Two weeks had passed from that first weekend with my Master. I had now come to realise that was what he was. I had gone to see if we were compatible as a Dom/sub pair but he had other ideas and had now claimed me as his slave. I had handed in my notice to my work and had sold most of my stuff around the house or had given it to charity shops. My head was still swimming over the turn of events. The man’s shear presence was powerful and I with all my tendencies and submissive traits was overpowered by him. I was hooked on his manhood and he was a magnificent black man with a lovely dark brown colour. His skin had a sheen which glowed in sunlight and he was very well endowed. Why I was so turned on by his colour I can’t explain. I just am and it so suits his size of manhood. Maybe I am bigoted and that is a factor that so suits my personality I do not know. All I can say is that this man so matches what I was looking for in a Master I am now quite definitely his slave for as long as he wants me to be. The weekend had been so intense and physically demanding I wondered if I could last 24/7 at that pace but he had said day to day life would be not so intense and I would learn to adjust to the demands that would come. I so missed the feeling of being his play thing and the feel of that member entering my body in one of my holes for Master’s pleasure. Everything was just so bland since that weekend. I couldn’t go back to a vanilla existence and I craved so much to enter into my new life. There was two week’s notice still to work off at work so I had to survive for another two weeks. He had said he would be in touch after that time. The chastity device was still fixed to him as a sign that he would enter this new life even if some aspects of that new life and the prospects of being branded scared him. He wore a part time slave collar when he was alone in his house but took it off to go to work. No one at work was all that bothered that he was leaving some even looked glad. To hell with I was moving to a new job and a new lifestyle that was much more exciting. A life’s fulfillment. The evenings were long and tedious I was forbidden to go on the internet. I just exercised and pottered about the house. Another long weekend of boredom was looming but it would be the third weekend of his solitude. He had carried on with the dietary regulations and his weight had been dropping off and he was getting much fitter and his body felt more toned even if when he looked into the mirror it didn’t show much improvement. That was when the doorbell rang and I went to answer the door curious to see who it was. I opened the door and my mouth fell open at who was standing at the door. He was there standing in all his power. Leather geared up and not caring if anyone saw how he was dressed. He pushed passed me and took the door and closed it behind him.

“On your knees and greet your Master properly!”

I knelt down and kissed his boots and apologised.

“Sorry Master I was so surprised there was still two more weeks.”

“Yes I know but it has been a long two weeks and I missed not having my meats holes to satisfy me whenever I had the urge.”

He had taken to calling me as his meat that was as close to affection as he came to giving me. I was so flattered that he needed my body to pleasure himself by.

“Fetch your lover and lock up for the weekend I am taking you back to satisfy me. MOVE!”

I got up and fetched my lover and hurried out to the van he was sitting in. In my heart I was filled with glee. It was going to be an exciting weekend and certainly not dull. I got into the back of the van and crouched in my position. He drove off without any further talk. He had got his toy and now he intended to play with it. That last weekend had been one of the best he had had in a long time but he wasn’t going to tell ‘meat’ that no point giving him a big head. Even now he would have to punish him for making his Master look weak and needing his slave. That just wasn’t the way it should be. He drove as fast as he could and got home without much fuss. They got out and went to his house. Once the front door was closed he locked it and turned round to see his slave kneeling down and awaiting his command. Very good he thought.

“Strip and go upstairs  FAST!”

He went downstairs and collected a strap and a riding crop from his cellar and went upstairs. The slave was kneeling and waiting for his command. Very promising.

“Assume the second position of greeting .”

He walked up to the slave and unfastened his leather trousers and slipped out his very erect and hungry penis. The slave’s mouth was open and ready so he rammed it in and face fucked the slave driving it in fast and down to the base of his shaft. That felt so good. His slave was doing well. I was in seventh heaven his large piece of throbbing meat was in his mouth and demanding attention. I worked my tongue and sucked in and controlled my breathing feeling the penis slip down my throat and controlling my gag reflex in fact using it to clench my throat muscles to tighten round the shaft and so enhance the face fucking. Master pulled out close to climax and I felt cheated but he was saving himself for a monumental fuck.

“Bend over the bed and open up for me.”

I bent over the bed and parted the cheeks of my arse to allow him entry. He rammed it hard into my arse and he had a two week hunger for a good fuck. Master shoved it in to the hilt and pulled out and rammed it in again. Fucking me furiously and with an animal passion that was taking my breath away and his by the sound of his grunts of pleasure. He went on like this for many minutes and time stood still as I revelled in being his sex toy. With a thrust of force he exploded into my arse and pulled out.

“Clean me now.”

He sat down on the bed and I turned round to get my tongue onto his deflating shaft to clean it. Pretty much as I thought would happen his hunger was not yet satiated and my teasing tongue cleaned and got him erect again. What a libido he has and he was the same age as myself. I knew what to do without being told so I rubbed my tongue around the head of his penis and sucked in and pulled in the shaft of his penis and down my throat clenching to give the shaft some sensation as it went deep down my throat in slow up and down thrusts.

“Oh hell that feels so good. Damn it how did you do it without training to deep throat?”

I couldn’t answer even if I knew how I just carried on deep throating that thick shaft and pleasuring it to climax. Pulling up so I could take his cum in my mouth and swallow it with relish. I had done it before and he had said nothing but this time for his own reasons he decided that was premature.

“I never said you could swallow my seed that is a punishable offence!”

At last the Master thought a reason to punish his slave without admitting to his own weakness and punishing him for that fact. Now he could punish him could and properly. He grabbed a lead and fastened to the collar and led him forcibly down stairs to his cellar. I was confused I had swallowed before but I must have transgressed so I deserved punishment. He fastened me to the cellar roofs manacles and to the floor manacles so he was looking like a human X. I realised I was getting a real punishment and that looked like a whipping.

“I am going to punish you with my Arab whip but you are still not properly conditioned so it will not be many lashes but then I am going to fix you to the punishment bench and then you are to be Birched as well.”

Fear filled me now and there was no escape. He fitted a gag to me so I couldn’t call out then it began. The swish of the whip a crack then the force of the impact on my back with an instantaneous burst of burning pain across my back. He repeated this twenty times. My back was aflame but I was surprised by his next comment.

“Well that was well taken but I held back so I didn’t tear your back up just caused a few welts on it.”

He unfastened me and I slumped to the ground.

“Up and get onto the punishment bench!”

I crawled over to the bench and fell down onto it. He fastened my arms and legs to stop me moving. The gag was still in my mouth. I heard him swing the birch to dry it out. Then without any fuss and drama he proceeded to administer the birch. My arse ached and burned with the poundings. The salt water had made the birch heavy and pliable. Twenty strokes later he stopped. I couldn’t take much more so I was glad he had stopped.

“Now you know your place and position. Do not get big headed about my need to use your body!”

I felt him rub himself on my aching reddened arse. Then the stiff head pushed passed my hole and entered once more. The fucking was brutal and animal like in its intensity and ferocity.

“You haven’t eaten for two days have you?”

I shook my head from side to side I couldn’t talk what with the gag and the pain.

“Just as well or I would have had to punish you if you had said Yes.”

He unfastened me so I could move and removed the gag.

“Get over to the wet area and assume the position of service. You will learn you are a slave and do as you are ordered!”

I hesitated surely he didn’t mean to do that again.

“Do you want further punishment this time it will be forty strokes of Arab and Birch?”

I moved over to the wet area and assumed the position. On my knees straight back and head back mouth open. Maybe it was going to be just another test like the last time. The mask was pulled over my head. I felt the warmth of his body as he positioned himself and squatted over my mouth. I pushed my tongue into his crack and probed his back passage for all my worth. A few minutes passed and I felt it was a further test of my obedience. Then my tongue felt an object moving down onto my tongue and pushing it out. I pulled my tongue the rest of the way out and calmed myself for the oncoming ordeal. It moved passed and I swallowed to prevent gagging as I would his prick. It continued down then it broke off. I thought it was over when another slimy log slid over my tongue and continued down my throat. I could feel it accumulating in my upper stomach. I was glad I had an empty stomach. When he was finished passing his food to me he got up rubbing his back passage onto my face. He turned round and proceeded to piss into and onto my mouth and face.

“Don’t say I do not know how to look after my guests. That should help wash it down. I will leave you now tonight to digest that big meal it will be the last you get for a while. I have a full weekend planned for you again. I intend to break you into a total submissive obedient slave. You are my slave and you might not be here 24/7 yet but soon you will be so tomorrow you are to be branded with a white hot iron. See it is over there on the wall and the fire will be on. I also intend to give you a fucking good shag tomorrow after the branding. Something to look forward to I guess.”

With that he led me to my cage and locked me in. I sat upright against the bars to let my ‘food’ go down and be digested. I knew it would eventually it had before although this had been a bigger meal than before so it would take all night. It would also remove his appetite for nearly all of the remaining weekend. I was well and truly broken. Although this act really disgusted me before and during the act my sick outlook thrilled at being used in this way again and that I had completed it once more. My back ached and throbbed but a feeling of euphoria was sweeping in over me and taking some of the pain away. It was an odd feeling after what had happened. It wasn’t the weekend I had expected. Somewhere during the night I must have fell asleep and the food was digested. My burps were rather smelly but the hunger was gone for now.

The door to the cellar opened and my Master walked in, he looked me over and had me present my bum for his inspection.

“Good I placed those strokes well I have a spot for the brand on your left bum cheek.”

He went over to the fire and made up a fire and lit it. He took a metal rod with a disc shape at the base of the rod and placed it into the base of the fire and left it. He came over and unlocked the cage and led me out with the lead over to the punishment bench. I lay down over it and he fastened  my arms and legs so I couldn’t move he even than tied a further strap over my body to stop any movement off the bench. That was when i heard a second person enter the room. I couldn’t see who it was. Master then approached and fitted a gag to my mouth.

“You can bite on that if you need to.”

The second person moved over to the fire and pulled out the branding iron and said not ready yet. Shoved it back into the fire.

“Do you want me to do it or do you want to do it yourself.

“I will do it myself if you would time it and tell me how to do it and treat it afterwards.”

I wanted to scream and shout my protest but was unable to do anything to stop what was about to happen.
“There its ready now just brush off the embers then place it in location for 10 seconds should do it nicely.”

Then it happened and an almost indescribable pain shot through me and my back side just erupted. I wanted to scream but somewhere through it all I passed out from the pain. Sometime later On I woke up still strapped to the bench and unable to move my gag had been removed and I felt some strapping had been applied to my burned rump.

“So you have come round, my friend has treated the brand so it comes up nicely and it is cleaned from any infection. I am feeling randy now so I am going to fuck you now since you have wakened up.”

With that his huge manhood pressed against my hole and opened it up under pressure and pushed passed any obstruction. I was in a daze at what had happened and that I was being used already. He was fucking me hard and furiously when a pair of hands turned my head and a condomed pricked shoved into my mouth. It was the visitor who had been there at the branding. He wasn’t about average so I took it in though I didn’t like the rubber taste.

“He is just getting payment for his services I promised him a face fuck for treating you. So make it a good one or he will be fucking you as well.”

 I proceeded to accommodate him and give him a good hole to face fuck. He came quite quickly and pulled out promptly before the condom came off his flaccid prick. Master was still pounding me for a few more minutes before coming inside me. He pulled out and left me there to recover.

“Here let me see you out and thanks for the help. It was a good job done and yes I remember that when he comes to stay you can have him for your satisfaction for one whole day.”

With that they walked off and I heard no more. I thought so I am to satisfy someone else now I wonder what that will involve. With that prospect I passed out again.

The door to the cellar opened and Master walked in. This time I sat up and assumed the first greeting position. He unlocked the cage and indicated for me to get out.

“Over in the wet area is a shower and washing materials get cleaned up and I will apply this hair removal cream. I want to get you freshened up.”

After I was washed and the cream had had time to remove the cream and that had been cleaned off I went to the middle of the room and stood straight with my head bowed so my Master could inspect his slave.

“Well the punishment yesterday has left some marks but they should heal soon. The branding will take a couple of weeks before it is cleared up. You are looking quite hot now for someone your age. The diet and exercise has worked wonders. You are looking very trim which gives me a few ideas for the future when you are here to stay. Yes I will have to think about that. Now we must work on your body worship skills today before you go back to your temporary home for you to go to work. Next weekend you will report to me once you get home from work. I will have need of your services and I do not intend to do without your use any longer and from what I saw you are nearly ready to sell the house which means you can move out and we can organise the sale from here. Get up to the bedroom you have some lessons of body worship to learn and that is a good place for it. Besides you have had the night off and I have a boner of an erection to satisfy first before any lessons.”

I rushed up the stairs and assume the position of greeting in the bed room. Heart racing and filled with expectation for the sex about to come. He entered the room in a frenzy of lust.

“On the bed, in the fucking position quickly.”

I no longer got on the bed and he was behind me and positioning himself to enter my hole. His big prick head felt hot and hard as it urged itself into my hole. Once my hole was opened up the shaft pushed in and deep penetration was achieved. My breathe, was taken from me for a second and Master let out a sigh. He then to ride me in his hungry animal frenzy which so hurts but so turns me on now that we were both consumed into our on two worlds of sex and lust. I do not know how long this lasted but all of a sudden Master grunted and his prick twitched then muscles spasmed and he shot of his load into me with spurts of warm cum.

He lay down on the bed and told me to lie by his side. I obeyed. He lifted his arm and told me to lick his armpit until ordered to stop. It was very clean and fresh so it wasn’t too hard to obey and I had done worse. Whether it was to indicate his dominance or to explain himself he talked to me.

“I had a wash to make sure my body was fresh for your initiation into how I want you to worship my body there will be times when you will do it and I will be less than fresh. If I get you in line with my way of thinking then you will eventually be able to read my needs and satisfy them without command and that is how I want things to develop.”

Few minutes passed then indicated for me to move to his other armpit. It was all quite peaceful and in some ways it lulled me into a false sense of achievement. Y the bed was a glass of water.

“Stop that and get a drink of water. Then go over to that chair in the corner and I will show what it is really for other than you bending over it for fucking or pain.”

I did so and wondered what this was for. I lay down beside it as ordered and watched him lift part of the seat to reveal a toilet seat. I crawled under and put my head on the support and he adjusted it to raise my head towards the toilet seat. It was fastened so my head was secured and I couldn’t move it. He sat down with his arsehole positioned to my mouth.

“There now you can learn to rim me in comfort and I can sit back and enjoy the sensation and your humiliation in doing the act.”

With that he sat down and wriggled his bum so his cheeks were parted and planted over my mouth. I knew what was expected. I licked the area around his bum hole then started to probe into it with my tongue reaching up as far as my head and tongue could move. It wasn’t that comfortable but I rimmed him for ages until he stood up.

“That was good I have a similar one downstairs so I can watch my favourite programmes while you attend to my arse. What a treat for you. Now when I release you get by the bed and position yourself to suck my prick.”

With him sitting on the edge of the bed lying back I went between his legs and planted my mouth over his prick. I licked the tip and worked slowly down the shaft slowly engorging that wonderful member sucking in my cheeks and swallowing it down my throat. Slowly, working up and down on it.

“That’s really good but I want to fuck you again so I am not going to cum in your mouth as much as I know you want me to. There will be many occasions for that. I am a sex addict and you are my implement of satisfaction. Now get on the bed on your back this time.”

He positioned himself and lifted my legs and while he was in a kneeling position he pulled a mask over my head so I couldn’t look into his eyes as he fucked me. He pushed in and with long slow deep thrusts he slowly leisurely fucked me like he never did before. This went on for ages but it was different and quite pleasing. His climax was just as gentle. He pulled out and put my legs down and sat on my chest present his flaccid prick for me to clean. It wasn’t easy but I managed to comply.

“This has been quite an eventful weekend and in two weeks time you will be on tap permanently. Now it’s time to go and get ready for your work tomorrow. I have been thinking, your work is not that far from my business you could come round to me at lunch times and give me a daily blowjob so that is what you will do for the remainder of the time you are at work. Might even squeeze in a fuck or two in that time. Then there is always the weekends. Only one to go. I have some new ideas to work on now that you are trimmer and svelte like broad shoulders but we can work round that.”

With that he climbed off me and lifted my legs and gave my bum cheeks a smack.

“Get dressed before I get haard again and go you hussy.”

Then he laughed as if a funny thought had come to him, but the laugh had a cruel edge to it. Which left me wondering what that was all about. I supposed he would let me know when he was ready.




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