The following is entirely true.

I had just gotten home from a night out with friends and feeling extremely horny.  I was between girlfriends and started to surf porn.  Before long I decided to visit a local Juice Bar in KC.  The bar was located upstairs with a sex shop and video booths downstairs.  I spent about an hour upstairs watching the dancers then decided to explore downstairs.  After looking through the shop I was about to bust and decided to buy some tokens to the video booths to relieve myself.  The hallway was dark with men/womem standing around.  I entered an empty booth, lowered my pants and began my mission of relief.  Before long I noticed a hand sticking through a hole between booths and a voice saying "Mind if I take a closer look?".  At first I was startled, my heart racing.  I almost walked out but was so worked up stood and walked toward the hole.  The hand immediately took hold of me and started stroking me until I was hard.  The voice then said "Stick it through.".  As I did, I felt a warm mouth devour my cock.  The feeling was amazing and I wasn't going to last long.  My stranger must have sensed this because he stopped and told me he just wanted to watch for a while.  After edging myself for about 10 min, the voice said "OK, I'm ready."  I had no idea what he meant but walked back to the hole.  I felt his warm lips wrap around my cock and thought "no better way to finish off."  As soon as I was really getting into it, he stopped.  I felt his firm grip, then, the most incredible hot sensation I've ever felt.  At first I didn't  know what I was feeling but soon realized he was fucking my cock.  Mixed emotions of having sex with another man gave way to the pleasure I was feeling.  I came uncontrolled deep inside him and collapsed in the booth.  After about 5 min I got up, still confused, and left without saying a word. 




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