The bus shook violently as its tires crunched over the rocky terrain of the dirt road. All that was visible from the windows was a cloud of dust. The bus buzzed with the many conversations of the new campers. I however, sat silently against the fingerprint covered window. Of all the shitty ways to spend a summer, summer camp has to be the shittiest. Especially when that camp is in the middle of nowhere and I'm surrounded by people I've never met. 

  My name is Samuel, Sam for short, and I'm currently the most unhappy camper on the planet. 

  “Aaaaaaattention, Campers!" The bus driver's voice rang loudly through the speaker system. “We're nearing Camp Solus. When the bus stops, will all the lady campers please exit first and wait to be handed your belongings. Then, we will move on to the fellas."

  I could feel the bus slowing and a feeling of nervousness rushed over me. The conversations in the bus came to a cease as it reached a screeching halt. The doors quickly swung open and the bus driver stood. 

  “Alright, ladies first!" He announced, and the entire right side of the bus stood and exited. When all the girls were off the bus, our side followed suit. 

  Once outside, people were vigorously stretching and yawning from the long ride. The driver opened the bus storage compartment and began pulling out suitcases and bags and calling out various names.  I looked around, examining my “fellow campers". Most of them looked in shape, like they each had some sort of athletic background, even the girls. I wasn't much of a sports person, but I still have managed to maintain my physical form. I have slightly muscled arms, and mildly defined abs. But my most pristine attribute is my ass, I guess it's hereditary? With my light brown mohawk and light blue eyes, I guess I'd label myself as... Slightly attractive. But I'd never gathered the courage to talk to anyone. I mean, I've had girls that have hit on me, but honestly, I've never been attracted to girls. I found that Ive found that I prefer big, juicy cock over a wet pussy any day of the week. 

  “Samuel Massey?" The bus driver called as he read the tag attached to my black suitcase. I maneuvered through the several other campers and retrieved my things before returning to my previous spot.

  Many minutes passed and many names were called. After everyone had received their things, a man in khaki shorts and a red flannel shirt walked up to the group, accompanied by ten others in similar attire. He pulled the sunglasses from his face and sat them in the black, spiked hair on his head.

  “Afternoon, campers!" He began cheerfully. “Welcome to Camp Solus. I'm am your scoutmaster, but I much prefer Joel." He paused for a moment, examining each of the 30+ new faces. He then clapped his hands together. “Alright, well let's get right to it, suppers almost ready. There will be ten groups of three, five groups of girls and five groups of boys. Each group will have a group leader, chosen at random, as well as a Senior Scout leader for that group." As he said this last part, he motioned to the others standing behind him. They waved and smiled. “If any member of any group has any questions, locate your Senior Scout and he or she will be happy to help you. They were once campers just like yourselves, so they know the ropes very well. Any questions?" No one spoke, so he continued. One of the Senior Scouts handed Joel a clipboard. 

  “Alright, let's get you campers into groups! Starting with the ladies." And they say chivalry is dead. When all the girls' names were called and all the female Scout Seniors had been designated to a group, it was just us “men".

  “Alright, gentlemen." He started. “Gregory Anderson..." And so went the first two groups. When the third was called, my name was included. 

  “Zachary Glenn," A boy with curly brown hair and hazel eyes raised his hand. He was a little taller than me, with slightly tan skin. He wore a tight fitting “Corona" tank top that exposed his muscled arms and a pair of black, slim fitting jeans that clung to his frame very well. 

  “Avery Lane," Joel continued. 

  “Present." A blonde haired guy spoke up. He looked like a prep. His green eyes seemed to shine in the light of the sun. He was wearing a collared white polo short and a pair of tight brown khaki shorts, much like the Scout Seniors, that fit perfectly around his firm, bubble butt.

  “Aaaand Samuel Massey." He called, finally. I raised my hand and he nodded. “Your group leader will be Avery Lane and your Senior Scout leader is Uziel Herrera." A guy who looked to be hispanic gave a quick wave. He had deep, black sideswept hair that covered one of his chilling gray eyes. On the left side of his lower lip was a shining, silver ring. 

  “Uziel, please show Group 3 to their cabin." Joel said before beginning with the next group. Uziel smiled at the three of us and motioned for us to follow. Each of us gathered our things and proceeded into the campground. 

  As we passed through the large arc that read “Welcome to Camp Solus" in chipped wooden letters, we were immediately at the heart of the camp. On either side of us were cabins, one side all pink, the other, faded blue, each with a different animal poised above the door. Straight ahead was a large lake that glistened beautifully in the sun's light.

  “Alright guys, as you heard, my name is Uziel, if you want, you can call me Z, and I will be your Senior Scout leader. Dead ahead is a beauty known as Lake Solus." He said, motioning to the body of water. “To the left are girls' cabins, to the right are boys' cabins. Camp Solus used to allow coed roommates, but you can imagine how well that worked out. The path between the girls' cabins leads to the archery range, the obstacle course, and the girls' bathhouse. The path between the boys' cabins leads to the event field, the mess hall, and the boys' bathhouse. Any questions so far?" He paused.

  “When are we going to eat? That ride has me staaaaarving." Zachary groaned, and I noticed he had a light French accent. Uziel chuckled.

  “After you are all settled in your cabins, you may proceed to the mess hall for supper." He said as he began leading us to cabin three. Above the door was a wooden carving of a deer. Upon entering, there was a thick scent of pine. The cabin contained three beds, each with a nightstand beside it. Two on one side, one on the other, with two medium sized windows on each side. 

  “Welcome to your cabin, Deer Scouts. When you're done unpacking and getting comfortable, make your way down to the mess hall, no later than 7:00." He said before exiting. I looked at the clock above the door. 6:43.

  “So who's getting what bed?" Zachary asked.

  “I want the one by itself." Avery stated as he threw his duffel on the bed. 

  “Fine by me." Zachary said taking the bed closest to the door. I walked over to the open bed and lay my suitcase beside it and sat on the edge. I looked over at Avery who was placing some of his things in the nightstand. I admired his pair of thick, pink lips as he mumbled something to himself. He looked back up and noticed me staring.

  “What?" He asked with an annoyed tone.

  “Nothing." I was just checking you out.

  “Did you guys see how hot those chicks were? I think I like this camp already." Zachary smiled to himself.

  “Are you sure you're just hungry? 'Cause you sound a little thirsty to me." I joked. He looked over and stuck his tongue out at me. 

  “Speaking of which, we should be heading to the mess hall." Avery said as he stood. 

  “Who died and made you leader? Oh wait..." Zachary paused. Avery gave him a fake smile before walking out of the cabin. Zachary and I both stared at each other for a moment.


  As we entered the mess hall, most of the other campers were already inside. We walked past the several picnic tables to the lunch line. We each grabbed a plate before proceeding. As we went through the line we received a large spoonful of spaghetti and a piece of garlic bread. 

  “Hey, this actually looks good." I heard one girl say from behind us. Avery was the first out of line. As he walked to an empty table, he bumped into another camper, nearly making him drop his food. He was a few inches taller than Avery and had thick, brown hair that stuck out from under a gray beanie. He wore a red T-shirt and a pair of gray sweatpants. Im pretty sure he was going commando , because I could clearly see the large outline of his soft cock.

  “Watch where you're going, prep." He ordered in a deep tone.

  “Stay out of my way and I won't bump into you, idiot." Avery retorted. The other guy put his plate down before stepping closer to Avery, so close, their faces were only inches apart. 

  “You better watch yourself, pretty boy."

  “I'm not afraid of street trash like you." He narrowed his eyes at the boy in front of him. 

  “You two! Break it up!" One of the Senior Scouts called. He had buzz cut ginger hair and wore a pair of reflective sunglasses. He was very muscular, his pecs and biceps stretching the material of his flannel shirt.

  “Stay outta this, Dominic." The boy in front of Avery ordered him. 

  “Vince. Calm down. Just come back and eat with us, ok?" A girl walked up and put her hand on his shoulder. She had long, shoulder length black hair that was dyed red at the ends. She had on a black Nirvana shirt and wore a pair of blue jeans. 

  “Vince." She repeated. Vince let out a deep sigh, then picked up his plate and walked back to a table with the girl. Avery rolled his eyes and sat at an empty table. Zachary and I joined him.

  “Jeez, your first day at camp and you already have an arch nemesis." I said as we sat. He scoffed.

  “Please. I wouldn't waste my time on delinquents like him. He's simply not worth my time."

  Just then, Joel entered. 

  “I hope you all are enjoying your first day at Camp Solus!" He began. There were a few nods from the campers. “Great! Everyone eat up, because tonight, we're having a special welcome bonfire. Although, you may wanna save some room for s'mores!" He said before exiting.

  “That sounds fun." Zachary said. 

  “How the hell did you eat all that spaghetti in three seconds, Zachary?" Avery asked in shock. 

  “It's 'Zach'. And what? I said I was hungry. I actually want s'mores now." He said.

  “I think Zach could eat a fucking cow and still be hungry." I laughed.

  “Haha." He mocked laughter. “Eat a dick."

  “Gladly." I thought.

  By the time our group arrived at the bonfire, most of the campers were already there. There were logs for sitting surrounding the fire and people were chatting and whatnot. When we sat, Uziel came to join us, handing us three metal sticks and a bag of marshmallows. 

  “That girl keeps staring at you." I said to Zach as I motioned to a girl with auburn hair. 

  “That's my queue, gentleman." He said as he moved over to the other group. Avery had a look of disgust on his face. I followed his gaze to Vince, who was eyeing him from the other side of the fire. 

  “I think I'm gonna shower up and head to bed early." He grumbled, standing and walking off. I sighed. 

  “So I guess it's just you and me." Uziel said as he positioned his marshmallow over the fire.

  “I guess so." I smiled. 

  “So why aren't you off trying to pair up with one of these lovely ladies?" He asked. 

  “Honestly, I don't really like girls." I admitted. He nodded.

  “I figured." He took a bite from his hot treat. 

  “Gee thanks."

  “Don't take it that way." He laughed. “Come with me." He said as he got up. I followed him back to the center of camp and down by the lake. We sat at the very edge of the dock, his feet barely touching the water. 

  “So when did you know?" He asked. I gave him a puzzled look. “That you were gay."

  “Oh... I don't know. I mean, I guess I've always sort of known that I felt stronger about guys than I should have." I stated. He nodded and sighed. “What about you?"

  “Well, there was a friend of mine who I'd known for a while. We'd always hang out after school and get high or play video games or something. We'd sometimes kid around. Sometimes we'd slap each others asses or one of us would yank the other's pants down. One day, while I was spending the night at his house, he climbed on top of me while I was sleeping. I woke up thinking he was trying to prank me or something so I played along. Then he pulled the covers off me and buried his face in my cock. When I asked him what the hell he was doing, he said he was hungry and wanted to suck me off. I thought it was weird at first, but when he started, it felt so good, I didn't want him to stop..." He looked down at the water for a moment. 

  I could feel my hard dick pressing against my jeans and I leaned forward a little to keep it out of sight. “Damn..." I mumbled.

  He smiled. “What about your first time?" He asked. I dropped my head.

  “I uh... I'm a virgin..." I admitted. He looked surprised.

  “Really?" I nodded. “So you've never blew a guy or have gotten blown before?" I shook my head. He paused for a moment. “Do you want to?" 

  The question caught me off guard. “Uh... I-I guess. I don't know if I'd be any good at it." I stammered. I couldn't fight the blush that crept into my cheeks. 

  “Don't worry, I'll show you. It's not that hard." Yes I am. “We can't do it here. I know a place, though."

  I could feel my palms sweating as o walked hand in hand with Uziel. He led me to a path far past the boys' bathhouse to a small covering of trees. He leaned his back against the thick trunk of a tree and started to unbuckle his belt. I knelt down in front of him. He fished his hardening member from his tight fitting black briefs. Within seconds, it had reached its full hardness at a solid 8.5 inches.

  “Start with your tongue." He ordered, holding his hard dick at the base. I nervously drug my tongue from base to tip and back again, savoring the fleshy taste. A slight moan escaped his lips. “Yeah, just like that. Suck on the head a little." As I licked back up for the third time, I slipped the head of his cock just past my lips, swirling and flicking my tongue against it. I was rewarded with another groan from Uziel. “Fuck yeah, just like that, Sam." He placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing a few more inches of his stiff dick into my mouth. I felt spit dripping down my chin as he continued to push in and out of my mouth.

  He grabbed me by my chin, lifting me off the ground. He pulled my face to his, kissing me deeply. He grabbed my hand and pulled it to his wet cock. I nervously jerked it. I could feel his hands caressing my firm ass from behind. He pushed my back against the tree and dropped to his knees in front of me. He yanked my pants down, instantly going to work on my hardened shaft. I could feel his warm, wet tongue gliding across my cock head. 

  I wouldn't say I had the biggest dick in the world, but I think I'm a pretty decent size. When I reach my full hardness, I'm about 7.5 inches and about six around, and Uziel was swallowing my cock like it was nothing. He took it down to the base, then pulled off and teased my head a little.

  “Aw fuck." An involuntary moan escaped my mouth. Uziel grabbed my hand and placed it at the back of his head. I began pushing his head slowly on and off my spit covered member. I could hear slight moans from Uziel that slowly escalated into fierce grunts. He kept moaning as he picked up his speed. 

  With one last groan, he shot streams of thick cum onto the ground. That was enough to send me over the edge.

  “Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" I moaned through clenched teeth. My cock twitched as I filled Uziel's mouth with my warm load. It dripped from the corner of his mouth and ran down his chin. Still, he continued to suck and lick at my spent cock.

  Finally he stood, wiping the remnants of my cum from his face. He put his softening cock back in his khaki shorts and smiled at me.

  “Fuck that was good. We have to do that again." He sighed. My head was still spinning from my hard climax. “Come on, let's get back to the bonfire. We can't be gone too long." He stopped as he noticed my cock, still fully erect.

  “How the hell are you still hard? Put it away so we can get outta here." I reached down and attempted to stuff my rigid dick back in my pants, but it wouldn't fit past the waistband of my tight-fitting blue jeans. Uziel laughed as he watched me struggle.

  “Here, let me do it." He ordered, taking my cock and turning it to the side so it went across my right thigh. It took tremendous effort, but he eventually got the zipper up on my pants and buttoned them. Uziel stepped back and examined me.

  “Well, it's not exactly out of sight and out of mind, but it'll work for now. Let's go." He bit his lip as he continued to stare at my still-hard member. 

  With each step I took, my cock head would brush against the pocket of my pants, instantly making me hard again. There is no way I could go to the bonfire like this. 

  “Hey, Uziel, I think im gonna turn in early." I said as the bonfire became apparent in the distance.

  He turned and his eyes instantly dropped to my crotch.

  “Still hard, huh?" He laughed and shook his head. “Alright. You might wanna rub one out before you hit the hay. Don't wanna get blue balls." I nodded.

  The walk back to the campground center is a little more unnerving when walking alone. It was dark now and I could hear owls loudly “whooing" in the distance. I stopped at a path that split into two directions. In the center was a sign with arrows pointing in each direction. The left arrow read “Campground Centre", and the right read “Boys' bathhouse". I began walking the bathhouse path. That should give me the privacy I need to properly tend to my “needs". 

  The boys' bathhouse was a small, blue-bricked structure that sat in a clearing surrounded by trees. I continued towards it, but stopped as I heard a strange sound. It sounded like slapping. Loud repetitive slapping. And I could hear what sounded like groans. I stood on the outer wall and stopped for a moment to listen.

  “Oh, God, yes! Fuck me harder, you fucking thug." The voice sounded eerily familiar.

  “Yeah, you like taking that big cock don't you, you preppy little bitch." A deeper voice echoed. Wait a minute. I peeked inside, since there was no door, and my mouth dropped. Avery was leaned over one of the sinks, getting roughly pounded by Vince. He grabbed a handful of Avery's messy hair and gave his pale bubble but a hard spank. 

  “Deeper, daddy!" Avery begged. 

  “You want more of big daddy's dick you little slut?" Vince growled as he took hold of Avery's hips and ravaged his hole. Avery's moans were just short of frantic screams as he put his hand on the mirror in front of him for balance.

  My dick was throbbing against the thin material of my jeans. I reached down and began rubbing it as I eased out so I could see a little better. Vince pulled out and slapped his monster of a cock against Avery's ass. 

  “Tell me how badly you want this dick." He said, slapping one cheek with his cock and the other with his hand.

  “I want that big dick so bad, Daddy. I want you to fuck me till I cry." Avery moaned, backing his ass into Vince's hips. A smile crept across Vince's face as he slowly shoved his cock in to the hilt, then pulled all the way out and buried himself again. I could tell it was driving Avery wild. He reached down and strikes his own dick.

  Suddenly, Vince turned, looking directly at me and grinning as he continued to tease Avery's hole with his monster. He pulled out and gave it a hard shake, then went right back in. He motioned for me to come in. I shook my head.

  “Looks like we got a spectator." He laughed to himself. Avery quickly turned and his expression dropped when he saw me standing there.

  “Get in here." Vince ordered.



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