I got up that Sunday morning and made the 4 hour drive to meet some friends on Lake Travis near Austin. We spent the day on the lake and all I had on was a pair of cut off jeans and a pair of flip flops. The day was a hot one with temps soaring to 105 degrees. About 6 that evening, I began my trip home. Not paying attention to my gages, out in the middle of nowhere, my truck got hot and I burned up the motor. Just my luck! It was about 10,000 miles out of warranty. I managed to get it far enough off the road that I thought it would be safe until I could get a wrecker there. I then started what I thought was going to be a long walk to the next town.

I had walked about 15 minutes, just long enough to get hot and sweaty, when a 18 wheeler pulled over to the side and offered me a ride. I gratefully accepted and climbed in. He was a big, husky guy in his mid to late 40's.

He kept looking at my crotch and rubbing his dick thru his jeans. I never thought of that as a turn on so I was surprised to find my own dick beginning to get hard. You could tell that was just what he wanted. We were nowhere near a town when he pulled over and into an abandoned service station. He said he needed to take a piss and I told him that was not a bad idea for me either. We went to my side of the truck which was out of view to the traffic and both took a piss. Although I had my back to him, he finished first and came around to look at me, I thought. Then he took it in his hand and let my remaining piss run off his finger. That was making me get even harder. When I finished, he stuck his finger in his mouth and licked it dry.

When we got back in the truck, he told me to get in the back, the sleeper.

I did not know what he had in mind but what choice did I have? I did as I was told and he got in behind me and pulled the curtain. He unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them to the floor and since I did not have on any underwear that day, I was standing there naked. He picked up my cut off jeans and with his massive hands he ripped both legs to the seam at the crotch and then with one quick pull, he snapped that seam into. Now my cut off jeans looked more like a cut off skirt. Next, he stuffed them under the mattress of the sleeper. I had not seen his cock but I knew it was big. What I did not know was I was fixing to learn a lot more than I wanted to know about it.

He pulled off his shirt revealing a nice chest covered in brown hair. Next, he pulled off his shoes and that is when I noticed his big feet. As he started to unfasten his jeans I told him that I though he had me figured out wrong, because I wasn't a cocksucker or gay. He told me not to worry because all of that was going to change and with one pull off came both his jeans and boxers, revealing about 9 inches of uncut, fat dick. He pushed me down on the bed and told me to suck it. Again, I told him I wasn't a cocksucker. By now he had me by the hair of my head and he asked me if I wanted is cum down my throat or up my ass. Then he told me it did not make any difference because I was going to suck him either way. Knowing that they was no way out of this, I opened my mouth and tried to take as much dick in it as I could. Then he told me to suck it! I had never done this before so I did not know how to. He kept telling me what to do and what to do with my tongue and it was not too long until he was giving my mouth a good fucking and his dick was getting harder and harder. When he pulled out of my mouth, I did not know what he was going to do to me next. He took a hold of his hard dick and slapped me it the face with it several times, then he told me to lay down on the bed on my back.

Then the big dude climbed on top of my chest and pinned my arms back over my shoulders. This way, he had total control of my fuck hole mouth. This time he was going to try to make me choke on it. He rammed it into my throat and kept pushing. He kept telling me to relax my throat, relax my throat, relax my throat and to my surprise he got all of his dick in my mouth with his big balls banging on my chin. Now, my mouth was getting a good, hard fucking.

It seemed like this went on forever and all I could think of was cum man, cum, but again he pulls out of my mouth and slaps my face with it a few more times. He rolled me over and without warning stuck his big index finger up my little ass. I let out a cry and he asked me again, where I wanted his cum, down my throat or up my ass. I told him there was no way in hell I could take that big dick up my ass. Hell, his finger was killing me and his dick was LOTS bigger than his finger. With that, he pulls his finger out of my ass and sticks it in my mouth telling me to suck it clean. I followed his instructions. He mounted my mouth in the same pinned down position one last time and again was able to get his dick down my throat for his final fuck. He fucked me hard for about 10 more minutes then let out a grown. He pulled his dick out of my throat just as he shot 4 big ropes of cum into my mouth, saying swallow boy, swallow. I did and he told me to keep on sucking it.

As his big dick softened in my mouth, I had no idea what he had on his mind.

Without a warning my mouth started filling with his hot piss. He told me to swallow it and not to dare get a drop on his bed. The cum was not too bad but just the idea of drinking his piss made me want to throw up. Just then the strangest thing ever happened. Without touching my dick, it shot wad after wad of my cum onto this dudes back. When he finished and pulled his dick out of my mouth, he told me that my cumming that way proved that I liked it. He then slid down face to face and planted his tongue in my mouth for a warm, passionate kiss. That was the best part of the entire ordeal.

It had gotten dark he asked me if I really wanted to pay overtime, Sunday rates for a wrecker? I asked him what other choice I had, that I had no place to go? He said that he couldn't unload his freight in Dallas till the next morning and we could just sleep right there and if I did that, he would go to Wall-Mart the next morning and buy me a new pair of shorts.

I told him sure and asked him if I was going to get fucked any more. He said I would get fucked all I wanted to, all night long if that was my choice. I told him I hated to admit it but he was right. Now I am hooked on being a cocksucker and human urinal!

That night, I got my mouth fucked three more times. The next morning, he did what he said he would. He got me a new pair of shorts and helped me locate a wrecker at a reasonable price. I told him where I lived and he said he comes thru there a lot. We exchanged phone numbers and he said he would give me a call and we could hook up again sometime. I told him that would be great and we shook hands, gave each other a hug and went our separate ways.

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