I met him in a bar, a basement bar. He was a small, tough, cute guy, my age. Hi, what's your name. Tom, he said shyly, but with interest. You like basements I asked. Kinda he responded. I know of another basement where we can get to know each other. We left the bar together, he followed me across town to the alley, where we parked. Come on down, I said in a steady voice. It was a place I rented just for such occasions. A black-light, an old couch, kitchen, but no bathroom. Make yourself comfortable I said. Mind if I undress? Tom asked. I'm hot and feel like being naked. Sure, I feel the same. Off came our clothes. We sat on the couch with our mildly intoxicated dongs hanging down. Tom lit a cigarette and began to talk about his situatiion. He had been busted for possession and couldn't tell me his real name, but we could be freinds. I understand. This may have to be a short lived relationship he said. I hated it, but at least I had him here for now. What do you like, I mean sexually, he asked. His lanky penis began to stiffen. Ever gulp hot piss he asked. I see there is no toilet down here. Funny you ask I responded, I've been thirsty for some freindly piss. Putting out his cigarette, he reached around my torso and pulled me closer. Kissing me deeply, I began to respond. I do it all the time he said, reaching for my hard wang. I like to drink fresh, hot piss. He made it sound even better. Yea, it is a hot dream. I'm full of hot piss now, are you ready. Tom stood in the middle of the dark room. I positioned myself before him, attaching my suck lips to his cock. Ummm I growled, as he began to release the firey stream into my mouth. I drank and drank and drank. His final squirt hit the back of my throat and I knew he was finished. Oh god, that was good I murmered as he held me and kissed me again. Pulling me over to the couch, Tom embraced me as he began to press his thick middle finger into my anus. Spread your legs he said. I responded. He lubed his dick with the k-y I kept under the couch. Without hesitation, Tom pierced my butt with his full 9 inches. Ohhh I cried. Hold on bab, don't be scared he replied. It only hurts at first. It will be better in just a minute. I knew this to be true from similar experiences. Just spread your legs till I'm finished. I relaxed almost instantly, focusing on his hot dick inside me. I detected a throbbing motion, then the embarrassing sound of wet fucking. I felt myself blush, forgetting the pain, as Tom glided in and out, in and out. The sound became more pronounced as Tom's jets of hot cum soaked my cavity. Sloppily we girated together for a period of time. Oh baby he hissed as we fucked on the couch. Tom's generous fingers rubbed my dick till I sprayed a stream of hot sperm between our two naked bodies. See, I'm not a thoughtless type Tom said as he detached from my body. I lay in a pool of lust, while Tom walked across the floor to the refridgerator for a cold one.



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