I’ve been a member of Boston Sports Clubs for four years now.  It started with a student rate and now I’m 25 with a real job so I can kind of afford it.  They have like 30 locations, and a pricey membership where you can go to any location anytime, and a cheap membership where you have to pick just one club and only go there.

I’m all about the machines and the free weights, so I was going to a BSC gym near my home out in the ‘burbs.  But, to be honest, it was frustrating because that gym is full of HOT dudes who are almost all 100% straight.  I know, we like to think we can convert them, right? We like to think if he’s THAT hot, I’m sure he’s really  a homo deep down inside.  Well, trust me, I tried a few times and it went nowhere, and in one case it was damn humiliating.

So I was at this backyard party back in June, with a whole bunch of my fellow gays, and the topic of Boston Sports Clubs came up.  And my friend Matt said “Yeah, I hear the one near me is Fellatio Central in the sauna.  Seriously it’s like 50% gay in that place and everyone’s on the make.”  The conversation went elsewhere right after that, but the idea got stuck in my head.

I’m 25, I have a boyfriend and he’s just not that sexual.  He’s good looking, smart, kind, sweet, everyone likes him.. but he’s about as sexual as a bowl of oatmeal.  I’m sorry but it’s true.  I tried to overlook it but now I just accept it.  Everyone tells me I’m lucky to be with him, so I kind of believe it and I stay, and I do love him in some ways.  But I’m not at all sexually satisfied.  I watch quite a lot of porn on the side, and I fantasize a lot about being in real-life sexual scenes like that.

So, that other Boston Sports Clubs gym.  The one Matt said was near him and had a lot of homosex activity going on.  It happens to be right near where I work.  Just one subway stop away.  So… wheels turn in my brain.  And I change clubs, start going to that one after work, three days a week.

Well, I was “fresh meat” in there, that’s for damn sure, LOL.  So many glances and stares.  I don’t go around thinking of myself as good looking but when you get that many looks, you have to admit it!  So yeah, I’m kind of handsome… and I’ve been working out off and on for these four years now.  I used to be skinny, and now everything is all still lean, but it’s slowly getting kind of muscular and defined.  Not huge but, just kind of fit.  I’m also tall, six foot three (190 cm), with blond hair and a light golden beard/goatee and a hairy chest.  Gays have sometimes called me an “otter” (you know, like how the heavy/fat hairy guys are called bears, so they sometimes call the slim hairy ones otters).  For whatever reason, it seems like a lot of these men at this new gym are REALLY into me.  It’s flattering, I have to admit.

During the evening crowd, after work on Monday to Friday, the shower area and steam room and sauna were both kind of busy with guys coming and going a lot, and the gym staff knew that some sexual stuff was sometimes going on, so they would patrol it when they saw a bunch of guys in there sitting naked in towels.  The steam room was kept very hot, too hot for most guys to hang out and enjoy fooling around and stuff… but the sauna was perfect for it, very warm but not too hot.  And the wood walls and floor and benches had a nice smell, whereas the steam room always smelled a little bit off.  So the sauna attracted a lot of guys who wanted to stroke off together, and some of us were hot and some were not, but whatever.  It was fun to try to do it with another hot guy if I could, and if others watched, what the fuck, I didn’t care.

But sooner or later that sauna door would whip open and a staff member would poke his head in.  LOL, fun job he has, doing that.  But yeah, that’s what the pattern was. So, sometimes a few of us might get horny and start stroking off, then Staff Guy would open the door and our hands would all drop from our crotches and we’d sit there like nothing was happening.

A couple of guys approached me in the locker room or outside and wanted my number, but I didn’t give it. I’m in a relationship, like I said, and I figure it’s not really cheating if I just stroke off in front of other dudes in the sauna.  But I don’t do more than that.

But then, I swear, you guys.  I still can’t believe what happened today!

So I don’t know why, but today, instead of going to the gym after work when everybody else does, I decided on a new plan.  Monday evening is the most crowded time of all, and I actually hate it, and I realized my boss was traveling and that my new job included sales/client visits.  So I decided to pretend I had a 3pm client visit… and instead I just left the office and went to the gym, in the middle of the afternoon. I justified it by telling myself I’d work until 6:30pm in exchange.

The gym was so nice and wide open and mostly empty. I could work out at any station I wanted.  I worked out quite hard, really getting into it, and after 40 minutes I went to the locker room to drink a protein shake and take a shower and then check out the sauna just in case.

When I walked to the shower, naked with just the little white towel around my waist, this gleaming wet dude comes out of the steam room, also naked with just a towel, and he’s headed for the water fountain.  He checks me out as he passes me, and I realize I’m staring at him too. He’s a dark-haired white dude with an amazing body, all smooth and muscular, and his skin is all drenched wet and colored rosy-reddish from the steam room.

I take my shower and soap up and rinse off.  I head for the sauna, and I find there’s just one other guy in there.  An older guy, about 50, and he’s very pleased to see me, LOL. Within ten seconds after I sit on the bench, on the other side from him, he starts moving a hand near his dick beneath his towel, and he’s glancing at me to see if I’m into that, or if at least maybe I don’t mind.

I don’t want to invite this guy to do anything with me, I mean he’s not repulsive to me, but I’m not attracted to him either. He’s literally like twice my age. But what the hell, I feel kind of generous, so, sure, I give the signal to stroke off. I run a hand along my own crotch, and that’s all he needs: he pulls his dick out from beneath his towel and starts stroking it.  It’s a nice looking dick. If he was younger I’d do him, maybe.

I’m kind of lazily stroking my own dick, and kind of running my hands along my arm muscles.  Damn, I really did work out hard just now, I’m gonna be sore the next couple of days.  I’m also playing hooky, I think, and I start thinking I should get back to the office.  Meanwhile I’m half-heartedly stroking my dick, and it’s half-responsive, nowhere near its full thick seven inches.

But then the sauna door opens, and the sweaty muscle guy from the steam room comes in, freshly showered, holding a half-gallon water bottle, and he sees me, and he grins.  He also nods hello at the older guy, like they’re both familiar enough to each other in here.

He comes right over to me, sits down next to me dripping wet, and his big beefy arm almost touches mine.  He looks into my face and says, bluntly with that sexy grin of his, “You’re fuckin’ hot. I’m Ryan.”

I laugh, taken aback by his friendly forwardness. “Uh, thanks, I’m Paul.”

Ryan gets up again and says “I’m gonna adjust a few things” and he starts doing this and doing that like he owns the place. He reaches up to the temperature knob and lowers it.  He soaks a spare white towel with his water ,and he drapes it over the sauna light, dimming the room nicely. And then he sprays the sauna fire thing with more water, and a big hissing cloud of steam erupts and floats over us all.  I watch his broad V-shaped back, shining wet from his shower.  He turns back to me. “Nice?”

I grin again. “Nice.”  This guy is getting way too immediately familiar with me, but I’m kind of turned on by it.  He’s what I always say I want to be: he’s obviously 100% gay, but he’s also 100% confident, he’s the kind of man who directly says what he wants and does what he wants.  My dick is rising, underneath my towel, as I sit there watching Ryan’s thick muscular body move and shimmer in the dim light of the sauna.

Ryan comes back and sits next to me again.  He smiles, looking into my eyes, then looks down at his own body.  “Feelin’ good?” he asks me.

I’m feeling sheepish but excited.  “Yup,” I say, grinning again.  Then… silence…. a long silence…  but it’s an eager silence.  Things are wanting to happen, I can literally feel it in the thick warm air and the scent of wood and sweat.

I decide to act bold in return. “How ‘bout you, how are you feeling?”

Ryan nods slowly, amused by my question. “Good here too.” He opens his towel and shows off a nice average-size dick between his thick strong thighs.  He says to the older guy across from us, “How about you watch the door for us?”  Older guy obediently says “Sure”.  Perfect.  Ryan just gave that guy a job, and now he’ll just stay over there, watching us, protecting us too, which sounds good to me.  I wonder what’s going to happen next.

Ryan answers that question by cupping his dick with one hand, stroking it gently, and placing his other hand on my leg.  His hand feels thick and warm on me.  My own cock starts to get harder under the towel.  Ryan nudges it, says “Let’s see what ya got there.”  So I slowly pull my own towel off and show him.

He admires it, it’s bigger than his, and thicker.  “Fuckin’ BEAUTIFUL,” he says, looking down at it.  His arms are so muscular and powerful, one of them stroking his dick and the other reaching slowly for mine.  He begins to stroke us both off in tandem.  My own hands want to do something, so they begin to massage his muscles.  He moves his body closer to mine, and his face is close to mine.  “So hot, Paul, you know that? You really are.”  I’m so turned on right now.  He remembered my name and he thinks I’m hot!  I can feel my heart beating in my chest, as Ryan strokes both our dicks.  Mine is now fully hard and fully thick.

Ryan then bends his head down and starts sucking my dick as he strokes it.  “Mmmmm” he moans as he sucks it.  I lay back against the warm wood of the sauna and just breathe real deep.  Wow. I am fucking loving this.  Ryan’s hungry mouth swirls around and around the thick fat head of my dick, his lips bob up and down, he’s making me feel incredible.

He lifts one of his thighs and guides my right hand under, in, toward his butt.  “Go ahead, touch me down there” he says, murmuring as he sucks me.  Does he mean his butt muscles or his actual hole?  I do what he says, I start stroking, exploring, and his ass is so fucking big and strong… and smooth!  I did not expect that.  Most guys I’ve been with including my boyfriend are kind of naturally hairy down there.  But I feel no stubble at all, just big thick smoothness.  All the while, his big strapping wet body is leaned down and sucking me.

He sits back up, raising his thigh even higher, and he leans in and kisses me on the mouth as I squeeze and fondle his big thick butt.  It feels so fucking good.  My dick is rock hard as Ryan strokes it with one hand and we begin to kiss, tenderly, hungrily, roughly, all kinds of making out as he strokes my dick and I play with his butt.  I slide a finger in toward his butt hole and it just slides right in there, nice and easy.  He grins as he kisses me, says “mmmmm”, purring like a big cat.  Makes me want to try two fingers. I do.  And my two fingers, together, also slide right on in that smooth inviting butt hole.

Then – I still can’t believe it but this is what happened next.  Ryan gets up, squats in front of me, and reaches back to find my thick hard dick, and before I know what’s happening he wiggles his butt right onto my dick and sits down on it, and he just sits right on down, takes me to the root.  Oh my god!  I’m inside this man, full-on penetration, right here in this gym sauna.

I am kind of in shock, and I think we need to stop, but I don’t want to, and before I can think much further he starts riding my dick slowly, and I cannot believe the sensation… his butt actually makes this perfect squeeze contraction around my hard dick as he rises up off of it, then his hole softens and opens up as he squats back down and takes my full dick again.  Rise up, squeeze… lower, open… FUCK, what he is doing to me feels amazing.  And my own body starts to respond, I can’t help it, I start bucking my hips up into him every time he opens and comes back down.  FUCK FUCK FUCK, I start to really drill him, it’s like my hips and dick have an animal life of their own.  I grab onto Ryan’s thick muscular torso and start throwing a fuck up into him with all I’ve got, BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM, again and again, and he starts going ‘Uhh! Uhh!’ and bounding up and down on it as I grab onto him for all I can, gripping his broad muscular chest.

It doesn’t take long, the adrenaline surges through me from head to toe and I lose fucking control and, gasping, I come HARD inside him, shooting jet after jet of fresh spunk up into this man.  So fucking phenomenal.

Suddenly another voice goes “Aah! Uh! Oh, Oh!” and it’s the older guy, staring at Ryan getting fucked by me, and the older guy’s dick shoots several spurts of cum up into the air.  He laughs “ha ha HA!” as he orgasms, and he falls back against the sauna wall, smiling, gasping, still staring in lust and in wonder at the two of us.

I’m still inside Ryan, and my own orgasm is subsiding.  He turns his head and kisses me softly.  “Thanks man” he murmurs softly into my ear.  And then he gets up off me and takes his towel and before I know it, he opens the sauna door and disappears toward the showers.  I sit back stunned.  The older guy grins and bends over, wiping up the floor from where he shot his load.

I regain my sense of self enough to take a shower of my own, and I look around for Ryan but don’t see him anywhere.  I see the clock on the wall of the locker room, HOLY SHIT, it’s 4:15, I am so late for work!  I need to get back there immediately!

Driving back I have all kinds of thoughts. My whole body is still buzzing with orgasm rush sensations and the surprise of what happened.  What the fuck do I do now?  Do I tell my boyfriend, what do I tell him, and do I go and get HIV tested right way, or maybe it’s OK because Ryan is negative or on PrEP, but what if he’s not?  A million thoughts.

But then I think back to that amazing sensation of fucking Ryan.  I can still feel my hips bucking up and throwing my hard dick up into him in rhythm, and I think, THAT.  I want more of THAT. I want it more than I have wanted just about anything.

I think I need to make some changes in my life.  I think I am not supposed to stay in an almost-sexless relationship.  I think my body made that abundantly clear, just half an hour ago.

And I think I might be back in that sauna, around 4pm next Monday.


Paul Lantoro

[email protected]gmail.com


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