I walk out of the shower wearing knee length swim trunks, skin tight knee length speedos underneath. Water dripping off my bald head, down my stocky yet muscular lightly haired, 6'3" body. I walk to my locker when I see him.

A new guy, senior in high school or college freshman, skinny, cute little bubble butt, blonde hair, standing at his locker in tight skimpy briefs. Not much of a bulge but I don't care, I love his ass. 

I ask him for his name, he says nothing. I smile as I strip out of my trunks, showing a growing bulge in my jammers. I see he is distracted. I slowly approach him, catching a hint of him catching his breath. I know its late, almost closing time, so I know I need to move fast.

As I stand next to him, I place my hand gently on his mid back, he doesn't move. So I slide my hand down to the top of his waist band, looking for a reaction, I am rewarded with him closing his eyes as he turns his back side to me. I slowly pull my jammers off as I get behind him, pressing my semi-hard 6.5" cut cock against his clothe covered cute bubble. 

I slowly pull his briefs down under his cheeks and press my growing cock against him. He presses back as he bends over slightly. I kneel down behind him, removing his briefs, inhaling his innocent young aroma. I know he's not illegal, 18 or 19. I spread his cheeks and find a tight, virgin rosebud.

I cannot resist as I lean in and lick his tight boi pussy. Again, he catches his breath then pushing his ass out more. I smile as I go deeper. Lapping at his entrance, feeling him open up, moaning softly. I rise to my feet and tease him with my now rock hard cock, smearing pre-cum on his pussy. I try to hold back my lust and slowly press against his entrance. 

He moans loadly, groaning softly. I'm able to get the head in. I let it sit, let him get used to me before he pushes back. Gripping his hips, I slowly push more, sliding in inch by inch slowly, letting out a deep growl as he takes me to the hilt. Fuck, his virgin pussy is so tight. I admire this cute twink, impaled on my cock. I almost lose it right there, but I cannot.

Gripping his hips, I slowly begin to pull out to just the head then slide back in. Keeping this up long enough to open up. With him still on my cock, I move him out of his briefs and onto the bench. He looks so sexy, legs straddling the bench, flat on his stomach, ass in the air, whimpering for more. I lean down, kissing and nibbling on his neck as I thrust into him in long slow thrusts with a slight jolt at the end. 

He begs for more, so I grip the bench near his hips and begin fucking him harder, faster, my sac slapping against his smooth bottom. I begin to sweat as I make this cute twink mine. Watching his little ass bounce with my thrusts, I cannot hold back any longer.

I bury my cock deep within him as I roar out, flooding his insides with my hot seed. This lovely twink has me shooting powerful ropes, like none other has before. After calming down, I slolwly pull out, still hard, still hungry for this boi. I flip him onto his back, seeing a puddle of his cum on the floor. 

I raise his legs and slide back into home. Before I can do anything, he wraps his legs around my waist, digging his heels into my lower back. A boi after my own heart. I love fucking my bois in this position. He begs me to claim him, and I do. I begin fucking him first in short, powerful thrusts, his arms wrapping around my neck in a bear hug. 

Kissing and nibbling on his neck and ear lobe, I change things up. Thrusting into him in long, hard, deep thrusts, trying to get as deep into him as I can. My cum lubing his passageway perfectly for me. My sack slaps hard and loud against his ass as I continue my assault.

I hear on the intercom the gym is closing in 10 minutes. Perfect timing as I am already close to my 2nd orgasm. I pound this bois pussy as deep as I can. Making him moan, groan and yelp in ecstasy, lust, pleasure. I cannot hold back once more. This boi is too perfect. Beyond sexy. As his pussy clamps down on my cock, I feel his petite frame quiver beneath me as he climaxes. In doing so, I lose self control and release another volley of my seed deep within him. His pussy still quivering upon my cock tickles my ticklish spot on my cock, top left right behind the head. I grit my teeth and instantly release a 3rd load inside my new pussy boi. 

I rest my head on his shoulder before I slip out. He clamps his hole tight, keeping my seed within him. I kiss him, our tongues wrestling with passion before breaking apart. I dress and watch as he dresses in not those sexy little briefs but lace boy shorts, the kind that ride up his ass but accent those mounds. Followed by a short plaid skirt, knee high white socks, a white button up shirt, tied around his midsection and skater shoes. 

My pussy boi is damn sexy fem boi. I smile as I take him in my arm and take him home with me.

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