I lay there, wishing it were me getting hard fucked by Todd's cock. Wanting him to bury it in my ass and fill me with his hot juices. I stroked my own hard cock under the covers until I groaned myself, coming forcefully in my hand. I quickly brought my cummy hand to my mouth and sucked the hot juices in, tasting the sweetness of my juices, licking my hand clean.

I could hear some gasps from the other side of the wall as Todd unloaded his man juices into the lucky one lying under his assault... then some whispering and soon, another Counselor, Carl slipped out of the room and out the side door. So, Carl is a puss boy, just like me, I thought...an older version for sure, but someone who loved getting it up the ass as much as I did.

I lay there, horny for cock, still tasting the sweet boy cum from my self -- feeding and finally fell asleep.

The next morning during our swim session, I swam over to the side of the dock and hung on to it, between Todd's legs as he sat there, his feet dangling in the water..

"What's your problem Corey?"

"Just tired.. Couldn't get to sleep last night, lay awake for quite a while.

It was really hard... I paused and looked right into his eyes and then down to his cock...for me to get to sleep.. "

Todd looked at me for a long minute and smiled. I smiled back. Then I looked back at his now growing cock, showing me its red tip from under his loose swim trunks. I licked my lips., my eyes riveted to his manhood. "I hope you can help me with that problem tonight...?"

Todd lifted his shorts away from his beautiful hard cock so I could get a full look at his powerful hard on. . "Count on it, Corey! If you want this, it is ready for you" I wanted to reach up and suck him off right there.

"I want it deep inside my boypussy and I want it bad," I whispered and then swam away before I came in my trunks.

As soon as everyone was down for the night, Todd came out his door and quietly motioned for me to go into his room. Once in there, he had me strip naked and sat on the bed, checking my body out. I was almost hairless and my cut cock, almost 6 inches long..Not bad for a kid my age, was hard as a rock. He reached out and pulled me to him, and quickly engulfed my cock, his hands firmly holding me by the cheeks of my small ass and began to suck me hard and rapidly. I groaned with pleasure as he made my whole body tingle with that special feeling that comes with such emotional joy.

Todd turned us both to the bed and laid me down. He pulled off my cock, stepped over to the table, brought a tube of lube back with him, and stripped out of his clothes. His body was magnificent, tan from head to toe.

His cock was half again the thickness and length of mine. He lifted me up from my prone position and offered his cock to me. I quickly began to suck on it, holding the root of his cock by both hands. I was amazed that he was already dripping with precum and I lapped it up as I sucked and stroked his cock into my mouth.

He could tell that I was not new to cock-sucking and took my head in both hands and began pushing it into me, deeper with each stroke. I eased my body into a position so I could take it down my throat and he moaned as his cock slid easily in, until my nose was in his bush.

The next few minutes were like a dream as he face fucked me and I held on to his heavy balls, massaging them, begging them for their juices.. Todd could not stop and was now full stroking me, pulling almost out and then sliding it all the way down as I greedily sucked and moaned with delight..

Then he began to pick up speed, all but tearing out my hair as he fucked my whole head, ramming it deep as it could go and arching into me with a lustful cry and then his hot cum blew down into me. I pulled back so I could get more of it in my mouth and my lips. He pulled out and let the last hot spurts hit my face and I caught as much as I could with an open mouth...grinning up at him. My whole face was covered in his fire hot love juice.

I jerked on his still hard cock to get the last bits of his juices and then he lifted me up to his face and our lips came together, our tongues searching deeply as we shared the heat and wetness of his lovemaking.

He laid me back on the bed and began to suck on my cock again now, spreading my legs and squeezing some of the lube from the tube on the crack of my ass, sucking and fingering me now. I spread my legs and pushed my cock up to his mouth humping against him, mewing as his fingers began to enter my boy hole and crying with little gasping sobs as he began to deep finger fuck me.... Oh so good.

I was in love with his fingers as they found my prostate and began to massage it as his mouth now engulfed my cock, little balls and all and my cum built up inside me.. I moaned as he worked me over, he now had three fingers inside me, lifting my whole ass up to his mouth and I thrashed around as the cum broke loose from my swollen cock and filled his hungry mouth with my boycum, my own sweetness.

I had barely unloaded in his mouth when he flipped me onto my belly, ass up and face down in the sheets, legs spread wide. I was more than ready to be fucked. He knelt between them and raced to replace his fingers with his swollen cock.

There was no foreplay as he pressed his cock against the open lips of my hole and shoved it in with a savage lunge. I grunted loudly from the strength of his forced entry and felt the length of his hardness fill my ass with cock. He pulled back and lunged again, slamming his body into mine as I took the whole length inside. I could feel his cock in my belly and then I went into my special outer space as he began to rape my ass with his power and force, slapping his balls against my own as he power fucked me. My whole body jolted with every lunge of his body into mine.

No one had ever fucked me with such force before, not my grandfather or any of his old friends he shared me with. Not my scoutmaster and not any of the others.

This fuck was all mine. Mine alone and this bull stud was fucking me the way I dreamed of being fucked. I was slammed into the bed over and over, bouncing around alike a rag doll as he went deeper, harder and with more energy than I could believe possible.

It seemed like an eternity of fucking... Todd had endurance and since he had already given me his first load orally, took his time with my ass. Several times, he stopped and lay on me, resting, flexing his cock inside my tight sleeve.

Now he turned me over and around, cock still deep inside and I was facing him, legs wrapped around his waist, mouths joined together in deep passion, tongues entwined and I was sliding up and down his hard shaft.. Now his lips

were sucking on the hard nipples of my tits and I was pushed down on my back and my legs lifted over his shoulders and the real fucking began, so hard and deep I struggled to breathe.

His whole body was pivoting off my ass and his cock and it felt like his cock was going into my chest as he pounded into me with a violent energy that kept growing until he arched powerfully against me and began grunting as he filled my insides with hot lava, jolt after jolt of heat and wetness.

His juices were coming out of my ass as he pulled up for each full length ramming jolt of hard juicy cock

Finally, he was quiet, his cock still buried to the balls and he held us like that for a few moments before rolling down on me and over onto his back. Now I lay on him, cock still in me and lay my head on his heaving chest, licking his nipples, as he lay there with is eyes closed. Fully fucked, full of cum in my belly and my sweetboycunt... content and satisfied..

We slept for a while like that and I woke up to the hardness of his aroused cock still clamped tight inside my tight love sleeve. His lips were all over my face and mouth and I smiled at him, sitting up on his cock, pushing down, making a squishing sound from all the juices as I pushed hard against his body and began to dance a slow dance on his rigid pole...writhing back and forth and to the side, as he groaned and lay back, willing to let me do the work this time. Grandpa called this riding the pony and I was soon at a gallop, riding up and down that hard baby, so wet and easy now that it had so much cum to grease it with.

Todd was now pushing hard against me as I rode his cock faster and deeper and his hands now had me by the ass and we went to that special place again where time stopped and the essence of our love making brought us into a oneness, a love being that transcended space and time and then came the love juices again. His heat was filling me up and the juices were running out my hole and down my legs and into his cock hair and balls as he filled me with his love. Somewhere in all of it, my cock spurt out juices across his chest and face and we finally fell into each other again and slept, entwined until morning.

When I finally stepped out of his room, my 5 roommates were standing there looking at me, obviously knowing what had happened, little smiles from the corners of their open mouths. I still had dried cum all over my face and chest and down my legs. I stepped past them to the shower room and buried myself in the stream of hot water cleaning off my body. Two of them stepped into the shower with me and pressed their small cocks against me. Nothing was said, but the meaning was obvious. The others stood just outside the spray and watched.

I bent over, motioned for the bigger of the two to come behind me, and helped him enter my cummy ass. His wet cock felt good as it slid in to the hilt in my well lubed ass. Then I reached out to the other boy who still holding onto his cock, had him stand in front of my face, and took his cock into my mouth. Two pushes and it was buried to the balls. Soon they were doing it to me with the fresh energies of new beginnings and I knew it was going to be a long, fun two week camp... The three other campers were standing there waiting their turns and I knew I was in Summer camp slut heaven.

Write if you like... maybe tell me a little about your own story of finding yourself as a young slut.. or wanting to be.


Corey Anton

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