It felt great to float like this, lazily, on my back, looking up at Stan as he bounced on the springboard above me. He loved to bounce on the board. Just bounce. Up and down. Up and down. Again and again. He didn't dive. I don't think he even knew how to dive. He just enjoyed bouncing, until gradually, one bounce at a time, his crotch would grow fuller against the material of his white swim-trunks, and I could observe an erection forming.

Before the hardon really became noticeable to anyone not watching him as intently as I was, he'd fling himself into the pool with a cannonball. Though he'd miss me by inches, he was trying energetically but good-naturedly to drown me as he'd grab at me and pull me under with him. We'd come up sputtering and laughing, and play around together in the water for a while, but then he'd climb back up onto the springboard and our game would start all over again.

It was tremendous fun. It was also overwhelmingly erotic. What I felt sure looked like innocent child's play to the casual observer was, in reality, heady sexual by-play between the two of us, allowing hours of looking at and touching one another without drawing attention to ourselves. Or so we thought.

We were both 18-year old soldiers awaiting reassignment after having completed some months of special training. We were free every afternoon and we chose to spend our time at this military pool which was used only by fellow soldiers. Usually, by late afternoon, the pool became fairly deserted because soldiers don't like to miss dinner.

After his latest cannonball, Stan swam to the edge of the pool near the deep end and clung to the side. After a few moments, he motioned me over with a smirk and a toss of his head.

"This is great," he said with a sigh and a sexy expression on his handsome face as I swam near.

"What is?" I asked, grabbing the edge of the pool with one hand and floating near him.

"A big jet of recirculating water comes out the side of the pool, right here. It's force is aimed right at my... uh..." he hesitated, grinning, "" he said, floating slightly to the side, "...see what it feels like to you."

I couldn't see anything in the clear blue water, but as I slid over to the spot he had vacated I suddenly felt a firm jet of water, three or four inches in diameter, hit my hip. I moved cautiously. First my abdomen and then my crotch received the full force of the jet. I allowed it to push my body away from the side of the pool as I held onto the side, then I pulled myself forwards against its strength. It was almost powerful enough to hurt, but its massaging action was extremely sensual.

"Back away, man," Stan said impatiently after a very short time. He pushed me aside, gruffly, and repositioned himself in front of the jet with a far away look in his eye. After a while, he whispered, "God, this feels good," in a husky, emotion filled voice. "Here..." he said, pushing away from the jet again, "...look. Here's proof."

As I slid into the jet, he pulled the waistband of his swim-trunks away from his body. Through the distorting angles of the water I could clearly see his full erection. The cockhead was up right next to the thumb that tugged on the swimsuit. I felt my chin drop in surprise. It was one of those moments in life when the impact of true sexual pleasure sears a scene into memory. His bold display of the big, colorful erection, framed in the white of the swim-trunks, with a background of pink flesh and golden pubic hair, and highlighted by the swirling aqua-blue water, sent a jolt of desire through me as forcibly as anything I had ever experienced.

He pushed me away and slid back into the jet. "What about you?" he asked, with a sexy, playful glint in his eye.

I pulled my tight nylon Speedo away from my body and my cock lurched out and up, springing immediately into full erection in the cool water. My briefs were much smaller than his trunks.

"Wow!" he whispered, peering down into the blue water.

"Shit!" I responded.

"Anything wrong?" he asked with a big grin. He saw what the problem was. My swimsuit wasn't nearly big enough to envelop an entire erection. The cockhead plus six or seven inches of shaft now stood up uncovered, unprotected. The jet of cool water and the sight of Stan's erection had so stimulated me that as soon as my partially aroused cock was released from confinement it had become as stiff as steel. So stiff, in fact, I couldn't even push it to the side to attempt to cover it with some of the narrow material. Stan laughed at my predicament.

Suddenly, a deep masculine voice asked from over our heads, "What are you two fuckers up to?"

I looked up immediately, shocked. A lifeguard was standing right above us at the edge of the pool, feet wide apart, hands on hips. Normally, these lifeguards wore Army issue khaki-colored swim-trunks, but this one was wearing a baggy pair of tan shorts and from my position, I was looking right up his leg at a large testicle and a hairy crotch. The guy was naked but for the shorts.

"Enjoying yourselves?" he asked in a voice filled with sarcasm.

I just kept staring up at him with my mouth hanging open in surprise. So did Stan.

"Horny little bastards, ain't ya," he added with a grin. Then, looking directly at Stan, he asked, "See anything you want?"

Stan gulped and looked at me, an expression of astonishment on his face. I looked back up at the lifeguard. He reached down into his shorts and adjusted himself. I was now staring up at a very fat cockhead, which appeared moist with excitement and looked right down at me as if winking. I realized that Stan had seen that fat cock moments before.

"What about you?" the lifeguard now asked me. "See anything you like?"

It was a truly lascivious gesture. I didn't know what to make of it. Was this guy offering me his cock? My head reeled with disbelief. What could he be up to? Discretion was vital for survival in the military and here was a muscular military lifeguard fairly flaunting a big cock at Stan and at me. I didn't know what to do. I glanced around nervously to see who was watching, but found that the place suddenly seemed completely deserted.

Stan cleared his throat nervously and asked, "Wadda ya mean, 'horny little bastards'?"

The lifeguard grinned lewdly. "I’ve been watchin' you two for several days, now. You don't fool me! You've been playing grab-ass and sproutin' hard-ons and fuckin' around with each other. Right now you're jerkin' off in the recirculating spout, just like I've done often enough. Well, I want in on the action or I'll turn your asses in." With that surprising announcement, his cockhead slid downward, reaching beyond the hem of his shorts. It was growing. It was big!

"Holy Shit!" I said softly. I was more than amazed.

Stan laughed uneasily. "You're not serious."

"I ain't kiddin'," the lifeguard said in an earnest tone.

I could barely breathe.

"Well, jump right in between us..." Stan offered grandly, floating away from me, opening up a space between us. He winked at me.

"Geez!" I said softly.

"...but ain't you afraid somebody'll catch us?" Stan continued boldly.

"Naw, I've closed up the pool for the day. We're alone," the lifeguard announced, still standing spread-eagled above me.

"Hey, how can you do that?" I asked.

"Fuck, I run this place," he replied. "I can do whatever I want, and right now I want the two of you to get your asses out of the pool and to come with me into the change-house. And, if you're real good, I'll even show you the peephole I looked through as I watched the two of you jerkin' off together yesterday." His erection was becoming much larger even though it was still pointing down at me.

Stan's voice was strained as he asked, climbing out of the pool and standing next to the lifeguard, "You watched us jack off? Through a peephole? Where is it?" It was weird. We had felt so sure that we were alone when we fooled around yesterday.

"Right in the last booth in the latrine. The same one that has the glory hole."

"Glory hole!?" Both Stan and I said the words together. Stan said it as a question. I said it in surprise, because I knew exactly what it was from past experience.

"Guess you two just peed when you went into the latrine. Or do you pee in my pool?" He was grinning, his head turned sideways to look at Stan, who was standing next to him dripping water, arms folded protectively across his chest. I couldn't help but notice his erection clearly outlined up the front of his wet trunks. The lifeguard didn't change his position, so I figured he wanted to keep his cock pointed down at me, but I caught him eyeballing Stan's erection, too.

"Gimme a hand," I requested and held up an arm. Both of them reached down and, with a hand under each armpit, together they hauled me straight up out of the water. Stan laughed and raised and lowered his eyebrows suggestively, looking at my groin. I looked down. My erection was still standing up out of my Speedo. I had not taken notice of it since the lifeguard arrived and I had sort of expected it would have deflated in face of such unexpected intrusion, but there it was, boldly taking this all in, proudly erect.

"Hot damn!" the lifeguard said excitedly. "You two sure are sexy. I came twice watching you fuck around yesterday."

"You mean you jacked off along with us?" I asked in surprise, stating the obvious.

"Sure did. You two sure looked like you were enjoying yourselves, jackin' off together so boldly like that. I realized that you didn't know I was watching but, though I wanted to join in, I figured you'd be scared off by any interference from me. This is what I really wanted to do..." and with that he dropped to one knee in front of me and kissed the head of my cock as he wrapped a hand around the shaft. He pulled the cock towards his face and sucked the head into his mouth with a noisy slurp before I could react. I was frozen in place in amazement.

I have to admit that every fiber of my being delighted in the feelings that overtook me. In that instant, I became intensely aware of everything that was happening. My cock was being sucked by a handsome lifeguard as my best friend and jack-off buddy watched in astonishment. I felt the warmth of the low lying sun on my back; the breezes on my wet, naked skin; the hand tugging at my swimsuit in front of my balls, and the other hand on the shaft of my cock, jacking it erotically; the silky, smooth, hot textures of the wet mouth on my cock; the full, muscular lips pressing around the shaft behind the corona; and the rough surfaces of the tongue swirling around and around the cockhead. I smelled the chlorinated water; the fresh, clean late-afternoon air; the suntan lotion the lifeguard used; even the hair oil Stan used. I heard sexy sucking noises, quiet whimpers, and groans of pleasure from the talented lifeguard. I felt my nipples harden, my skin tingle, and my scrotum tighten. My balls lifted in their sac. My muscles tensed. I was even aware of the texture of the wet concrete under my bare feet. I can't remember ever before having felt so intensely alert and alive as at that very moment.

Stan's hand slid onto my upper arm. Its touch was exciting. "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked. "We're outdoors. Anyone lookin' in will see us, for Christ's sake. You two want to get caught?" His voice was calm and his strong hand massaged my shoulder affectionately. He made sense. I came out of my euphoria.

"Don't," I pleaded, looking down at the top of the head of the lifeguard and trying to pull back with my hips and tug myself free of the firm erotic grip on my cock. "Please stop."

He came off my cock with a smack of his lips. "Only if you'll let me finish you off, inside. Whadda ya say? You taste fantastic. What a cock, man!" He smiled up at me lewdly but didn't loosen the grip of his fist. I was astounded but at the same time very proud. I couldn't get over the fact that here was a guy who looked so straight, so muscular, so athletic, and so masculine but yet was down on his knees in front of me, pleading with me to let him continue sucking my cock.

I looked at Stan. He wore a big grin and still had that giant bulge in his trunks. A full erection, my practiced eye told me. I hadn't expected much of an argument from him.

"Let's get inside, Jack, and see what happens," Stan said hurriedly. "He saw us jack off. He's got us 'by the balls'." He laughed again, still rubbing my arm. He was enjoying this. I was aware that I was, indeed, being held by the balls.

"Ok, let's go inside," I agreed quickly."

I guess it was natural for Stan to lead us into the shower room. He and I were wet and needed to rinse off the chlorinated pool water. We stripped, as the lifeguard watched, and started showers next to one another.

Through all of this, Stan had maintained a full erection. Exposed now, it looked fantastic. Large. Solid. Rigid. Unswaying, as the forceful water spray pummeled his crotch, flattening the light cockhair and streaming off his big balls. For several months, now, I'd known he loved to jack off whenever the occasion arose. We'd become jack-off buddies the very first day we met one another. But Stan had seemed hesitant to take our sex-play any further than mutual masturbation, which was fine with me just as long as I could be with him. Being pushy about trying new things seemed to me to be the quickest way to wreck our developing fondness for one another. Watching him now, aware that the lifeguard was hovering over us like some hungry sexy vulture, I wondered how he was reacting to the idea of cocksucking. He had seemed excited watching the lifeguard take my cock in his mouth. I was hoping this would be the opportunity to broaden Stan's sexual horizons I had been awaiting.

"Looks like we're in this boat together, Jack," Stan commented, looking at my crotch.

I looked down and, once more to my continuing surprise, saw that my stiff erection belied any anxiety I might have felt about the situation we were in.

"Yeah," the lifeguard said huskily, behind us, "a boat full of candlestick makers." He chuckled.

We looked over our shoulders at him. What a sight! He was naked, a huge, solid erection pulsating invitingly. It was a candlestick easily as big as my own, slightly larger than Stan's. His feet were spread wide. His balls hung low in a large, full sac. His hands were on his hips, which were thrust forward, giving the cock an even larger appearance. The cockhead was swollen to a glowing sheen, and a drop of viscous, clear fluid was slowly sliding downward between the thick-flanged, inverted "V" facing us. Where the vision of Stan's hard-on in the water had enflamed in me a sexual longing for him, even a love, here this utter male sexual power being emitted from the lifeguard awakened a level of lust and abandonment in me I had never thought could be exposed. He wasn't offering love, just pure, unconditional sex. There for the taking. No questions asked. Looking at him, sensing his uninhibited willingness, his eagerness, to fuck around with both Stan and me, realizing that for me this would be my first true adult male sexual encounter, not just some shy, quick teenage messing around, gave me such a wallop to the gut that I almost came standing there. "Jeez," I said quietly.

"Wow!" Stan said with feeling, next to me, reaching out without looking away to turn off his shower. I turned mine off, too.

Simultaneously, we turned to face the lifeguard. He looked us up and down, smiling appreciatively. "I don't know which of you looks better, but I know who'll be first. Come here, you," he said. Both Stan and I closed the distance to him. Neither of us knew whom he meant, but I expected it would be me in order to finish off what he had started by the pool. I was wrong.

"Let's see if you taste as great as your buddy," he said as he dove down onto Stan's throbbing meat. I watched in awe as the cockhead and several inches of shaft disappeared between the thick lips of the muscular cocksucker almost before Stan could think to protest, and then I felt a surge of envy course through me. I realized that I wanted Stan for myself.

Stan hissed with excitement and enjoyment, sucking in his breath. He was looking at me with an expression of longing I had never seen before. In a flash of understanding, I realized that he had been wanting me to suck his cock, but neither of us had quite known how to maneuver the other from one level of enjoyment to a different one. Looking into his eyes, right now, I suddenly thought of having his lips around my cock and I trembled with excitement. My cock expanded to its absolute maximum arousal and pulsated strongly, oozing thick pre-cum syrup as Stan stared at it. He looked back into my eyes and licked his lips!

My mouth dropped open.

"Looks good enough to eat, man," he whispered, the sound echoing in the tile-lined room and reverberating through my skull.

"Yes." I said, moving a step closer to him.

He started to lean over towards my cock. The lifeguard suddenly came off Stan's cock with a "pop". "You two want to get it on together, eh?" he asked, leaning back on his haunches. "Well, I'll tell you somethin'. I've been hankerin' for a taste of this sweet ass, here..." he admitted, reaching out and running his hand up and over a cheek of my ass, " you two do whatever you want, and I'll just..."

With that, he buried his face between my asscheeks and began tonguing every surface he could reach, aiming more and more directly towards the pucker of my asshole, spreading my cheeks with kneading movements of his strong hands.

Stan would have witnessed the expression of pleasure that crossed my face had he not been so engrossed in studying my cock, up close. His fingers wrapped around the shaft and he tugged slightly, testing the strength of my erection. He jacked the skin lightly, as if seeing how the organ worked. Then, suddenly, he kissed the tip and sucked on the slit, drawing out a rich supply of pre-cum from the tube. I gasped with pleasure. The tongue at my asshole probed inward. I gasped again. Stan opened his mouth and sucked in the entire cockhead, rasping it erotically with his swirling tongue and sucking with a pressure that startled me. It felt exquisite. I lurched forward, humped my hips twice, and came without warning.

Shot after shot after shot of my semen spurted into Stan's mouth. He swallowed and sucked for more as I pumped into him till I was dry. My asshole clamped down on the tongue as I came. The lifeguard knew I was coming and hummed into me, vibrating my flesh exotically.

Stan straightened up and looked at me excitedly. "Jack, please," he whispered huskily, "I'm gonna shoot, too!" He thrust his hips at me, offering me the beautiful, throbbing cock gleaming potently in the bright lights of the shower.

I had no hesitation whatsoever as I bent down to take the large organ into my eager mouth. He humped cock into me. It went quickly to the back of my mouth, but, before I could adjust to accommodate the big weapon, immediately began spraying the back of my throat with heavy jets of rich, hot cream. I swallowed, got the cockhead up on my tongue, sucked, and received shot after shot of his cum. It was wonderful! I love the feeling of a spurting cock pumping cum into me. It seemed to last forever.

I assumed that Stan and I would want to leave, now that we'd come. You know how quickly interests can flag once the pressure to reach orgasm is passed. But I was wrong.

Suddenly, the lifeguard tongued his way to my neck as he rose, pressing his body against me and sliding the length of his big erection up between my ass cheeks to pulse and throb against my flesh. His arms encircled my chest and he played erotically with my sensitive nipples. He smiled at Stan from beside my neck and said, "A quick first cum makes the next one even better."

Stan winked at him and grinned. "You know it," he responded enthusiastically. "And I'll betcha Jack, here, can come three or four times without pausing for a break." He grabbed my cock and toyed with it affectionately, pulling on it, skinning it back, drawing blood into the head with firm, knowing tugs, watching it swell and grow in his fist. He worked it expertly, like it was his own. After a moment or two, I couldn't resist grabbing his and doubling our pleasure, amazed at how freely responsive we had both become to a sexual openness we had never before experienced between ourselves. I instinctively attributed this openness to the erotic presence of the sexy lifeguard, which acted like a catalyst on our sex drives and annihilated our inhibitions.

The lifeguard sucked on my neck and nibbled at my ear. He was jabbing little thrusts of his hips at me, silently slipping the big erection up and down between the cheeks of my ass in minute fucking motions. So much was happening to me so quickly, I became fascinated at my body's ability to expand my pleasures without ignoring one or another of them. My friend was pumping my cock as I tasted his cum on my tongue and played with his cock. I was being played like a musical instrument by the muscular lifeguard as he licked and sucked, tickled and pinched, humped and probed. Suddenly, I realized that I was going to get fucked in the ass. The thought filled me with excitement, but concern. Interest, but apprehension. Then, overwhelmingly, with lust. The thought was getting me hot.

"Hmmm," whispered the lifeguard in my ear, reading my reactions clearly, "gettin' excited? Like this hot cock in your rear?" He humped more energetically, really forcing me to feel the entire length of the big cock sliding against me. "Wanna get fucked in the butt, man? I really wanna give it to ya."

"Oh, Jack!" Stan whispered excitedly, "you ain't gonna let him fuck you with that big thing, are you? Jesus, it'd kill you. I wouldn't let..." He stopped as he looked into my eyes. He could see my excitement. I swear I saw a wave of lust wash over his expression. It was as though he were saying, Well, if you can do it, so can I.

"Spread your legs and bend your knees, man," the lifeguard instructed. I did as I was told. Immediately, I felt the thick head of his cock at my portal. He didn't force himself into me as I had feared, but rather, he poked and probed, circled and brushed against, withdrew and parried, until my body was almost begging him to shove it to me, almost sucking the big thing in. I was aware that his maneuvers were lubricating my entrance with a rich coating of slippery pre-cum from his heavy flow. Both bodies became moist with the sticky, viscous liquid. "Open yourself to my cock, man," he insisted, huskily. "Take it into your ass by yourself."

It was a lewd instruction that made Stan's eyes widen. He watched as my face reddened with effort while I pushed my ass down on the immovable, fat cockhead. I opened up to the cock and the entire cockhead went in without stopping. Suddenly, I felt full, stretched to the limit, almost hurt but able to withstand the intrusion. I tried to pull off of the hot organ but in doing so, felt my sphincter clamp down tightly behind the thick flanges of the big corona. The first two inches of my rectum could feel the entire swollen cockhead perfectly. I had known that I'd be able to enjoy such an intimate contact from past experience, but had only been fearful of his size. I relaxed. He slowly slid more of the cock into me until I winced. He stopped. I relaxed. I could feel the shaft inside me, now, but was aware that the cockhead had moved into a hot interior that I could only sense rather than feel. He humped slightly. I felt the cockhead slide against my prostate gland. A rush of energy surged throughout my body and I thought I was going to come.

"Wow!" Stan said in awe, "you like that, Jack. I can see it in your expression. It must feel good." He smiled warmly.

"It feels fantastic, Stan. You've got to try it. He just hit a spot inside me, just now, and I almost came."

"Your prostate, man," the lifeguard whispered. "I feel it with the head of my dick. What a hot ass you've got, babe!" He humped more energetically and I felt a long length of the cock enter me. "I'm almost all the way home, now, man."

"You're takin' all of his cock, Jack," Stan said in a tone of disbelief. His cock, in my hand, had returned to its most fully erect stage, leaking voluminous lubricant. Mine was equally erect and wet. We were both holding the other's weapon, but we had stopped jacking, knowing we were once again becoming very stimulated by what was happening.

Ugh... Uh... Ah..." the lifeguard groaned as he fucked the last inches of cock into me. "There! In to the balls!" he grunted, triumphantly. He was holding me by the hips, but now slid a hand around to massage and pinch my pecs and nipples. "What an ass!"

Stan let out a groan of excitement.

"You look like you'd like to give it a try, man," the lifeguard grunted to him. "Why don't you spin around a sit on this?" His other hand grabbed my cock under Stan's grip on it. Stan let go in surprise. The lifeguard waggled my cock erotically as Stan looked first at it, then at me. I smiled, wondering if he'd get angry. He surprised me. He turned his back to me!

The lifeguard bent his knees further, lowering the both of us. "Do what I did," he instructed.

"Spread you legs and bend your knees, man," I said huskily, remembering how the lifeguard had instructed me. Stan did, immediately contacting the head of my cock. We paused as I rubbed and circled, poked and probed, brushing my thick lubricant onto him until both of us were richly moist with it.

"Open yourself to my cock, man, and take it into your ass by yourself."

"Right on!" the lifeguard hissed at my ear. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me, pulsing to the beat of his heart, which I could feel as it thudded against my back.

Stan relaxed and pressed himself down against my rock-solid cockhead. The realization that he was willing to let me fuck him almost made me come. As his ass slowly sank upon my cock, feeling amazingly hot, excruciatingly erotic, wonderfully sensual, and fantastically tight, I wrapped my arms around his strong body, hugged him strongly and realized that I was indeed in love with him.

As I rose upward, straining to press further into his heat, I felt the lifeguard rise upward, too, keeping his cock deep in my ass. The sensations of being fucked while fucking my friend were spectacular! Stan mumbled something about my being too big, but he conquered any reservations he might have had and began riding my organ with abandonment. Every movement I made caused intensive sexual pleasure for me, both from the cock in my ass and from my cock in my friend's ass.

Such extreme pleasures could not fail to lift me, all too quickly, to previously unreached heights of absolute carnal delight. When I tried to pump into Stan, my prostate received a pounding from the stiff, thick cock rubbing against it. This caused me to pull back, only to feel the exquisite pressure of Stan's tight channel on my oversensitive cockhead. My skin tingled with the pressures of the lifeguard behind me and of Stan's sexy back rubbing against the front of me. I groaned and knew I was about to have the orgasm of my life.

"Geez!" I hissed, unable to say more. My body went rigid. Every muscle tensed. As my cock stiffened to its rock-hard extreme, I felt the muscles of my ass grip the cock within me so tightly all movement was stopped. Then, it seemed, an electrical shock wave fired off through every nerve fiber in my body. From the top of my scalp downward, and from the soles of my feet upward, it sped through me, combining its strength and force in my abdomen and exploding into my balls and prostate. Sperm shot through my cock into Stan. Wave after wave of electrical energy triggered shot after shot of semen into him.

When I jack off, which is often, it's like I can control the individual shots of sperm as I come, grunting, and watching, and counting them individually. But now, with a cock up my ass throbbing against my prostate gland and my cock buried in Stan's exquisite heat, the power of my orgasm seemed uncontrollable, uncontrolled, and overwhelming. It felt like one long, unending rope of sperm was being spurted into my friend's ass with no interruption. It was astounding!

"My God!" the lifeguard whimpered, "I'm coming!" His body tensed, he grabbed my hips with both hands, and he forced himself into me as deeply as possible. I felt the tube of his cock expand at my asshole and I knew he was coming. The mighty organ throbbed and expanded an impressive number of times as his sperm was pumped deeply into me. "What a fuck! What a fuck!" he began repeating rhythmically, deliriously, lost in his orgasmic pleasures.

My fist slipped over Stan's cockhead and slid down the thick, rigid organ. Stan groaned and came. I saw a shot of sperm sail upward above the height of Stan's head, followed immediately by another shot of equal height. Realizing from our past intimacies that we both were forceful shooters, spurting very high, I wondered idly just how deeply my sperm had traveled up his ass, but I knew I wanted to feel his sperm shooting into my ass regardless of how far up it might go. I had fallen in love with Stan. I viewed the lifeguard's intimate presence as a sexy means of improving the level of intimacy between Stan and me, and felt grateful to him.

Fortunately, as I was to learn, Stan felt exactly the same way. The three-way with the lifeguard was something we often talked about, sometimes as a way of getting our engines revved up, but we had moved onto that wonderful level of sexual and emotional maturity which bound us one to the other in an enduring commitment. And the variety and intensity of sex between us grew during the next few months. Then, unhappily, we were assigned to different posts overseas and never again got together. But my frequent jack off bouts often prominently featured visions of my times with Stan.

As for the lifeguard, well, Stan and I made a point of getting together with him at least once a week until we left the post. You can bet your sweet ass those times made for great jack off memories, too!


Jack Sofelot


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