It was the third year I spent the summer with my dad down in Florida. This year was different, I was eighteen. This summer I was determined find the right man. I never had the guts to go up to a guy and try and score one with him, but times have changed and I was ready for this summer. So let the adventure begin!

I arrived at the house at the end of June, my dad waiting outside the driveway for me. I got out of the cab and hugged my dad, I was so excited to see him. Then I turned and walked towards the trunk to get my suitcases when my eyes met a hot daddy carrying a moving box into his garage. I stopped, my jaw dropped, I had never seen such a perfect body on a daddy. He walked out of my sight and I got a hold of myself. I knew he'd be my first target.

For the past years our neighbors have been the same, an old lady on our left and a family of 3 on our right. According to my dad the family of 3 moved out after last month. I needed to know more about this hot daddy. Was he living alone? Is he married? Does he have kids? Questions wouldn't stop running through my head. I masturbated three times that day, fantasizing about him.

My dad said we should go and introduce ourselves to him. I was extremely excited to see him up close, but extremely nervous too. It was about 6 o'clock in the evening when my dad and I walked up our neighbors driveway and rang the doorbell. Shortly the door opened slowly. There he was, wearing a white button up and black slacks. The top three buttons were undone and his chest hair was visible. His hair was slicked back, except for one curl in the front.

"Hello," said the neighbor

"Hi, I'm John and this is my son Luke. I own the house next door and my son comes down every summer to live with me. We saw that you recently moved in and decided to stop by." Said my dad

"That's extremely thoughtful of you two. I haven't really been very social since I've moved in. By the way, my name is Brad," he said as he shook my dad's hand.

"Are you living alone?" I blurted. I gasped, what had I said. Why did I ask such a personal question? My chances are all gone, he's going to think I'm a nosy teen.

"Why yes son I'm here all alone. You remind me of myself when I was young," Brad said as his hand rested on my shoulder.

"Well, we will leave you alone now, you must have a lot of unpacking to do. If you ever need any help don't hesitate to ask. I can send Luke over and he can help you out!" Said my dad.

I could not believe my ears. My dad had made my dream possible. I could be in his house, helping him 'unpack'.

"Definitely, I won't hesitate, don't worry," said Brad as he winked at me.

We left his house and I was still in shock.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of the telephone ringing. My dad answered, thank god. That phone never shuts up. Just as I was going back to sleep my dad screamed my name, "Luke! Come downstairs right now! It's urgent!"

I rolled out of bed and walked downstairs, still in my boxers. "Yes dad?"

"Brad called, he said he'd like it if you went over and helped him with some boxes. I told him you'd be over in a bit, you don't mind do you?" said my dad.

My eyes widened, I was now fully awake. "No I don't mind at all." I said.

I knew this was my only chance, I had to make the best of it. I wasn't coming back until I had gotten into Brad's pants.

I quickly ate some breakfast and immediately headed over to his house. I rang the doorbell and Brad answered almost instantly. He was wearing a white v-neck and athletic shorts. He was barefoot, and something about that turned me on.

"Good morning Brad, my dad said you needed some help with some boxes or unpacking?"

"Yeah son, come on it."

I walked in and slipped off my shoes near the door. I followed Brad upstairs. Surprisingly, he lead me to his bedroom.

"Nice house, you've decorated it quite nice." I said

"Thanks, I still have some walls to paint, but it's getting there."

"So where are the boxes at?"

"I got all of the boxes earlier, I just need you to open some packages for me." said Brad.

"Sounds good, just show me where they are."

Brad didn't say a word, he looked down at his shorts and grabbed his 'package' with his hand. He pointed at me with his other hand and then pointed down at his shorts. He wanted me to suck his cock, my fantasy was coming true! I walked towards him. Our bodies were two inches apart when he grabbed me and pushed me on my knees.

"I knew you wanted my big cock son, I saw it in your eyes. Now make this daddy happy and show me what you're capable of." said Brad.

Without talking I slowly pulled down his shorts. He wasn't wearing anything underneath them. His cock was in front of my eyes, it was beautiful. I began sucking his cock. I felt him getting hard in my mouth within seconds. I continued sucking while pulling down on his huge balls.

"Suck that cock son, oh yes." He moaned. "Suck my big hairy balls too."

I licked his balls, putting them in my mouth one at a time. Then, I began licking him from his balls up to the tip of his penis. He loved it.

Next, I deepthroated all eight inches of his thick cock. I licked his balls while his cock was down my throat. He kept moaning, I knew he;d never been sucked off like this before.

I was sucking on him for a good ten minutes now. He was getting close, I could feel it.

"Ahh I'm gonna cum son, I'm gonna cum. Open your mouth, swallow my load."

I took his whole cock in my mouth just as he finished. His warm cum dripped down my throat, it tasted so good.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it on my cheek a few times. I jacked myself off and came within minutes on his floor. I licked the last bit of cum off of his cock and then licked my own cum off of his floor. After everything was spotless I pulled his shorts up and stood up.

"Damn son, where did you learn to suck cock like that. That was amazing. Feel free to come over anytime." said Brad.

And with that, I knew this summer was going to be full of men, cock, and sex.



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