Ethan accidentally stumbled upon his Coach Finstock, a hulking 6 foot 1, 240 pound, 40 year old man, pounding Ethan's fellow team mate, Rick, with his intense 9 inch dick. Ethan hid behind the corner and debated how he should approach the situation. His initial disgust prompted him to report the grotesque scene to the principal, but he did not want to see his fellow team member, Rick, humiliated and he was too loyal to his coach. After a few days of debating what should be done, he finally approached the coach after practice.

"What were you doing with Rick after practice the other day? He's just a freshman, and if you don't stop I will report what I've seen," Ethan bravely faced down his massive coach.

The coach calmly replied, "I'm not the only one having an affair it would seem. I saw you having sex with your history teacher. Unlike you, I took photos as evidence. Do you have photos of Rick and me?"

Ethan felt the blood drain from his face as he shook his head.

"Didn't think so," the coach smirked as he produced the incriminating photos from his desk, "Now, you will do as I say or I will show these pictures of you and Ms. Kane to Principal Smith."

Ethan looked down at the photos of himself, a 5 foot 7 muscular 210 lbs football player penetrating Rebecca Kane's tight pussy. Ethan felt trapped and his breathing almost stopped as he muttered, "I will do whatever you ask, just don't show these photos to anyone."

"Good boy," the coach smiled, "Now, I want you to go get Rick."

Ethan looked puzzled and nervous for a moment, but looking into the coach's eyes he knew there was no room for negotiation. "Yes, sir," he responded.

Coach Finstock sat down at his desk in his office as he waited for Ethan to return. Soon Ethan arrived with the extremely gorgeous half Arabian and half German with brown skin. Rick is 5 foot 3, very short, but built like a brick, weighing 190 pounds. Rick looked so beautiful with his black hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. The coach looks to Ethan, "Good, you brought Rick."

"Yes, sir," Ethan stuttered nervously. He looked at Rick hoping to find an ally, but finds a relatively expressionless face and deep unreadable blue eyes. Ethan's own lightly tanned white skin is beginning to perspire as he stands before his massive coach.

"Sorry, bro," Rick says, "Coach and I became lovers after I caught him with the old captain, Sean."

"Ethan, I want you to lick Rick's muscles," Coach Finstock demanded.

Ethan approached Rick and hesitantly lifted up his shirt. Ethan is amazed by Rick's hard body as he bends over, his mouth hovering above Rick's ripped abdomen. It is a perfect six pack and Ethan can feel the heat from Rick's hot flesh. The smell of Rick's cologne is enticing, but Ethan is repulsed by the idea of licking another man. Coach Finstock rises from his desk with his iPhone 4 and begins taking pictures of the hesitant stud standing before his teammate.

Rick laughed, "Hey bro, I want you to lick me as I say your name."

Ethan closed his eyes as he allowed his tongue to touch flesh, and then slowly as he fought the urge to gag drew his tongue up between Rick's extreme pectoral muscles. Ethan could taste Rick's sweat on his tongue. Rick moaned in deep satisfaction. The coach continued to take photos as his bulge began to grow.

"Oh Ethan, that's nice," Rick laughs, "but you need to lick my nipple."

Ethan is afraid as he catches sight of his coach's bulging crotch in his peripheral vision. Obediently, Ethan continued to lick across Rick's muscular body until he put his tongue over the soft pink nipple. Ethan could feel a tear of shame in his eye as he felt the nipple grow hard from the stimulation. Rick slowly guided Ethan from one nipple to the other. Ethan can still see the coach taking pictures on his iPhone and knows that with these incriminating images he will never be free.

"That's hot," the coach urges, "but now you must kiss Rick."

Ethan backed away, repulsed by the idea. He could not allow the coach to control him like this. "No, I won't do it."

"You will kiss Rick, or I will put these photos online," the coach insisted with extreme irritation.

Ethan shakes his head in refusal, but Rick quickly closes the gap between them and grabs the back of Ethan's head. As Ethan is drawn in, he closes his eyes and feels his lips meet Rick's soft lips. With his eyes closed Ethan realizes it feels just like any other kiss he's ever had. The coach took a photo of the two studs kissing before shoving Ethan down on his knees. Ethan is terrified as his knees hit the floor bringing the coach's bulging crotch closer to view.

"Rick, it's time to teach your friend a lesson," the coach said.

Ethan looks up at the two muscular guys as beads of sweat drip down his back.

"I want you to place your face in Rick's crotch and rub your nose in his jockstrap," the coach smiled mischievously.

Ethan reluctantly pressed his face against Rick's jockstrap. He smelled a repulsive musky odor. Rick pushed his crotch closer to Ethan in response to the touch. Rick moaned as he crushed Ethan's face and his nose began to rub against the growing package underneath. Ethan's nostrils were full of Rick's jock and he opened his mouth instinctively as he tried to catch a breath. Ethan felt the ultimate shame as the coach took his pictures.

"Ethan, I want you to go home and come back tomorrow," said Coach Finstock.

Ethan pulled away, surprised by the sudden mercy he has been granted. He gathered his belongings and stumbled out of the coach's office before he could change his mind. Rick was happy to be alone with his bulging muscular coach, they had become passionate lovers and Coach Finstock was the first to plow his tight little hole, but he was also confused.

"Why did you let him go?" Rick asked.

"I want to break that straight boy in, nice and slow," the coach smiled.

With Ethan gone, Rick placed his hands on the coach's strong chest and kissed him on the lips. As the two men parted the coach whispered, "Rick, I love your tight little ass and I want you to pretend to be Ethan as I fuck it."

Rick continued to kiss the coach, arms, chest, abs, legs; he even kneeled down and licked the coach's feet. Rick bent over, still wearing his jockstrap, his slightly hairy ass crack exposed as he looked back at the coach over his shoulder. Rick pushed his bare ass against the coach's crotch and begged him to show him exactly what he planned to do to Ethan.

The coach pulled out his 9 inch dick and pressed the head into Rick's ass. "I know how you like me to fuck you without lube, baby," coach said, "but Ethan will need lube."

The coach licks Rick's hairy hole, sending him over the edge moaning, "Mmmmm, yea baby, I love that."

"Lick my ass coach; get my virgin hole nice and wet."

The coach used his tongue to swirl Rick's balls and ass as he eats him out. Rick pushed his ass back into the coach's face and begged for more. The coach couldn't help himself as Rick's words sent him go over the edge, he started jacking on Rick's long 8 inch cock, pulling the foreskin back. Rick's uncut dick was rock hard in the coach's hands. "Yea, stroke that dick, baby."

Precum leaked over the exposed head as the coach pulled back on Rick's foreskin. Rick continued to moan as the coach munched his hot ass. Coach finally has enough of his hot Arabian German's ass. He briefly admired Rick's dark skin tone and seductive German accent, before stating, "Oh yea boy, time to get fucked."

The coach lined up his cock with Rick's ass and pushed his cock head into Rick. He grabbed Rick's cock as Rick shuddered beneath him. Rick could feel the hot 9 inch rod piercing him, his muscles clenched painfully in response to the invading monster, but he pushed though the pain and back onto his coach's fat cock. The coach was so hot with lust over seeing Ethan kiss his lover, Rick, that he started pounding Rick's ass back and forth, making squishing sounds as their bodies slap together. The whole time the coach continued to move his hands over Rick's dick, jerking him off, but he suddenly stopped.

"Put your dick back in your jockstrap; I want you to cum into that so I can lick it up," the coach orders.

Rick liked the feeling of his cock trapped beneath the jockstrap as he pushed back on the coach's cock. "Yea, baby, fuck my ass. Fuck me like you will fuck Ethan. Make me cum with your dick buried inside me."

The coach realized he could not last too much longer as Rick's tight ass starts squeezing his cock; milking him like a cow. The coach began grunting with effort.

"Yea, cum, baby," Rick urged.

The coach listened to Rick's urges and started jackhammering his cock into the tight ass as he screamed, "Ethan, you're so fucking hot! I wanna breed your tight ass!"

"Yea, breed me, pump that hot load into me. Don't fucking stop until I blow my load in this jockstrap."

The coach was unable to handle Rick's hot words and with one last thrust he began to cum inside Rick's hot ass as he forces Rick to kiss him. Rick's own cock throbs as he releases a huge volley of 12 shots off into his jockstrap which begins to drip and overflow. The coach continued to pump his cock deep into Rick's tight ass as he came again and again. Even at age 40, the coach had great stamina and could cum more than Rick. Their bodies made loud smacking noises as the coach pumped his final load deep.

The coach took out his cock, which was still raging hard and pulled down Rick's jock as he positioned his face below Rick. Hot cum fell into the coach's mouth, and then he took the rest of the cum and onto his face, sniffing and gurgling and drinking every drop of the liquid cum down his throat. The coach stood, pulling Rick up with him and began kissing his lover, swapping the cum.

"Ethan's going to be one lucky boy," Rick laughed.



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