I arrived at my apartment one Friday afternoon from work and found a new neighbor moving in. both our apartments were on the end of the building and our doors were directly across from each other on a small inset on the end. His apartment was a mirror image of mine.

I nodded a greeting as I went to my door, secretly checking him out. He appeared to be in his early to mid forties, was muscular and nice looking.

I went in and changed and came back out to see him hauling boxes into his apartment. I went to his rental van and grabbed a box and began helping out. I saw him look me up and down and smile as he said, "Thanks. I appreciate the help. I'm Jim."

"Mark," I replied. "It's nice to finally have a neighbor. The last guy to live here and I became great friends."

"Maybe we can do the same," he said with a sly smile as we sat down our boxes.

We completed unloading the small van and I asked, "No furniture?"

"The moving company will be here tomorrow morning about nine with my furniture and car," he said.

"Where will you sleep tonight?"

"Oh, I have an old sleeping bag. I'll just make a pallet on the floor."

"Nonsense. What kind of neighbor would I be if I let you sleep on the floor. My sofa is extremely comfortable and you're welcome to use it tonight. And I'll fix us some dinner."

"You won't get any arguments from me. I certainly wasn't looking forward to sleeping on the floor, but dinner is on me tonight. I just need to find my towels and all to shower."

"Hell, Jim, shower here. You can unpack tomorrow."

"Thanks. I did have a long drive today."

He went on to explain that he moved here from across the neighboring state to start a new job a week from Monday. "I want to get settled and learn my way around town."

He grabbed his suitcase and locked his apartment and we went into mine. Looking around, he smiled and said, "Damn, Mark, you got this place looking great. I need to get you to help me decorate mine."

"Anytime," I replied. "How about a beer while we cool off?"

"Sounds great to me."

I got us a couple of beers and we sat in the living room chatting. He really didn't reveal much about himself and i didn't want to pry and ruin a friendship before it had a chance to start.

When it came time to shower, I did find that he wasn't the least bit shy or bashful. He stripped to bikini briefs there in the living room in font of me before heading for the shower. His chest was somewhat hairy and his pecs and abs were well defined. I hoped he didn't see the bulge in my pants growing.

After he showered, I took mine and we went to dinner. After a couple more beers and dinner, we returned home.

"Make yourself comfortable," I said.

"Well, to me that is being in just my briefs," he replied with a slight laugh.

"Go for it," I said. "It won't bother me. I'm that way most of the time."

"Well, it's just the two of us here, so will you join me?" he asked.

"I couldn't believe how forward he was having just met. "Sure," I replied, wondering if my fantasies about him would become reality.

Soon, we were both in just our briefs watching TV and talking. before long we decided to get some sleep and I told him I would set my alarm so he would be up for the movers.

I got him some bed linens and a pillow and headed for bed. A while later, I went to the kitchen to get some water and noticed the briefs he had been wearing were on the floor next to the sofa. I knew then he slept nude, and that I needed to make sure I was up before him.

I was and was in the kitchen preparing coffee when he awoke. He didn't realize I was up and threw the covers back and stood up after picking up his briefs. As he began to put them on, I said, "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

He jumped and turned toward me showing me one of the most beautiful soft thick cocks i had seen in a long time. "Uh, yea, you were right. That couch is damn comfortable," he said as he tried to hurry getting his briefs on.

"Sorry about being nude when I got up. I've slept that way for years."

"Don't sweat it. I sleep the same way and see guys nude all the time at the gym. It doesn't bother me," I said.

We had coffee and breakfast before he went to his place to wait for the movers. They arrived and got his furniture moved in and later he knocked on my door.

"Mark, I need a favor."

"Sure, Jim, what can I do?"

He asked me to follow him to the rental agency so he could turn in the van and give him a ride back home. On the way back home he thanked me again for having him over, saying that seeing how my furniture was placed helped him place his for maximum space.

We returned home and i left him to get settled saying that if he needed anything to let me know.

I didn't hear from him the rest of the weekend.

I went to work on Monday and began telling a close co-worker about my new neighbor. Brad was twenty-two and gay also. He and I had frequent sex together and since he loved on the opposite side of town we had sex after work in my office after everyone else had left.

However, today he seemed preoccupied and was only half listening. I asked what was wrong.

He apologized and said, "Saturday, I got a letter from my dad saying he was moving here in a few weeks and wantd to see me."

I asked what the problem was.

"Mark, you don't understand. he and my mom married just after they turned eighteen. I was born six months later not nine months. Their marriage lasted a year before they divorced and my dad joined the Marines. I haven't seen him since they divorced although he did send support checks and gifts on my birthdays. I wouldn't know him if he walked through the door right now. And when I do meet him and he starts asking questions and finds out that I'm gay?"

"Just don't think about it. It might not happen."

"Maybe not," he said, then asked, "After work?"

"Fuck yea. I'm horny as hell."

After work we had wild sex, both nude in my office. after a hot sixty-nine we made out a while before later fucking each other.

Things were normal for the rest of the week with brad and I getting together again on Thursday after work.

Friday afternoon when I arrived home, Jim was out on his patio a new grill next to him.

As I walked by he said, "Hey, how about joining me tonight and helping me break this thing in?"

"Sure. let me change and I'll be right over."

I showered and changed and returned to Jim's patio where he had a cold beer waiting. We later had dinner and once back inside, we relaxed and talked. I asked if he was ready to start work on Monday and he said he was as ready as he could be. When I asked what he'd be doing he just said he'd be working for the city.

After a while, he asked if I minded if he got comfortable.

"It's your apartment, do whatever you want," I replied.

"If I do that, I'll be nude," he said with a laugh.

"Well, I saw you that way last weekend so what's the big deal?"

"You really don't mind do you?"

"Nope," I said.

He smiled and went to his bedroom and returned totally nude. "Feel free to join me if you want to."

"I just might," I said.

We sat on the sofa and as we sipped another beer, I decided to see what he'd do if I got nude also. I stood and removed my shirt first then casually removed my shorts then briefs. He watched and as I sat down, he smiled and said, "Feel better?"

"Much," I replied.

We were about a foot apart and I noticed him glancing over at my cock frequently. After a few moments his cock began to slowly stiffen. Seeing that, mine began to stiffen.

After a moment, both our cocks were rock hard and sticking up and out. Looking over at me he said, "Looks like we're both in the same shape and need some relief."

"Yea, it does."

A second later he slid closer and as he grasped my hard cock and asked, "You mind?"

"Not at all," I replied and reached over and grasped his. We began to slowly stroke each other.

A moment later we looked into each other's eyes and when we did, he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to mine. I responded by parting my lips and offering my tongue. He did the same and we began a hot passionate tongue kiss.

After the kiss, he said, "I was hoping you were into male play."

"I was hoping the same with you. I'm into it all."

"So am I," he replied and leaned over and began sucking my cock. As he sucked me he eased himself to the floor and between my legs. soon, he was devouring my load as it fired off into his hot wet mouth. After swallowing, we kissed again then I got into position between his legs and sucked him off. His load was huge and thick and delicious. I eagerly swallowed it all.

As I sat back onto the sofa, he asked, "Mark, would you like to spend the night with me?"

"Hell yea I would."

We went straight to his bed and began a hot make out session. Soon we were ready again and fucked each other savagely, emptying our loads into each others ass.

Before going to sleep we made out again and had a hot sixty-nine. We began the next morning with another sixty-nine.

Jim and I had sex two to three times a week after we both got home from work.

Time passed and I asked Brad if he had heard from his father. He said he had and was to meet him at his apartment that Saturday evening for dinner.

That Saturday, I had arrived home from running some errands and as Jim and I stood talking on his patio, a car pulled up. The man got out and I was shocked to see Brad coming toward us.

"It's my son that I haven't seen since he was a year old."

"Mark, what are you doing here?"

"You two know each other?" Jim asked.

"Hell yea," Brad said. "We work together."

"Holy shit!" Jim said. then walking closer to Brad he said, "Son, it's good to finally see you in person. Your mother sent me pictures up until she died."

I said my goodbyes and left them to talk.

I did find out later that Jim had retired from the Marines recently and seeked out his son. From what I was told they had dinner and talked until the wee hours of the morning. They solved some minor problems that had bothered Brad.

When I later saw Jim, I asked if Brad knew he was gay.

"Hell no! He would probably hate me if he did. I've just found him and don't want to loose him."

When I confronted Brad at work, he had the same reaction. Then he got more serious and said, "You have been living next to him for a while now. I know you didn't know he was my father, but did you ever try to get him in bed? He is pretty hot looking."

"I would if I thought he'd let me but I know better," I lied.

"Please don't ever let on that I'm having sex with you."

"Brad, you know I'd never do that," I assured him.

For weeks I had sex with both father and son without the other knowing. I was a man caught in the middle.

Then one Saturday night things changed.

Jim had invited me over for sex and we were in the middle of a hot sixty-nine on the living room floor when there was a hard knock on his front door.

We stopped and he went to see just who it was. When he cracked the door, Brad stood looking at him. "Dad, we have to talk," he said as he pushed his way in.

he saw me nude on the floor then looked at his dad. Seeing him nude also, he said, "What the shit? You told me you weren't doing him."

"Son, what's going on?"

"Dad, I came here to confess to you that I'm gay and I find you having sex with him. are you gay also?"

"Yes son, I am, and I assume you're having sex with Mark also."

"Yes, I have been for over a year."

"Well, I certainly didn't want you to find out this way, but since it's all out in the open, would you like to join us?"

"You serious?"

"Yes, Brad, I am. Your hot and desirable."

Brad paused a moment then looked at me. "I wouldn't mind at all."

Brad relented and stripped and soon he was in a hot sixty-nine with his own father. The three of us sucked and fucked most of the night.

It was then during conversations, that I found out that Jim was an undercover officer for the local police department.

Brad and his dad began having frequent sex with out me and we also had hot three ways. I continued with my one-on-one sex with both Brad and Jim, and I was in heaven. At work, Brad knew I was having sex with his dad and at home Jim knew I was having sex with his son. It made it all the hotter for me. and seeing them have sex together during our three ways was the ultimate in hot sex.

It's been three years now and we still continue our activities. We go out together and go out of town some weekends and check out the gay bars. Life is wonderful now.




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