It was my freshmen year at this university in socal, it was one of those schools you need a fortune to get into, fortunately I got in off of a football scholarship. I met this guy named Ace, a ftball player, and I guess tha's were it all began.

On my spare time I usually like to workout, swimming actually, at our schol's gigantic Olympic sized one, I always found it sort of serene. I would hit the pool and swim around 4000 meters everyday just to get some endorphins up. The crowd that swam at our school usually came in the morning and the pool was dead in the afternoon, usually me and one or two other guys. Ftball is my sport but swimming just holds something different for me, its natural, the feeling of the water rushing past the bare body, the cut and rugged build of a ma that swam is like no other. It was typical that the ftball crowd was completely separate from the swimmers, all accept for me and the line backer for our varsity team, Ace. Every once in a while I would run into Ace walking in just as I finished up in the pool, usually just walking in until recently.

On a Thursday after a long chem. Lab I decided to take a couple of laps. When I got there there was one other guy finishing up that got out about a quarter through my run. I got absorbed in the rhythm of my laps and I guess I didn't notice him come in. As I came closer to the starting edge of the pool I saw the faint outline of two sculpted legs dipping slowly into the pool. When I reached the end I came up to see Ace had settled in the lane next to mine. As I came up I felt a slight jerk of surprise to see his incredibly lean and chiseled build turned towards me, he was smiling. I wasn't that bad myself, 5'8, tan, cut, defined, but he had that model look to him, something someone would pay to take a picture of. 'Hey Jake, hope its cool if I take the lane next to yours', I nodded and tried to even out the lump in my throat as I said ' yeah man its cool, I was finishin up anyway. He smiled his cute crooked smile and lifted his goggles to his face and pushed off, I just stood and watched as the pushed away and his whole body flexed in the movement of a freestyle stroke, his ass clenching against his tight bikini cut speedo. I decided to take off, instead of clearing my head I just dwelled on Ace's perfect ass and tight sculpted chest, as we passed in opposite directions in the lanes I couldn't obstain myself from taking a glance at his rippling abs that led down to what looked like a fuckin tree trunk he was carrying between his legs.

I quit at about 3800 meters, unable to concentrate, I pulled myself out the pool and sat on the edge as I took off my goggles and grabbed my thin white towel. As I got up I ran the towel through my hair and headed to the locker room for a shower, I looked back just before entering and caught Ace just coming to the edge, staring at my ass? Maybe something else? He noticed and smiled as I turned the corner.

The swimmers locker room was probably the best kept locker room ive ever used, lockers against the wall, nice carpet, giant mirrors, and the largest shower and sauna they could have possibly put in. I went up to my locker and rummaged through my things until I heard the door creek open and close behind me. I glanced behind and saw Ace walking over to a locker just two away from mine, he smiled, 'Hey you get a good swim in?' as he opened up his locker this arms flexed with the movement and I half stared. 'Um yea I did, jus got 3800 in though', he laughed 'hey jus 1900 here... you know I think we are the only guys that both swim and are on the ftball team' I looked over and smiled 'yeah I dunno I jus do it to build up that extra definition' he gave me a quick look up and down 'hah yeah dude ive never seen someone with legs and arms like yours' his smile broadened. I laughed and said in a joking tone ' hah nothing like your ass though man' I gave it a quick glance and my cock gave a slight throb in response. 'hah thanks dude, hey I'm gonna hit the showers', I nodded as he pulled down his speedo as my jaw followed. His uncut dick was at least 6 inches with a foreskin piercing and thicker than anything ive ever seen in my life! It led down to a pair of gorgeous jewels covered in a thick blanket of light brown hair. He turned around and headed for the showers, showing off his perfectly tanned chiseled ass as he did so.

It was a hell in its own to try and keep my manhood from standing hard for him, but I held back as I stripped of my own squarecut speedo, grabbed my towel, and headed for the shower. As I walked into the rows of shower heads I walked down the line heading for the back. Ace was about three rows down and called 'Hey jake, take a head next to me!' I smiled and nervously walked over to the shower head next to his. He began talking about his laps and recorded times as I smiled and nodded along, paying most attention to the way the water just cascaded down every facet of his defined body, running between his ass and up off his balls, it was hard to keep my eyes off, until his change in tone brought me to attention as I fully faced him, 'Holy shit dude! Tha's fucking massive!' I looked down at my own cock, I wasn't bad, decent sized nut sack, about 6 and a half long, but not nearly as big a his. He looked me up and down '...It runs well with your abs and...' he looked me in the eye and smiled. 'Its nothing compared to yours dude its really thick...' he turned around close to me, and as he did so his cock slapped against the head of my cock. I gave a slight groan, oh man I was so hungry for him now it was bad.

At this point our eyes met, this dark hazel eyes told me he was as starving as I was, all I could see was passion. He step slightly towards me and inched into a light brush against my lips followed by a tender biting of my lower lip. I brought my hand up to his neck and welcomed him in. I was twitching with hot running passion as I ripped away from his lips and lowered my head to his nipples and began to lick at the right, teething slightly as I did so. He let out a low groan as I pushed him up against the wall and kissed at anything my lips could find. He let out in a shaking tone 'Fuck yea come on' he pushed me back and brought me to the shower floor. He ran his hands down to my ass as his head followed, I let out a desperate moan as he licked down my happy trail, and as he drew back to face my throbbing 9 and a half inch cock head on the breathed 'Come on Jakey, fill me up'. He dove on my cock, taking most of it in at first, though having to adapt until he swallowed it all. As the water from the shower rolled down his back and my body I let out grunts of immense pleasure, 'FUCK YEA! COME ON SUCK IT OUT!' His lips slid up and down my shaft in a motion I never dreamed of as he let out short gasps of air. That was bringing me up fast, I felt what seemed like gallons of boiling hot cum brewing, fighting to escape my nuts as I groaned 'fuck man I'm cumming! FUCK!' Just seconds later my whole body trembled as my cock pulsed with stream of cum jetting down Ace's throat. He coughed a bit as he tried to keep it all down but he could keep up and let the streams spray across his chest and face.

I finally opened my eyes and looked over at ace, drenched in my own cum, and strangely enough my cock stayed rock hard and horny as if my load was still weighing down my nut sack. He smiled and laughed as we both stood up in the stream of water from the shower heads, I held him up close and began to help him shower off my cum, and he whispered to me 'come on', as he led me out of the shower into the gigantic sauna just outside, we walked in and as I turned to closed the door I felt his cock up against my hard, sweaty ass. 'Yea dude, oh yea, come on, take me there...' I moaned as he pulled me back and mounted me against a bench. He leaned in a rest his pecs and chest against my back and shoved two fingers slowly and tenderly into my ass, he moved them back and forth until he got up to four fingers. He pulled them all out and slid his chest back until his waist pressed against my ass. He then coaxed my ass open with what could only be the head of his 10 inch manhood and began to ease it in. 'Fuck man yea, yea, stuff me!' I moaned as the pain of his thick tool worked into my tight ass. At first it hurt like a bitch, but it slowly melting into the most blissful pleasure I thought possible. As he began to quicken the pace, my ass contracted delivering shocks of pain and pleasure up my own shaft. He worked until he began slamming as fast as he could against my ass, his balls slapping against mine, I began to moan and grunt with every full cock length up my ass. 'FUCK ACE! COME ON HARDER! FUCK ME UP! FILL IT UP!' I screamed as his cock tore into throbs releasing gallons of man cream into my ass which filled up fast and let loads of it fall all over our legs and feet.

Ace pulled out and fell to the ground next to me. 'Fuck that was amazing, hah, shit!' I looked up and smiled as I crawled over to him as I muttered a quick 'Fuck ya' as I bent between his thighs and licked up every last drop of cum down his legs.



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