We had two days left before going home. By now i was quite certain that Kyan and his friends were straight. The only actions in the bedroom between me and Kyan was when he rolled out of bed at 7:30 every morning for his run, causing me to wake up- well, I didn't wake up so much as grunting good morning to him- and caught a glimpse of him naked as he dropped his post-shower towel and put his running clothes on before falling back to sleep after he left.

Later that night, we were all hanging out by the pool. Kyan, Josh, Greg and Matt was fooling around in the pool, acting nothing like 18 or 22 year-old. Alex and I chilled on the lounge chairs, drinking our beer. 'So, you and Greg are doing it?' I told him about what I heard last night.

'Oh, that. Yeah...he sorta came on to me. I don't think he remembered it. We were all rather drunk last night.'

I laughed. 'The things we do when we're drunk.'

'Ha. Anyway, are you and Kyan getting it on?'

'Your cousin's straight, dude.'

'Yeah right. C'mon, seriously.' I stared back at him blankly. 'Man. Say, how bout i take this guys to a house party and you stay home with him?'

'There's a house party?' He nodded. 'Nah, I still think Kyan's...'

'Dudes! We've a party to crash! Let's go!'Alex hollered to the guys. Argh! Why do they always kept cutting me off?!

After they left, Kyan and I went to watch the telly. 'So how come you didn't go to the party?' I asked him.

He looked confused. 'Because Alex told me you had a bad case of headache and that you asked for me specifically to stay so if the pain gets too overbearing, i can drive you to the hospital.'

That was true. I had a headache but it was nothing an aspirin couldn't take care of. And i did not request for Kyan to stay! Sneaky bastard that Alex. 'Oh. Right. Thanks. I better go get some rest then.' I made my way for the bedroom.

I was having the most erotic dream of Kyan running his hands all over my body, licking and devouring me. I woke up with a throbbing hard-on and to total darkness except for the light coming through from the window. I was lying on my right side of body and when i tried to move, i saw a tanned arm hugging me from behind and felt hard, taut body disallowing me to do so. 'Is that you Kyan?'

'Yeah,' he muffled in my neck. Feeling his warm breath against my cold neck made me arched my back and caused my head to hit his. 'Fuck! Ow!' he cursed but doesn't move.

'You OK?' I turned to face him but he held me in my position.

'Do you want me?' Coming from anyone, I would have laughed my ass off at that line, but he made it sound so sexy and lustful.

'You don't know how much.' He moved his hands up and down my inner thighs, grazing the skin with the tips of his fingers. 'That tickles.'

'How about this?' He licked his thumb and index finger and began to move it in tiny circles around and around my nipples- one and then the other.

I moaned. 'Don't stop.' I screwed my eyes shut and my mouth hung open, my breath coming in short pants. He then slid his hand into my boxers and began to stroke my hard cock gently, rubbing the tip of my penis with his fingers. A hot blush spread up my neck and onto my cheeks.

'Do you want more?'

I nodded.

'What do you say?' I could feel his erection against my ass as he grounded his pelvis around it.

'Oh Kyan please!' I begged. I pulled my boxers down as fast as i could and presented my pert ass to him.

I could feel him unbuttoning his boxers and while still in the spooning position, he lifted my leg up a little and entered me in one swift, sudden thrust from behind. I gasped in surprised. 'Don't move,' he ordered. I did as requested and several seconds later, he began to move his hips and thrust in and out of me. I've never been spoon before and the feeling was surprisingly high. His hand found my cock and he worked on it, sliding up and down. I rested my hand on his and we were both masturbating my cock.

'Hsss..ahh..hsss..' he hissed in my ear and gave it a gentle nibble. He buried his face into the crook of my neck, kissing me wetly. His breath quickened as he was cumming closer. I threw my hand back and clawed my fingers into his hard, sweaty, thrusting butt. His soft cotton boxers felt warm against my butt as he rammed hard into me. 'Urgh!' he groaned as he hugged me tightly against him and i could feel his spasm and him shuddering as he cum deep inside me, which rubbed off me as i cum immediately after. He rolled off me and collapsed back on the bed. 'Nice,' he said slapping my ass. 'Really nice.' I fell asleep with my head in his armpit, intoxicated by the smell.

The next morning at 5:30, i woke up with my face pressed up against Kyan's chest as he slept, inhaling his scent, trying to fill myself up with it so that i would remember it forever. I loved the way Kyan smelt. I noticed that he hardly ever wore cologne or aftershave; it was just eau de Kyan. I pried myself reluctantly off him and noticed that the living room was empty. The guys didn't even come home last night.

I must have dozed off on the couch because when i opened my eyes later, the sunlight was blinding me. 'Morning sleepyhead,' Kyan greeted me. Just the sight of Kyan in his running clothes turned me on, let alone the sight of him doing crunches on the floor with the occasional peeked of his flat stomach as his t-shirt rides up his body...it was all I could do not to jump on top of him. 'Bought you some coffee,' he said.

'Thanks.' I grabbed the warm coffee cup from the table and peeled the tab off. Ah...nothing quite like a $5 coffee to wake you up. Kyan started doing press-ups. He was looking really hot. I quickly slid under him when he was in the press-up position so his crotch was directly above my face, and he almost toppled over.

'What're you thinking you're doing?' he chuckled.

'A little multi-tasking is good for you, yes? This way you'll get an amazing biceps and a cock-cleaning, sir,' I said putting on a fake accent.

He burst out laughing but he got my drift. 'Proceed.'

I tugged his shorts down and leaned up a little to take his semi-hard cock in my mouth. I could feel his cock growing to its full-length inside and when i let it go, it was staring down at me with its one eye, gleaming with spit and pre-cum. I loved the taste of him and the feel of his cock in my mouth. Kyan started doing his press-ups and each time he went down, i tried to take his erection in so each time he went up, it goes 'pop'. When he got tired, he would rest on his elbows and sucked me.

As he continued his exercise, I worked on his cock again. After a while he said, 'Fuck dude! This feels good!' He began to move faster and I was gagging a little but managed to hold it up. I finished him off by sucking hard on his penis, squeezing it tightly with my lips. He spurted his gunk right down my throat as I cum heavily in his hands.

A little later, we were all sitting around the coffee table, packed with pizzas and Mexican foods and lotsa beers in the cooler.

'Alright dudes, this is our last night here and it has been a fun and interesting summer. You guys are the best! Cheers!' Kyan announced.

'Hear! Hear!' We cheered and clinked our bottles.

After it was all over, we were all very drunk. Matt was already passed out on the recliner. Alex came up with the idea of playing 'truth or dare'. 'The theme is 'In The House',' Alex slurred and then he spun the empty bottle. It pointed towards Josh. 'Truth or dare?' he asked.

'Truth,' Josh mumbled.

'If you could kiss anyone right now, who would it be?'

'My girlfriend!' he shouted.

'Dude! She's not in or anywhere near the house!' Greg chimed in.

'Oh. Right, right, right...' He thought for a while. 'I guess Ty then.' I was a little flattered. He spun the bottle. Greg.

He chose dare.

'Go over to Matt and lick his cock.' We laughed so hard, too drunk too care. Greg crawled over to Matt, fumbled with the zipper and took Matt's flaccid cock out. He gave the head a few licks and we saw it began to rise. We burst out laughing, finding it very funny. Greg got back to the bottle and spun it.

After a few more rounds of silly confessions and dares like me having to pee into a beer bottle, Kyan having to drink beer from Josh's belly button, Greg kissing Alex, things started to heat up. It was my turn to spin the bottle and it landed on Alex.

'Da..re,' he hiccupped.

'I dare you to make us all shitlessly hard without touching.' Alex moved to Greg as he was the nearest to him. He whispered something into Greg's ear and we could see the rise in his boxers. Feeling successful, Alex turned to Josh. This time he blew on Josh's ears and down his neck. Instantly we saw Josh's cockhead poked through his boxers slit. Next he went to Kyan. He then did the most peculiar thing. He began sniffing and breathing heavily in Kyan's ear. And there it was, rising of the tent. He hovered in front of me.

'Hey stud,' he whispered. 'I love it when you feed me fruity loops.' Fuck! He got me there. I always got a hardon thinking about that. 'Man, I am good!' Alex yelled.

'Fuck it i can't take it anymore!' I heard Greg shouted. The next thing I know, I was no longer facing Alex alone but Greg too as he hugged Alex from behind. He managed to pull Alex's boxers down and took him right there and then. Alex gasped in surprised but doesn't pull away.

Then, Kyan pulled me aside all of a sudden and spun me around. He entered me in one sharp, managed thrust. Alex's face was in front of me and I leaned forward to kiss him. Sometimes we bumped our teeth on one another when either Greg or Kyan got too rough. Josh, not wanting to be left out, kneeled down on the left side where our face was and slid his cock through. I and Alex worked on it; licking and taking little suck of it. He held on for dear life, clawing his fingers deep into our hair.

I saw Greg got off Alex and scooted Josh aside. I felt Kyan slid out of me and walked over to Alex. Josh moved his body behind mine and started fucking me. And so a new sequenced began but not for long because I think Kyan felt uncomfortable doing his cousin. He took Greg's place and so Greg was in me while Josh in Alex. Kyan has the biggest cock among us at about 8 inches long. Call me selfish but I’d rather have him alone in me. After a while they ended up in the same position they started with.

It was almost magical and surreal and the hottest thing ever when we were all cumming. You're missing a lot if you haven't heard 5 guys reached orgasm in the same room. Josh shot his load first all over Alex's and my face. Alex was next, followed by me. I felt Kyan cum inside me and shot the rest over my back. Greg was like a possessed soul, groaning loudly and spewing his spunk all over us. Everything went black after that.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' Someone shouted.

I opened my eyes and saw Matt walking around in circles, hands rubbing his face over and over.

'What...happened?' I said groggily, trying to sit up. Ow! Ow! Hangover Alert! He was staring straight at me, then around me. I looked around and saw 4 naked sleeping bodies, in all position sprawling on the floor, dried cum all over them. Yesterday's event hit me hard. Shit! Time to do some damage control. 'Look, this stays between us OK?' He looked disgusted. 'Don't give me that look. As I recall, you were enjoying yourself last night,' I lied.


'Yeah. You did wake up this morning with your cock hanging out right?

He winced, blushed, the nodded. 'Yeah, OK. But could you put your pants on for fuck sake!'

After I cleared myself up, thankfully, the guys woke up one by one. At least it saved us the embarrassment of waking up together but the atmosphere was awkward thereafter. No one wanted to acknowledge what happened last night so I keep mum myself. We packed our bags and stuffs, loading them in the mini-truck. 'Everyone ready to get back to the real world?' I asked.

'Yeah,' Kyan said.

'Yeah,' the rest echoed.

We've reached Alex's place and was saying our goodbyes. 'It was nice meeting you Kyan,' I said. He smiled. I looked over to Matt and Josh. 'You guys too!'

'You too dude!' they replied. 'See you guys next summer hopefully.'

Alex, Greg and I waved them goodbye as they drove off.

'I better go myself,' Greg said. 'It was great. See you peeps in school.'

Alex and I sat on the porch steps. 'Last night was fun.' 'What was last night all about?' We both said at the same time. We laughed out loud, Alex shaking his head. 'I don't know man. I don't know...'



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