I will begin by telling you I was in my early teens and had just fully flourished. My neighbor was a year younger. He had just moved next door and was the new kid on the block. It was in the middle of summer and both my parents worked. I spent most of the weekdays at home alone. I, of course, was always horney. I walked around with a constant hard on. I usually wore nothing but a pair of cut off shorts. My dick was constantly sneeking out when erect. The first time I noticed him looking at my erect penis, I thought it was just the shock or something, so I did not pay much attention. Then, I caught him again and again just staring at my crotch area as if he was hoping it would reappear. I decided to find out if this was the case. You see, I had recently ended an affair with my nephew who moved away and I really missed the action. I waited several days until we were alone. We all hung out a the park in our neighborhood during the heat of the day. Everyone went home for diner but he and I. We were talking about a baseball game earlier in the day. I positioned myself on a metal rail and spread my legs. I was already erect. When he looked away, I quickly pulled my dick out the leg of my shorts. I turned away and looked behind me, pretending not to notice I was hanging out. I noticed he became quiet and stopped talking. I waited a few minutes, continued talking, and while talking turned and looked at him. He was frozen, staring at my cock. He hadn't noticed I was looking right at him. He could not keep his eyes off of my rigid cock. I finally stopped talking about baseball and started talking about hy hardon. He did not even notice at first. I finally yelled at him. I said' do you like my cock real loud?' He jumped with a start. He said,' what?' I laughed and told him I saw him looking at me. At first he denied it, afraid of the implications. So, I told him it was okay, I had been with someone before. He seemed to relax a little and started to open up. I again asked him why he kept looking at my cock. He told me mine was at least twice as big as his and admitted it turned him on. He then told me he thought I was beautiful and he thought he was in love with me. Now, let me clear this up a little. I was the school jock, excellent in every sport, built like a greek god. I was very well endowed and had no problems getting a girl. He had not been with either. He was cherry in every way. Jackpot! I asked him if he wanted to find out more. He said yes and seemed quite excited at the prospect. I told him to come over the following day after my folks went to work and we would talk about it. My folds left for work at around 7 am. He was at my door at 7:01 am. I had been in bed and got up to let him in. I sleep in the nude. When I opened the door, gasped at the sight of my morning hard on. I told him to come in and have a seat. I went into the bathroom and took a piss. When I came out of the bathroom, he had taken all his clothes off and was sitting there, on the couch stark naked. This kind of surprised me, I wasn't quite awake yet. Well, I overlooked it and just went into the kitchen for a glass of juice. I guess I was torturing him a little by acting so nonshalant, but I needed to wake up a little. I sat down at the dining room table, spread my legs and let him get a good look at the goods. He was hypnotized again, stareing at my dick. I took a couple of swallow of juice. I then said,' Come here Steve, I know you want to touch me, so go ahead and enjoy yourself.' He paused for just a minute, then walked over to me. He got down on his knees between my legs. I notice how erect he was and he had a fairly large cock too. He did not have much hair yet, but he had a good sized member. He asked me what he should do. I said,' do whatever you feel like doing, I am giving you free reign, see how you like it.' Slowly, he reached up and grabbed my rock hard cock. He started stroking up and down the shaft lovingly and oh so gently. Then he gently cupped my balls in his hand and caressed them. He touched me as if I were made of glass. I let him play with me for quite awhile. I was spewing precum like a leaky faucet. I stopped him and asked him if he had ever had sex before. He said no only jacking off by himself. I decided to start with 69 and teach him the ultimate pleasure of mutual satisfaction. I took him into my bed and layed him down. I then layed down in the sixty nine position. I started caressing his dick a balls and invited him to do the same. I told him, do everything I do. He agreed. I took him in my mouth and started caressing his balls and he did the same. After only a few seconds, he expolded in my mouth. I took it all in and swallowed it. He must have been anticipating this all night. What a load. His body was almost doubling over while he ejaculated. He was moaning and almost screaming with extasy. He stopped sucking on me at that point. Of course he was spent for the moment. He apologized over and over. I just lay there and reasurred him it was okay. All the time, I was gently playing with his cock. After only a few minutes, he started getting erect again. He said,' that feels really good.' I said I know. In no time, I had his hard as a rock again. He said he wanted to get me off now and he would try anything. I said okay, we will try something else. I went into the bathroom and came back with the ky. I warned him this might hurt a little at first, but to relax and it would become enjoyable after a few minutes. I told him I was gonna fuck him in the ass the was a guy does a girl. To my surprise, he told me he had dreamed of me taking him like that. I decided to take him like a girl, face to face. I spread ky all over my cock and his ass. I was hard beyond belief. I placed the head of my cock against his anus. Gently, I pushed the head forward and it slid in. He gasped. I aske him if he was okay. He said yes. I slowly started easing it in. He again stared drawing in air. I again asked if he was okay. He said,' stop asking me that and fuck me!' I slid it in. He began hunching back, reaching up to meet my every thrust. I fucked him like he was my bitch, ramming it home as hard as I could. I came in buckets!! What a fine tight ass he had. I was surprised. I said,' I wander why it did not hurt you?' He then informed me he had been using a huge dildo his sister had. He would dream of my big dick in his ass whild he fucked himself with a dildo and jacked off. Oh, I forgot to tell you that. When I ejaculated he did too, agian. He was mine after this. Anytime I needed some, he was there. He loved it in the ass more than anything else. I did not have to jackoff for the next two years. If I got horny, he would give me head. We did that all over the place. In the theater, public bathrooms, at the creek in the open. Behind the bowling alley in my hood. The excitement of getting caught really turned him on. What a great two years!!!



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