A Surprising Evening of Sex

I do lots of traveling for work and being away from my girlfriend for weeks at a time causes horniness beyond control too often.  It usually results in an evening of me naked on the hotel bed slowly massaging my average dick till it gets hard.  At that point I use some lubricant to massage my penis slowly until I get close to cuming then step up till I’m in a frenzy masturbating and shoot my load on my stomach with the initial cum shot up to my chest. 

This night some new business “friends” and I went to the hotel bar for a drink to relax from a day of boring sessions and thinking about getting laid when I get home. We had a few drinks and were feeling no pain when the 2 men sitting   on the other side of the booth excused themselves and left. The guy sitting next to me stayed there.  During some general conversation my mind wondered to my girlfriend and the feel of her mouth wrapped around my penis.  About that time I had to take a leak and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

By the time I got to the urinal my cock had come to half-staff.  As I unzipped and began to pee, the guy sitting next to me came in and began peeing at the next urinal.  There was the uneasy talking about our bladders about to burst.  Then I noticed him looking at my dick peeing then he asked if I was horny and that I had a nice looking cut cock.  Being very uneasy about the question, being very horny, I stuttered a bit and said thanks.  Zipped up and left the bathroom.  My “friend” joined me at the booth and sat next to me as he was before the bathroom.

He sat down and asked if I’d like some good head.  My response was a firm yes without even thinking about it.  My friend said he thought so given the appearance of my cock at the urinal.  “Ever had a guy suck your cock” he said.  Not really I responded.  He reached over and put his hand over my crouch and asked if I’d like some release and invited me to his room.   Without a thought I got up with him and headed to his room.  Once inside he told me to drop my pants and shorts sit on the bed lay back and relax.  Being well intoxicated I did so.  The feel of his hand on my semi erect penis created a steady growth of my penis to a firm cock wanting to explode in orgasm.  I felt his tongue lick my pee slit and saying he liked my pre-cum and I must be excited and ready for some release.  I couldn’t speak just moaned waiting to get that release.

He cupped my ball sac and wrapped his lips around my cock head and I about came right there but he knew and released my cock head.  He just caressed my balls and just said how nice my penis was and that he will enjoy making me cum and swallow what I had to give him.  After a few minutes that frenzy I felt decreased and soon faded.  He said my pre-cum was flowing and asked if I was ready.  Dumb question but I said yes please.

His tongue began to lick up and down the shaft and my balls then he must have swallowed my entire cock down his throat and I shot a heavy load.  I could hear him swallow and moan as he did.  He continued to suck my cock and deep throat it along the way.  He continued to suck as my dick softened and hit that over sensitive point where I couldn’t take any more contact.  My head was swimming and I just couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it.  My new real friend just kept massaging my balls and my softening penis.

At some point he rolled on to m y stomach and I felt him massaging my butt.  Then I felt his tongue between my butt cheeks at that point I jumped a bit.  He told me t relax and that he was going to give something that will change my life forever.  I could care less as I was still overcome from my cock being sucked and my exploding cum shots.

He spread my cheeks and licked my crack from top to bottom stopping at my butt hole and pushing his tongue in and out then on down my butt.  His tongue returned to  my hole and just stayed there creating another out of this world feeling sending my head reeling once more.  I soon felt something pushing into my hole.  It was slippery.  He said he was preparing me for another fantastic experience.  All I could say in this foggy mind set was “Please’  He told me to just relax as he finger fucked me with 1-3 fingers well lubricated.  I was so loaded with booze that my asshole was not tight because I took 3 fingers with minor discomfort but overwhelmed with ecstasy.  

He pulled my hips to the edge of the bed and shortly I felt something that wasn’t a finger and heard him say relax I’m going to fuck you into wonderland and you will want more the rest of your life.  He slowly slipped his cock inside me with minor pain. He stopped a few seconds leaving his cock inside my ass, then slowly he began to slide his dick in and out of me slowly increasing speed till he grabbed my hips and began pumping hard sending my head swimming in pure enjoyment.  He pumped a couple hard times then groaned.  I could tell he was unloading his cum into me.

His cock stayed inside me until he softened and slipped out.  I felt him licking and sucking on my hole till I was dry.  He flopped down on the bed next to me and just laid there.  He asked how I was and I said totally satisfied and he agreed he was also.

After some time I got up and dressed and saw his limp penis wet and laying there as if to say suck on me please.  We looked at each other smiled as he said same time tomorrow?  Oh yes, tomorrow!!!!



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