One time at the tubs, a cute little Latino guy with a bubble-butt came out of a room in front of me with his towel over his shoulder and bounced down the hall. I followed him drooling like a dog, and he knew it.

When we got to his room, neither of us said a word. I hit my poppers hard and handed them to him. I immediately laid on my back, and he first stood over my face and then squatted down to sit on my open mouth with his dick facing mine - just like it had all been scripted.

It turned out he had been getting fisted before I found him, but with a clear lube, (no Crisco mess in sight). As soon as I started sucking on that pretty hole, it opened-up and a huge rosebud started unfolding into my mouth. I had to think fast how to get my tongue out of the way, so I centered it in his slick chute and the rosebud just kept blossoming bigger and bigger. I had it completely trapped in my mouth, but my tongue was also trapped up his chute. We were locked mouth to asshole, and he was pushing hard down my throat. I panicked for just a second until I realized I could not only breath thru my nose, but I was also able to swallow his sweet ass juices.

My hands finally found my dick as he started working my nipples - first easy, then building to where he was trying to twist-tear them off. I was in Heaven, man! I came so hard, I could hear it splatter his chest. He let go of my nipples, pumped his dick a couple of times, and shot his warm load out over my cock and balls and down my ass-crack. His rosebud began to retreat and he clamped-down so hard on my tongue I thought I might lose it, but I didn't care - (small price to pay for what I had just experienced).

He was gently sliding his ass up, down and around my face as the last of his asshole slipped back inside and I took what felt like my first breath ever through my freshly-vacated mouth and throat. As he turned and shot me a knowing grin, I was genuinely grateful for my life and hungry for a couple of White Castles.



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