"Do whatever you want to me but just let him go" Chad pleaded.

Long story short, Ivan was kidnapped. Chad already had sensed that something odd when he found out that Ivan wasn't in his room for the daily muscle appraisal session. Instead, he found a note saying to follow the rules and meet the kidnappers at the warehouse next to Hastings High.

"Not so fast son. We're not here for him. We're here for you" says one of the kidnappers.

There were 3 of them. Probably at the same age as Ivan. One was lanky and thin, the other 2 were burly but not probably as physically endowed as Chad. Chad knew that he could probably have taken all of them down easily right at that time but he didn't want to jeopardize Ivan's safety.

Ivan was strapped to a chair, mouth gagged and hand cuffed. Pours of sweat seem to have drenched his clothes.

"We have been watching you both all the time. How you would sacrifice your time and energy honing that perfectly ripped body of yours all day, just to have your own brother's tongue invading each and every contour of your muscles every night. Don't ever think these things don't go unnoticed" The lanky guy explained.

Chad felt very much disturbed. All those nights getting Ivan to do his perverted things to him was already a humiliating experience for him. But to have someone else he doesn't know actually watching the ordeal from afar? Chad couldn't be more angered and ashamed.

"Its none of your business, please just let us go" Chad exclaimed and tried to march forward.

"You might want to stop there if you don't want these to go over the internet"

Chad stopped. The burly men suddenly went to grab a few items from the table right next to the cuffed Ivan. They then gave the packet to the lanky guy who was sitting comfortably in his chair. The lanky guy proceeded to withdraw what is on the first package, and there were actually a set of photos.

One of the collections actually shows a picture of Chad working out in his backyard as part of his daily morning workout routine. It was amazing how crystal clear the shots were displaying his strained arm muscles as Chad did dips.The early morning light carved out every stupendous muscle on his body to show their staggering thickness and gruesome solidity to anatomy chart perfection. But it was Ivan's presence in the later pictures that caught all of their attention.

As Chad does his dips, Ivan was actually seen in the picture, standing in front of the stud. His head is positioned high enough for his tongue to lap the shredded abs when Chad pushed his body up and low enough to lick Chad's nipples when Chad bends his elbow to lower his body down. Ivans nimble hands were also dancing between the stud's waist and shuddering shoulder muscles, making sure that he attends the contracted muscle group.

Few of the frames in the photo shows how Chad was forced to sustain his position – arms bent low enough until all of his shredded torso appear flexed – as Ivan's tongue savors the muscular ridge in feminine fashion. Chad closed his eyes and gritted his teeth during this time trying to contain the sensation he is getting from such prodding but also, the pressure to keep his body perfectly afloat for Ivan's invasion.

The process gets continued throughout the workout, making it as if it was like a public display of tongue bath. And everything gets captured in the photos.

"These photos have taken me to the edge every night and I thank you guys for that. Such an erotic display, don't you agree?"

Horrified at what he saw, Chad swallowed hard to contain his anger. At that point of time, he just felt like lunging into the lanky guy, who later in the conversation actually introduced himself as Bob, and beat the shit out of them – which he probably could. However, not wanting to endanger Ivan's life he decided to stand still.

"Just tell me what you want."

Bob was stoked. He finally broke the stud and he couldn't be more ecstatic to see what he has planned for Chad this day long.

"I am not finished yet" Bob rose from his seat and started to move towards Chad, who kept his perfectly upright stance throughout the conversation, displaying the perfect muscularity of his torso.

The skin clad t shirt couldn't hide his perfectly wide chest and erected nipples from jutting out of the fabric. Bob couldn't wait to lap his tongue and work on these perfect set of nubs.

While making his way to where the stud was idly standing, Bob brought a remote control and pressed the play button. The LCD screen behind Ivan suddenly was turned on and it began playing some sort of home made video.

It didn't take Chad a while to figure out what the video is all about. The camera had a good view of the whole room: there was a set of weights laying on the floor that Ivan likes to use on the workout session with Chad every day. But it wasn't the weights that caught everyone's eyes in that video. It was the stool that seemed to be placed perfectly in the middle of the room.

The guy who was setting up the camera finally appeared to the scene. It was Chad.

"Does this video ring a bell?" Bob smiled slyly.

How could he not? This was taken precisely yesterday!

The video continued with Chad finally sitting upright on the stool in the center of the room. You could see him pretty drenched up and breathing pretty heavily. After a brief silence, Chad finally talked in the video.

"Hey Ivan. By the time you see this video, it is going to be your birthday already. So Happy Birthday"

"I just wanted to let you know how much I love you which is kind of the reason why I made this video"

He paused for a while but still kept his stare to the camera. After struggling to find words to stay, he finally continued.

"I know that sometimes I might not worked my body hard enough during the day to satisfy you and I apologize for that."

"So please accept this video as my apology"

Chad then rose from the seat and was seen going to a corner in the room that the camera couldn't get an angle of. When he came back, he brought two of Ivan's favourite bots to the scene and placed them in front of stool.

Looking at the scene, Bob's penis grew harder. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

"I took a day off today from school to go to the gym solely for this moment... for you"

Chad flexed one of his biceps and let his other hand squeezed the mountainous muscles and traced the veins as if wanting to let the audience know how hard it is.

"Can you take a good look on that?!" exclaimed Bob. By the time it got to that scene, Bob was already standing in front of the startled muscle stud, inspecting every movement of his body everywhere Chad breathes. Chad on the other hand was too fixated to the image of him getting ready for the worst to come.

"I want what is best for you and I want you to be able to remember this for the rest of your life"

He was seen then grabbing a couple of items from the desk in front of life. It was later revealed that there were 2 syringes.

"I have never set the level to 10 so I would probably need an additional of this chemical to keep me alive while these bots do their best to entertain you tonight... So.. Urgh."

Chad then started to insert the chemical into his body from the base of his biceps until it is emptied. He did the same way to his other hand. The stud took a heavy sigh when the whole chemical penetrates the tissue in his body. He could feel the effect instantly as he writhed and trembled in his seat.

He could feel his body burning from the inside. His adrenaline went rushing up to his head and his body went stiff almost instantly. All of his muscles were protruding, ready and prime to be caressed by the diabolical bots.

Even though Chad knew that he was the most vulnerable and weak at the time, he didn't waste his time to reach the bots and adjusted the level to 10. He then pressed the button.

Almost instantly, the bot transformed themselves into what could possibly defined as a monstrosity. Their metallic limbs suddenly converted into 8 mini limbs, complete with their needle like fingers that seem to be containing some unknown substances.

Chad's eyes went wide at the sight. The bot swiftly grabbed the stud's arms and adjusted his flailing body onto the seat and kept it upright. Pecs wide, abs jutting outwards and arms on his side, semi flexed – a perfect view from the camera eye. The needles then started to take their position and started to penetrate the stud's skins, very slowly.

Two of them actually were on Chad's neck and shoulder; while the other two kept themselves at a distant between the stud's heaving pecs. The other 4 were onto Chad's 8 rigged abdominals muscles, one for each block.

They all started to insert themselves at the same time.

Chad yelled in response to the pain.


He felt like throwing back his body and succumbed to the pain. But he didn't.

Instead he instinctively contracted his abdominal muscles and widened his shoulder muscles because he knew that this is exactly what Ivan wanted. In his mind, Chad kept on insisting that his gleaming muscles are all that he could give for Ivan's birthday. So he made sure Ivan got the best of it.

But the bot didn't make it easier. The insertion went on a slow and circular fashion. It kept its rhythm almost the entire minute while the stud is writhing in pain. When Chad became rather adjusted to the sensation, the bots increased their pressure and make the jabbing rhythm faster. The bots head also suddenly positioned themselves to be at the top of the stud's erected nipples and started to also insert its needle like tongue to the overly sensitized tits.

The invasion drove Chad wild. His breath became heavy and all of his body were glistening in sweat. The way Chad contorted his face as he endures the ordeal exuded how badly Chad wanted this to end, but he just simply couldn't. He needed to demonstrate his best physique for the show at all cost because he promised so.

A regular man would have fallen unconscious being invaded with such intensity. But the gruelling daily muscle appraising session and workout that Chad has to undergo has increased the stud's threshold to pain which made it a lot more appealing for Ivan to see. Because seeing a writhing he man willingly submit himself to such treachery suggested how Chad would do anything for the sake of his brother's happiness.

As the penetration gets more intense, it gets a lot tougher for Chad to control his body. By now, his boxer brief was all wet from his own perspiration as well as pre cum. You could clearly see the contour of his erected penis even through the cotton layer.

When he thought that he couldn't control his own body anymore, Chad decided to let the bot help him to stop from cumming. In between the ordeal and his moaning, he pressed one of the button that is present at the back of the bots' head and almost instantly, one of the bot's fingers went down to his shaft and inserted its needle to Chad's piss slit.


Chad gritted his teeth and screamed while still flexing his abdominals muscles as the bots increased its massaging pressure on his torso.

While the penetration is going on in his piss slit, the bots' needle like tongue also switched its mode to now massage the stud's sensitized nipples. Chad let out a huge moan and threw his head back to contain the sensation. He contracted his abs and started to breathe with his chest to make sure the bots got the best of him.

After about 5 minutes of massaging, Chad suddenly aborted the assault and put the bot on support mode. The bots removed their needles from the stud's body and supported Chad's back from falling down.

By this time, Bob and his burley men had already cummed in his pants for 3 times. It was truly an erotic scene.

"That was simply amazing!" Bob exclaimed as he moved behind the startled stud, who couldn't seem to contain his humiliation.

The video finally ended with a sight of Chad's torso all gleaming in sweat and blood, while still having his perfectly muscled body flexed as he delivered his last word.

"Happy birthday.. Ivan"

And then it stops.

While the 2 burly men who were standing next to cuffed Ivan were so agitated by the ending, Bob on the other hand were so delighted that he hugged the stud from behind as he felt the heat that seems to be emanating from his body.

Feeling so humiliated, Chad brought his head down and closed his eyes. He just stood still until Bob finally whispered in his ears.

"I think I have a good idea why you ordered them to stop" Bob then grinned. He then kissed the back of Chad's ears, teasing him. Already feeling very defeated, Chad closed his eyes and surrendered his fate to whatever may come in front of him. He just knew, deep down, that he needed to save Ivan even if it takes him to degrade himself.

"Please... I beg you. Just take me and let him go"

The two husky men who cant seem to contain their excitement after watching the video, were even more delighted to experience first hand the breaking of the man of their dreams. Just as they are about to stop jacking themselves off, Bob's hands slithered to the bottom of the he man's tight fitting t shirt and pulled them up, slowly exposing the slabs of muscles in between his nibbling on the stud's neck.

What was being uncovered instantly made the men hard again. Bob stopped pulling the shirt up just high enough to let the spectators see how beautifully carved Chad's abdominal muscles are. The veins were protruding at every abdominal blocks, and his obliques lines were clear even at its relax state.

"Judging from the amount of muscle desensitization liquid that the bots were registering to your torso, I'm guessing these slabs of muscles will manage to hard and ripped and that its skin were sensitized to the most until midnight..." whispered Bob in the stud's ears.

And it was all true. While Bob's one hand was holding the t shirt, his other hand actually started to massage and kneaded on the hardness of Chad's abs which made Chad gulped and threw his head back to contain the sensation. One might think that the gruesome workout that Chad has to endure to hone his physique would help him reduce the jolt of sensation, but looking at how much has the liquid penetrated his every bit of muscle tissue – a slightest touch like this could render the muscle he man in moaning frenzy.

"It always excites me when I am always right" Bob snickers. He then continued to kiss the stud's neck until it left a lovebite mark.

"I'm sorry that I messed up your plan tonight, my love. Your brother there should be the one having all the fun, licking and kneading this perfect set of muscles that you work so hard to achieve and prepare for tonight. But instead, you have us..." said Bob as he intensified his massaging pressure which had the stud grit his teeth, losing a bit of focus.

Bob's hands felt how Chad instinctively softened his abdominal muscles. He then twisted one of the blocks so hard that Chad brought his head to the front and opened his eyes as he screamed in pain.


"You certainly know that you should put up the best show tonight. And softening your muscles is simply not a part of it, is that right Ivan?" Bob smiled slyly at Ivan who seems to be having a hard time keeping himself uninterested at such sight.

Seeing Ivan being unresponsive, Bob twisted another muscle even harder.


"Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. Wouldn't you like your muscle toy to be perfectly ripped at all times as you savour his hard work with your tongue?" asked Bob for the second time.

It was like a dilemma for Ivan cause on one hand, he obviously likes to see the sight of this he-man getting tortured and humiliated; but he simply wouldn't want other people to do such thing to him. Chad is solely his, in Ivan's mind. But given the circumstances, he really had no choice but to nod in agreement.

"Good. Now...Boys, get into position"

Hearing that command, the husky men moved forward to where Chad and Bob were standing. They stopped right in front of the flailing stud and then knelt. Their heads were perfectly at the same height as the stud's heaving abdominal muscles. They couldn't wait until they can have a better taste of the majestic torso which seemed to be glistening with sweat.

"Don't worry love, the time spent to hone such physique will definitely not come to waste. The only thing unfortunate is just the fact that Ivan won't be the one enjoying your hard work." Bob grinned.

Feeling so defeated and humiliated, Chad closed his eyes and took few heavy sighs before he is troubled by a feeling of constant hot breath on his lower torso. When he opened his eyes, he was sickened to see two horny men flicking their tongues in anticipation of what is to happen. Chad hated that how his powerful body which he worked so hard to attain seems to powerless to stop the fondling that is about to happen. Even worse, the more he trains harder, the more developed and toned his body become which made these men even hornier.

Having our own muscle stud at your mercy to serve your desires every day – who lets your tongue and fingers dance around the muscular mounds that is his torso without resistance, who would push his body to its limit as we enjoy the sight of rippling muscles in the summer daze – is simply just a heaven to any kind of gay man. But what is considered heaven to one could be a hell to another, especially when Chad is forced to stop from cumming even after we flicked our tongue to all of his sensitive points for hours.

And unfortunately for Chad, his sensitive points are extensive. With the amount of sensitizing liquid that he registered to himself during last night ordeal have brought the skins in his abdominal muscles to sensitivity like of a normal man's nipple. A single tongue lap would leave the stud moaning deep in sensation.

Which is basically what is about to come as the burly men positioned themselves by placing one of their hands on the stud's hips to make sure that Chad stays still, while the other plays around kneading his apparent oblique muscle lines. Knowing that it is futile to resist, Chad decided to play along and flex his abdominal muscles to its maximum just so that Ivan and the men could enjoy the sight as well.

"Enjoy boys." That was the cue.

The buys instantly buried their heads into the muscular ridges and lapped their tongue incessantly on the prime flesh, savouring each and every sweat buds as Chad exerted his last strength to flex his abdominals for their liking. In response, the stud also let out a huge moan and placed his hands on both the kneeling burly men's shoulders to maintain his balance.

The jolt of sensation was a little bit too much at first especially when the men decided to use their teeth to bite his abdominal blocks one at a time, while their hands twisted his oblique. The massaging and constant licking caused Chad's penis to go hard especially after all the sensitizing oil he put on himself all over his body.

Bob knew this and he decided that to torture the stud even more, he injected another form of liquid onto the stud's neck. Chad contorted his face in response.

"This should stop you from cumming until I say so" Bob whispered.

Hearing this, the men who cant stop licking Chad's flesh intensified their pressure to further torture him.

"Noooooooooo!.. Ah ah.. please" Chad pleaded as he struggled so hard to cum.

While still gagged and strapped to the chair, Ivan definitely enjoyed this scene so much that he moaned between the muffle. He had cummed twice since the men started lapping their tongue on Chad's prime meat.

Pleased at what he saw, Bob decided to even intensify the humiliation and agony that Chad has to endure. He grabbed the base of Chad's t shirt which hugged his wide pectoral muscles so tightly and then pulled them up so that everyone can see the stud's perfect torso in its glory.

"Look how beautifully carved your pecs are! And look how your gorgeously erect your nipples are after all this stimulation!" Bob said very enthusiastically as he made his way to Ivan who couldn't stop seeing the ordeal in such an erotic way. He cummed in his pants as Chad's torso was exposed in all its perfection.

"Tell me Ivan, have you seen him in such perfectly ripped and prime state before?" inquired Bob as he released the gag in Ivan's mouth.

A moment of silence persisted as Ivan savoured the heaving and sweating stud being molested by two men whose hands cant seem to stop kneading and exploring the expanse of Chad's muscular ridges. There wasn't a second spared for Chad to soften his abdominal muscles as the men kept flicking their tongue to savor the hardness of the prime muscle meat. Biceps and shoulders, oblique – none was spared. But what probably makes it all the more erotic was how Chad willingly flexes these parts of his body in response to the sensual touch.

Chad thought that by giving them more of what is expected could hasten the whole process by satisfying their desires. But he couldn't be more wrong.

"I see what youre doing there, my dear love. But do you really think youcan just flex your muscles and make them cum to stop? Think again"

"These men were built to worship muscle gods like you. They know perfectly well of the male anatomy and they will continue to push you to the limits. And judging from the state of your physique after all those sensitizing liquid you put on yourself, I think they are well equipped to break that limit!" explained Bob.

As soon as Bob finished his sentence, the two men stopped their tongue assault on Chad's abs and stood up to place their hands behind the heaving stud for support, while the others continued on caressing his lower torso, signalling Chad to keep on flexing. When everything is in place, the men took no time to lap their mouth onto the stud's nipple and began sucking on the nubs like there is no tomorrow.

"AAAA JESSSUSS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chad screamed and threw his hand back in response to the assault. The pain coupled with the sensation was simply too overwhelming for him. His whole body began twitching and writhing.

Bob and Ivan on the other hand were too overjoyed to experience such sight first hand, at a very close encounter. The men were positioned wide enough on Chad's sides that they did not block the view of the he man's muscular torso heaving and writhing in agony while the two sucked and kneaded his muscles.

"Ohh my god! Keep flexing for us! You are beautiful! Show your brother how much you love him!" Bob screamed right back at Chad, while he unzipped Ivan's pants to expose the hard cock which was about to burst another stream of cum.

Ivan also couldn't contain the jolt of sensation. When the men started to use their teeth to bite the stud's nipples, Ivan burst out in ecstasy, shooting his cum to Chad's heaving torso.

"AAAAAAARRGHH SHIIT GODD NOO PLEASE AAARGHH!" Chad contorted his face and brought his head forward as he gritted his teeth.

Unexpectedly, a drop of liquid was seen spurting out of the he man's overly sensitized nubs The men suddenly stopped their assault and let the man milk traverse down the stud's abdominals muscles.

"GREAT! This is what I have been waiting for!" Bob exclaimed. All the men in the room were in ecstasy as they discovered what they have been dreaming of, except for Chad himself.

He was too exhausted to care; in fact, his knees almost gave up. His flailing arms were now already on the men's shoulders, trying to find a support.

The men wiped off the creamy liquid that seemed to be dripping off the stud's chest and tasted the man milk for the first time of their life. It was sweet. Knowing this, the men instantly put their mouth again on the nubs and sucked the man's chest dry.

As they kept their sucking rhythm going, Chad growled and moaned in pain. His body trembled and twitched. He lost his stance and focus already. Not even 2 minutes into the ordeal, Chad's knees finally gave up. The men loosened their grip and let the stud fall.

Before Chad threw his body to the front, he instinctively tried covered his bruised abs and pecs. And then he fell down, on his chest, to the floor – body still heaving and writhing from the ordeal. He laid there simply like a drained out muscle meat – defeated.

"Well well well, that was quite a show wasn't it" Bob finally broke the silence.

"But its pretty disappointing, really. That's not even a minute"

Bob walked to where the drained out stud was lying. He kneeled and studied the perfection that is Chad's heaving shoulder and back muscles with his feminine hands.

"I would have thought with all these ripped muscles, and endurance training that Ivan has given to you, you could have lasted longer than this. But maybe I was wrong"

"This just goes to show you how complacent you've become. You should be ashamed of yourself" Bob whispered in the he man's ears.

"This calls for a punishment. Boys prepare him"

Not knowing whats in store for him, Chad just lays there limp awaiting for the second assault. He could hear the men trying to source for something. And when his body was kicked to be forced on his back, torso all vulnerable, Chad breaths become even heavier as soon as he saw what the men was holding on their hands.

They were lit up candles.

He knew well enough what was going to happen so he tried to cover his torso with his hands but the men were too fast to hold them on his sides with their feet. In such position, Chad's whole body was exposed so vulnerably, leaving him no chance to defend himself.

Bob took his time to unzip Chad's soaked pants and let the stud's hard penis jump out, fully erect as a response from the earlier ordeal. It kept leaking precum.

Feeling so desperate, Chad looked into Ivan's eyes as he awaits the worst that is about to come. He kept his stare long enough with his deep blue eyes until he finally said.

"I love you.. brother"

As soon as the drop of wax touched his sensitized nipples, he clenched his jaws and broke his stare. He let out the loudest moan he could have ever done as the ordeal continues...



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