Hi, my name is Bryan, and I am... A little different; everyone in this town is. See, most people think that the town of Sleepy Hollow is just a small town, but most people don't know who -and what- really lives here. Yeah, everyones heard of Ichabod Crane, and the headless horseman, but that's not the only supernatural thing that goes on here. Don't worry, though, my parents are human, and they know what I am, but they still are getting a little used to it. I check my phone, and see that the next full moon is tonight. Great, there goes my plans for tonight. I sigh to myself, grab my clothes, and head to the bathroom for a morning shower. I look in the mirror, and yes, I do have a nice looking body. I am around 6 feet tall, I have short brown hair, steamy grey eyes, a five o'clock shadow that never fully goes away, and a nice smile. but, as you've probably guessed by me checking the full moon on my phone, I am a werewolf, so I can't play football for my school because of it. Which is a shame because I love football! It really gets my blood flowing, and it makes me feel alive. But, rules are rules. After I shower, I head downstairs, grab something to eat, and head off to school.

I'm always late to school, but it's not because that I'm a bad boy or whatever, it's because the bell hurts my ears, as it does for all the other werewolves in my school. I park my car in the school parking lot, and head into school. "Bryan!" I hear from behind me. I look over, and see Micah and Louise, my two best friends in the world. Louise is an empath, which means she can feel peoples emotions as if they were her own, and Micah is a bender. Micah is pretty cool, he can move earth, air, water, and any other natural object with his mind, and he also can control the weather. The drawback is, if he is angry, the earth shakes, and the angrier he gets, the stronger the earthquake. if he is sad, it rains, if he's happy, it's sunny, and if he is very upset, it creates severe thunderstorms.

"Hey guys." I said smiling, and hugging Louise. "Someone is unhappy." She said to me. "Well, I have a full moon to deal with tonight..." I said letting go of her. She gave me a sympathetic look.

"So, what do you got first period?" Micah asked me. I glance at my schedule, and see that I have vampire defense class. Out of all the supernatural beings, the most dangerous for werewolves, gypsies, witches, and empaths are vampires. The only people that aren't required to take the class because they are so powerful, are benders like Micah. We part ways, and I head off to my classes. As I approach the vampire defense class, the teacher, Mr. Finkley, greeted me, and told me to sit anywhere. I grabbed a seat next to a pretty good-looking guy who had short blonde hair, blue eyes and bright skin. He was really cute. He had a baseball cap on backwards that sat lightly on his head, and he wore a light green fleece jacket, with ripped light blue jeans. "Hey, I'm Bryan. You new here?" I asked holding out my hand for him to shake. He glances at it, then at me, and chuckled. He didn't say a word to me, so I pulled back my hand, and sat quietly.


Halfway through the class, I start to get annoyed. "Ok, dude, you wont even tell me your fucking name! What gives?!" I ask rather loudly. He looked back at me, and smiled. I sighed, and I looked back to what I was doing. I was folding up a piece of paper, when it cut me, and I held it up to see. I see out of the corner of my eye that this guy is glaring at it. Not at me, at my... Cut. His breathing was heavy, and I see him digging into the table. "Are you ok?" I ask wiping away the blood. He shot up, and quickly left the room.

That's weird.....

------------------ RIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!

I cover my ears tightly as I head to lunch, and I see people just look at me. Werewolves aren't really common here, so I guess you could call us a minority, and a lot of the other kids call us: "puppies" or "mutts," and it really pisses me off! They don't know what happens to us when the moon is full, and they don't know how painful it is to see everyone you come across as a tasty meal. I reach the cafeteria, and there is the guy from VD class. I walk over to him, and sit across from him at a table. It was pretty awkward to say the least, because he's not eating at all. "Not hungry?" I ask him.

He just shakes his head, and looks back at his textbook that was in front of him. I hear him sigh, and then he speaks again. "Troy..." He said keeping his head down. I raise an eyebrow. "What?" I ask taking a bite from my sandwich. "My name is Troy...." He said looking at me. "Nice to finally meet you, Troy." I said with a mouthful of food. "So... Um.... Where're you from?" I ask shyly.

"Salem, Oregon." He said quietly. "Oh, cool. So... If you don't mind me asking, what are you?" I ask as he gives me a weird look. "What am I?"

"Yeah. Werewolf, gypsy, that kind of thing." I said taking another bite. "O-oh.... I... I don't like to talk..."

"Oh, come on... Who cares?" I chuckled. He leaned In a little bit, and opened his mouth, and what I saw, scared me more than anything else in the world; a pair of sharp fangs descended a bit. My eyes widened, but I could see the discomfort in his eyes, so I calmed down. "You're a vampire? Cool. When were you turned?" I asked pretending not to be scared. "About a year ago. I... I was in an accident, and some guy said he will give me a second chance at life, then he bit me." He explained ganging his head. "What about you?" He asked me wiping his tears. The crying caught me off guard because I thought they couldn't cry, but I answered him.

"My friend and I were camping, and I heard a noise coming from the woods, so me being an idiot that I am decided to check it out, and that's when something grabbed me, and pulled me into a bush, and bit me on the arm." I said taking a bite out of my sandwich. He started laughing.

"What's so funny?" I say smiling myself.

"You! I could take you down so easily, puppy-dog!" My smile disappeared. "What did you call me?" I said as I put my lunch down. He leaned in closer. "A puppy!" He said emphasizing 'puppy.' I growled my low, demonic growl, and all he did was laugh more. "Pathetic little doggie!" He laughed hysterically. I jump from the table, and shove him hard into the wall as it cracks under the pressure. I went to swing, but he jumped, twirled over me, and shoved me into the wall. "Now I know what makes you tick. Could come in handy for the future..." He said still chuckling. I growled louder, and spun around; punching him hard. "Ooh... Puppy's got some bite to him." He said fixing his jaw. In a flash, I'm pinned back to the wall with an arm across my throat. "Stop!!" I hear as thunder rolls through the air, and the earth shakes. The loud rubles of thunder cause me to groan, cover my ears, and fall to the ground. It's the voice of Micah.

"Sorry, Bryan. You know I don't like to do that to you..." He said with a sympathetic tone. "But seriously, stop fighting. We all know that I'm more powerful then the both of you, so stop acting so childish!" He said as the earth slightly shook. Troy extended his hand down to me, and he pulled me up. "Any reason for ticking me off, Troy?" I ask dusting myself off. "Just wanted to see how powerful you are. No worries though, I'm not prejudicial towards werewolves." He said straightening my leather jacket collar. "I-I hope you don't see me as a jerk..." I said hanging my head. "It's just.... We get made fun of a lot..." I said sitting down with him, and Micah. "Where's Louise?" I ask resuming my lunch. "She couldn't be here because of how mad you were feeling. She could feel your anger out in the freaking hallway!" He chuckled a little bit.

After lunch, and the rest of the day, Troy wanted to hang out with me out in the woods by freeman rock, which is a rock that overlooks the entire town. The view was amazing, and the night was soon coming, so I can't stay long. "Can I ask you a stupid question?" I ask with my feet dangling off the side of the cliff. "Shoot." He said looking at the mountains in the distance. "How do you control your urges at school?" I see him smile, and pull out a bag of what looks like blood, and a tube with a syringe in it. "This is how.." He said inserting the syringe into the bag, and then into his arm. He gives the bag a few shakes, then his arm, and I watch as his eyes widen, and he gasps deeply. "It... Helps control my urges..." He said shaking. I nod in understanding, and look back at the mountains to see the moon rising. "I gotta go!" I said jumping up. "Sorry!" I add. "Don't worry about it!" He yelled as I ran back home.

I opened the door, and found mom and dad. "Ready for bed?" Mom asked. I just nod, they know how hard this is for me, so they try to be as comforting as they possibly can. They even stay In the room with me! I get ready for bed, which means, I take off my clothes, and throw on the loosest pair of underwear I have, and a pair of old, ripped jean shorts. They set up the mattress on the floor, and I see all the rip marks, and teeth marks I've left behind over the past 2 years, and I lay down on it. They hand me a pillow, and blanket, and start the ritual. They take mountain ash, surround the mattress with it; keeping me trapped in. They open the shades, and take their seats next to the mattress. The moon shone brightly, and I feel it coming. "We love you, baby." Mom said as she does every night. I start to tremble, and shake as my eyes change from a cool grey, to a bright gold. My canines descend, my jaw narrows slightly, and claws start to form. This is the painful part. My insides start to burn, and I feel the instinct take over. I see my mom and dad holding each other, and watching me. I let out a scream, which turns into my trademark deep howl.

I'm not me anymore....




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