The sauna was full, so I couldn't lean back. Joe was sitting across from me, against the wall, and we both smiled at each other occasionally. A couple of the older guys who lived in the building were talking about the economy, and investments, blah blah. My towel was plastered to my thighs, and I felt the comforting ooze of sweat, pouring out of me.

A couple of the guys left, probably since the economy talk is such a downer. I was able to scoot over sluggishly, and relax a little. I noticed Joe loosen up a bit too. He leaned back, and I could see up his towel. His balls were loose and resting flat against the hard bench, and his shaft looked full and long. It made me horny...

I crossed my leg over, and watched Joe's eyes wander down to my crotch. I leaned back to give him a better view, and winked at him across the room. He smirked, and crossed his leg too. His shaft shifted out, so it was almost pointed right at me. He pretended to check out his toe, as his towel fell all the way open, and he put his foot back down on the floor. I heard the older guys stop their conversation, and then carry on in a low whisper. Joe sat there, unashamed, completely exposed. I stood up to pour water over the rocks, and let my towel fall as well. I bent down to pick it up, but instead of wrapping it around myself, I loosely held it in my other hand. I returned to my spot, and draped the towel down over the bench. I leaned back, and enjoyed the fresh steam.

The room fogged up quickly, and I noticed a few more guys leaving. The air from the locker room seemed cool, and refreshing. I got up to pour more water, and sat next to Joe when I got back. There was only one other man in the room at this point, and he seemed to be unconscious. "We should move over to the corner," Joe whispered to me. I agreed, and got up to move to the dark corner near the rocks. I poured extra water, and the room fogged up even more. We were in the darkest spot of the already dim room, almost invisible to anyone walking by. The man near the front snorted a little, and Joe and I giggled. I got up, and sat on Joe's lap. His hands moved up my sweaty sides, and around my chest, playfully pinching at my nipples. He slid his mouth across my shoulder blades, and softly bit my shoulder. I got hard instantly. I arched my back slightly, while he worked his finger tips down my spine, kneading a little into my back muscles, in a light massaging method.

I was holding onto his hairy, muscular thighs, and slowly moved my hands closer together, meeting over his hairy crotch. I scooted further back, feeling the bristly wetness of his bush against my cheeks. I felt him shift, and spread his thighs, so that I slid down a little, in between them. I felt his sweaty hardon twitch up to meet me. The man across the room moved a little, creaking the bench. We stopped and waited. He drooped his head again, and I got up to pour more water. I could hardly breathe, but I felt the intensity of postponement and anticipation.

Joe leaned back, running one hand up and down my spine, while I slowly clenched my cheeks over his shaft. I felt him nestled tightly inside the crevice of my ass. I wanted him in the worst way. I got up and turned, getting down on my knees, and leaning forward to take him in my mouth. He sighed loudly, and grabbed the back of my head. I felt the saltiness of his sweaty dick enter my lips, and I lowered my head, to feel him slide across my tongue and roof of my mouth, til he pressed against the back of my throat. I tickled the underside of his shaft with some tongue flicks, and started to swallow, sucking in the tip of his head into the softness of my esophagus.

I was deep throating him, softly gagging, but it was so erotic. I felt like I could pass out, but the excitement of it all was arousing me more and more. I had his dick so slicked with spit, and tasting his pre cum, urged me to take all of him into my deepest parts. I got up and straddled him. He pulled me closer, pulling my face to his. His tongue explored my lips and inside of my mouth. He enjoyed the taste of himself on me. I reached behind, taking hold of his shaft, and guiding it to my craving hole. He slid in roughly at first, and then smoothly slid in. I heard the slick sounds of him entering me, and turned to see if the man at the front was still sleeping. He was...

I rocked up and down, feeling him pound inside me, over and over. He was moaning quietly in my ear. His hard, hairy chest was comforting against mine, and his hands digging into my lower back, pulling me down again and again, onto his throbbing dick. I was panting heavily, feeling myself surge toward my orgasm. I buried my face in his shoulder, and came hard between our bodies. I felt my dick spasm a few time, shooting cum between our sweaty bodies. "Mmmm here I come baby...Here I cum...Oooh yeahhhhhhh fuckkkkk" Joe moaned as he blew inside me. I felt him throbbing, and pulsing repeatedly spasming in the soft tissue of my insides. My prostate convulsed in response, and my ass clenched uncontrollably, massaging his thick shaft.

We made out for a few seconds, while he softened inside me, and I got up to wipe myself off. I almost fell over, and he grabbed my arm, "Whoa, that good huh?" I slicked my hand across my stomach, and wiped cum across his mouth. He bit my hand playfully, and I wiped him off. I was wrapping the towel around my waist, when the door opened, and a couple of mid 30s looking guys walked in and sat down by the door. I could smell my cum in the air, and I think they recognized the odor, as they both looked over, while Joe and I adjusted our towels and walked past them to the door.

We picked a stall at the end of the locker area, and made out some more, under the pulsing hot water. I could feel him oozing out of me, and pushed his hand behind me, so he could finger me a bit, while we kissed. He had two fingers in, softly fucking me, lubed by his own cum. He found my prostate, and rubbed out another orgasm from me. I came softly, but deeply, clenching his fingers inside me, and biting his lower lip. He pulled his fingers out, and played with his cum a bit, before wiping them across my nipple. He leaned over, biting at it, and licking at my hardening areola. He soaped me up, and washed my dick and stomach off again.

We shut the shower off, and went out to towel off, and dress. I felt limp and limber as we walked to the stairwell to the lobby. He kept grabbing and pinching at my ass while we walked up. We got up to the apartment, just as the phone rang. Our dinner had arrived, and I set the table. We spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, watching my favorite childhood movie "Jingle all the way". Happy ending to a happy ending :)



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