his cock and balls. Huck went down and out, curled up and began to breath deeply and regularly. I cuddled up against him, waited until the world stopped spinning, and watched Roger get Tom ready to have his ass fucked by that huge pole.

First, Tom got a nice 'bad boy' spanking to get him hot and nasty. Then Roger had him beg to be butt-fucked which turned him on even more. Tom also started a running monologue, mostly 'I'm a bad boy, fuck my ass' repeated over and over. Roger slid a well lubricated finger into Tom's ass, testing it, then finger fucking it as he took a handful of gel and stroked his own cock. Nobody could take Roger's huge cock up their ass from start to finish. Not even me. He used his hand to give himself a nice head start. Tom had two hard fingers pumping into his ass, and Roger's cock was starting to ooze. Roger removed the fingers, and lined up his huge, swollen, dark cockhead against the tiny pink hole. He eased it in gently, and Tom's monologue switched off. 'Shit,' he breathed instead. 'Fucker's huge.' Roger pumped slowly and gently, holding on to Tom's hips.

Roger looked at me and swallowed. 'Tightest...fucking...hole...ever,' he said with difficulty. I looked at the thick, dark THING sliding between the white cheeks. 'Sure,' I said cheerfully. 'It was.' I got up and knelt behind Roger and held him still. 'C'mon, slave,' I said to Tom. 'Do the work. Shove that hot ass back at him and take it in.' Tom set his own pace, thrusting back and pulling forward, making Roger's thick pole slide in and out of his ass. I sucked on Roger's tongue, then licked a finger and slid it up his ass. I held him still and finger fucked his ass as Tom worked up a faster rhythm. Roger went rigid and pumped that perfect young ass full of cum. It overflowed, creaming out around the impaled hole and pouring down. Tom used his hand to jack himself off, then pitched forward on his face, sliding off Roger's creamy, still hard cock. We looked at our two sleeping boytoys and grinned at each other. 'Youth,' Roger said, laughing, and reached for my cock.


Morgan Grayson

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