I have to say, I honestly didn't expect it. It was a long day and I wasn't in the mood for anything. I opened the door and walked through the house without incident; that was, until I entered my bedroom.

This was a first. The nerve of the kid. In my house?!

And yet, there Taj was, fully naked except for the silver chain and white socks, lying face up on my bed. I saw cum on his lower stomach; he wailed on himself off there. His small dick was soft now. He was asleep. On my bed.

And the most outrageous thing: through his slightly spread legs, I saw a familiar object. A butt-plug, my butt plug, was in sticking out from his ass. I couldn't believe it.

I dropped my small suitcase in shock. Perhaps more frightened than I, Taj woke up with a start, trying to get his bearings. Quickly, though, a look of embarrassment came over him and he appeared to be trying to find some explanation.

'Uh, Mr. Jones,' he said, sitting up now. Wincing a little, he took the butt-plug out of his orifice.

Teenagers I thought. Taj had been a good one; he was anxious to make money and I helped out by having him mow the lawn. On this hot summer day, I'd asked him to do it again. I'd left my keys where I usually do so he could get my lawnmower from the house; his mother's had been broken for a few months. And this is what happened.

'Taj, what the fuck you doin'?' I yelled. He left the blue, penis-shaped sex-toy on the bed and started to look around frantically for his clothes. He found them beside the bed and grabbed them quickly as he rushed to his feet. But, he seemed to shocked to actually start putting them on.

'I'm sorry, Mr. Jones,' he said. He was only about 8 years younger than me but he still called me ??'Mr. Jones'. 'I... I...'

'I don't give a fuck! Just get on your clothes and get out!'

His brown eyes fell to the floor. His cornrows were neatly done by his mother. Did she know he was still here?

It was as if Taj had read my mind: 'Mr. Jones, you ain't gon' tell my moms about this, are you?'

'I haven't made up my mind yet,' I said firmly and angrily. My stuff was still on the floor. 'You can't do shit like this, man!'

'Please, Mr. Jones, please, don't tell my moms!' he begged. 'If she ever found out...'

I found it strange to see this young man cowering before me like this. He followed the crowd and the hip-hop artists of the time, and yet here he was, nude, caught red-handed doing something that could change not only his mother's opinion of him, but his friends'. He had his shirt pressed against his groin and I could see that come of his semen had gone onto it.

'It's just that... I ain't never been wid a guy before and... I kinda like you...'

My mouth dropped open. Taj?... Taj?! Admitting this? He was obsessed! And crazy! He searched my stuff, and found my private things in my bedroom and expect any what?

'Listen, dawg, I ain't got to time for dis,' I said. 'I'm tired. I got a new computer program to build for an important client. I can't deal wid dis shit, a'ight?'

'But,' he pleaded, 'I seen how you look at my brother.' He had a point; his older brother was one of those thugs: often walking shirtless around the street with his clique and his jeans sagging. One fine-ass nigger.

'What?' I muttered. How dare he put this on me?

'Please, sir, I'm sorry. I just... I'm sorry.'

He tossed aside his shirt quickly, slipping on his boxers before he rushed out the bedroom door, all his clothes bundled in his arms.

'Wait,' I said, grasping his arm as he passed me. 'You say you a virgin. Never been wid anyone?'

'Yeah, man,' he said, looking embarrassed still.

Actually, so was I. I had always been caught up with school and work; never had I allowed myself to let sex get in the way. But, I'd never been in this sort of situation either. Taj was actually almost as hot as his brother. He was taller than me, and I was 5'9', having a very mature look. He wasn't as muscular as me, but he had a nice set of abs and chest.

'Lemme see that dick,' I commanded gently.

Unable to control himself, he dropped his clothes and let his boxers fall to the floor. I saw his dick twitch and start to grow. 'How'd you like my butt-plug?' I asked.

'I never done nothing like that befo',' he admitted. 'I actually liked it; I always that the stuff I see on the 'net wid guys lovin' that shit was bogus. But... I wanted to try.'

'Alright,' I said. I decided to do what I'd never done; and why not with someone who seemed willing. Indeed, I could see the eagerness in his eyes. 'Kiss me, nigger.'

It looked like he'd never kissed before either. He seemed unsure. I'd at least done that; so, I guided him, pushing my tongue into his mouth he followed suit. One hand was on his cornrows, the other was unbuttoning my shirt.

The suit jacket and shirt underneath fell to the floor first, leaving a white A-shirt. Then, my pants. But I had to kick off my shoes before I could step out of them. I had on my boxers and I pulled myself close to him, feeling his dick against my lower stomach. He was hard as rock already, and (if you believe if) bigger than me. Of course, I was hard too, and pressed against his scrotum under my boxers.

Breathing deeply, I stopped the kiss and help him close as I breathed in his ear, 'You gon' gimme a peace o' dat ass, dawg?'

'Y-yeah, man,' he said as I started to play around with his anus. I felt his body shake.

'Good,' I said. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea I could take charge like this. This was much better than what he saw on the videos.

I parted from him for a painful few seconds, stepping over my clothes and suitcase, I reached the drawers and pulled out the lube I usually used when I watched my... entertainment. I walked back over to Taj and led him back to the bed.

He lay once again on his back, his legs hanging off. I lubed up my dick and indicated that he should lift his legs. His ass vibrated as my lubricated fingers went in. His still-changing voice was sweet to my ears as he moaned. I bent down to kiss his dimpled cheek and whispered, 'You ready?'

He could do nothing but nod.

So, I got up, dropping the bottle of lube to the floor. And I placed my dick at the entrance, toying with it. He wasn't touching himself. He seemed as anxious as me to have me enter. My pink mushroom head went in first. I heard him wince a little, but also moan in sensual pleasure. His ass squeezed around my head, sending a wave around my whole body.

'Relax your ass,' I said. 'Just let me work.'

He did. Slowly, as I kissed his chest and tickled his dick, he let all of me in. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. After one minute of in-out action, I shot a load in his ass. Bliss.

His face held pain, but satisfaction at having his prostate massaged for a while. I slowly pulled it out. Then, I said, 'You want a turn?'

His face lit up: 'Hell yeah!' I didn't bother to clean the cum from my dick. I just picked up to lube, applied to my ass and, much to his pleasure, his awaiting dick.

I climbed on the bed beside him, on all fours. 'Come on, dawg. Take a ride. I'm waitin'.'

I didn't have to ask twice. His dark dick was in me faster than I could blink. Only, I could handle it better; I'd used that butt-plug for longer. What sweet heaven. His dick went in and out, in and out... smooth as butter. His dick wasn't as thick as mine, but he reached deep.

His sounds of sensual pleasure got my dick hard again. I groaned as he rode me for the next three minutes. His first time was longer than mine.

But, I wasn't done yet. I turned around and grabbed him as I felt the cum leaking from my ass. 'What'd you think?' I asked.

'Yo, dawg, I dunno what to say, except... shit.' His face said it all. The sweat poured down his dark face, his tight small chest, arms and abs.

'Good,' I said, grabbing the back of his head, moving my hand over his canerows while guide him to my anxious dick. 'Yo, suck it.'

He did. I was surprised that his dick wasn't getting soft, still throbbing as the blood moved through it. So, we went into 69 position. I never imagined having someone suck my dick would be this good. The feeling of his tongue sliding around my cock was too wonderful to describe. I kept playing with his firm butt-cheeks and his anus, longing to place my tool through that orifice again.

He soon gave me the opportunity. This thug seemed to like being dominated.

'Fuck me again, nigger,' he almost begged.

'Wait,' I said as I grabbed the butt-plug. It was still lubed up, but I applied more. 'I lay on my back and pushed it slowly up my ass as he seemed to be exerting all of his effort not to grab his own cock. I positioned my dick and said, 'come on.'

Some of the cum was still dripping from his ass as he sat on my dick. With my left hand, I pushed the butt-plug in and out of my ass while he moved up and down slowly. Pleasure from both ends. My right hand moved over his abs as my eyes rolled into the back of my head. He lay down against me and I felt his dick moving against my own well-defined abs. It must have been heaven rubbing it against my stomach.

He kissed me, taking more control now, his hand against my buzz-cut hair. He started to push his ass against my dick more forcefully. My spine would have jerked if I was standing. I wished I had videotaped it; two dark-skinned niggers havin' the time of their lives.

Then, he sat up again, reaching for his dick, but I intercepted him. 'Naw, dawg, lemme do it.'

I swear his own dick throbbing in my hand made mine swell in his ass and I felt his moaning intensify. His ass started twitching again and he forced himself harder and harder on my dick. The plug pressed against my prostate.

'Aw, shit,' he murmured as he shot a load into my hands. Soon after, I felt myself shoot into his rectum.

I let go and he lay on me for a while, the plug still in my ass. He breathed against my ear, licking it every now and again as I shrank in his ass.

'You ain't gon' tell my moms, right, Mr. Jones?' he asked again, smiling this time.

'Naw, kid,' I answered. 'And call me Chris.'

He took a shower and I helped him clean the cum out of his clothes. He left at around 8:30 p.m., but told me his mom wouldn't worry; he often came home later than this. We kept our little secret. We figured it best that we not meet too often, but I hope we get together sometime soon.


Tahric Thorpe

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