From the plane I could see Chicago, we would land in 15 minutes or so, the flight atendant came to my seat 'Sir we will be landing soon, is there something I can do for you?' He had been comming on to me for the hole 9 hour flight, all the way from Spain but I wasnt in the mood so I smiled 'No, thank you' and dismissed him.

So I just turned 18, and I decided to come to Chicago to teach spanish this summer because I only have another school year until college and I am thinking about studying here. I am originally from Spain but my dad is from here so I have family and I speak perfect english and spanish wich made me desirable for the job.

I landed and went searching for my luggage, I would only be staying here for two months but I had tons of clothes just in case. My cousin was waiting for me wen I got out 'Martin! Hola! How are you? The flight?' she gave me two kisses on the cheeck knowing that's what we do in Spain 'Oh Diana, exhausting' 'Well don't worry, here, Fletch will help you with the luggage lets get going' I nodded. In the car they asked about how nervous I was and what had I planned for the classes we chatted until we got to theyr house, a nice house. It's a three story detached right next to the lake; my cousin is a fashion counselor and works for Gucci while Fletch, her boyfriend, works with American Express or something like that so I wasn't impressed when a luxuryous modern interior greeted me, everything was highly designed, not a single thing from Ikea! 'Ok Martin so there is a a room on the top floor, own bathroom, you'll be staying there 'I gave her another kiss on the cheeck 'Thank you Diana...I am so tired, I am gonna sleep for a couple hours so that I get rid of this jet lagg' 'Sure, make yourself comfortable but remember, dinner at seven' I nodded and went upstairs where my luggage was already waiting 'Thank you Fletch' I gave him a warm smile 'Sure no problemo!' He grinned and went downstairs to meet Diana.

I first went to the bathroom, it was very classy all marble and glass, I looked my reflection in the mirror, I looked really fucked up by exhaustion so I just stripped, grabbed my long Calvin Klein pyjama pants and went to sleep only wearing those. I sank in the puffy and soft king sized bed surrounded by at least ten pillows and cushions, my eyes closed and I was asleep almost instantly.

'So what if it hurts me?! So what if I break down?! So wha-' 'ughhhhhh' I moaned, I extended my hand and grabbed my blackberry cutting the alarm, it was six thirty, dinner in half an hour. I went to the bathroom and got into the shower for some time I just let the hot water run down my body and then I started washing my copper coloured curls, my slim body, my hairless chest, my hard pecs and good six pack, my treasure trail, my pubic hair and then I got to my 8 and 1/2 cut cock; I didn't pay it much atention because I was still tired. I finished washing my strong arms and my really skinny legs, I suffered anorexia a couple year ago so I have a very skinny complexion, and even being well muscled I am still really thin. I got out and grabbed a short sleeved white shirt and some tight chinos, left the two upper buttons of the shirt unbuttoned and went downstairs.

Dinner was wonderful, we had some pasta salad and great meat. There was alot of conversation we talked about school, studying, university, work, fashion...and before we noticed it was eleven at night, we were enjoying a good cup of coffee and I decided it was time for me to go to sleep, I got up and helped with the plates then just gave them a goodnight kiss and headed upstairs to my room, I was already really attached to that bed so got back into my CK's and went straight to sleep, no playful time.

'If I die young bury me in satin lay me down in a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn send me away with the words of a love song oh o-' I stopped the alarm, ten o'clock in the morning, I had to be in the Lab School in two hours so I just dragged myself to the shower, washed myself in a hury and got dressed grabbing a piece of toast on the way out, there was a letter on the kitchen counter: 'Martin, the copy of the keys are in the coffee pot we know you will be back before us so you need them, please lock the door and have a good first day!' I gave the coffee pot an awkward look 'Why the fuck not just leave them ontop of the letter?' I grabbed my burned bread and ran out, I had time so I decided to catch the bus.

When I got to the Lab School there wasn't a lot of people, it's summer vacation and only those who have clasees come here, I would be teaching kids my age because the school thought that would make it more fun for them, I instantly noticed I looked a little strange, everyone was wearing expensive clothes, quicksilver, vans...Hugo boss?! 'Fuck it' I said to myself, I was wearing some tight orange Zara pants, my green Doc Martins and a white t-shirt wich had a guy smyling and wering some strange mickey mouse hat, underneath the guy you could read 'Be the most authentic person you can be' Thats my motto. To top it all off my upper right ear was pierced with two holes, a little black ring in each one.

I went to the principals office there where a bunch of kids my age there, german, french, japanese, chinese, russian...more teachers. The principal gave us a brief introduction and directed each one of us to our class.

I got to the door and went in, the voices calmed down and I could hear some whispering 'Good morning class, my name is Martin, I'll be your spanish teacher. First of really I am not looking for the teacher-student relationship I want to be a frined and of course help you BUT if I say something you do it and I want some respect AND don't piss me off or you'll have one of the worst enemies you can find for the rest of this course. Second this class isn't so much about grammatic, here I am seraching for you to be able to disinvolve yourself in the spanish language and feel comfortable now I am gonna call out your names please answer a simple yes or here' I started there were a total of six girls and eight boys 'Ok, tha class starts now, and I will be only speaking in spanish...Empecemos clase!'

For three hours I heard each one of them introduce theirselves to the class and talk about theyr hobbies, I introduced and talked about myself and then got a debate started about our opinions in the current american and spanish economic situation, it was only the first day and I didn't want to be to hard with them.

The class ended I said goodbye 'I wont be sending you homework today, so enjoy the afternoon! I dismiss you' the last I said with a mocky british accent and heard a lot of laughing while looking at my notes, when I lifted my gaze there was still one guy in the room he was just sitting and looking out the window. I tryed to remember it took me a while but then I recalled his name he was Alex he had said 'I enjoy music, I wand to be a lawyer and I play football' I think 'Alex?' He snapped 'Huh?!' I laughed and sat next to him 'Why aren't you leaving?' He sighed 'I fon't want to go home...' Hmmm my first day and I already had a troubled relation to handle and help out with 'Whats the problem buddy, parents giving to much shit?' He sighed once again 'Yeah...' ' Well you can count with my help whatever it is, you know sometimes it's easier telling things to strangers' another sigh 'Yeah, well,'s just...I don't know...' There were tears polling in his eyes 'Hey hey hey, it's ok, I am hear to listen' I rested my hand on his shoulder.

Alex had blond messy hair and blue eyes, a beautiful face plus his body was really well toned, strong and built, V shaped, stron arms and from what the tight navy V necked shirt showe he had hard pecs and well defined abs. 'My parents kicked me out this morning' That caught me by surprise 'Whaaaaaaaaat? I mean why? Hey, I am sure they didn't mean to be so serious, it was probably a misunderstanding' He was softly sobbing 'Now misunderstanding when your parents are homophobic and you are gay' another surprise, I am also gay! I started to get the hots for him but another question came to my mind 'How is it that you can pay the school and this classes?' 'I have a scholarship' 'ah...hey! I mean! I forgot, I am also gay, it's no problemo! My parents are ok with it, but you don't have to worry really, there is nothing wrong with being gay, it's who you are and love is the same always' I gave him a warm smile 'You have a place to sleep' 'No...' 'Ok, we have just met but do you want to come to my house?' He sobbed loudly '...You seem nice...and I AM stronger (he said this to himself)...yes please, that would be great and so helpful!' He had tears streaming down his face so I cleaned them with my hand 'Hushhh, it's ok, I'll take this to my drawer and we can leave' He smiled.


And that's that! If you want more please tell, I know I haven't continued any series always using myself as main character, THIS is how I look if you where wondering, no lies in the description but well, if you really want me to continue I will :).



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